Swift Quiver

Leather quiver tooled with elvish and arcane runes


This finely crafted leather quiver is embossed with various arcane sigils of elvish origin. The spells enchanting the quiver where minor, but together they formed a powerful combination to slay enemies. Aeron was especially pleased with his cleverness at pulling together the arcane knowledge to create this magic quiver.

When carried by Aeron, the quiver normally contains 24 finely crafted razor sharp elvish broadhead arrows (1d10 + 1 damage, – 10 ft to range).



Once per day, you can transmute your quiver so it produces an endless supply of nonmagical ammunition, which seems to leap into your hand when you reach for it. On each of your turns until the spell ends, you can use a bonus action to make two attacks with a weapon that uses ammunition from the quiver. Each time you make such a ranged attack, your quiver magically replaces the piece of ammunition you used with a similar piece of nonmagical ammunition. Any pieces of ammunition created by this spell disintegrate when the spell ends. If the quiver leaves your possession, the spell ends.

The quiver only functions for those of elven heritage.

Swift Quiver

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