The Book of Kells

A lavishly illustrated and illuminated holy manuscript.


The Book of Kells is a large religious tome that was painstakingly handcrafted by Old Faith clerics during the time of the expansion of Wensharian Pantheism into the area.

The clerics and druids of the Old Faith had established keeps throughout the area as centers of learning and safety. At one of these keeps, along with followers of Istus , they penned a miraculous manuscript containing mainly the core canon and teachings of the Pantheon, blended with their naturalistic spiritual awareness and keen prophetic vision.

The resulting tome contains prophetic passages and timeless wisdom. It defies any scrying ability, and can only be read by those fluent in the Old Tongue, as its magic prevents any language spells from working on it.

The Book of Kells was lost after the fall of the Kingdom of Kells, resurfaced for a time during the Wensharian Empire, and then was lost again during civil war and fall of the Wensharians.




The Book of Kells

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