Bonnet's Revenge

Typical brimed pirates hat with a golden feather attached.


Feather Fall 2/day
Disguise Self at will
If wearer is about to receive damage, allows a reflex roll to move out of the way and take no damage.


The creation of this item is unknown. Historically, it shows up from time to time as the saving grace for many. Never has it fallen into the hands of a notorious owner for long and its longest ownership was by Bonnet, a pirate with a heart for the poor. Bonnet was hunted by the ruling houses for over a decade and was never known to suffer injury even though outnumbered in most engagements. He would sink ships of the wealthy and sack towns and cities but always provided for the less fortunate, usually in teaching them how to live with the land and not destroy it. Bonnet, finally passed from this life on his own terms and the hat disappeared for some time. It has reappeared in texts several times when most needed in support of maintaining a natural order to life.

Bonnet's Revenge

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