Traveling Journal of Pedapus

by Pedapus


The title of this brown leather book is Traveling Journal, by Pedapus. The covers are made of a soft tan leather that are kept closed by thin leather straps wrapped around the book. The pages are thick and well oiled for preservation.

Most of the journal is short paragraphs describing various terrain features in and around the Skulen Hills, Rift Canyon, and Aelvinwode Forest. The writing is faded and takes some effort to decipher.

One page is marked by a red feather quill stuck into the journal. It appears the goblin witchdocter was transcribing a section into legible notes. The section reads:

“is a small temple, built over the location of a reputed fallen star. A small cult of healers dedicated to the primal aspects of life prospered there for many years. Rumor has it the cult of Sentara grew famous, until tales of the earth caving in and swallowing up the temple spread, and visitors could no longer find the shrine…”

Concerning the Kingdom of Kell;

“Kell was a fair land, of green hills, pastures, and sheep. Its people were in tune with the land and the stars, worshiping both equally. Today it is a ruined land of hills, ravines, and scrub brush, inhabited by harpies, large lizards, and goblins. The once lovely (or so I’ve been told, obviously I’m much to young to have been there) forest glades and tranquil ponds have been taken over by shadows and thorns. A particular tough version of thorn vines can be burned, but will not catch fire, making travel hazardous.”


Traveling Journal of Pedapus

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