Cerenhity's Cobalt Dagger

weapon (melee)

A dagger created by the Alfar Magesmith Cerenhity. As long as the weapon was held, nothing could fool the bearer’s vision. The dagger also could reveal the “truth” to its wielder, a sometimes uncomfortable event.

After Verite’s twin, the sword Convertir, was destroyed the dagger gained some of its sibling’s power, in the ability to forcibly remove a curse, but grew more limited in how long it could grant true vision to its wielder.


Wondrous Item, unique legendary, attunement required.

The dagger has 3 charges. As an action, you can expend 1 charge. For the next 10 minutes, you have truesight out to 120 feet while holding the dagger. You can also expend 1 charge to cast Remove Curse_ . The dagger regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.

Truesight: This spell gives the creature holding the dagger the ability to see things as they actually are. For the duration, the
creature has truesight, notices secret doors hidden by magic, and can see into the Ethereal Plane, all out to a range of 120 feet.

Remove Curse: At your touch, all curses affecting one creature or object end. If the object is a cursed magic item, its curse remains, but the spell breaks its owner’s attunement to the object so it can be removed or discarded.


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