Crook of Rao


The Crook is described as a crooked staff like a shepherd’s crook. It is carved from hornwood, with jacinth, alexandrite, sard, topaz, and other precious stones embedded in it. Its shaft and headpiece are formed from cold iron and silver. It gives the impression of immense age.

Powers ascribed to the Crook of Rao include the ability to turn evil beings of the lower planes as clerics do undead, banishing them to their infernal homes for a hundred years. In addition, the Crook prevented such beings from summoning others of their kind within a mile of its presence. Less impressively, it could also be used as a weapon, helping to deflect fiendish attacks as well as banishing them on a successful hit.

According to myth, the Crook of Rao was first brought to Alfaysia by the deva Incarum, who used it to banish the minions of of an unnameable power from the face of the world. Its purpose complete, the artifact was lost until recently.


Crook of Rao

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