Illearth Stone Dagger

An eerie green quartz dagger with a bone handle

weapon (melee)

The dagger radiates a oily unpleasant warmth, causing most normal creatures to feel queasy.


The Illearth stone is a source of power. If properly understood, perhaps nearly absolute power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely…

The dagger and the spear are composed of the same material chipped from the Sentara meteor as was the Illearth stone. Once bonded with either object, the wielder begins to learn new knowledge and gain arcane power. some abilities are standard between the items, others seem influenced by the desires of the wielder.

The possessor of either of the items becomes more and more corrupted “or tainted” as understanding and power grows. This taint manifests as either oddness or insanity, or even physical mutation. Oddly enough, the most powerful of wielders can subdue/conceal this taint and will become eerily beautiful and perfect.

Illearth Stone Dagger

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