Incarnhate, one of Whiskeyjack's deadly paired weapons.

weapon (melee)

heron-on-the-pond-and-cane.jpgForged by Iokharic Sanskrit, a master sword craftsman originally from Dissentia, Anguis Imperium. Iokharic was the son of a wizard, but throughout his life he showed no signs of magical aptitude. He violently disagreed with his father’s methods of maintaining noble status as a wizard in the Anguis Imperium, and eventually disowned his family.

Iokharic Sanskrit left Dissentia and took up residence in the province of Xar Taken, in the area known as the Unconquered Kingdoms, where he plied his trade for many years. The Xanian monasteries of the area were impressed with his skill and craft in the art of metal and swordsmithing, and often commissioned various items from him.

This wakizashi was once part of a set called a daisho, owned by a (in)famous shadow warrior known as Whiskeyjack. The katanna was named Soulitude, and the wakizashi Incarnhate.

The swords previously owned by Whiskeyjack were not commissioned by monks however, but by an unrevealed benefactor, for whom Sanskrit created three masterwork weapons.


This short, slender blade is between 1 to 2 feet long. It is primarily used as back-up weapon, to decapitate defeated enemies, or to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) as a matter of honor. In ancient times this type of blade was specifically worn by roaming champions and “samurai” and was intended to be paired with a katana. Together, this set of blades is referred to as a daisho. There is the image of a heron and a lily etched into the base of the rippled blade.
Wakazashi: Incarnhate is a magical + 2 wakazashi.
Communication: Incarnhate can communicate by sending emotions to the wielder.
Attunement: Once you have attuned the weapon, you can’t be disarmed of it you unless you are incapacitated. If it is within visual range, you can summon that weapon as a bonus action on your turn, causing it to fly instantly to your hand, barring physical restraints or barriers.
Keen Blade: This weapon is very sharp, and all 1s for damage may be rerolled.
Ki Focus: The magic weapon serves as a channel for the wielder’s ki, providing an extra ki point per plus of the weapon. Any ki points, once expended, return at sunset/twilight.

Daisho: When wielded together with Soulitude, the set grants the abilities of the fighter’s Two Weapon Fighting Style



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