Campaign of the Month: July 2016

Unconquered Kingdoms

Campaign Timeline
15 Jules, 508 PE (Year of Storms), The Story Thus Far



The campaign began in the kingdom of Falconaire, in the province of Aerie and the Gloaming Hills.

It was the middle of summer, and a ranger named Nitram Tam was searching the area for clues about viscous and seemingly cult like sacrifices by ogres and their henchmen throughout the area. Rituals tied to something called blood magic.

Nitram had gathered information and decided to seek out the advice of the druids from the area of the Sacred Glen. Nitram met with Druid Jharron and recounted the rumors of ogres and goblins sneaking around the countryside in small groups as well as the ritualistic sacrifices of families and individuals. Nitram and Jharron decided to journey to Tennyson’s Tower to gain magical advice from the scholars there.

While the two woodsman discussed the issue of blood magic, a lone individual from Aerie had begun his journey to the area of Tennyson’s Tower. Blend had been sent by his guild leader to check out rumors of disruption in the local trades (import/export) by ogres. Little did the two groups know that their paths would soon cross. And other individuals would also share their fate. Blend arrived at Tennyson’s tower and made contact with his guild source and a informant from militia guards.

An apprentice from Rashemon’s Library named Aeron was tasked by his superior Sage Tantalzeer to research information on an obscure subject called blood magic. Aeron and the Sage conducted their research and came up with basic information and theories about the subject. Aeron was given the night off, and he headed into town looking to hire his own “apprentice”. Blend and Aeron met each other and their initial meeting did not go so well. Blend was hoping for information about blood magic and Aeron was looking for an apprentice. The two soon departed each other’s company.

The next morning, all the characters met up with the leadership of Tennyson’s Tower, and after discussing the information available to them, it was determined that they should strike out into the local wilderness to the southeast and investigate the ogre/blood magic activity.

And so began their first adventure…

The Story

Bloody Ogres!

Which Rats?

Dangers of the Fire Swamp

A Mighty “Ice” Fortress

Shadows of the Mercenary

Terror Before the Storm

Blood of the Throne

Realm Management

Year 508, 4th Quarter


  • Blend established Guild (0) in Capone (Toreador)
  • Nitram established Law (1) at Fort Farhills (Falconaire).
  • Aeron established Guild (0) at Fort Farhills (Falconaire)
  • Blend established Guild (0) at Fort Farhills.
  • War Event: (27 Descent) Goblins attacked Tennyson’s Tower.

Year 509, 1st Quarter

  • Blend Ruled Holding, Guild (1) in Capone (Toreador)
  • Nitram Ruled Province, (2/3)
  • Aeron Ruled Holding, Guild (1) in Farhills (all rolls successful)
  • Nitram created Roads in Farhills.
  • XXX created Trade Route (Farhills/Aelvinwode)

Year 509, 2nd Quarter


Adventure Calendar
Monthly calendar with notes





Not So Civil War part 1

25 Jenue, Summer 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1200 Starday

two weeks before the summer solstice

Once Blend and Nitram returned to Farhills, they saw that a private room had been set aside for the lunchtime conference, and everything was nearly ready to discuss strategy and plans.

Frederick helped himself to water, some meat, cheese and bread, made himself a quick sandwich and opened a book on legendary dragons. He kept an eye on the doors and windows, feeling somewhat paranoid for reasons he could not determine.
The book that Frederick found most informative was highly decorated with silver ink, and had color plates limned onto the pages, and showed the appearance (as far as the various authors were concerned). It was titled Draco Ultimecia by Fharlagnahan.

Nitram sat down at the table and followed Frederick’s lead (maybe for the first time), grabbing some food and drink. Once everyone was settled, the ranger gestured to Blend. “Please tell us your news.”

Frederick set aside his book and leaned in, eager to hear what had transpired

Blend explained that he had followed up on some rumors concerning Harbor Freight and the grain shortages and had spent the majority of his time away in Carnhiem looking into them. What he had found was concerning to say the least. Harbor Freight was hired by Torreador as war provocateurs to start this whole conflict. They had started by hiring the ogres to raid into Falconaire and along with the ogres burning grain crops, had used blood magic to stunt the growth of new crops. Meanwhile, Harbor Freight was making a killing on selling grain not only to Falconaire, but also to Torreador for reasons still unknown, but most likely as some type of contingency. Torreador was using the events to create economic indebtedness between them and Falconaire. Even more concerning was that there was a large sanctioned Torreador military force inside Falconaire’s borders, “helping” with the war effort. Blend conjectured that Torreador had it’s eyes on Falconaire. It was no secret that they had coveted it for sometime, though it had been years since it was a issue of open contention between the two nations. Blend handed the documents he had gather from his time inside Carnhiem for the rest of the group to look over.

“I have already spoken to the king directly,” he told the rest of the group. “Needless to say this puts them in a very precarious position. They need Torreador forces to help them stem the tide of the ogre incursion and have run the grain reserves dry. Other options are being considered, but none have been decided upon. He is looking for council. I would expect a summons any day now. Obviously, this information needs to be kept close to the chest. I suspect that Torreador and Harbor Freight have agents everywhere. Not to mention we have a significant force from Torreador inside these very walls.”

Lt Gentry could be seen reading through the documents that Blend had provided, and by the look on his face it was apparent that he was putting two and two together.

Shylent looked puzzled for a moment, then clapped Blend on the shoulder with a “hmmpth” and moved over to the side of the table to pour a flagon of ale. She looked around the room and once certain he was not present, said “Jonas?”

The meeting had taken about an hour so far, and it was clear that more time would be needed to get everyone’s input, and come to any conclusions.

The details and clues provided by Blend were dry and hard to follow. Many of those in the meeting struggled to understand the connection, and it seemed like days had passed without any progress towards a plan or decision.

“I do not think Jonas knows of the greater conspiracy and machinations of his government. However, I do think that he would not hesitate to act on orders given to him. We need to keep on eye on him and his men, as well as surreptitiously intercept and read any correspondence to him.”

As if he had just woken up from a several day-long slumber, Nitram slowly, pensively added, “Yes. I agree. Jonas is a soldier first, and one that appears to seek glory for glory’s sake. If ordered to, I believe he will attempt to take the fort for Toreador. We should not leave his men to defend the keep unless we have equal or greater strength here. I think secretly checking his correspondence is a good idea,” he looked at Blend. “And one that I’m sure you are able to facilitate, personally or not…?” He looked to Jonas as he continued, “The Toreador infantry might do best pulling a little more patrol duty to keep them out of the keep.” The ranger paused and tried to collect his thoughts on all that Blend had shared.
“The way I see it – and thank you Blend for your fine intelligence gathering – there are two main problems that we have the ability to attack. First, the grain shortage is making Falconaire dependent on Toreador. We can address the supply side by ‘confiscating’ some of the stores that Harbor Freight has or disrupting their business to get them to release more. That is a shorter term solution. The longer term would be to address the demand side by removing the threats to Falconaire’s grain – the ogre raids. Of course, this is long term because we would need to re-plant, but I may be able to help a little with that and I would think Jharron and the druids might also help speed that along. Another line of effort would be to see where we could bring in more grain – maybe Cairnheim, the elves, or further south. This would require a little more security against raids, however.” Nitram stopped momentarily to take a drink of wine.
“Second, the ogre presence coupled with their raids has created a security dependence on Toreador. As we know, they are already within our walls. And, as Blend has shown us, there is a large camp of them north of us. Again, we can look at both the supply side and try to find other allies – like the elves, or maybe even the Varencian Empire – to take the place of Toreador. And, the demand side has us doing something to disrupt the ogre presence and possibly even drive them back. That would help out both issues and I, for one, have no trouble making the ogres my first priority. But, I would like to hear your thoughts. Aeron…” Nitram looked around but could not find the elf.
“Rumil, then. You recently visited the Queen. Do you think she would send more forces to help us push back the ogres? I would be willing to do whatever I can to help her with the Spider problem once I knew this region was safe and secure. Any other thoughts? From anyone?” Nitram stopped and began to eat again, leaving the “floor” open to any of his companions.

Sadly, Rumil had little to offer those gathered on the matter of the human regions and far less to say about the queen’s disposition. He informed those that were gathered that the queen and the People were conducting their own battles to maintain their territory. He did caveat, however, that he would never be so bold as to speak for her majesty.

Rumil did give a quick rundown of what he and his Jaegers had seen during their skirmishes into the surrounding lands.. He was amused that the warriors in the keep were using an ancient human word to address his elves, especially since it had only been bestowed upon the most deadly of hunters. He did not protest, however, as his scouts enjoyed the title and seemed to derive some pride in no longer being looked at as “those elves” and more as brothers in arms. There were so many pressing issues – starvation in the countryside, raids on caravans and farms, rumblng in the woods, political intrique and maneuvering, and opportunists around every corner looking to score easy wealth or power or ancient magics.

After his quick rundown, he stopped, took a breath, looked around the room and simple stated, “My Jaegers and I stand ready to focus our efforts where they are best utilized. We promise a swift death to any who are against the good of the realms.”

Blend gave Rumil an expressionless stare. “So basically what you are saying is, as far as your opinion is concerned, you have nothing of value to add and are completely indifferent to the course of action taken.”

Rumil returned Blend’s gaze, nodded, and went back to enjoying the food and wine. “Have I made a mistake taking up with these humans? They certainly seem to find trouble around every corner, but are they any better than the orcs? They too lust after power, wealth, land. They too snatch as much as they can, as fast as they can, as their lives are but flickers in the night.”

Rumil knew there would come a day, Corellon willing, that he’d see all these men and women to their final sleep. While he had not spent considerable time with non-elves in the last century, he had learned long ago that the curse of befriending other races was their short time on this plane. It struck him then that it never really bothered him to know that…

“Aloof and insular. You are a paragon of your race, Rumil,” Blend deadpanned. “But please, indulge my narrow-minded and short-lived curiosities,” he pressed. “What efforts can you and yours provide and how best are we to utilize them? Or do you not consider ogres, blood magic users and war profiteers against the good of the realms? Is it a fool’s errand to offer our assistance to your people in exchange for theirs against this threat?”

Rumil reflected on the questions posed. “I am afraid that I cannot speak for the People, as you speak for those that have chosen to take up residence locally. My queen made it quite clear that she was offering me, no us, the last of what could be spared outside of the forests. Of course, that may have only been her answer to me – a freshly minted Defender, still only a season into my wandering. If you or the other lords of these lands feel the elves can spare more, by all means, please speak with her majesty directly.”

“As for the threat – I and my Jaegers stay, not out of obligation, but to help with the very things you mentioned as attacking the goodly people of the realms. While I will not dictate what the Jaegers do outside of this keep, as they were sent to help defend this outpost, I will lend my full capability to whatever threat you see as most pressing and worthy of our immediate attention. I do caveat, however, that not once have the Jaegers disappointed and turned down any opportunity to hunt and kill those foolish enough to stray from the right path.”
There was a knock on the door of the conference room, and a page brought in a message scroll for Rumil.

Rúmil Celebrindal

I beg your indulgence, as I journey to meet you with some haste and undue forwardness. The minerals you brought allowed me to complete my life’s work, a silvery blue sword of some potency. Alas, things in the capital have taken a turn for the worst and I fear shadows and vermin at every turn.

A lady of some importance mentioned that I should speak to you of this matter, as you have shown to be resourceful in the past. Alas, I cannot ask for assistance in my home district, as I am not quite sure who is “qualified” to be “trusted” with such important events.

Perhaps I could impose upon you for a day or two, and discuss another mutal arrangement?

very respectfully, in the guidance of the light,

Cerenity Starweaver

The young page Ulric Valor, the very intelligent student being sponsored by Lt Gentry was unexpected pushed to his feet by Sgt Slickster, who merely casually looked at the ceiling and turned away.

After a moment’s confusion, Ulric spoke up. “Based on my calculations, it would appear that the current forces are in a somewhat stalemate as it were. The Falconnaire forces, in conjunction with the Toreador forces we know of, are keeping the major population centers safe. There is time for any of the courses of action that you leaders have suggested to take effect, things will not change tomorrow or any day soon there after. However, should the situation last until the onset of winter, there would be dire repercussions for the kingdom’s food supply and the scales would tip towards the ogres soon thereafter.” Ulric was confident, and had spoken clearly and intelligently, but suddenly appeared as if he realize who he was speaking to, and with a quick flush of red to the face, he sat back down.

Rumil reviewed the note, quickly pulled out parchment and penned a reply. He handed the note to the courier. “Please, take this back to the good Lady with haste.”

“It would seem that an opportunity may have presented itself to see the Queen, if you or Nitram would like to travel with me.” Rumil awaited Blend’s or Nitram’s reply.

“I will travel in the next day or so, as soon as the planning is complete here. While my business is not directly with the Queen, I would be happy to assist if possible. The Jaegers will remain here, save a small contingent that will travel with me. I should only be gone for a day or two, but will send word if that changes.”

“The king’s council is already looking at procuring more favorable trade agreement for additional sources of grain. However, if Falconaire is to be self-sufficient again, we need to prevent blood magic from tainting the fields. We should dispatch Jharron to ask the druid circle what needs and can be done. Perhaps Aeron can also enlist the wizard’s of Tennyson’s Tower to look into a preventative measure. There is a strong force of ogres besieging Aerie. They are encamped in a forest near the griffon towers, which have been lost. We should at least entreat with the elves. If they are receptive to the idea of a mutually beneficial agreement, then that helps out both parties. If not, we can head to Aerie and deal with the ogres ourselves.”

Rumil nodded. Regardless of what happened, he had to return to see his benefactor. He would gladly go to hunt ogres after his meeting.

He knew she was traveling to see him, but if something existed to cause her concern, it probably was dangerous enough to cause the entire population concern. He had to put the People first.

He doubted she would be traveling off the normal routes – so meeting her enroute should be easy enough. He did, however, instruct one of his Jaegers to send word quickly if she arrived after Rumil’s departure without having met. A meeting on the road wasn’t ideal, but it would ensure some level of privacy, away from prying eyes and ears.

After he accompanied Blend and/or Nitram to the Queen, he would ensure the safety of the People. That was his charge – above all else. If that meant bringing the fight to the ogres, the spider, a dragon, or the realm itself, he would do so….or Corellon help him, die trying.

Several hours had passed while the group worked out details and made inquiries. Shylent knew Jharron and the location of his circle, and thus volunteered to take message to him, concerning the spreading taint on the grain fields.

Aeron was found in a room full of books that had been delivered to Fort Farhills, but not yet cataloged or arranged in any fashion. He nodded absently and assured merchant blend that he would contact Tennyson’s Tower via raven, and would discuss various preventative measures that could be taken.

Before Rumil could depart the keep, several scouts came forward with news of a pursuit within the edges of the forest, it appeared that figures on foot, having lost their horses, were making their way towards the edge of the forest, ultimately heading towards Farhills. They were being chased and attacked by creatures that struck quickly, then faded back into the forest.

After delivering the message, one of the scouts fell to a knee, a wound in his side showing a greenish tint that was spreading across his torso. The still standing scout spoke, and said with great conviction, “It looked as if one of the fleeing people was an elven swordmaster in full regalia”.

Frederick quickly approached the nearly downed scout scout, and assessed the elven warrior’s condition. It was apparent that the wound had been poisoned, by either a dagger or a large fang like object. Frederick managed to stabilize the dying elf, but it was clear that the poison would soon take its toll. (Medicine 20)

After the bard attempted to assess the elf, Rumil moved in closer, removed a small object from his pocket, and directed the scout to rub the sweet smelling ointment onto his wound.

He attempted to identify the poison and asked for Nitram to come look at it before the ointment took effect. Whatever or whoever did this was still out there…and would pay for hunting elves and for wounding a Jaeger.

As soon as the elf was stabilized, he sent word to the keep’s few healers to be prepared for poisoning. He then gathered some Jaegers, looked at the rest of his companions and made for the forest.

should address poison; 4 uses of ointment remaining

xLucix xLucix January 31, 2016
“Should we follow him? Frederick wondered.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 January 31, 2016
Upon hearing the news, Nitram sprung up and let out a animal like screech. Unknown to the others, he also called to Serre through their bond. He quickly crossed the room and interrupted the elf. “Hold, brother. Save your ointment.” Nitram knelt over the scout and called for Rillifane’s help. cast neutralize poison. Also, he inspected the wound. I assume it is from the druas…?
“It appears to be from the druas. Let’s see if we can provide some assistance.” He turned to the remaining scout, “Where is the swordsmaster?
After getting the direction of approach from the other scout, Nitram quickly left the room and went outside where he found Serre waiting for him. Jumping into the saddle, he headed into the air and over the wall."*

AFCop AFCop February 01, 2016
Blend kept pace with Nitram below along the ground.

the_app the_app February 01, 2016
As Rumil was opening the tin of ointment, a hand shot out and grabbed his. It was Nitram, calling upon his forest powers to bring peace to the scout. “Thank you Nitram. Your aid, as always, is appreciated.”

As he heard the whereabouts of the swordmaster from the scout, and the fact that those abominations of the People – the druas – were involved, he quickly headed out, a small contingent of scouts in tow. He had only asked for one unit, but upon hearing that druas were hunting an elven swordsman, a second quickly gathered and joined the hunting party. They Jaegers were on the hunt…and this time a ranger, his griffon, and Blend were along for the fun. It was sure to end poorly for the druas…

Back to 5 doses of ointment, since Nitram stopped me

SkidAce SkidAce February 01, 2016
Leaving the scout to the minstrations of Brother Sohei, those that would join the hunt quickly mounted horses in order to catch up with the rapidly departing griffon rider and the elusive merchant.

From Nitram’s viewpoint in the air, it was apparent that nothing or no one had left the edge of the forest yet, unless they were deliberately hiding in the random scraps of foliage and brush along the way to the fort. With Blend following closely on foot, Nitram felt certain that they missed no one in their dash to the forest’s edge.

The normally hour long trek to the entrance of the forest soon passed by in a little over a half an hour, such was the groups haste. As they converged on the entrance to the forest, a small female figure staggered out, following the trade route towards Farhills. She collapsed on the ground and turned back towards the forest, appearing to be entreating someone or something in anguish.

(Blend and Nitram arrive first, followed by any others that had followed on the subsequent turn. ANYONE can roleplay the travel and or the arrival, and in fact everyone should provide an input.)

xLucix xLucix February 01, 2016
Frederick followed as quickly as he could, stopping only to grab his sword. Once he managed to catch up, he slid off of the horse and approached Blend and Nitram.

“Gentlemen, I think I know…” He paused as he saw the fallen figure, then rushed toward it.

“Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead. It’d be a poor end to your story, being killed by probably-spiders in a forest.” He began to analyze what had happened to her, saying aloud, “Or cliche, at the very least.”

the_app the_app February 01, 2016
As horses were quickly mounted, most bareback, gates thrown open, and prayers uttered, Rumil could only focus on one thing – if this was the Lady or worse a loyal attendant with the Lady dead or missing, he hoped he and the rest arrived in time to save them.

He urged his horse to run harder, faster and with a reckless abandon that would surely have earned a scolding from his trainers. He did not care. Not at the moment. He had grown so focused on killing the foul creatures he had neglected to make travel safe for those less equipped.

Of course he knew there was little he could have done to prevent a random attack on the roads. But if Nitram was right, this was not random and this could have been prevented. He recalled when Blend had mentioned weird happenings in the woods where he had first encountered the druas. If they were to blame for his scout’s wounds, then he was also to blame. He should have pressed into that area and ensured the druas had not reappeared. They were worthy of no mercy and warranted full attention if they were really back.

He had failed…he had failed his scout, he had failed this lone swordsman, he had failed all that put their lives on the line, beast, man, or elf…for he had failed to defend against the abominations that were the druas.

As he neared the forest, he saw Blend and Nitram near the edge…and then the lone figure emerge. Weapon at the ready, blood surging with energy, he dared anything else to emerge that would threaten those present. He also prayed to Corellon…prayed for forgiveness for is own failures and for protection from the dangers that lurked in the wood.

“Jaegers, take up position upon arrival! Secure the immediate area! Corellon guide your blades and arrows to any that threaten us!” As he yelled as loud as he could in elven, he knew most could not hear over the thunder of the horses, and none required the direction…they knew what to do. HIs eyes began to glow, his hair began to spread unnaturally away from his body, despite the horses fast pace. His men knew this to mean that failure was not an option. The Defender was channeling.

A little Thaumaturgy while riding to motivate the Jaegers

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 02, 2016
Nitram directed Serre to land between the woman and the forest. “Watch the trees,” he said to the griffon as he leaped to ground and quickly assessed the woman for any wounds, especially those that might be poisoned.

villakeep17 villakeep17 February 02, 2016
Noticing the group moving past, Dast follows to see the source of the groups distress.

SkidAce SkidAce February 02, 2016
(Nice rp folks)

The scouts spread out to cover the around around the slumped woman, while Nitram and Frederick looked her over. She was tired, scratched and bruised, but there were no signs of any immediate wounds, nor any signs of poisoning. From a distance, as Rumil began to pull up, it became certain that the lady was indeed Cerenhity Starweaver.

Cerenhity reached past those assisting her in anguish, reaching towards the trees. From just inside the edge of the forest, barely able to be seen, were movements and the sounds of battle. A lone figure, dressed as a aide to a swordmaster would be, staggered out from the trees, and then was suddenly jerked backwards into the foliage and gloom of the path, as if pulled by a rope around her waist.

There was a yell of warning from the scouts to the left, as a large figure suddenly appeared beside a group of scouts and snatched one off of its feet, ripping it in two, before glaring at the rest of the group with its multitude of eyes.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 02, 2016
“Just another day at Farhills…I wonder if Gentry or Leafrunner will send reinforcements.” Nitram thought as he rapidly looked around to assess the situation.“There’s that human with the spear. What was his name? Oh, yes.” Nitram pointed at the recently arrived human and started barking orders, “Dast, with me! Serre, protect her. Rumil, Frederick, you and the Jaegers take care of this one then help clear out the rest. Blend! Let’s see if we can find that swordmaster.” As usual, the ranger didn’t wait for the others as he rushed towards the trees, drawing Kinslayer. *{color:green}"this should be fun," he mumbled to himself sarcastically.

the_app the_app February 02, 2016
As Rumil watched one of his Jaegers being ripped apart, his blood boiled. The remainder of the elves on that flank moved to engage, while the other flank spread a bit to ensure the lady was protected. They were happy to see the griffon take up position, but knew that the spiders of the woods were fearsome creatures, even against such a magnificent beast.

Realizing he would only get in the way of his men, as they repositioned, he instead allowed his anger to flow from his body like a chill flows out of a deep cave, arcing it towards the spider (Ray of Frost, 60ft, 2d8 frost dmg, -10ft movement 1rd). As the energy escaped his body, he clutched his sword, whispered a prayer to Corellon, and manifested a ghostly likeliness of the weapon next to the infernal spider, willing it to pierce the foul creature that had taken an elf (Spiritual Weapon, bonus action, 60ft, next to spider, 1d8+4 dmg, 10rds, 1 of 3 lvl2 spells).

A few of the Jaegers, who had not seen Rumil in battle very often, caught a quick glimpse of the Defender seemingly pulling energy from his very soul, focusing his anger of the creature and his love for his elves into magic they seldom witnessed. They had seen mages harness their power, but a channeler put a little of himself into every act – through movement, emotion, and sheer will. Each, then and there, vowed to avenge their fallen comrade and to protect this lady with their lives.

xLucix xLucix February 02, 2016
Frederick swore.

“Some days, I do dislike being correct.”

He then cleared his throat and began chanting, directing the dissonance at the creature. Cast Dissonant Whispers at spider. Wisdom saving throw. 3d6 and reaction (if available) as far from me as allowed. On a successful save, the target takes half as much damage and doesn’t have to move away. A deafened creature automatically succeeds on the save. Cast at second level for an extra d6

villakeep17 villakeep17 February 03, 2016
Dast moves toward the spider carefully, readying his spear while looking for an opening to attack. When in range of the spider, Dast uses his prowess in battle to perform a distracting strike, throwing his Waelspere at the spider before turning and following Nitram. Attacking with his spear from range (20 ft) +6 to hit, 1d6 +3 damage. On a hit I expend one superiority dice (1 of 4) adding the superiority dice (1d8) to the attack’s damage roll. The next attack roll from someone other than me has advantage if made before the start of my next turn.

SkidAce SkidAce February 04, 2016
(Feeling better, updates tonight after work)

SkidAce SkidAce February 05, 2016
Rumil’s Ray of Frost covered the large spider in a sheen of ice that slowed its eerie scuttling about and caused small cracks to appear on its carapace. (7 damage) The glowing spectral manifestation of his patron’s weapon appeared next to the slightly wounded creature and swung, barely missing the creature’s fanged maw. (Attack 9, also need a better image for a spectral sword)

Frederick’s chant began to fade and reverberate at the same time, an almost interesting sound that seemed to have an adverse affect that only the spider could sense (11 damage), causing the creature to hiss in pain. Damaged by Frederick’s whispers, the spider retreated as best it knew how, fading into nothingness as it disappeared.

(the scouts and any “other” spiders will battle off to the side, with players able to tip the battle in either direction by their actions. The PCs will be the focus, assuming there are more spiders of course…./grin)


xLucix xLucix February 05, 2016
“Well, that was refreshingly effective,” Frederick grinned, then called to Rumil.

“Where do you want me next?” He could try helping to find the rest of the spiders, or helping to find the swordperson (he thought he remembered hearing about a swordperson, but wasn’t entirely certain), but was willing to let a superior strategical mind place him where he would do the most good.

And, possibly, set something on fire.

SkidAce SkidAce February 05, 2016
As Nitram neared the forest entrance, he could see the forms of two of the aides lying ripped and shredded on the ground. (E14) Slightly farther in (F16) , stuck in the trunk of a small tree, was a swordmaster’s blade.

villakeep17 villakeep17 February 05, 2016
Dast looks around trying to survey the battlefield and look for any more signs of spiders in the immediate vicinity. He holds his spear at the ready holding his action until something hostile moves into range, ready to attack with the same distracting strike from before. He quietly whispers to Nitram “Who or what are we looking for?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 05, 2016
any chance this belongs to Battle Chaplain Etait or Kael Swordhand…the only two that Nitram might recognize

Nitram was focused on the sword and cautiously advanced to remove it, looking for any signs of it’s owners tracks…or those of its targets. Without looking back to Dast, he answered the fighter, “There is an elven swordmaster in these woods, likely without his sword. We need to try to find him. Keep an eye out for a moment.” The ranger removed the blade from the tree and shocked the human when he put it completely in his quiver, with no sign that it was there.

survival (tracking) check (+7) + natural explorer (forests) should get me double my proficiency bonus (add’l + 4) and advantage (if they’re aberrations – I always forget); successful, I can tell exact numbers, sized, and how long ago. He’s looking for the elf first and then the spiders. reminder: he can’t be surprised in general and definitely not in the forests (or hills)

SkidAce SkidAce February 05, 2016
In the heat of the chase, Nitram was unable to recognize the stylings of the elven sword. (Int 5) Nitram began to look for tracks, and saw the signs of a recent battle, just as cries of alarm and fury rose from the field behind him.

(Blend is on deck! But remember, you can RP even if it s not your mechanical turn, that one you can ensure you meet your one post a day “requirement”.)

Round 1

(if a spider is engaged by PCs I resolve on init, if not, I resolve with scouts at end)

Name Init Status
Blend 28
Spider 2 21
Nitram 17
Spider 4 16
Rumil 15
Spider 3 14
Serre 14
Frederick 12
Dast 11
Spider 5 10
Spider 1 7 bloodied
Scouts 1


the_app the_app February 05, 2016
Rumil, grateful that the spider was wondering off, but not sure why, turned to Frederick. “With your arts, please tend to the lady and whatever injuries she may have suffered before we got here. The Jaegers and I will hold down the area until the team returns from the forest.

As he said this, a new group of spiders came into the clearing and engaged the would-be rescuers. Rumil, still seething from the loss of a member, was prepared. He knew that spiders never hunted in small teams, but in packs. “Jaegers, avenge our fallen comrade and protect the Lady!” With that, he turned to face his nearest aggressor. Not my turn yet, so only RP

xLucix xLucix February 05, 2016
Frederick moved back towards the lady. He began tending to her as best he could while keeping an eye on the spiders and their foes.

Noticing, before it was too late, that one was upon him, Frederick slashed at it with his sword Swing Legertouche at spider, 1d6 +3 Strength mod +3 Proficiency

AFCop AFCop February 06, 2016
Without any hesitation, Blend sprinted toward the southern most spider, feet barely making any sound as they touched the ground. drawing Incarnate as he went to savagely attack the abomination.

Move to K11, two attacks, + 11 to hit, 1d6 + 7 damage each, plus SA 3d6 damage, plus UA attack (bonus action), + 9 to hit, 1d6 + 5 damage.

SkidAce SkidAce February 06, 2016
Two elven scouts were aiming at the deadly spider, when Blend suddenly appeared and delivered two slashing blows on the creature’s torso with his wakazashi. The blows hit the creature, but did not dig very deep into its leathery hide. An additional lunging kick from Blend was blocked by one of the spiders legs. Blood began to flow from the creature’s flank and drip onto the moss and grass under its feet. (Att 25, 20, damage 22, unarmed Att 12, miss)

One of the newly appearing spiders rushed towards Rumil, its ivory fangs gnashing and clashing as it lunged and bit at the elf. Rumil was able to somewhat easy step away from the attack, but was then astonished to see the creature fade into nothingness and disappear. (Att 6, miss, was located lower left F8)

(Nitram’s turn)

Round 1

(if a spider is engaged by PCs I resolve on init, if not, I resolve with scouts at end)

Name Init Status
Blend 28
Spider 2 21
Nitram 17
Spider 4 16 bloodied
Rumil 15
Spider 3 14
Serre 14
Frederick 12
Dast 11
Spider 5 10
Spider 1 7 bloodied
Scouts 1


the_app the_app February 06, 2016
As the rhythm of battle began to flow through Rumil’s blood, time began to slow, his actions became second nature, his breathing became deep, as he drew air into his lungs to fuel his honed, lithe muscles.

It was by this fact that he was able to step aside as the spider lunged at him. He was, however, a bit annoyed that the foul creature just as quickly disappeared from his sight. He attempted to recall if he had studied anything about this or if these creatures were somehow able to step into the shadows as he did from time to time. Maybe a nature/history check (+ 3/+ 3)? Or arcana if magical, like Misty Step (+6)?

As he wracked his memory for an answer, he quickly reformulated his game plan. Attacking them straight on would be foolish, so he would allow them to come to him. The song that flowed through his blood, charging him with energy for channeling, changed to prepare him for what was to come next.

SkidAce SkidAce February 08, 2016
(Local History/Nature combo, 19

Rumil had heard legends and tales of times when The Spider had eschewed lurking in the shadows, and had taken a more direct hand in affairs. Although the vile creature had many minions, the Veil Spiders were some of the most insidious, traveling on the other side of the Veil between worlds, intangibly and invisibly, lurking and striking with impunity.

Ethereal jaunt. As a bonus action, the spider can magically shift from the Material Plane to the Ethereal Plane, or vice versa.

(Nitram’s turn)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 08, 2016
“Dast, the swordmaster appears to be lost. Let’s deal with the rest of these creatures and get the Lady back to Farhills.

“This escalated quickly” the ranger thought as he activated his boots, hoping he wouldn’t run out of time. Moving southwest past Dast with inhuman (and inelven) quickness (K9), he engaged the southern most spider first. Kinslayer reflected what sun made it through the trees as the half-elf slashed at the large beast, praying to Rillifane that he would be able to finish it off and attack the other one next to him.
+ 9 / 2d6 + 5. if you are allowing my “tracking” to count, then an additional 1d6 damage for the hunter effect.
if he’s able to drop the bottom spider with one or two of his attacks, he’ll turn and begin attacking the middle spider with remaining attack and/or horde breaker (they’re within 5’ right?).

Meanwhile, Serre took off into the air, almost hovering over the wounded Cerenhity, reading a pouncing attack if any of the spiders neared her.

the_app the_app February 08, 2016
Rumil was less than pleased that the Spider had decided now was a good time to send its minions out to grow, feed, and cause general discord. Many an elf had told stories of the old Spider and some brave souls even thought to fight and kill it – but without the Queen’s order, such a thing would not be permitted.

These Veil Spiders, on the other hand, were something Rumil understood very little about. He had read stories and descriptions, but few told of tactics. Digging deep into his knowledge, he tried to recall his readings from Je’grubs Manual of the Planes, hoping it contained useful knowledge on defeating these creatures while they were here and when they were not. After all, a few less spiders would certainly not anger the Queen.

villakeep17 villakeep17 February 08, 2016
Agreeing with Nitram’s assessment Dast responds “Aye, I never have liked spiders.” before turning his attention towards the field of battle and searching for the closest target for his spear.

SkidAce SkidAce February 08, 2016
Kinslayer recognized the prey it had tracked, and its edged gleamed even more deadly towards the form of the spider. A single blow was sufficient to fell the spider already bloodied by Blend. (Att 22, damage 12) Kinslayer’s arc continued through the form of the first spider, and Nitram was able to lengthen his stance and hit the adjacent spider. Kinslayer gave no indication of having tracked this spider, but cut a decent chunk out of its form anyway. (Att 15, damage 11) Nitram saw the opportunity, and struck at the spider again, but the creature was able to evade the sword this time. (Attack 11, miss)

Rumil realized that in order to target the “invisible” spiders as they lurked on the ethereal plane, he would need some way to see them, and the only spells that would affect them were spells composed of pure magical force.

SkidAce SkidAce February 08, 2016
Round 1

(if a spider is engaged by PCs I resolve on init, if not, I resolve with scouts at end)

Name Init Status
Blend 28
Spider 2 21
Nitram 17
Rumil 15
Spider 3 14
Serre 14
Frederick 12
Dast 11
Spider 5 10
Spider 1 7 bloodied
Scouts 1


the_app the_app February 09, 2016
Rumil, seeing the griffon lift off to provide aerial coverage, decided to step in between the spider and the downed Lady (5ft step to H9). He then struck at the spider from two sides, one with his own thinblade (+ 8 to hit, 1d8+4 dmg) and by willing his spectral copy of Corellon’s weapon to attack as well (move SW to H6, + 7, 1d8+4 force dmg, 2 of 10 rds). His blood boiled with energy, wanting to release newly bestowed blessings of Corellon, but the immediate danger and the fact that these spiders could phase shift kept his power at bay. “Lady, are you alright? No more harm will come to you.” As he fought, he scanned her quickly to see signs of poisoning and to ensure she was still responding, even if weakly.

SkidAce SkidAce February 09, 2016
Both Rumil’s thinblade, and his spiritual weapon connected with the spider’s form, creating a great chattering of mandibles as it gnashed its teeth in pain. (Attack 14, 13, damage 23) The thinblade dug a deep gash across the creature’s form, and as it turned to face Rumil, the spiritual weapon finished it off, stabbing deep into its multi-eyed head.

The lady Rumil addressed raised her hand in encouragement, and seemed to be in no immediate danger, more a case of re-summoning her will and breath to carry on.

SkidAce SkidAce February 09, 2016
Round 1

(if a spider is engaged by PCs I resolve on init, if not, I resolve with scouts at end)

Name Init Status
Blend 28
Spider 2 21
Nitram 17
Rumil 15
Serre 14
Frederick 12
Dast 11
Spider 5 10
Spider 1 7 bloodied
Scouts 1


villakeep17 villakeep17 February 09, 2016
Dast moves to the side of the wounded lady and pulls out his longsword along side his spear. He stands alert and ready in case a spider came back within range. Dast moves to G9 and will ready his attack for when a spider comes into range. If a spider comes within melee range he will attack with a distracting strike from his spear, his sword then his spear again. If one only comes within 20 ft he will throw his spear as a distracting strike. + 6 to hit, 1d6 + 3 damage. Longsword is + 6 to hit 1d8 + 3 damage. Distracting strike: On a hit I expend one superiority dice (1 of 4) adding the superiority dice (1d8) to the attack’s damage roll. The next attack roll against the creature from someone other than me has advantage if made before the start of my next turn.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 10, 2016
not to concern anyone, but after Dast is Spider 5. Not sure where Spider 3 or Spider 4 are…or any more than 5.

SkidAce SkidAce February 10, 2016
(dun dun dun…)

SkidAce SkidAce February 10, 2016
(via text)

Frederick drew Legertouche and awaited the inevitable onslaught of spiders they were sure to endure.

The scouts on the western edge of the battle field were still engaged with the spider they were trying to slay. Multiple arrows protruded from the creature’s body, a sign it would eventually meet its demise. Sadly, one of the elven scouts lay on the ground, tinged green with deadly venom, and apparently slain. More arrows peppered the creature, and it was slain before it could escape.


SkidAce SkidAce February 11, 2016
A few moments passed, and it appeared as if the rest of the spiders, uncannily intelligent, had fled the field in the face of unexpected deadly opposition. Or had they? The scouts drew closer in a circular formation as the rest of the group assessed the situation.

the_app the_app February 11, 2016
Rumil ordered the men to see to the wounded and to recover the dead. He then set himself to determining if the spiders were truly gone or if they were still lurking nearby. He asked Frederick to attempt to “find” them as well. Rumil called upon Corellon’s Eyes (Detect Magic), hoping that a trace of their innate ability would be detected. He realized seeing into other planes, based off his reading, was not possible, but if their ability worked like his mist step, he may see some lingering clues.

SkidAce SkidAce February 12, 2016
The scouts moved to accomplish their tasks. Rumil’s ritual revealed no unexpected magical presences in the area, but given that it was potentially not the right tool for the job, he was unsurprised.

Cerenhity summoned her resolve and stood. She seemed stable, mostly suffering from minor cuts and bruises. She spoke somewhat calmly, if still slightly out of breath. “Chanceux indeed that you arrived as you did, or I would have suffered the same fate. A life at the forge has made me strong, but alas, I have pursued neither the ways of Corellon, nor those of Solonor. Perhaps I have found my inspiration. What sign of the Swordmaster and his élèves?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 12, 2016
Nitram gestured to the elf, “Rumil, let’s get this area secure and move the lady back to Farhills.” The ranger began moving to the trees, looking over his shoulder, he querried the merchant, “Blend, do you want to do a little recon with me? I’d like to be sure the spiders are gone and see if I can find any trace of the others.”
Nitram gestured to Serre and the griffon climbed even higher in the air and began to slowly circle the area as the ranger entered the woods and began looking for tracks.

I just want to make sure the spiders are gone/dead and finish off any that are still lingering. If I can find any trace of the swordmaster or his assistants, I’ll follow it.

AFCop AFCop February 12, 2016
Blend nodded and moved with the ranger into the treeline.

the_app the_app February 13, 2016
Rumil agreed with Nitram’s assessment, but did not want to leave anyone behind. “Lady, I am glad we came upon you when we did. How many were with you? Did any fall? I agree that we should get you back to the safety of our keep, but I want to be sure that we do not leave an elf to suffer.” Rumil obtained what info he could and sent a Jaeger after Blend and Nitram. After the bodies were collected and wounds tended, the group departed back for Farhills. During the ride back, Rumil informed the lady he would dispatch a scouting party to aid Nitram and Blend for the search of the sword master and any other survivors – he would select his stealthiest trackers to head out, as fighting those spiders without aid would be unwise.

“Lady, no offense intended, but what brought you out this far with such a light detail? I would have gladly come to you.”

SkidAce SkidAce February 13, 2016
Just around a slight bend, and not much farther into the woods than he had gone before, Nitram saw the body of another sword student, two puncture wounds the size of daggers in his chest. The student was clearly dead. Blend saw, hidden in the shadows of the trees just past the student’s body, the corpse of another veil spider. Beyond that along the path were several…spider legs, that apparently had been severed from the body of yet another spider.

The trail continued, but it was not much farther before the corpses of both the elven swordmaster and another spider were seen in the center of the road. The dead swordsman still clutched a shortsword that was embedded in the center of the spider’s head, between the clumps of multi-facted eyes.

The swordmaster was not one that Nitram had met personally, but was one he had heard of. He was an eladrin named Be’wyn Corwin Shalander, and he was famous for his dedication to the ideals of justice and service before self.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 February 15, 2016
Nitram looked for tracks of any survivors before securing the swordmaster’s weapon and picking up both bodies to carry them back to the rest of the party. Emerging from the forest, he was a little surprised to see the others had left as he encountered a lone Jaeger coming into the woods. He called for Serre and then addressed the elf that remained, “There appears to be no survivors on either side.” As the griffon landed, Nitram secured both elven bodies to the saddle and whispered for the griffon to carefully return them to Farhills. Once Serre departed, the ranger gestured from the merchand and the scout towards Farhills, “Shall we?” and began to move at a light jog.


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