Gardef Dain'Deren

Dwarven Plant Protecting Cleric


1st – power attack
3rd – cleave
greater cleave
5th – combat reflexes
improved bull rush
extra channel
1st – dodge
improved initiative
improved overrun
weapon focus


Gardef grew up in the hills between Rivendeep and Aelvinwode, but always seemed to prefer being outdoors among the trees and grasses. This tended to isolate him from his peers, who spent their time mining. He found solace in speaking to the god Diancecht while tending a makeshift garden near his home, the one place he felt content. He spent most of his free time there, watching the grass grow and the birds soar. The only times he interacted with the other dwarves was by working in the temple healing those injured in the mines below. After an unusually long and grueling day, he needed to decompress and headed for the meadow. As he got closer, things felt “off” to him. Upon reaching his garden, he noticed most of the plants were malformed and either dead or dying. He saw a large hawk trying to fly before it came crashing down near him. Upon closer inspection, Gardef noticed that it had three bloodied wings.
He returned to the mountain and sought out the advice of the elders. Unfortunately, they stuck to the party line that the outside world did not concern them and should not concern him. He should worry about mountain. Though he tried to explain that he was, they were not listening. He decided to find out for himself. He had hear rumors of a group of druids on the other side of Harpy’s Peak. That sounded like as good a place to start as any.
He left the Grove confused. Still not sure what he had heard…trying to piece it together. Something about a ranger killing an ogre magi. He had no idea what blood magic was, but it didn’t sound good. And the growth of a new fort to the south – in a matter of hours. Seemed quite fanciful for a dwarf from the hills, but he was already in the area….

Gardef Dain'Deren

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