Quiver of Never Ending Arrows

Leather quiver tooled with elvish and arcane runes


This finely crafted leather quiver is embossed with various arcane sigils of elvish origin. The quiver holds what appears to be 24 finely crafted razor sharp elvish broadhead arrows. When an arrow is removed from the quiver and fired a replacement arrow appears in the quiver.

The largest amount of time was spent magically embossing a finely crafted leather quiver filled with masterwork elven war arrows. The quiver was enchanted with a spell that created replacement arrows as they were pulled from the quiver. The quiver was further enhanced with transmutation spells that sharpened the arrows and allowed them to erupt from the dead slain by an arrow and attack nearby enemies. The spells enchanting the quiver where minor, but together they formed a powerful combination to slay enemies. Aeron was especially pleased with his cleverness at pulling together the arcane knowledge to create this magic quiver.



The quiver magically sharpens and enchants the masterwork elven broadhead arrows that are normally stored within it. Arrows fired from the quiver do 1d10 + 1 damage ( – 10 ft to range). At the start of each round the enchantments placed upon the quiver replaces any nonmagical ammunition or shuriken (including masterwork) taken from the container the round before. The ammunition taken from the container vanishes when replaced.

If an arrow was used to kill a creature in the previous round, two duplicates erupt and launch at enemy creatures within a 30-foot radius of the corpse. You can target up to two creatures within range of the burst and must make a single attack roll and apply it to each arrow. These duplicate arrows possess all the intrinsic magical properties of the arrow that killed the original creature as well as those passed on to it by your bow. They also enjoy the full benefit of any bonuses or modifiers you applied to the attack from other magical items, feats, and class or racial features. However, the quiver cannot reproduce any spells or other limited-use magical effects that you used to enhance that particular attack. This includes such effects as the true strike spell, as well as any area spell you might have placed on the arrow.

The quiver only functions for those of elven heritage (in other words, fires normal broadhead arrows, and does not replenish them or create eruption effect).

Quiver of Never Ending Arrows

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