Amber Sphere


The amber ball has curved lines etched into its surface, with lightly engraved runes (nearly worn off from age) carved in between the lines. It gives off an aura of Abjuration and felt very light in Aeron’s hand compared to it’s size (that of a small apple).


When gently tossed into the air, the amber sphere creates a “Magic Circle” effect centered on an adjacent square designated by the wielder.

The effect does not move, but the sphere can be retrieved and reactivated again in a different location. The sphere can provide this effect for as long as the wielder concentrates, up to a total of 10 minutes per day.

While in operation, the amber sphere gives off a faint golden glow, denoting the radius of the effect. The sphere can be grasped or netted and has stats similar to an “ioun stone” while in use.

Amber Sphere

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