Sacred Grove

The area of the Sacred Grove, now mainly inhabited only by druids, is a region steeped in history and lore. Somewhat centrally located in the Gloaming Hills of Falconaire it is normally shrouded in mist for most of the day, occasionally clearing up for a short period before and after the noon hour.

The druids of the Sacred Grove mainly follow the precepts of nature worship and the teachings of the Earth Mother “Danaan”: in her nature spirit form. They believe in a natural cycle of life and death, and seek to preserve the natural cycle throughout the region.

The ritual center of the grove is located in a grove of oak trees of indeterminate age. Most people are unable to find the center of the grove on their own, as the druids and the loremasters have warded the area from casual visitors. At the center of the trees is a an ancient altar and mage circle of standing stones from days gone by. Legends tell that the Sacred Grove was the last stand for the forces of good against an unknown evil. The evil was defeated but at great cost to the people and the area.

In the southeastern portion of the grove, at the edge of the oak forest are two mysterious stone towers. Neither tower seems to have an entrance, and nobody understands what they are for. Rumors within in the grove are that towers provide a path to an alternate dimension, and are much larger on the inside than what they appear on the outside.

To the directly south of the stone circle and oak trees are several hilly areas, dotted with isolated mountain tops. At the edge of one of these mountains lies the largest known waterfall in the region, an area filled with mystical and natural power. From the waterfall flows a clear and blue-tinged river, that eventually feeds into Lake Winderpeer. Legends say that beyond the waterfall, deep within the earth is an abandoned dwarven stronghold, a last refuge if the rituals and battle had not finally won the war against the evil forces. Across the valley from the waterfall, more rumors say the dwarves had a second entrance to the stronghold, established upon the peak of a mountain. Hah’Zardian is reputed to be very interested in the area, as is the Wizard Rashemon and the Highdruid Glynfar.

The northern half of the shoreline of Lake Winderpeer has scattered ruins of an unknown kingdom. Long crumbled and fallen to time, some ruins extend into the waters of the lake, but no complete structures remain.

In the hills north and west of the sacred grove stands scattered monuments and obelisks that seem to be of ogre origin. Some legends say that long ago gores may have been civilized, but no ruins remain to prove this theory. Some nights on certqain alignments of the moon and stars, an eerie and evil mist rises from the gorund in the area. The druids say that this is the way the land struggles to cleanse itself of some taint. The warriors of Castrel know to be on their guard against fell creatures during these times.

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Sacred Grove

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