1. Stuff in the Treasury

A list of community property



Amount Item Location
1 Goblinskull Staff witchdocter spellbook (0-level; Penumbra, Ray of Frost…1-level; Burning Hands, Cause Fear) Aeron’s Wagon
1 Stoppered flask of ichor from pool in cave Aeron’s Wagon
1 Light Ballista (mounted) Aeron’s Wagon
2 Goblin Grenados Aeron’s Wagon
2 Quivers of (6) Druas poisoned bolts Blend
2 Bolt of fine fabric Blend’s horse
1 Flat half chest Blend’s horse
1 Mercenary short sword (well cared for w/sheath) Cragthor
2 quivers of six druas poison bolt Blend
1 + 1 MW scale mail Shylent
1 + 1 mw cold iron ghost touch longsword Frederick
1 dragon amulet (magical focus? for shadowknight) Aeron
1 Ring of Force Shield Rumil
1 Periapt of Proof against Poison Nitram
1 Ring of Protection + 2 Blend
1 Je’grubs Manual of the Planes Rumil
1 Skin Treasure Map to Twisted Jade Staff Wizards most prized possession Blend

Group Bank:

Magical Crafting Supplies

Type Value
Arcane 0 gp magical crafting material

Monetary Items

Amount Item Value
Ogre acorn gems(one blue, one clear, one orange)

Cash Flow

Starting Balance = 37,993 gp
Character or source Payment Deposit Party Balance
Blend 9,000 gp 28,993 gp
Frederick 9,000 gp 19,993 gp
City Improvements 7,000 gp 12,993 gp
Blend/Nitram/Aeron/Shylent/Cragthor/Frederick/Rumil 1,856 gp each 1 gp



1. Stuff in the Treasury

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