Legend of Kie-Lanth

In ages past, there was an elvish kingdom nestled in a valley deep within the Venifica forest. This kingdom was founded by elven settlers from the ancient Ilsundal forest, fleeing the destruction of an unnamed elven city of magic and power. The elves that settled here were mainly of two clans, the Kie-Lanth clan (Sages and custodians of the ancient city’s library) and the Belcadiz clan (The soldiers and battle wizards that accompanied them).

For many generations, the valley kingdom of Kie-Lanth flourished and was beacon of light in the darkness. They fought alongside a human kingdom and drove the ogres out of the forest, back into the Skulen Hills. But eventually the encroachment of the Wensharian kingdom to the west, and the kingdom of the witchlords to the east, caused the good natured elves to slowly began withdrawing their borders. Years later, withdrawn back to the original small valley, a war against an unnamed enemy was the final straw, and the kingdom was abandoned.

The bulk of the refugees were of the Belcadiz clan, and they fled northwest into the eastern shadow of the Munire Titans, forming a kingdom between the river and the Skulen Hills. Some of the small number of Kie-Lanth clan elders accompanied them, but most chose to stay and protect the library.

Years later, the elves of the Aelvinwode sent an expedition to determine the fate of the Valley of Kie-Lanth. Even with their superior woodcraft skills and magic, they couldn’t even find the valley. There was no sign there had ever been a kingdom of elves in the area. The mystery remains to this day.


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