Campaign of the Month: July 2016

Unconquered Kingdoms

Blend's cutscenes

Some years ago, in the city/town of Aerie

The rain had stopped some time after midnight, but not soon enough to have kept Blend from getting soaked, not that he seemed to notice.

From his vantage point near the locale that the townsfolk called the docks, Blend could survey the entire area. There were seven docks sticking out into the normally shallow Blythe river. The river ran very shallow from the town of Aerie down to where it joined up with a larger river, and only small merchant vessels and flat bottomed barges could make it upstream this far.

Nitram's cutscenes

Some time ago, before the ogres overran and ruined the province of Land’s Edge

Nitram Tam, novice member of the Bordyr Guard

The patrol moved slowly through the thick brush, hampered by the vines and rocks that lay scattered among the tall trees. Gardain, leader of the three man patrol raised his hand silently, indicating a halt.

Gardain set his bow down within quick reach, and pulled aside some low lying brush. He raised his hand in signal for Mitram to come up beside him. Once Nitram reached his side, Gardain quietly whispered “Look here, the druids spoke truly, the goblin patrol our allies ambushed yesterday came this way”


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