Campaign of the Month: July 2016

Unconquered Kingdoms

Campaign Timeline

15 Jules, 508 PE (Year of Storms), The Story Thus Far



The campaign began in the kingdom of Falconaire, in the province of Aerie and the Gloaming Hills.

It was the middle of summer, and a ranger named Nitram Tam was searching the area for clues about viscous and seemingly cult like sacrifices by ogres and their henchmen throughout the area. Rituals tied to something called blood magic.

Nitram had gathered information and decided to seek out the advice of the druids from the area of the Sacred Glen. Nitram met with Druid Jharron and recounted the rumors of ogres and goblins sneaking around the countryside in small groups as well as the ritualistic sacrifices of families and individuals. Nitram and Jharron decided to journey to Tennyson’s Tower to gain magical advice from the scholars there.

While the two woodsman discussed the issue of blood magic, a lone individual from Aerie had begun his journey to the area of Tennyson’s Tower. Blend had been sent by his guild leader to check out rumors of disruption in the local trades (import/export) by ogres. Little did the two groups know that their paths would soon cross. And other individuals would also share their fate. Blend arrived at Tennyson’s tower and made contact with his guild source and a informant from militia guards.

An apprentice from Rashemon’s Library named Aeron was tasked by his superior Sage Tantalzeer to research information on an obscure subject called blood magic. Aeron and the Sage conducted their research and came up with basic information and theories about the subject. Aeron was given the night off, and he headed into town looking to hire his own “apprentice”. Blend and Aeron met each other and their initial meeting did not go so well. Blend was hoping for information about blood magic and Aeron was looking for an apprentice. The two soon departed each other’s company.

The next morning, all the characters met up with the leadership of Tennyson’s Tower, and after discussing the information available to them, it was determined that they should strike out into the local wilderness to the southeast and investigate the ogre/blood magic activity.

And so began their first adventure…

The Story

Bloody Ogres!

Which Rats?

Dangers of the Fire Swamp

A Mighty “Ice” Fortress

Shadows of the Mercenary

Terror Before the Storm

Blood of the Throne

Realm Management

Year 508, 4th Quarter


  • Blend established Guild (0) in Capone (Toreador)
  • Nitram established Law (1) at Fort Farhills (Falconaire).
  • Aeron established Guild (0) at Fort Farhills (Falconaire)
  • Blend established Guild (0) at Fort Farhills.
  • War Event: (27 Descent) Goblins attacked Tennyson’s Tower.

Year 509, 1st Quarter

  • Blend Ruled Holding, Guild (1) in Capone (Toreador)
  • Nitram Ruled Province, (2/3)
  • Aeron Ruled Holding, Guild (1) in Farhills (all rolls successful)
  • Nitram created Roads in Farhills.
  • XXX created Trade Route (Farhills/Aelvinwode)

Year 509, 2nd Quarter




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