Campaign of the Month: July 2016

Unconquered Kingdoms

Daelin's Journal

Here starts Daelin’s journal…

Initial Entry

A considerable amount has happened recently, and I feel there may be a need to record some of these events. While I was out in the wild hunting for signs of the witches coven that tore my home apart, I happened upon a group of adventurers.

Blend's Journal

Here starts Blend’s journal…

19 Jules 508 (Year of Storms)

Found what appeared to be a piece of dark red quartz about the size of a thumbnail strung on a piece of leather, at the 04 Jules ogre ritual site.

It Was Night

I always felt more comfortable at night. Don’t know why. Maybe it was because it was easier to hide away from whoever wanted to bully you that day. Maybe because it was easier to get away with things that you couldn’t during the day. Maybe it was because I always seemed a little more capable than the next guy in line trying to stomp my face in because he didn’t like the way I looked, moved a bit faster, reacted a bit quicker. Hood’s balls, it’s probably a load of dung and just my imagination.

Frederick's Cutscenes


Rumil's Cutscenes


Aeron's Cutscenes

Some days ago on the Falconaire border…

Life at Rashemon’s library (located in the area of Tennyson’s Tower) was supposed to have been exciting, with goblin battles, cavalry charges, and powerful battle magics.

Instead Aeron found himself doing the ground level research assigned by the Great Wizard (or more often one of the library custodians) and mixing components for the Tower Guard. It was a living, room, board, a stipend, he was set for life. Just not exactly what he expected.

Jharron's cutscenes

Some years ago, in a small grove, well hidden within the Gloaming Hills…

Jharron was content. His studies went well and he felt a strong connection to the hidden grove within the Gloaming Hills.

The mists and fogs of the hills surrounded Jharron with a comforting feeling as he walked about the area, surveying the wild life and plant life. He recalled the conversation he had earlier with his mentors and fellow druids of the circle. They had remarked that his connection to the land was unusually strong for someone of his youth.

Blend's cutscenes

Some years ago, in the city/town of Aerie

The rain had stopped some time after midnight, but not soon enough to have kept Blend from getting soaked, not that he seemed to notice.

From his vantage point near the locale that the townsfolk called the docks, Blend could survey the entire area. There were seven docks sticking out into the normally shallow Blythe river. The river ran very shallow from the town of Aerie down to where it joined up with a larger river, and only small merchant vessels and flat bottomed barges could make it upstream this far.


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