Unconquered Kingdoms

Ch 2. Which Rats? Part 4

14 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
7300 pm, Fireday

The afternoon passed as the members of the group completed their various tasks. Nitram searched high and low in an attempt to pass rumors to Stan, but eventually had to settle for spreading propaganda against the Profiteer’s Guild in general. (Diplomacy 18) Nitram was satisfied with the results, but felt he could do better. He headed out to find Gravnar, who had been attempting to recruit militia.

Gravnar was having a hard time initially. It appeared that a decent portion of the militia were “stockholders” in the various “merchant” guilds. He made rounds of the various taverns accompanied by Aeron, and later joined by Nitram. Gravnar spent the time alluding to his association with Gracier, and playing up their mission to remove the worst of the corruption. He seemed to be butting his head up against a wall of resistance until his new friends Aeron (Aid 4) and Nitram (Aid +2) weighed in with their support. Or maybe it was the bagpipes. (Diplomacy 132+4)

As the group discussed their efforts later that evening, they concluded that militia was leaning towards their side, especially in regards to the bandit rogues. The militia’s assistance would surely reduce the free reign of operations the bandits normally had within the city. In addition, the rumors they had spread were starting to sway the general populace that maybe (even in a town like Capone, things had gotten a little out of hand.

Blend was still thinking about who had sent him a telepathic message in his head to find Stan when he picked up his trail around the militia headquarters. Apparently, he was having a bad day and decided to call it quits early and head to whorehouse. Blend followed the oblivious guard to the house of ill repute with little difficulty.

Stan declined to use the front door to the establishment and instead headed to the alley to use the side door. As soon as he entered the alley, Blend saw several balls of blue energy strike Stan and drop him immediately to the ground. Blend experienced a brief stint of vertigo and deja vu. Exactly how it happened at the docks back in Aerie several months ago.

Acting with uncharacteristic rashness, Blend blinked from view and left his alleyway, dashing across the street, hoping to catch a glimpse of Stan’s assailant. As he neared the alley, he saw a shadowy figure he didn’t recognize, and one he did. Nazwroth, that bastard. The Harbor Freight killer from the docks. That man had struck down several of Blend’s guild members during an exchange gone bad was now entering the side door to the whorehouse. He had his suspicions he was in Capone since he arrived here. Now he had proof.

Blend grabbed a handful of dirt and smeared it on his face and shirt, ruffled his hair and the rest of his garments and grabbed an empty ale bottle from a pile of trash as he neared the door. As he entered, several patrons glanced at him, but looked away without a second’s notice. There was no sign of Nazwroth or his shadowy partner.

Blend immediately assessed the room. One entrance led into a small dining room that was being set up for gambling. They aren’t here for entertainment, Blend thought to himself. Stairs led up to the whore’s rooms above. Probably not here for that kind of entertainment either. That left the hallway to the common room.

Blend made his way into the common room. It was packed with patrons and whores. However, Blend managed to catch a glimpse of Nazwroth exiting the front door. No sign of his partner though. This could be an ambush. Blend pressed through the crowd anyway in pursuit of the killer, almost knocking over several patrons on his way.

As he exited, he looked to his left and saw Nazwroth doubling back down the original alleyway. He’s made me and is luring me into a trap. Blend hopped on a barrel, grabbed a hold of and awning and swung himself up to a window ledge where he jumped and grabbed the lip of the building’s roof, pulling himself over. He went to the edge of the building and looked down the alleyway. No sign of Nazwroth. Blend jumped the narrow gap to the adjacent building easily enough and moved to observe the intersecting alley behind the buildings. There was Nazwroth circling around, obviously trying to ambush whoever was following him. I see you.

Blend continued to watch him maneuver through the narrow passageways from his perch. Eventually, Nazwroth ended up on the other side of the main street, directly across from the original alley where Stan’s body was cooling. He appeared confused and a bit distraught. He’s lost his mark, and now the hunter becomes the hunted, Blend smiled to himself. It appeared Nazwroth was talking to himself, when shortly after, a small boy approached. They exchanged words briefly and the boy came across the street into the alleyway. Several minutes later, he emerged and returned to Nazwroth. Another short exchange occurred and the boy left north, down the street.

Nazwroth disappeared down his alley after a few minutes, apparently frustrated and out of patience. Blend knew he had to act fast if he didn’t want to lose him in the maze of passages beyond, so, for the second time, he acted uncharacteristically rash. The main street was wide, at least thirity feet, but Blend knew if he focused, he had a chance of making the jump. He gather his inner strength and channeled the energy into his legs, exploding into action. As he sailed through the air, he knew it would be close.

Blend caught the ledge of the building, just barely, grunting as he felt a rib or two break. He pulled himself up onto the roof and quickly made it to the far edge where he managed to catch a glimpse of Nazwroth. He had appeared to surrender this game of cat and mouse, but still moved with a purpose through the alleys beyond. Blend was able to following him easily enough from his vantage points above. Eventually, as Blend suspected, Nazwroth ended up at the Harbor Freight headquarters in the Merchant District.

Darkness was starting to settle across Capone and Blend knew the rest of the group would be waiting for him. He needed to get some rest as he had a long night ahead of him. He was in the mood to spill blood. As he rose and turned to go, he let his gaze linger on the very ordinary looking Harbor Freight building. I am going to burn that place to the ground.

Daelin had further attempted to recruit the Temple of Danaan as allies during his, Aeron, and Jharron’s earlier visit. (Diplomacy 15+2)

Selyndrica was reluctant to get involved in civic affairs, but Daelin’s explanation of “guilds’ potential involvement with the witches and probable involvement with blood magic” got the gravity of the situation through to her.

While she would not be involved in any strife, she agreed to both complain to the council and the militia, and she would use the Temple’s influence with the local population to sway public opinion against the guilds, particularly the Street Merchants.

As the group continued their deliberations, a young town crier was heard from the street outside. “Hear ye hear ye! Crazy Ernie’s Traveling Show and Review in town. Special attraction bear wrestling! Hear ye hear ye!”

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 8:55:46 AM

I’ve always wanted to see how to wrestle a bear. That could come in handy sometime. Nitram thought before focusing on the problem at hand.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:34:29 AM

15 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
0600 pm, Starday

The morning began with the clatter and bustles of a troop of horseman riding through the streets. It was a mounted militia patrol and they were rushing to the south gate, where it appeared a flower merchant’s seed house had been set on fire. The general populace assumed it was because of the extreme heat of the day before, but others just touched their noses and nodded slyly.

Breakfast was otherwise uneventful and the morning planning session went quickly. Blend may have looked a little tired. He had spent the night Inciting Fights between the guilds. (Stealth 22)

Everyone assessed their progress so far, and felt that they were doing very well indeed. So far no slip ups and apparently the guilds were for the most part unaware of the party’s maneuvers.

There needed to be enough time for the temple and the militia’s support to kick in, but the group also knew that they couldn’t prolong these actions forever without risk. Some of the guild members had taken things to the extreme, and there had been several deaths last night. So far all the fights and deaths had been between criminals, and somewhat self-contained.

Everyone started planning and considering the actions they would take today.

(Same individual repeating the same action raises the DC one difficulty, doesn’t apply to Aid Another)

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Lucky 6+1©


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Sunday, April 21, 2013 4:10:44 PM

Word on the street is that a famous adventuring group known as The Veil is in town.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 6:37:28 PM

During breakfast, Blend shared the following information with the group. He had run into a couple of Harbor Freight “heavies” in the middle of them assassinating the corrupt militia guard Stan. He conjectured that it was most likely due to him planting the scryed ring on him. This pointed to a couple things. First, that Harbor Freight was in league with the Street Merchants. Second, they were in the middle of the blood magic trade. Blend also added that these same two individuals were involved in an ambush on Blend’s associates back in Aerie. The Harbor Freight office in the Merchant District was obviously a front for their nefarious activities. Blend suggested that they should use some of this information to influence the contacts each party member had made in the city. Perhaps suggest sanctions on all merchants with ties to Harbor Freight. Talk to the non-affiliated merchants themselves and let them know the competition was dabbling in blood magic. Leaking this information strategically to merchants in Cromag’s pocket would yield even more benefit. Blend also suggested that the streets at night were a borderline war zone and it would be best to leave the nocturnal activities to him. Minimal, low risk contact with guild members would also be prudent. Finally Blend stated he needed to get some rest, but would be out and about after high sun.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 7:35:48 PM

Aeron shared the success of Nitram and Gravnar’s recruiting as “Practically magical…” He then went on to say that “To hit the thieve’s guilds where it really hurts (the purse) we should turn key merchants in town against them.” Aeron offered to give arcane assistance to anyone that wants to try to talk the local merchants into refusing to do business with the thieves guilds."*

Aeron will use:
Augment (+ 2 Cha) on anyone that wants to talk to the merchants
Hypnotism/Extended Hypnotism (+ 2 reaction levels/suggestion “It is too dangerous to do business with the thieves guilds”) x 9 ST – 2 Will (DC 19 or DC 20)

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:34:53 PM

Blend and Nitram checked out the local bars and taverns to see if they could find any sign of The Veil. It only took about fifteen minutes to determine that “The Veil” were staying at the Gryphon’s Arms, the best inn in town. They had eaten breakfast and then drank a few ales before heading across town. Some folk said they had seen them outside the west gate at Crazy Ernie’s Traveling Show and Review.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 10:57:25 PM

Maybe I can catch the bear wrestling while we are there…. thought Nitram.

Posted by: Stoi
Sunday, April 21, 2013 11:19:15 PM

Gravnar says, “Heavies assassinated Stan! Does the militia know? If not, we must report this to the authorities!”

Also, with regard to the bear wrestling, “Bear wrestling? Does it involve consuming ale? Tell me more.”

Posted by: SkidAce
Monday, April 22, 2013 11:32:19 AM

Nitram and Gravnar walked boldly through the west gate and then veered northward towards the field where all the gaily painted wagons and tents were set up. From the noise of the crowd, it appeared there were many games and much ale involved in the goings on. The wagons and tents had a primarily red, green, and blue motif, with trimmings of yellow.

Blend moved cautiously along, trailing the group, as Aeron sighed at the two ahead and moved to catch up.

There was bobbing for apples (with both tubs of water and ale), and many various games of chance such as rolling oversized dice for sewn plush animals, and tossing pumpkins through hoops.

The main attraction was Crazy Ernie’s bear wrastlin’ for Crazy Folk, set up in the center of the fair.

“Bear wrastlin’! Come and Wrastle the bear! Step right up, only one silver!”

Crazy Ernie is a middle-aged human man, who seems to have a few physical problems. His head is perpetually canted over at a slight angle, and he stalks the grounds near his fair booth with a seemingly exaggerated limp. Apparently a victim of too many head wounds, Crazy Ernie has problems staying on task, or remembering what happened a few minutes ago. Despite his injuries
received while training his bears to ‘wrassle,’ Ernie loves the big furry creatures, and wants to share his love with fairgoers wherever he travels. In his case, sharing love involves giving every man, woman, child, and Elf a a chance to grapple with a fierce bear.

There are four large bear cages behind Ernie. A small brown bear named “Sonny” for children to wrestle, a large black bear for adults, a menacingly fierce black bear for “heroes”, and a massive black female bear for the “brave and foolish”.

Ernie shouts out the rules, calling for natural, as it was meant to be hand to hand combat. He points out his hired mage, exclaiming there is no cheating allowed, and that the wizard is also there for emergencies. And no money back. Ernie’s is not responsible for any loss of etc etc.

To the right of Ernie’s main attraction is a large open air ale tent. With a large cluster of teenage boys hanging around (out of striking distance) one of the tables. A mature man appears to be nursing what will soon be a wonderful shiny black eye. At the table sits four lovely ladies, with scarves or veils hanging to the side of their faces.

Fleet Sylvia Noel Julliette

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Monday, April 22, 2013 11:37:33 AM

Aeron eyed the hired wizard and was not impressed. Said wizard probably could cast Detect Magic though. Aeron offered to augment Nitram if he chose to approach the table the Veil was sitting at.

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Monday, April 22, 2013 11:33:49 PM

Nitram looks at the animals to try to ascertain what he would be up against.

Some combination of sense motive, wild empathy, and knowledge nature should due the trick. I’m not attempting to change their attitude toward me (yet) or train them to do a trick – just trying to figure out which one of the adult bears I have the best chance against while maximizing my potential benefit and impression from the Veil.

Nitram looked at Gravnar with a sight smile, I think I’m going to wrestle a bear today…you interested? Besides, the Veil are watching. If things go well, hopefully it’ll impress them; things go badly, maybe I can earn some sympathy. Hopefully I won’t meet them because I need their healing… Nitram turned to Aeron with a glimmer in his eye, I don’t think I’m going to talk to the Veil right now. Let’s give them something to think about first.

Nitram turned and began walking towards Crazy Ernie.
waiting for feedback from Skid on which bear would would be best to impress the ladies and still give me a good chance of victory (more important). Can I get some ideas of bear wraslin rules so I know what I’m getting into…not that that has ever stopped me before.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 9:40:59 PM

As Aeron began speaking the incantation, and making the gestures for Breeze (V,S,M) one or two of the closer spectators noticed and moved back out of the way. As the fresh air began to move across the central area and the bear cages, it made the area cooler and more pleasant. Aeron then surreptitiously (I assume) cast Augment on Nitram.

When Nitram moved closer to Crazy Ernie, he noticed (Per 21) that all of the bears had indeed been “de-clawed”. A longer look showed him that they still had their teeth.

Nitran considered his opponents as he approached. A small brown bear named “Sonny” (CR1) for children to wrestle, a large black bear (Boozer, CR3) for adults, a menacingly fierce brown bear (Grinder, CR5) for “heroes”, and a massive black female bear (Butch, CR7) for the “brave and foolish”.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 9:42:43 PM

The brunnette nudged the other girl with the brown hair and eye patch when she saw Nitram stepping into the circle of cages.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:14:22 PM

What the hell… thought Nitram hopefully Daelin will show up if I need him so I don’t have to throw myself on the mercy of the crowd to help me.. Nitram got Crazy Ernie’s attention, Hey, Crazy Ernie, I’d like to take a shot at that big brown bear, there. Here’s my silver. Nitram pointed at Grinder while tossing Ernie a silver piece. What are the rules? How does this work? Surprisingly, I’ve never wrestled a bear before.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:33:29 PM

“You sure yah want to start with Grinder lad? Well fair enough. Over to the cage with you. You go in, I lock the door. Yah wrastle the bear. If you rile him up, just play dead, they be trained to leave alone then..mostly”

Crazy Ernie led Nitram over to the cage containing Grinder. From the outside, the cage looked big enough for Nitram and the bear to circle around and maneuver easily, once Ernie locked the door the cage started to look a little smaller.

Nitram and Grinder sized each other up. It was clear to Nitram that the bear knew what was going on. They circled each other for a moment, then Nitram saw his opening (Init), throwing caution to the wind, he rushed in and attempted to grab the bear.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:40:28 PM

Nitram felt slightly stronger than usual (plus one to CMB). He slipped under one massive paw that had lashed out towards his head and futilely struggled to get a grip on the bear’s torso. (6+9=15 versus CMD 20)

Slowly, relentlessly, the bear turned its muscular bulk towards Nitram, attempting to lock him into a bear hug. (26 versus CMD 21) The bear firmly grasped Nitram and began crushing him to its chest in a vice like grip.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:46:56 PM

The crowd was initially impressed with Nitram’s bravado, but seemed to think he wasn’t going to last much longer against the “Grinder”. Through the rushing of blood to his head as he was squeezed Nitram thought he heard a few bets being placed.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:54:29 PM

This is not going as well as I had hoped he thought as he tried to figure out how to get out of this bear’s hug.
not that it matters, but did the augment increase my strength by two and if so wouldn’t that also raise my CMD (not that it would have mattered against a 26, but if I can break out of this, I’ll need all the help I can get.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:05:30 PM

Nitram managed to get his arms in between his chest and the bear’s and with a mighty shove he attempted to loosen the bear’s grip. (20 versus CMD 20) Using the momentary slack Nitram slid down out of the grasp of the mighty bear arms and got behind the bear, locking his arms under the bear’s and around its chest. The mighty brown bear began to huff and growl as it struggled to get loose, but was unable to throw off Nitram’s grip. (16 versus CMD 22)

Nitram attempted to use the leverage of the cage bars to force the bear towards the floor, but was unable to make the bear budge, and in fact lost his grip (15 versus CMD 20)

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:07:14 PM

Hell’s Balls! This is a big bear.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:10:48 PM

The crowd was cheering and shouting as the two opponents squared off again. This time the bear lunged inward at Nitram (23 versus CMD 22) grabbing him around the torso and throwing both of them to the floor. Nitram against all odds, managed to pull a reversal on the bear (27 versus CMD 20). The bear was obviously tiring and attempted to break free and end the combat, but was unable to do so (17).

Nitram used the advantage of the continuing hold (+5) to better his position and press the bear against the floor. With a mighty effort (21 versus CMD 20) he held the bear down long enough for the crowd to yell “One..two..THREE” and then he stepped back, flushed with victory.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:18:25 PM

Crazy Ernie let Nitram out of the cage and then checked on Grinder to make sure he was okay.

Ernie stepped out of the cage and lifted up Nitram’s right arm. “Winnah!”

After the crowd started dispersing Ernie led Nitram over to his main wagon. “You put on a great show lad, anytime you need a job, look me up.” He hand Nitram a gold coin. “Here’s your prize money, and a copper bear pin, normally it would be silver, but Carloz thinks something is up. But it was a good show so no hard feelins.” He handed Nitram a large copper badge in the shape of a brown bear.

He waved and then went back to hawking his show to the crowd.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:22:41 PM

Gravnar noticed that the tent the Veil was sitting at was also a large mug ale bar, with kegs and bear souvenirs.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:23:46 PM

Thank the gods that’s over…I was a little worried there

wild empathy (for James) if he looks like he’s going to attack before I get out of the cage

Nitram pretends to not know what he was Carloz was referring to and hands the gold coin back, Keep it for the bears. They need it more than I. I do like this pin. No hard feelings at all.

Nitram walked over to Aeron and Gravnar, Remind me not to do that again. He had me worried for a time there in the beginning…and middle. He raised his voice a little and eyed the table where the Veil were sitting, I’d like to sit down and catch my breath before we do anything else. He started in that direction, Do you mind if we sit down for a few minutes so I can compose myself? My name is Nitram.
begin diplomacizing, to recruit allies using aid another(self) with knowledge (nature, geography) with explorers and the sheer awesomeness of a victorious bear wrasler

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 12:08:43 AM

Aeron was unable to resist a pun congratulating Nitram on his narrow victory, “Well done Nitram, you bear-ly pinned him. Sometimes it just take a little help from our friends…” Aeron muttered a few arcane words over Nitram to remove the dirt and bear smell as they sat down with the Veil. Nitram seemed more charming than ever as he talked with the girls. Aeron sat with the group offering a comment or question to keep the conversation going. “Where are you staying? The Gryphon’s Arms…I found that inn a little pretentious. How do you feel about rats? Have you tried Moe’s Cantina?…You study magic, how wonderful…What spell do you find the most fascinating?…Have you met with any of the local wizards?…Are you interested in trading spell knowledge?”

OOC On Nitram cast Prestidigitation to clean him up and Augment(Cha + 2) to make him more charming before walking up to the Veil.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:03:07 PM

Meanwhile at the Imperial Temple…

The Imperial temple was constructed in the form of a large walled building with towers that had blue pointed tops, and a large blue and gold central dome. The building was either constructed of marble (the columns and pillars) or whitewashed in white paint.

Daelin and Jharron saw that on either side of the main entrance was a large statue of marble. On the right as you approached, was a male knight, dressed in archaic plate mail, wielding a longsword and shield, with the longsword raised to the sky, arching over the entrance doors. On the left was a female dressed in robes, wearing a breastplate and wielding a shield and a spear, with the upraised spear arching over the entrance doors. The symbol and logo of the Imperial Temple was etched in yellow and blue paint on the large double doors.Sword and scales seal

When a young priest inquired as to their needs, they were led to the study to await the arrival of Praeceptor Lucian, one of the leaders of the church.

Jharron described the situation in town, what was going on with the guilds, and the hints of blood magic (+2sb)(sb = situational bonus). Daelin also added his voice to the discussion, aiding Jharron in his attempt to enlist the aid of the Imperial Temple. (Aid 10 for +2)

While Daelin’s inputs were helpful, Jharron could just not convince Lucian of a valid need for the temple to get involved with unlawful activities. (Diplomacy 4+4) Lucian replied he understood their concerns, but instigating an uprising in the city would not be a cause the Temple could support. He walked them to the door and told them to return if they felt they had any information that would change the Temple’s viewpoint.

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Lucky 6+1©


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:54:34 PM

15 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
1230 pm, Starday

As Nitram and Aeron walked over to the group of ladies, the four women stopped leaning back against the table where they had been watching the bear fight, and turned around on their bench so that they and the two men approaching could all sit around the table. Fleet stood up and gave her seat to Nitram, putting him between her and Sylvia. This left a place next to Noel for Aeron.

Aeron and Nitram had momentarily forgotten about Gravnar, and were not sure where he had went.

Fleet struck up a conversation with Nitram about the bear, combat, adventuring, and related topics. She seemed a sensible down to earth sort of person from the country. Aeron had determined that Noel was the caster in the group and began discussing magical topics with her. At first she seemed disinterested and rolled her eyes, but the topics Aeron chose began to pique her interest nonetheless. She commented on the lack of a local wizard’s guild in this area in response to Aeron’s inquiry. It appeared that Noel specialized in evocation and illusion magics. She seemed curious about Aeron’s specialty, and bored with Nitram’s tales of prowess.

Nitram’s efforts to win over the Veil so he could recruit their assistance seemed to go well overall, especially with Fleet. (Diplomacy 27, 1/3} In the course of the conversation he determined that the Veil had just returned from scouting out the area of Rappan Athuk, The Dungeon of Graves, and that Sylvia was the leader of the group. Sylvia was not opposed to the idea, but wanted to know how much their assistance was worth, and what was in it for them?

Posted by: AFCop
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:01:15 PM

Blend was apparently so adapt at avoiding notice, that even the DM forgot he was there sometimes.

Posted by: SkidAce
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:16:17 PM

To the surprise of everyone at the table, Blend leaned over and started to take up a seat across from Julliette, giving her a knowing nod in response to her surprised look. Julliete moved her hand casually in some sort of signal that no one else noticed, and returned Blend’s nod with a serious one of her own.

Blend was seemingly hurt that his two friends had not saved him a seat at the table. He looked at Nitram and Aeron accusingly as he moved towards the table and mentioned that he felt left out.

Posted by: AFCop
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:22:04 PM

Blend tossed down a copper pin in the shape of a bear in front of Nitram. “You dropped this Nitram. Really…you shouldn’t be so careless with your possessions. You did wrestle a bear for that thing after all,” he said before sitting down. “Now what were we talking about,” Blend smiled, obviously letting on that he had overheard the entire conversation thus far.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:55:55 PM

let’s go back to rule #1: I’m an idiot. Assume I don’t know anything and you’ll be close. So, knowledge check on Rappan Athuk and The Dungeon of Graves. I’m going to assume that I’ve at least heard the info I can find when I search obsidian portal for it and I will proceed with at least that level of knowledge.

Thanks, Blend. I thought for sure I had pinned that to my shirt…. Remind me to repay you for your kindness later. maybe he can play the brown bear…

Nitram looked back and forth between Sylvia the next target, unless Blend can diplomacize Julliette faster and asked Sylvia, Were you able to find the entrance? Did you “go down the well”? Hopefully, she won’t ask Gravnar to play his pipes when he returns from the kegs.

After listening to her response he asked Fleet, I’ve heard that there are no more animals in the area. Is that true? Any idea why?

Nitram also thought it might be useful to ask them if they knew anything, in all of their travels, of a half-ogre monk named Matthew?

Posted by: AFCop
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:03:05 PM

“Rappan Athuk you say?” Blend asked arching an eyebrow. “That’s a bit more…adventurous than…raiding Allinorn’s vault isn’t it?” Blend deadpanned.

Posted by: SkidAce
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:11:58 PM

Sylvia quirked an eyebrow at Nitram’s lack of an answer to her question about “what was in it for them”. She shook her head slightly and told Nitram “Nobody goes down the well muscle boy”. Julliete snorted and seemed to choke a bit on her ale.

“Yes” Sylvia nodded to Blend. “A whole different level of adventuresome. Too adventuresome most would say, hence, perhaps why we are here and not there.” She swigged a full mug of ale down quickly. “Allinorn’s Vault, just a matter of having the right info tapping the side of her head.

“Now back to business, somebody convince me why we should get embroiled n this mess you’ve created and please don’t appeal to my altruistic nature and soft heart, they don’t exist”.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:16:11 PM

These are thieves and smugglers. Once they are out of the picture you can have first choice of their spoils… except for any blood magic items. he thought to himself.

Posted by: SkidAce
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:17:14 PM

Shylent strolled up with a deep fried turkey leg. She looked at the table, looked at everyone sitting at it, rolled her eyes and walked off towards the ale tent.

Posted by: SkidAce
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:18:56 PM

Slyvia raised both eyebrows “First choice you say….hmmmm” She waited to see what everyone’s else’s reaction and input would be, holding firmly to another mug of ale.

Posted by: AFCop
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:28:58 PM

“Why shouldn’t you help us?” Blend offered. “You seem bored. It’s something to do. There will be profit…which can be split fairly and equitably based off contribution to the “cause”." Blend eyed Nitram as he said this.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:34:08 PM

That was easy

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:29:15 AM

Aeron slid the Standard Adventure’s Contract over to Blend with an ironic smile,“I think these where the terms you were suggesting…”

OOC I am laughing my a$$ off that Blend is suggesting adventuring terms. This is a classic moment I will cherish always.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:34:59 AM

Aeron looked up at Noel and continued, “I do feel compelled to warn you that we netted negative 4 gold pieces from our last encounter with the thieves…but who knows, there may be diamonds in all this coal.”

Posted by: AFCop
Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:45:04 AM

I had to…Nitram was ready to give away the farm without hearing what was being offered in return!

Posted by: SkidAce
Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:18:10 AM

(It was hilarious though…like the cosmos had reversed or something)

Posted by: mmartin_10
Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:19:59 AM

Nitram’s thoughts briefly drifted to farm he grew up on, now a pile of rubble. That was a serene time, he thought. Not like now. It sure would be nice to have a place like that to grow old in…if I make it that long. Nitram’s impatience with the urban life was growing.

I don’t think that will be necessary, Aeron. I’m surprised you still have one of those. not that he could get anyone to take one…he probably couldn’t give them away Yes, Blend does make a convincing argument. Based on the situation, what would you even be willing to do for a piece of the proverbial “pie”? You all see very…talented, but maybe not suited for a direct confrontation with either of the guilds.
not sure if Blend actually told the group about Harbor Freight, but I’m assuming he did since it’s in the main adventure forum, so the following is based on that info (I’ll edit/remove based on what Blend told the group if James wants to clarify):
Your impressive skills might best be used to get more information on who and what are inside the Harbor Freight building. I’m just thinking out loud here, but there may be some items specific to that group that we could put on Rejo’s people.
Nitram looked at Blend and Aeron, There’s only seven of us, and not all are extremely silent or not associated with the militia. We could use some help watching the guilds and figuring out exactly what we are up against. We can’t afford to wait too long as we gather information and form a plan. As always, I’m open to suggestions.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:20:49 AM

I was laughing

Posted by: SkidAce
Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:32:06 AM

Sylvia listened to Nitram’s persuasive arguments (Dip 19), and bolstered by Blend’s contributions (+2)concerning profit distribution (her words) she agreed that the Veil would act as spies and intel gatherers. She looked at the other women, and they all nodded yeah. (2/3 success)

She stood up and said “Business is business, lets get to work” and the ladies gathered themselves together and left the area to start their tasks.

Fleet looked at Nitram and said “Business first”

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Lucky 6+1©


Posted by: mmartin_10
Thursday, April 25, 2013 11:03:25 AM

Bramble bush! I hate it when they leave, but I love watching them go…

Yes, I’m trying out new (kind of) explicatives.

Posted by: Stoi
Friday, April 26, 2013 7:19:59 AM

Shylent found Gravnar in the ale tent…he could hardly remember the last few hours, and really didn’t care to try. “Greetings Shylent! Care to join me in another drink? We really should be going to see Gracier to report those murders…tomorrow maybe.” He takes another swig.

Posted by: SkidAce
Friday, April 26, 2013 11:01:33 AM

Shylent sat down with Gravnar and ordered each of them another ale. She finished her ale and the turkey leg, then got up to go, gathering Gravnar with her. “Afternoon, meet others. Kommen gerade”

Posted by: SkidAce
Friday, April 26, 2013 11:39:34 AM

With the Veil having left the area, the crowd of young men began to disperse, a few of them glancing angrily at Nitram when they thought he wasn’t looking.

A few children were wrastlin the bear cub and it didn’t seem to matter who was winning or losing. Something occurred to Nitram that he hadn’t quite put together before. “Crazy Ernie has successfully wrestled all those bears” he thought as he looked at “Butch” the enormous female black bear. Oddly, the bear chose that moment to look in Nitram’s direction.

15 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
2 pm, Starday

After heading back into the city gates, the group checked on the progress of their endeavors with the various factions of the town.

Blend reported an increase in tensions between the Street Merchants and the Profiteer’s Guild. It seemed that the Street Merchants were taking a beating and getting the worse end of the proverbial stick. Members of both guilds, in an uncharacteristic turn of events had been arrested by the town militia.

Gravnar’s camaraderie with the militia rank and file provided him additional information. It seemed that the militia had been tasked with enforcing the more overt activities of the guild into the SE quadrant of the town. Petty crime and low level trade was still present all over town, but the overt “protection” rackets and street fights were being constrained to the south side.

The casters three (Aeron, Daelin, and Jharron) relayed that some success had been gained in swaying the council to the opinion that things had gone way too far, as in beyond normal levels of corruption. The Temple of Danaan had spread the word with the common folk that things had gone to far, and this had trickled its way up to the council, who had then listened to the militia’s more radical proposals.

Concrete gains:

Half of Rejo’s gang (mostly flunkies) were actually in jail.
Caravans were safer outside the town because Cromag’s forces were needed in town.
Actual riots (not any yet) would probably be constrained to SE quadrant (good for town morale and the group’s supporters.)

Actions used so far today

Action Aid

Blend x
Daelin x
Jharron x
Nitram x

Those with actions left send inputs so I can update tonight.

Posted by: Stoi
Friday, April 26, 2013 12:07:50 PM

Gravnar will use his connection with the militia to see if any of the jailed flunkies are telling stories that might be useful to the party, and if so, he’ll query his party members to see who would like to go interrogate the talkative flunkie. Along the way, he will continue to recruit militia.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Friday, April 26, 2013 9:26:34 PM

Nitram will aid Gravnar with recruiting militia…once he can walk and talk clearly.

Posted by: SkidAce
Saturday, April 27, 2013 10:18:51 AM

Gravnar noticed a lot of the jailed flunkies were resting casually and seemed quite talkative, with the militia guards. He determined that a large portion of the jailors felt that the minions of the “guilds” were getting the shaft, while the leaders and the fat cats were sitting large.

His efforts to recruit more allies (Diplomacy 12+2) fell largely on deaf ears. It appeared that the group had swayed as many of the militia as was going to get swayed.

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Lucky 6+1©


Posted by: AFCop
Saturday, April 27, 2013 10:27:26 AM

Blend will continue to convince merchants that they shouldn’t have to fear raids from Cromag’s and Rejo’s guild, that free and open trade would be better for business. Also, that the guild’s are dealing with “bad stuff” i.e. blood magic, and that sooner or later, it will come back to haunt them.

Posted by: Stoi
Sunday, April 28, 2013 2:15:17 AM

Gravnar will spend the day intimidating jailed flunkies. He will chastise their lack of lawfulness, and then he will persuade them to tell him the darkest unlawful secret they discovered while employed by the guilds. He is especially interested in learning about corrupt officials who are in league with the guilds. He will coordinate this action with Gracier and does not mind if the militia listens in and assists.

In talking with Gracier, Gravnar will also gently inquire whether they have leads into the death of Stan.

Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:22:12 AM

15 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
9 pm, Starday

Public opinion seemed to be changing quickly. The efforts of the group from the previous day, combined with the support of the Temple of Danann (highly respected with the “common” folk) appeared to be spreading the word of the guild’s (specifically Rejo’s) involvement with dark magics. Most everyone in Capone felt it was fair to garner as much coin and profit as any one individual could, but dealing in blood and witchcraft was right out!

Blend’s efforts to convince the more shady merchants against the guilds and the “bad stuff” went fairly well, even though it was a hard task. (Diplomacy 25 vs 24) It appeared many of the merchants had seen the change in public opinion, and it was beginning to affect their bottom line. (+2 sb)

The group gathered their thoughts and retired for the evening to their own devices.

16 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
7 am, Sunday

Gravnar started off the day’s action with a return to the militia jail. He spent a good portion of the time before lunch interrogating and intimidating the various jailed flunkies of the guilds. From time to time, Johan would come down and assist. Just prior to lunch, Gracier even came down, to ensure herself that the questioning was being conducted in a just and proper style. “Can’t lower ourselves to their standards!” she proclaimed.

On one of those visits, Gravnar’s efforts bore fruit (nat 20). Turned out that one of the “flunkies” was in fact a mid level goon. The “goon” named Joe Dohn, had info on several corrupt mid level city merchant officials. One such official was in charge of the tax assessment branch for imports. Another worked in the section that granted preferred trade status badges. And the last corrupt official worked in the finance section that assessed the Toreador Mercantile Guild’s proper cut. He smirked and stated maybe the capital should have been getting a little more cash than they thought.

With the naming of these officials Gracier’s head went through the roof. Shwe would have singlehandedly gone off an arrested all three if Johan and Gravnar had not calmed her down. As it was she settled on a squad of 10 and was about to head off and make the arrests when Gravnar off handedly brought up Stan.

Johan and Gracier were shocked, they had no idea Stan had been killed. This time there was no stopping Gracier and she swept up the stairs in a righteous fury, determined she would bring those responsible to justice.

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Partners in Kryme


Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:25:09 AM

Daelin headed back down to the Imperial Temple to speak to Lucian about the growing tensions within the city. Hoping the gods would guide his words (cast Guidance for Diplomacy check), He explained to Lucian that it would be in the best interest of the Imperial Faith (Knowledge Religion +7) to get involved in some form or fashion. While he doesn’t disagree that the guilds’ infighting is outside the realm of just order, the repercussions would inevitably spill over and affect the poor and downtrodden the most. At the very least, the Imperial Temple’s help is needed to ensure that the street war doesn’t end up driving the cost of living (which I’m sure is hard enough for some to maintain) through the roof thus exacerbating the problems already facing the lower half of the population.

Daelin’s not saying that they need to openly oppose the guilds, though they are inherently dishonorable organizations. But perhaps they could exert some influence within the militia, governmental organizations, or maybe with some players they may know outside the city walls that could in turn apply appropriate pressure within the city. (Diplomacy +7)

Since there’s little reason for the Imperial Temple to not get involved in some capacity to defeat the sneak, protect the weak, fight for rights, and the freedom to speak (reference, anyone?), Daelin will be sure to pay attention in an effort to discern whether there may be other motivations guiding Lucian (Sense Motive +8).

Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:39:18 AM

Lucian agreed to re-address Daelin’s concerns. He seemed genuine in his replies to Daelin, both yesterday and today. (Sense Motive: 20)

Lucian did seem to be concerned about the well being of the people. It was one of the core precepts of the faith after all.

After listening to Daelin’s strategically precise points, (Diplomacy 19) Lucin agreed that perhaps there was some good they could do working “within” the system this time. It seemed that these “guilds” and “profiteers” were having more of an effect on the weak and at risk, and had more of a potential to undermine the just order than Lucian had realized yesterday.

He proclaimed that the temple council would get to work on this issue immediately.

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Lucky 6+1©


Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:46:02 AM

It was around lunchtime when all Hades broke loose.

Somebody dragged a man down the street brazenly accusing him of being a witch. Another brave soul managed to rescue the man before things got out of hand.

Then things got out of hand. A fire was started about four buildings east of Petrol’s rum warehouse. Between citizens, the fire brigade, and the militia, it was put out, but smoke and haze still covered the area.

Word on the street was that the Street Merchants of Pete Rejo were on their last legs, and that they had begun searching and killing members of Cromag’s gang right out in broad daylight.

People began closing their doors and staying off the street. Except for the roving gangs of torch wielding witch hunters. And the crazed mobs of people doing opportunistic looting. And the occasional gangfight.

Of course Moe’s Cantina was still open.

Posted by: GhostTraveler
Sunday, April 28, 2013 8:47:23 PM

Jharron and Fero will return to the Old Faith Temple and discuss the goings on within the city and explain how the current situation is hurting the faithful and convince the leaders of the need to protect their flocks. He will also echo Daelin’s message to the Imperial Temple within the halls of the Old Faith Temple.

OOC I suspect the same rolls will necessary and I will also cast guidance prior to the Diplomacy check. Rather than using the religion check, I will using knowledge nature as even a druid understands the cause and effects of things within natural habitats and the link to people. Use the perception check to notice things rather than sense motive.

Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, April 28, 2013 8:55:45 PM

The Temple of Danaan is already on your side.

Posted by: GhostTraveler
Sunday, April 28, 2013 9:48:44 PM

After visiting with the Temple of Danaan, Jharron found it was already doing all it could. He decided to work with the farmers and wagoners, the common folk. Jharron and Fero work through the surrounding farms and the marketplace. Speaking to all regarding the issues that are arising and discussing how the nature of people, animals and plants are all connected. The main story he will tell the farmers is “When you plant in the Spring you look for good fertile ground to gain the best harvest. If the ground does not produce a good harvest, it gets burned and is let to grow weeds and natural brush for the next year. Every farmer knows even the best plots of land need some time to be renewed. The current happenings in the city seem to be choking the rest of the efforts and thus a purge seems to be ongoing. Your assistance is needed in ensuring the purge is contained and the environment once again becomes fertile for business and raising families.”

To the wagoners, Jharron said “As you go about your regular activities, the current work environment has an air of infection. Like the rot brought on by termites in your wood. If you allow the spread of the termites, it infects all your wagons and your business will crumble. Your families need you to make a choice and as you are the backbone of all industry in the city, you know more about whats happening and how to rid ourselves of this disease.” Hopefully, by appealing to the need to support family and friends and build a brighter future, the farmers and wagoners will be persuaded.

OOC Jharron will cast guidance to assist with the diplomacy check which effectively gives him 1+1 bonus on the check. He will use knowledge nature (9), in describing the situation and trying to persuade the populace. Hopefully, keeping the issues close to home will assist in the diplomacy department. He will use perception (12) to take notice on how things are going so he doesn’t poison the well if they start heading in the wrong direction. Additionally, he will be looking for people that seem to have knowledge of more than a respectable person should.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Sunday, April 28, 2013 11:24:41 PM

Aeron will help Gravnar (or anyone else interested) incite a mob against the evil witchcraft of Pete Rejo’s Street Merchants. Using public gatherings where torches and pitchforks may be readily available (ie the Market Square in the evening), Aeron will cast up to 9 hypnotisms to gather a sufficient mob to purge the wererats from the town.

Aeron will advise Gravnar of the ‘proper’ methods of witch identification before the ‘conscripts’ purge the city.
Gravnar’s Abreviated Rules of Witch Idenification:
RULE 1. Witches are made of wood…so they float in water and burn in fire.
RULE 2. Witch houses are made of candy…so they are infested with rats.
THEOREM: Any house infested with rats is made of candy and houses witches. Burn it!

Posted by: Backpack
Monday, April 29, 2013 8:15:51 AM

I thought they floated because they weigh as much as a duck.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Monday, April 29, 2013 8:47:59 AM

and…very small rocks.

Posted by: Stoi
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:07:48 AM

Gravnar will resist any suggestion to burn houses. However, he does like the idea of defeating the wererats and will be sure to have the silver sword on his person.

Posted by: SkidAce
Monday, April 29, 2013 11:51:17 AM

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Inquisition Inc©


Jharron’s efforts made quite the difference amongst the people of the farms and outlying areas Diplomacy 13, +2 sb) Most of them had suffered run ins with the Profiteer’s Guild and felt that things had gotten out of hand. Several of the waggoner’s groups decided to go on strike.

Jharron’s failed to notice with his keen perception any signs of suspicious individuals or indicators of corruption.

Posted by: SkidAce
Monday, April 29, 2013 12:10:39 PM

Both the Profiteer’s Guild and the Street Merchants were in disarray. Many of the local flunkies and rank and file had melded into the populace from whence they came.

The strikes by the waggoner’s teams was bringing trade to a standstill. The City Council was in an uproar, and was looking to point fingers. So far they blamed it on rival gangs wars taken out of hand.

Uncharacteristically, Gracier had conveniently failed to mention the groups involvement in the “affair”. Even with her black and white, right and wrong viewpoint, she knew it would be counter productive to “inform” the council how things had started disturbing the status quo. Besides she was having a field day arresting thugs and bandits.

Things had gone about as far as anyone could take them however, the rival guilds were entrenched in their various places of security, and many of the exposed flunkies and obvious criminals had been rounded up or scared into hiding.

Sylvia (with Fleet) met up with Nitram to discuss their findings so far. It appeared, if the group didn’t already know, that Harbour Freight was backing the Street Merchants, and had bribed Cromag and his bandits to leave them alone. Cromag didn’t know about the Street Merchant involvement it seemed.

Harbor Freight had also bribed several council members for “favored” trade status and was buying lots of grain. And wagons. They were actually buying the wagons from Cromag via a front and he didn’t even know that either.

Oh, and the final bit of info so far, it seemed that the main Harbor Freight warehouse/office had several (six at least) heavies in their employ. And they were not your casual rookie guard level of competence either.

Options left (or submit your own)

D. Assassinate Leaders: Heroic Difficulty DC 34: High Risk (starts riots, greatly weakens affected guild.
J. Mobilize Militia: Hard Difficulty DC 24: High Risk (stops riots, flushes out affected guild)

Posted by: AFCop
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:05:14 PM

Blend mentioned that he would be “out of pocket” for this evening and had to “see a man about a horse.” He visited the Veil to talk over some logistics first. Then he made his way over to Kenku territory to visit his friend Klakus. He mentioned that the Street Merchants would soon be unable to inflict further harm on his people and he needed to ask him for one last bit of help this evening.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:25:18 PM

Nitram and Gravnar approached Gracier and Johan with a tactically brilliant plan. With the aid of the militia, and the knowledge of Cromag’s safe house, they could stage a raid and take out the leadership of the Profiteer’s Guild in one fell swoop. Gravnar pointed out the rumors and the implications of those corrupted officials in the mid level positions. This certainly bolstered Nitram’s argument and for a moment it seemed Gracier was on board.

“I’ve wanted to arrest that weasel for three years now!” Gracier exclaimed as she pounded her fist on the much abused desk in front of her. Gracier’s eyes took on an almost righteous glow as she became enthralled with the idea.

Johan spoke, “You realize we still have no proof against Cromag, and he has many wealthy friends. But bribery aside, without proof we can’t just raid the man’s house?”

Gracier stood up and paced as she considered Johan’s words. Nitram continued to push forward their case, (Diplomacy 16) but Gracier’s essentially lawful nature had re-asserted itself after considering Johan’s words.

“No, no raid. Keeping the peace is within my purview, but slaughter without evidence is not.” She sat back down, obviously frustrated.

As the group left the militia headquarters, they noticed the occasional bystander watching them intently. When they approached to investigate, the individuals disappeared. Shylent grumbled “Busted”.

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Inquisition Inc©


Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:47:16 PM

Later that evening…

When Blend met with Klakus, the kenku expressed his concern with the situation in the city. The rookery was fairly safe as the “normal” mobs and bandits knew better than to enter the area. But Klakus advised that the elders felt a growing evil in the sewers below the rookery. “Darkness and teeths” exclaimed Klakus.

Paired up with Klakus, Blend made his way quietly and quickly through the streets. Klakus acted as an overwatch, jumping and scuttling smoothly behind and off to the side of Blend.

After darkness had fallen, Blend and Klakus met with Julliete and Sylvia. Sylvia met Klakus with a traditional “best of health” to the elders greeting, showing much respect and knowledge of the kenku ways.

Sylvia explained to Blend that they had been about to “abduct” a guard or two, and if he was interested in entering the Harbor Freight building, that would be the time. Blend watched as Fleet strolled casually down the sidewalk outside the warehouse, wearing what appeared to be a blue summer dress. She approached a guard as he was walking around the exterior and inserted her hand into his arm. They walked around the corner, where for some reason, the guard fell asleep and fell down. Noel stepped out of the shadows and the two dragged the guard off.

Klakus assisted Blend in maneuvering up to the warehouse, past the sheds and the wagons outside. He intended on creating a distraction on the northside as Blend entered from the south. From the sound of the distraction and the screams of the guards, it appeared Klakus had somehow convinced the guards that a ghost was stalking the northern grounds.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:01:34 PM

You rolled a 1!?! Unbelievable.

Nice touch with the new name. Did we go from 2/6 to 4/6 because you made me fail my check and we were observed?

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:01:52 PM

Blend found the doors and windows to be locked on the southside, but that presented no obstacle. Between the failure of the locks and his stealthy nature, (Check 29 versus 21) Blend moved like a ghost himself through the warehouse and its offices.

There appeared to be no one home other than guards. Big beefy militant guards. Around a half dozen, with two remaining inside at their posts. Blend maneuvered around them and made his way to a nicely furnished office, with filing cabinets and documents.

Most of the papers and such were routine documents, but Blend found several interesting items hidden discreetly amongst the others.
•A map of the sewers under the rookery, showing a path to Rejo’s stronghold and some type of “shrine”?
•A document proposing using the grain shortage to make money and create tension between Falconaire and Toreador.
•A letter to Lord Ashmourne telling him to increase instability in the Gloaming Hills.

blend grabbed the documents and began to work his way out of the facility. Blend attempted to set fires on his way out, hoping to burn the place to the ground. As he started fires it became harder and harder to remain discrete. (Stealth 20, 16) After setting two fires, Blend made his escape, and he, the Veil, and Klakus, departed the area.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:05:47 PM

Street Merchants

Profiteer’s Guild

Inquisition Inc©


Re Matt: Nope, mobilize militia was High Risk. Thats worth two. Once you were over 50% it triggered “being noticed”.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:09:02 PM

Got it, thanks. no comment about the critical failure, huh? Guess I get to save my high rolls for Fleet.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:14:01 PM

The next morning

17 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
7 am, Moonday

With the events of yesterday fresh in their minds, the group soon determined they were in possession of enough information to finish off Pete Rejo and the Street Merchants.

Cromag and the Profiteer’s Gulld was hanging on by a thread, but was also still a viable threat.

It also appeared that someone was beginning to put two and two together, and suspect the group’s involvement in the events of recent days.

Gathered together in a hopefully secure place, the group discussed how much longer they could keep agitating, as opposed to taking action now. Give the Street Merchants too much time and the info they had from Blend, the Veil, and Klakus would become obsolete.

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:15:56 PM

The way I see it, since Fleet has no “bearing” on the story you will probably roll natural 20s.

I love bad puns.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:21:57 PM

are there any good puns?

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:54:59 PM

Possible options:
1. Leak the location of Cromag’s Profiteers Guild to Rejo’s Street Merchants see if they can level the playing field
2. Incite the striking teamsters to burn Cromag’s warehouse
3. Maybe all the above and in the chaos we attack the Harbor Freight warehouse

Posted by: SkidAce
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 9:00:42 PM

You learned this morning that sadly, the Harbor Freight warehouse burned down last night.

Posted by: mmartin_10
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 9:55:56 PM

At breakfast, Nitram was clearly still frustrated with Gracier’s decision to leave Cromag alone and expressed as much to his companions. I can’t believe she wouldn’t take some men and arrest Cromag. I think we should keep the map of the sewers for ourselves and give Gracier the other two documents – I’ll tell her we found them at Cromag’s since she needed a little more evidence to act. I’m assuming if there are any identifying marks associating the two documents to Pete Rejo, we can “unmark” them.
That should give us the edge to mobilize the militia against him and remove him as a threat. I know Gracier just needs a little shove.

Since we encountered the wererats in the sewers, we have felt Pete’s guild was the bigger threat, especially since it was extremely covert. We should really focus our group’s attention on them. We can use the map of the sewers to our advantage and maybe our friends to help watch our backs. Nitram looked at Blend, Maybe whoever you slink off to every night can help and – I hate to say it – Petrol should have a few bodies to watch exits, if you truly trust him. Hopefully, the Veil can lend a few hands as well. I don’t necessarily have an opinion on how or when we should hit their HQ or whatever they’ve got going underground with the “shrine”, but I do think they are the primary threat in Capone…to us, the trading routes, and the general stability of the region, which concerns me even more. The kingdoms need to unite if they are going to defend themselves against an ogre invasion again. Nitram looked like he was unsure if he wanted to say that last sentence.

Posted by: AFCop
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:41:57 PM

“We’ll deal with Cromag later. He’s a petty thug compared to what Harbor freight and the Street Merchants are playing with. Don’t do anything rash. Your play at the militia gained much unwanted attention. Not your fault exactly. But we can’t risk anymore exposure. We should hit Rejo tonight if possible. Tomorrow at the latest. Hopefully we get more info on what is going down in the Gloaming Hills and how this coven is involved.”

Posted by: SkidAce
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 2:02:08 PM

There wasn’t as many fresh fruits and vegetables as usual at breakfast. The unrest in the SE quarter appeared to have spread to the local teamster’s union and the farmers.

Otherwise the day appeared to be sunny and slightly cool. Nowhere near an early snowfall, but a hint of such things could be smelled in the air. It was a good day for kite flying, and children of all ages roamed the northern quarter safely.

There were no kites flying in the SE quarter.

Posted by: Backpack
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 3:25:34 PM

“I agree with Blend,” Daelin said. “Cromag and his crew are insignificant next to the power of blood magic. Rejo and his crew should be our primary focus, and our actions should be quick and calculated. If we wait until tomorrow though, maybe we could use the time to find out a little about what’s goin on in the Gloaming Hills, or even strange things that could concern witches. I’m sure we have not completely tapped out the local farmers, merchants, or the wagoneers.”

Lookign around the table at his companions, Daelin continued. “I know that I have not concerned the Old Faith Temple or the Imperial Temple with the Gloaming Hills, witches, or blood magic. I simply concentrated on the street war and the repurcussions it would have on the populace. There may yet be more information to be gained,” he stated.

Daelin then addressed each of his companions in turn. “Nitram, Jharron, if we waited, do you have resources that remain as yet untapped? The animal kingdom perhaps? Aeron, have you encountered any such as yourself that may be willing to part with some information? Maybe witches have need for some of the arcane resources Capone provides. Gravnar, Shylent, are there any swords for hire we could talk to that may have traveled through there on a caravan detail? These are just some thoughts I had that may have been addressed already.” Concluding his input, he turned to Blend, “Regardless of how we proceed, I will trust your judgement as the greatest amongst us in the art of shadowy urban affairs.”

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 4:29:22 PM

Aeron replied to Daelin, “You are right to be concerned that our identities have been connected to the guild wars, but we should not abandon the plan while we are so close to complete success. The plan was to balance power between Cromag’s Profiteers Guild and Rejo’s Street Merchants until their forces are degraded and only the elites remain. We can then decapitate the remaining elites and rid the town of their corruptin influence. Cromag’s Profiteers guild is not quite on their last leg. Let’s focus our efforts on one final play against Cromag’s Profiteers guild and then we can move against either guilds leadership.”
Aeron turned to address the group as a whole, “Let’s make one final appeal to the City Guard to sweep Cromag’s Profiteers guild safehouse. The approach should be that removal of Cromag’s Profiteers guild (and therefore the attacks on the grain shipments) will build good will with the teamsters and will help end the wagoneer strike that is disrupting the town’s supplies.”

Posted by: Stoi
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 11:39:00 PM

Gravnar chimes in, “Perhaps we have been made, but we have not been connected to the spilling of blood. Our foe may see us as a threat to their business—which is serious—but the current rivalry we’re witnessing goes much deeper than economics. Until we are linked to the spilling of blood, we are not the biggest threat. We must pick our time to spill blood very carefully…and I agree there are some strings yet to be pulled. We must also assume there are larger forces yet to be discovered. I would like to stay close to the city militia which seems to be under firm leadership. If we lose that leadership, our entire cause might be lost. I propose that we align ourselves with Gracier very closely and offer to assist and protect her and her troops; she must be convinced that her city and way of life is under threat, and we are her best support. This also puts us on the right side of the law in case the situation crumbles around us.”

“More importantly, she seeks evidence in the killing of one of her troops. Whether corrupt or not, Stan was under her command and she deserves the truth. She needs evidence, and it is my personal oath to help find that evidence, wherever it may lead.” After making this statement, he makes eye contact with each of those seated at the table to judge their reaction. Sense motive on the party, +2.

Posted by: Backpack
Thursday, May 02, 2013 12:30:24 AM

Daelin sat back in his chair, silently disengaging himself from the conversation. With everything going on, he took an oath to find one man’s killer? A stranger no less. he thought. What small eyes he sees the world through.

After a measure of calm, Daelin spoke. “I don’t believe self defense to be a crime in this city, master dwarf,” he said. “The biggest threat facing this city is the corrupting power of the relics they trade, and those they choose to ally with. That is why finding the source and the connection to the coven is so important. If we can eliminate the source, we can stem the tide and prevent the annihilation of innocent families.” The priest seemed to emphasize the last part as though it pained him personally.

“Aeron, I agree that the city guard can handle what is left of Cromag and his crew,” Daelin said, shifting his focus. “That is why I suggested focussing on the bigger threat ourselves. But knowing what may lie ahead, gods willing we make it that far, could prove to be immensely valuable,” he said, once again leaning back in his char. “It may also help us bring them down,” he added.

Posted by: AFCop
Thursday, May 02, 2013 2:19:51 AM

Blend listened to each member say their piece, no expression on his face whatsoever. “We should move tonight. Even a day gives Rejo and the Street Merchants time to regroup. We haven’t been made yet, but anymore missteps with Cromag or the militia would cause us to be exposed completely and lose any advantage we have. The shrine on this map probably has blood magic ties. Forget the farmers. There’s where we’ll find the leads to the threat in the Gloaming Hills. Taking any information to Gracier is a mistake, even what little secondhand knowledge you have. The militia is infested with informants. You more likely to cause the guilds to hunker down, expose us and get us killed then you are to help us. that’s what happens when you tip your hand too soon. Oh…and Nitram, if you think I’m giving Gracier these documents, you can kiss Hood’s pale ass.”

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Thursday, May 02, 2013 7:18:31 PM

Aeron caveated Blend’s plan, “I am concerned about leaving Cromag with any lackeys to fill the power vacuum when we take out Rejo. That is why I think we should attrit them to the same level before we finally attack. We should not forget about those farmers and teamsters that have fallen under the boot of Cromag.”

Areon took a moment to emphasize their ill preparation, “Pragmatically, we need to replace the alchemist fires to fight Rejo’s rat swarms, we still need to find some silver weapons blanch, and I won’t be able to rememorize combat spells until tomorrow morning. Give us today to convince the guard to raid Cromag’s hideout and make the final preparations. Let’s attack Rejo’s safehouse in the morning.”

Posted by: AFCop
Thursday, May 02, 2013 10:00:00 PM

“Cromag will be dealt with after Rejo. He is too weakened to fill the void once Rejo is taken down. It will take him several weeks. However, Rejo knows he is vulnerable and is doing things NOW to bolster his defenses. That advantage will disappear much sooner. We have already pressed the militia. Anymore and it becomes obvious and does more to weaken our position than strengthen it. If we wait, it should be for preparation only, not to sway the militia.”

Posted by: SkidAce
Friday, May 03, 2013 3:03:12 PM

17 Septimus, 508 PE (Year of Storms)
11 am, Moonday

The early hours of the morning passed as the group struggled to determine the best course of action. The various groups they had recruited to their cause provided varying updates to the on-going situation.

The merchants and waggoner’s had begun to ignore the threat of Cromag’s bandits, as they had currently been driven into hiding by the militia and beefed up security on the trade routes.

Assisted by the temples, the general populace had grown tired of the war between the guilds, and wanted things to go back to normal. Citizens of Capone were fairly used to some levels of graft, but the riots and rumors of witches and blood magic was going to far. One beggar claimed he had been turned into a newt. If things dragged on too long, citizen could take matters into their own hands, and the militia was not prepared for that.

Some folks wondered how far north the imperial century had traveled. Others knew that getting a foreign government involved, especially with the highly efficient imperial style of solving problems would not be good for profits. Word was that the council had sent some type of messenger to the capital of Toreador. Since many citizens of Capone “considered” themselves a free city, that was also not desirable.

The majority of the civil unrest was confined to the SE quadrant of the city, as the group’s efforts with the militia had managed to get them to focus in that area.

Around lunch time Shylent took her leave and went to the Boar’s Head for steak and potatoes.

Posted by: AFCop
Friday, May 03, 2013 3:09:54 PM

“We are wasting time. Write down what supplies you think you need and I’ll see what I can do. We should raid the shrine tonight. I don’t know what it will take for Aeron to be more prepared tomorrow morning than he is today, but if he insists, then we can wait till tomorrow night against my best judgement. I’ll find everyone later” Blend waited for everyone to make lists then departed.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Friday, May 03, 2013 3:41:55 PM

Aeron had heard about the changing perception in the city and understood their window for action was closing. “We should strike now and not divide our forces. If you can acquire these supplies, I can be ready as soon as a few bells before midnight…though rats and thieves seem to be at their weakest in the morning light.”
Aeron tossed a sack to Blend and rattled off a list of strange supplies…revealing a healthy fear of rat swarms. A feeling echoed by many in the party after their encounter in the sewers of Capone just a few days ago.
“Silver weapons blanch, two alchemist fire, four flasks of oil, swarmsuit, and as many stray cats as you can fit in this sack.”
Aeron no longer required rest, but he relaxed by tending to his alchemical duties. The group noted him suspending a glass vial over the roaring hearth. The gray liquid in the vial was thick and and seemed to boil at an incredibly slow pace.

Posted by: Stoi
Friday, May 03, 2013 5:37:54 PM

Gravnar puts his hand on the silver longsword and gives a nod to Blend, “It is time to take action against the foul creatures. I am ready.”

Posted by: SkidAce
Friday, May 03, 2013 11:29:57 PM

Going over the various intel, and scouting the house Aeron had pinpointed from outside (decrepit warehouse), presented the party with two options.

They could sneak/attack the warehouse. It was guarded by at least four guards on the exterior. The warehouse itself was big enough to have several rooms, similar to Petrol’s rum warehouse. And most likely had secret entrances to the sewers.

Or they could use an alternate route, to go down into the sewers, and find where the main den of Rejo’s was likely to be anyway and come out via the warehouse.

Attacking the warehouse would likely flush rogues and theives into the depths of the sewers, while attacking from the sewers would likely flush them up and out via the warehouse.

The party pondered their options.

Posted by: AFCop
Friday, May 03, 2013 11:57:22 PM

Blend stopped by Petrol’s and grabbed four silvershod quarterstaves. Those would work in a pinch against wererats, and even Aeron would be able to hit something with one of those.

He wasn’t in the mood for haggling, so he bought out the alchemist of silver blanch…five bottle to be exact. He also inquired about alchemist’s fire. He grabbed Aeron’s swarmsuit. He didn’t know what exactly Aeron planned to do with it, but Blend was past caring.

Fuck the cats though, Blend thought to himself. He had to draw the line somewhere.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Saturday, May 04, 2013 8:32:47 AM

Aeron looked up from a decrepit book as Blend returned to the back room of the Jovial Peryton. He seemed disappointed with the lack of success collecting cats, but thanked Blend for the supplies. Well met Merchant Blend, your ability to acquire the rarest of equipment is without limit." Aeron picked up a silver shod quarterstaff from the pile of supplies…uncertain about its use. Finally, leaning on the staff as a walking stick, Aeron motioned to the vial that had been constantly boiling over the fire since about 13 Septimus. “Just 10 more days of simmering and I think it should be ready. You know it is true what they say about a watched pot…” Aeron thought to himself, I really need to take an apprentice to manage this type of work, but not a human, they would have died of old age waiting for this mold to boil. Aeron stoppered the piping hot vial of blue-gray liquid to make room over the fire to apply the weapons blanch.

“Can anyone donate some arrows to apply the silver weapons blanch?” Assuming someone donates arrows…preferably the elven arrows distributed on the way to Capone…but flight arrows are fine too. Aeron delicately sprinkled the metalic powder over the arrowheads and thrust them over the flames. The powder quickly melted and was absorbed into the iron arrowheads leaving a faint silver sheen. Aeron distributed the silvered arrows to the archers and focused his attention on how to put on the swarmsuit. Aeron then put the swarmsuit on over his robes reattaching his gray cloak, quiver, and belted pouches over the suit to conceal its nature. He was still equipping the alchemist fire and oil as the party leaned over the sketch of Rejo’s warehouse laid out on the table next to a sewer map.

“Without the sleep poison ready, the idea of a frontal assault of the warehouse does not appeal to me. But, if our intent is to wipeout the Street Merchants then we need to flush them down INTO the sewers to constrict thier avenues of escape. I can put to sleep one, maybe two of them with spells, but depending on their positions and patrols, that would only give us a limited time to enter the warehouse. We have enough archers that we may be able to take out 4 human guards, but if they are wererats we would just end up in an extended archery contest on the streets of Capone.”

“Alternatively, we could strike up through the sewers at first light. The sewers provide an advantage for our small numbers. Flushing the rats up into the warehouse for a last stand. The wererats would not likely suffer the light of day and that may contain them enough in the warehouse to finish them off. Any other ideas?”

Posted by: AFCop
Saturday, May 04, 2013 10:16:22 AM

“Can you blanch this?” Blend asked as he produced his short blade from out of nowhere. “And I have a suggestion about how to proceed against Rejo.” Blend sat down at the table. “Have you ever seen a cornered rat fight? It’s nasty. In this case we can literally apply the metaphor. If we push into the warehouse, we leave them no avenue for escape. It also allows them to fall back and while Aeron is correct in his assertion that it would constrict movement, it is to their advantage, forcing us to fight into a bottleneck and allowing them to regroup.” Blend paused and use the sewer map as a reference. “We should come in through the sewers. This gives those who want to flee a path of least resistance. However, I plan on having a few associates of mine watching the outside of the warehouse, making escape, shall we say, rather perilous.”

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Saturday, May 04, 2013 11:53:06 AM

Aeron blanched the strange blade of Blend over the fire while warning him, “The silver blanch only works once…so make it count.”

Posted by: mmartin_10
Saturday, May 04, 2013 2:53:06 PM

I am inclined to agree with Blend as long as there are people we can trust to watch the building. I was going to suggest possibly splitting our group up, but didn’t like that idea.

Posted by: SkidAce
Saturday, May 04, 2013 3:39:53 PM

Shylent snorted amusedly and suggested they get their girlfriends to watch the building.

Posted by: GhostTraveler
Saturday, May 04, 2013 5:36:56 PM

“Whichever way we go, I want to ensure we get some leads to move forward to finding the root of the issue with the Blood Magic. Seems we have eliminated every person to this point, so as we get to the leaders, I hope someone has a plan for getting information from them. I appreciate the issues with the the goings on in town, but I am more worried about the damage the use of this Blood Magic is having on the surrounding countryside. I am open to whatever the party decides as long it leads to the larger objective.” Jharron then sat back and waited on the members of the party more familiar with the inter workings of the city to have their say and decide on the best course of action.

Posted by: ProfessorHill
Saturday, May 04, 2013 8:32:06 PM

Aeron nodded in approval, “We enter through the sewers, but I want to assure there is no escape through the warehouse. We should strike like a hammer against an anvil.” Aeron struck his fist against the palm of his hand to emphasize the finality of the attack. “I recommend we, or your associates, set the warehouse roof on fire forming a burning barrier against escape. The southeast part of the city has narrow alleys…it shouldn’t take more than a 15 foot toss of an alchemist fire to light the old tarred and splitshingle warehouse roof. It is unlikely the city would respond to a fire in that part of the town and the dried and dilapidated state of the place would assure it would burn like a witch on the pyre. We can attack at midnight to take advantage of the cover of darkness…or strike in the morning when Rejo’s Street Merchants are least capable. I leave it to you to decide.”

Posted by: SkidAce
Sunday, May 05, 2013 12:13:29 PM

Shylent shook her head and walked over to Aeron. “Militia help fire near Petrol’s” she reminded him. It appeared that Shylent spent a lot of time watching and listening to Aeron like a hawk. Unconsciously holding the hilt of her ritualistic shortsword.

With the group agreed to enter through the sewers, they made their preparations for the evening.

About a half bell short of midnight, Blend led the group through the shadows and darkness of the city streets. Tonight, like last night, was the dark of the moon, and even the most cumbersome members of the group made it through the streets relatively unremarked, with the guidance of Blend and Daelin. Those with the cloaks provided by Aeron found their capacity to move stealthily significantly enhanced. Every so often a small clank, or a stumble over a rock would be heard, and the rest of the group would stop and look at Gravnar.

Posted by: SkidAce



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