Campaign of the Month: July 2016

Unconquered Kingdoms

Daelin's Journal

Here starts Daelin’s journal…

Initial Entry

A considerable amount has happened recently, and I feel there may be a need to record some of these events. While I was out in the wild hunting for signs of the witches coven that tore my home apart, I happened upon a group of adventurers.

  • Aeron – An elven wizard of some talent, though I think he may have spent too much time in his studies and books, and not enough time interacting with others. His people skills are in short supply.
  • Blend – A human who prefers the shadows to the light. Not unlike some fellows from my past. I feel a certain kinship to him after the time I spent on the street. His desire to impress could hurt him in the long run, I fear
  • Nitram – Half-Elf, though he seems to have gotten the better parts of each. His talents seem to rest with the wild and in combat.
  • Jharron – Another human, also akin to the wild. I suspect though that his affinity for the outdoors runs far deeper than Nitram’s. His wolf companion seems quite capable and eager to please his master.

It seems there was a new threat that may yet lead me to the group I seek — Blood Magic.

This magic does not appear to be powered by will, training, or devotion, but by the use of life. The sacrifice of some life force – self, others, even plant life – to gain the needed power to wield magic. Powerful magics, far beyond the reach of the typical practitioner, can be achieved. I fear this will lead to many undisciplined practitioners, and even more suffering in the world. Blood Magic is not for any but the most disciplined, the absolute masters of their craft.

We managed to track the ogres to their lair, where they had a meteorite of some kind that was perpetuating their lust. We interrupted a ceremony of some kind in progress and dispatched the foul creatures, though not without a few bumps and bruises of our own. The meteorite was destroyed by simply applying the light of the sun to it. The party chose to return to Tennyson’s Tower after the meteorite had been destroyed to regroup, equip, and take care of personal affairs.

Entry Two: Enigmas

Jharron and I decided to journey together in order to find information about the witches that destroyed my home, and the blood druids who destroyed his. We started south from Tennyson’s Tower, headed towards the Sacred Grove (that is where he is from, I believe). Though they had no answers, they were able to point us towards the Druids of the Sage Glen, on the eastern border of the Mist Grove.

In Sage Glen, we met the Druid’s leader, Loraleigh, and her mate, a bard by the name of Bearen. Loraleigh explained that much of their knowledge concerning blood magic was lost during a suspicious fire many years past. She pointed to the charred remains of a stone building, where none of the grass surrounding it had grown grown back. “The fire was so intense that it cracked stone and demolished the building.”

Bearen described the legend of a rare sect of druids that practiced blood magic in the area. Long ago, these druids lived in peace with a civilized clan of ogres. But the ogres and the druids eventually turned vile, and they were wiped out long ago by an unknown kingdom of men. Bearen thinks these new blood druids may be descendants of those that survived through the years, and that they were slowly attempting to put things back into the “balance” they felt it should be.

Loraleigh informed us of witches in the Goshen Hills that were benign, although a bit secretive. The Moon Coven works with potions and herbs, and follow the precepts of their tri-aspected goddess of the moon and earth, Selene/Hecate/Ceres.

If the blood druids were still active in the area, or a coven of witches were practicing blood magic, the Moon Coven may know about it.

Several of the more knowledgeable druids, and some of their bard companions, were deep in the forest and would not return for a few days. We were invited to stay and wait, as well as being invited to use the resources they had there to conduct our own research if we chose.

While we waited, Aeron showed up from a diplomatic meeting in Aelvenwode bearing gifts of elven cloaks, and dressed in all gray. Apparently he discovered a more moderate lifestyle suited him, and his affinity for living. He had plans for an outpost in the Gloaming Hills that would not only stop the growing threat of ogres in the area, but would no doubt boost trade in the area as well.

It appears our travels will take us to Capone, as there were reports os a peaceful coven of witches (the Moon Coven) south of there. There were also reports of blood druids in the area, and the locals, as well as the Moon Coven may be able to provide answers.



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