+1 huntsman ogre bane scimitar

weapon (melee)
Aura: moderate divination and transmutation CL: 8th
Slot: none Price: 9,315 gp Weight: 4 lbs.
This dark iron scimitar has a brutal look to its design. Faint crude runes of magic are carved along it’s length, spelling out the name "Kinslayer. The hilt is made of rough etched bone from the forearm of an ogre.

Kinslayer helps its wielder locate and capture quarry. When the weapon is held in hand, the wielder gains an enhancement bonus on Survival checks made to track any creature the weapon has damaged in the past day. It also deals +1d6 points of damage to creatures the wielder has tracked with Survival in the past day. Kinslayer is also an ogre bane weapon, Against ogres, the weapon’s enhancement bonus is +3. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against ogres.


Kinslayer is semi-legendary among the ogre clans. It was created by an ogre magi for his warlord many decades ago. With the weapon in hand the ogre warlord climbed the power structure of the ancient ogre kingdoms, creating many blood feuds along the way. Kinslayer was claimed by a human warrior who managed to defeat the warlord in a formal duel. Many years later, the warrior fell in an ambush laid by revenge seeking ogres, and Kinslayer was presumed lost.


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