A Siege of Ogres part 3

Nitram took to the air to assist in the scouting. The running engineers soon vanished into the brush. Several hours passed, and both the scouts and Nitram confirmed that the body of the ogres forces were at least a day away. Nitram and Serre soon discovered a chilling fact while scouting from the air. The ogre forces were likely staged to the east of Harpy Peak, but Nitram could not confirm this theory because there were harpy patrols criss crossing the area, and he and Serre would be outnumbered should they proceed any further.

Late evening, when Nitram had returned to the keep, the last of the scouts returned, and confirmed ogre movements in the direction to the east of Harpy Peak, and numerous harpy patrols providing cover over that area.

SkidAce SkidAce April 17, 2015
28 March (Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1800 Waterday

(Army scale map coming soon)

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 17, 2015
Once the ford was secured, Aeron spoke in confidence with Frederick. “Now that the ford is secured, let us call forth the wizards from Belcadiz tower to use the Bagpipes of Building to dig out the ford and make it impassable to the goblins and ogres. In that way, no scouts will have to be left here to hold the crossing.”

xLucix xLucix April 17, 2015
“That is a fantastic idea. We should begin this at once” Frederick said

SkidAce SkidAce April 18, 2015
At Frederick and Aeron’s command, a messenger was sent to retrieve the Bagpipes of Building, and Frederick eagerly began playing. The dulcet tones of the bagpipes produced a more melodic tone than any of the people present had heard from them before. (Performance 16, for flavor)

Nearly 30 minutes had passed, and the horde of spectral and only slightly visible diggers had dug out nearly half of the ford. Frederick had reached the point were it would take more concentration and abilitiy to coax the magic to continue, and he bent his musical talents to the task. (DC 18 Performance needed, 25, success) After another half hour of furious activity, the task was complete, and the Clear Creek ford no longer existed.

SkidAce SkidAce April 18, 2015

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 19, 2015
Nitram coordinated with Severn Darkstrider, Aeron, and Rumil concerning the path of the ogres. If they were now forced to the southeast, they would enter Aelvinwode lands. While thee ranger was confident that the elves had scouts, he still felt that he needed to warn them of what might be coming their direction. He suggested dispatching some scouts to relay the warning as well as the caution of the harpy escorts. “Remind them to find some way to cover their ears to protect against the harpy’s song. They’ll need to come up with visual signals to communicate.” He also dispatched a similar message of the ogre location and harpy presence to Tennyson’s Tower.
He then proceeded to work with Gentry and Slickster to do the same with the forces at Farhills. They had a day to come up with signals using small flags.

Is E07 the tower with the portals in it? Also, are we moving units on this board?

SkidAce SkidAce April 19, 2015
(Yes, E07 is the tower. We can move units on this board if we need to, but I suspect (since you only have two units, infantry and scouts) that you will likely keep them at Farhills for defense. Also in reference to the harpy sound attack, I gave bonuses to save last time, this time we will use the 5e method, i.e. advantage, which is equivalent to a + 5)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 19, 2015
per your text Nitram coordinated with Darkstrider and Gentry to send patrols out to the north, east, and south of Farhills. D06, E07, E08, D08 pro bono He also planned on taking Serre out over the course of the day, to see if he could track the ogre army movements. HIs first stop was due east and he prepared for any harpy encounters. E07 to F07 to G08, then F08 to E08 and back

AFCop AFCop April 20, 2015
I don’t see anyway for the ogre army to approach now that the ford has been removed unless they go far north to and come from C04, between the lakes at F06 and G07, or far south at H07. They could come through the forest at E06 but it would require fording the river as well. With aerial recon, you should be able to determine the route the army is going to take and plan accordingly.

SkidAce SkidAce April 20, 2015
29 March (Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1200 Thunderday

Early the morning after the excavating of the ford and the scouting of Harpy Peak vicinity, Darkstrider established a standard patrol rotation covering the areas surrounding the keep and the eastern arc.

Nitram and Serre took to the air to do an aerial patrol.

During this time, Gentry found Aeron, Rumil, and Frederick, and briefed them on several updates he had received. Lord Tennyson had established a raven message service with Farhills, allowing for semi-rapid coordination between the two keeps. A raven had just arrived from Tennyson’s Tower, and the message attached stated that ogre and goblin forces were staging in preparation for a likely attack or siege. Tennyson’s cavalry was making sure that no ogre forces had done an end around of the keep and made it into Falconaire itself, so far.

Just before midday, Nitram and Serre returned, having scouted a circle near the ancient tower, the gap between the hills and the Aelvinwode forest, and back to the fort. It occurred to Nitram that if there were forces hidden in the forests edge, its likely he would not have seen them from the air. However, if ogre forces had actually entered the Aelvinwode, Rumil and Aeron were fairly certain that elven patrols would have sent some word.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 20, 2015
Nitram took an hour to eat and check on the status of the fort’s defenses and the reports of the scouts. He was glad there was some communication from the Tower and he sent back all the info he had on the ogre positions and strength, which wasn’t much. When Serre was ready, they headed northeast, past the lakes. G06 and back

SkidAce SkidAce April 20, 2015
Nitram and Serre flew to the north east and past the lakes, searching for signs of the ogre armies. There seemed to be nothing to see, until just as they were about to turn back, Nitram spotted several flying patrols to the southeast and south, way past the druas ruins and the lake, on the horizon. If the harpies were flying cover for the ogres, the elusive armies could be in that direction. (H06, H07, G08?)

Night was falling, and they had reached their flying limit, needing to turn around and head back to the fort. The sun was starting to set as they reached the area of the fort and landed.

29 March (Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1600 Thunderday

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 20, 2015
Nitram reported his findings to the rest of the group and the unit commanders. It seemed the ogres moved quickly around the lakes. The night watch was notified of their location and warned of the harpies. Word was sent to Tennyson’s Tower as well. He hoped they were still holding. He wondered what assistance they might receive from the elves. Surely, they were aware of what encroached upon their border. The half-elf had trouble sleeping. Every time he would try to tell himself that this was like any other battle, he was reminded that it wasn’t just his life on the line. He was the King’s representative at the Fort. The men, the people, the lands…they were his responsibility.

SkidAce SkidAce April 21, 2015
During the evening before night had totally fallen, Darkstrider approached Rumil and inquired if he should send a runner to Aelvinwode with what info they had. He felt that while he was sure the Queen knew that the ogres were on the move, she may not know the extent of the info that Farhills possessed.

Frederick had taken a turn walking the walls and the battlements of Fort Farhills. As he strolled the north wall, he gazed casually out at the little village that had sprung up outside the walls of the fort. Evening camp fires, and the “ting ting ting” of a forge could be heard from his position high upon the walls.

Bloefeld could be heard moving around the perimeter of Belcadiz tower, apparently searching for Aeron, grumbling something about wanting to “borrow” alchemist fire.

And early in the morning, just before Nitram could open his eyes naturally, a pounding and knocking on his door could be heard. A yell went up “Lord Nitram, an army approaches from the southwest!”

SkidAce SkidAce April 21, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0530 Fireday

xLucix xLucix April 21, 2015
Frederick made his to the village outside the walls of the fort.

When he arrived, he found what would be the bes place to direct his voice so that the largest number of people could hear him.

“Attention, everyone! Your attention, please! I do not know if you’ve been made aware by either those in power or the explosions or the sounds of combat, but this area has been plunged into the chaos of war. Now, while the forces of evil that myself and others are attempting to defeat lick their wounds and prepare to strike again, I would request that everyone who can make their way to the safety of the fort! Please only bring your necessities! Anyone who can not make it under their own power should be aided by those who can! Additionslly, please do not try to stay and defend your homes or your possessions; these are not worth your life!

Frederick poured every ounce of charisma and persuasion into his voice and posture as he was able. He wanted to make absolutely certain that none of these people died a pointless death.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 21, 2015
He was sure he had just closed his eyes, but the morning light told him he was wrong. “Wait! Southwest? That can’t be right,” The ranger leapt from bed and grabbed his gear as he rushed from his room. He made his way to the walls on the southwest of the fort. As he fastened his sword belt and quiver, he looked out to see what “army” had approached hopeful it was friendly – the druids perhaps, or Gracier from Capone – but prepared if it was not. A nagging thought crept into his head as he scanned, “There’s little reason for the ogres to circle all the way around from the east. The east…. Where did Aeron say he landed the Lightwind? Not important now.”

SkidAce SkidAce April 22, 2015
Frederick’s oratory was so clear and self evident that the people of the village supporting Farhills immediately took his words seriously and began evacuating to the interior of the walls. It took a good portion of the night, but before dawn the village inhabitants were safely ensconced within the fort.

From the ramparts, Nitram could see a unit of infantry, armed with shields and war picks, marching steadily towards the fort. They appeared well organized, and as they got close, Nitram could see that they wore lamellar cuirasses and red cloth skirts. They stopped about a half mile from the fort and unfurled their unit banner, plainly attempting to identify themselves.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 22, 2015
Nitram sent runners to find his companions, Lt. Gentry, and Severn before he dispatched a message to Tennyson’s Tower, letting them know about the Toreador infantry and his query as to how Toreador knew of their situation. He met the group briefly before heading out to treat with their western neighbors. “I’m not sure how Toreador knew we were under attack or why they are sending infantry. Based on the size of their unit, I don’t think they planned on attacking us, but they would likely be effective if they joined with the ogres. We have been suspicious about Toreador’s relationship with ogres and blood magic since we began this endeavor at the Tower. I will go out and see what their intentions are, but I’d appreciate some archer support on the walls and infantry near the gate, just in case.” He waited for Gentry and Severn to acknowledge him before he asked if any of the party wanted to join him in speaking with the infantry.
Once everyone was decided, he left the fort and began moving to the Toreador position, stopping about 350 feet away and waited for their leadership to meet him.

SkidAce SkidAce April 22, 2015
Gentry wasn’t sure how Toreador knew that the ogre assault was occurring either, but said that reinforcements certainly couldn’t hurt. He made sure the keep was ready and on alert per Nitram’s directions.

Farhills_Beta.pngShylent decided to ride out with Nitram, and showed up on her horse with a banner displaying the new Fort Farhills emblem.

The leader of the Toreador forces son rode out to meet Nitram, along with his banner. Once they reached apoint ten paces from Nitram and Shylent, they stooped and the leader, a burly man with a beard and a polished lamelar cuirass waved cheerfully…“Ho there fellow warrior. My name is Jonas Rolandoval, and we are here to assist you in holding the edge of the border secure from the scurrilous forces of the ogre kinds.”

Jonas_lamellar_armour.jpgJonas had a full set and skirt of lamellar armor, while the rest of the infantry had only the chest and shoulder pieces, with a red fabric skirt over their leggings and boots.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 23, 2015
Great pic!

Nitram bowed slightly at the waist and called back, “Well met, Jonas Rolandoval. I am Nitram Tam, guardian of these lands. You’re assistance is welcome.” The ranger urged his horse to close the gap and held out his hand, “Tell me, Jonas, how did you come to hear of the situation? Did Queen Melysa send you? I’ve already sent word to King Kashue thanking him for requesting Toreador’s help.”

SkidAce SkidAce April 23, 2015
Jonas quickly took Nitram’s hand and returned the handshake with a hearty grip and a smile. “I don’t have a clue” he said with a grin. “I think it unlikely that this is any formally requested assistance, and I certainly did not get any directions from her grace the queen, bless her heart. I got my orders from Comandante Elusivar, the province commander of the army. Normally we garrison and patrol between Capone and Majestrial, but he sent word to mobilize and bring my 200 personnel here to assist, for fear the grungy ogres would “shoot the gap” between Falconire’s Gloaming Hills province and the elven forest, hence coming upon the trade route and our eastern flank unopposed. " He paused and waved back at his unit proudly. “We always get the glorious assignments!”


the_app the_app April 23, 2015
Rumil considered the idea of sending a runner to the Queen and added that a trained messenger bird should be dispatched, if available, also. With roving scouts, skirmishers, and opportunists about, better to stack the odds that a message gets through. Rumil instructed the swiftest runner to deliver a message to the Queen and penned a message in Celestial as well, for the bird and the runner, should either be captured. The chief defenders of her Majesty would know the tongue.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 23, 2015
Nitram smiled back, “Wonderful. How is Capone doing these days? I was there briefly a while back to help set up the trade route. I worked with the Captain of the Guard – Gracier, I think her name was – and her second, Jo-something or other. Johan, I believe. How are they faring with the new trade route?” Nitram turned his horse around. “I’m not sure if we have the room in the walls for you, but I’ll check.”

Skid, what’s the vacancy rate at behind the walls? We have two units, plus whatever the king sent (I thought we got cavalry last provincial round, but I’ll double check)

SkidAce SkidAce April 23, 2015
“I like Capone, rowdy place. Last I heard of the trade route Gracier was keeping it safe. Knowing her, she’s likely to help keep your towns safe with all your units pulled to the east.” Jonas grinned. He followed Nitram to the fort after giving his men a wave forward. The drummer began the beat, and the infantry followed slowly towards Farhills.

After looking at the lay of the land, Jonas suggested that potentially a unit should remain outside, to harry the ogres should they attempt a siege. But that could be risky for the unit, depending on if the goblins had worg riders. “Elven archers are deadly, but you really could use some cavalry” he nodded to himself.

SkidAce SkidAce April 24, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1200 Fireday

The morning was quiet and calm, and mostly spent settling in the Toreador infantry and the village population brought in by Frederick. Hopefully, this would not be a long term thing. There was room in Belcadiz Tower to quarter the villagers, and hopefully keep them out of the area of battle, assuming the entire fort was not overrun.

Just after lunch, scouts reported the ogre forces moving into the area surrounding the keep, approaching from the southeast. (Hex E08) The scouts gathered as much information as they could before pulling back. Some brave scouts may have stayed too long, as it appeared that at least three two man teams still unaccounted for.

The information the scouts did bring back was invaluable. There were at least two units of worg riders, and these wolves and goblins did not look as skinny and feeble as the ones fought at the ford. There were at least two goblin infantry units, and a squad or two of engineers. And at least one unit composed of ogre warriors. Several battle banners denoted various ogre clans, and there may have been a shaman or magi in amongst the forces. And the harpies.

There were signs of pre-built siege engines being put together. “Many brave scouts died to bring us this information” Jagged Leafrunner told the war council.

AFCop AFCop April 24, 2015
It’s a shame there wasn’t an opportunity to harry the force as the approached. If you remember, I posted that the ogres were likely coming from that direction. Coordination with the elves to skirmish as the moved along their borders and even smaller scale engagements in the forest at F07 could have been beneficial to the defenders. At least, tactically, that’s what I would have done.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 24, 2015
whispers from a dead man

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 24, 2015
Upon hearing Jagged Leafrunner’s report, he immediately sent a raven to Tennyson’s Tower requesting cavalry support and any other reinforcements they could spare.

xLucix xLucix April 25, 2015
Frederick, having temporarily gotten lost on the way back, made his way back to Sgt Slickster. Not that he was really necessary in order for anything to proceed, but he wanted to be able to provide any assistance he could

SkidAce SkidAce April 25, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1400 Fireday

All signs pointed to the ogres and their allies attacking as the sun began to go down. Or worse, after darkness had set. The edge of the forest and the scrub brush in which they had set up several camps, were only three miles away. Even an ogre army could cross that distance in a little under two hours. Several harpy flights had been seen circling the fort, carefully staying out of bow range.

Slickster remarked to Frederick as they stood upon the ramparts, “You have any way to outsing those filthy winged hags, so as to protect us from their lure?”

SkidAce SkidAce April 25, 2015
One of the scouts relayed to Nitram via Leafrunner that they “had seen the banners of Arsinec the Drummer (a old, yet wily goblin that had fought tin the goblin wars) and the ogre known as Trogdor, the Burninator”.

the_app the_app April 25, 2015
Rumil was disturbed the news of these winged creatures joining the attack. He was not yet strong enough to call on his blood the way his brother defenders could – to fly like the celestials, who came to his people at Corellon’s bidding, mixing their blood with ours.

He then thought to the nearby flying vessel. These filthy creatures could fly, so why not even the odds. Nitram has his mount and companion – but the elven archers would be even deadlier from above – to harpy, goblin, and ogre alike. He was not certaiin if they could resist the “lure” of the harpies – but it may be their only hope.

Not wanting to reveal the ship outside of the group, Rumil approached Aeron, hoping he would be the voice that could either carry the idea for inclusion or stamp it out before it caught the wind and set sail. The ship was a great treasure – to be sure – but this was a great threat to the goodly people. Dead men cannot fly.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 27, 2015
Aeron spoke with Rumil. “Prince Kristos X’avier gave us three of the famous polybolos repeating ballistae and there were also three heavy catapults? that where under construction here at Farhills last year…we might want to check on those. If any of those are functional, they should start barraging the forest edge to thin the ogre hord.”

SkidAce SkidAce April 27, 2015
(Three polybolos ballistae were delivered to the ship. Since we knew there was a war coming, you can assume they were moved to the fort if you like before the ogres reached the forest. Let me know. Or they can be on the ship. Either way I will post stats for them. I dont remember catapults but I will research those also)

the_app the_app April 28, 2015
Rumil agreed with Aeron’s assessment and asked the best way ahead – fire from above or fire from the walls. He felt comfortable either way, as while he has never faced a Harpy, he knew some of their tactics and was sure he and is scouts would get this through this…

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 01, 2015
Aeron was interested in Rumil’s plan to retrieve the ship (and the repeating ballistas) but even if they could reach the ship through the solidifying ogre battlelines, the swarm of harpies would devour anyone on deck before it made it back to Farhills.
It would take a strong contingent to make this plan work. We would need the engineers to install and operate the siege engines and the elven archers to keep the harpies at bay in the air.
That is quite a large percentage of the defense force to divide out for even the three hours it would take to retrieve the ship. If we go the decision of the Farhills leadership should be unanimous. Aeron waited for the vote from the rest of the fort’s leadership to see if the necessary troops where released to depart.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 02, 2015
Nitram liked the idea of bringing the ship back to Farhills, but was a little unclear of the elves’ intentions. “Aeron, Rumil, do you want to bring the ship back to the fort or are you planning on attacking the ogre lines from the air as soon as you get the ship?” The ranger gave them a moment to think about it. “I think you should take some scouts – Serre and I can provide a distraction and hopefully draw the harpy patrols away – and get the ship back here as quickly as possible. Then, we can use the safety of the walls to decide what to do with the ballista and can offload the constructs to defend the fort. If we want to attack the ogre encampments from the air, we can do that once the engineers have a go. That also reduces the number of defenders outside the walls and vulnerable.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 03, 2015
Aeron replied to Lord Nitram, *{color:green}"In our haste to return to defend Farhills we left the three ballistas on the Lightwind. We should take 2 stands of elven archers (all we can fit on the top deck) to defend the ship from the harpies and 1 stand of engineers to operate the ballistas from the ship to attack the ogres (ie have the engineers mount the ballistas on 180 degree mounts. 1 on port side, 1 on starboard side and one on the bow….that way all 3 can fire on something we are heading straight for).

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 03, 2015
Nitram responded to the elf’s suggestion, “How long will it take ten engineers to mount three ballista on rotating bases? Are they bringing the material with them? Can they even secure anything to the deck given the material that the deck is made of?” He seemed to trail off as he began thinking out loud, “It’s going to be difficult enough trying to get to the ship unnoticed without trying to bring three rotating ballista mounts – or parts – with them. Human engineers are not that discreet of travelers anyway. Discretion is necessary to get the ship. Only ten engineers…that will take a while to secure the mounts then actually mount all three ballista. Time is crucial. The longer they are there and on the ground, the greater chance of discovery.” He paused as he noticed everyone staring at him. “My apologies. I think it’s best to keep this an elven affair for now. Take the twenty scouts for defense. The engineers will only slow you down and make your travel more obvious to the enemy. Bring the Lightwind to the fort where the engineers will be ready and waiting to create the ballista mounts. We can offload the unit of constructs to aid in defending the fort. Then we can attack the ogres as they mass their forces for an assault.” He looked from Rumil to Aeron and continued, “It’ll likely be dark before the Lightwind is ready. The engineers should also work on some flares to help them aim tonight. We can discuss tactics when you return as your altitude and subsequent visual distance will be critical to both success in attacking as well as preventing any effective counter-fire from the ground. Serre and I will provide a distraction once you are on your way – hopefully, it’ll draw some harpy scouts away. We’ll see if we can take any out. What do you think?”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 03, 2015
Aeron replied to Lord Nitram, “I am assuming the ballistas come mounted on rotating bases, similar to the ones we encountered on the goblin ballistas. If not ), we will mount them all on the starboard side of the ship and use the Lightwind’s maneuverability to aim them at the ogre formations. I agree the engineer aiming will be greatly affected once darkness falls, so we should leave at once to secure the ship and not waste time trying to return them to the fort for installation. Additionally, If Farhills falls we may be able to keep the ship and ballistas from falling into the wrong hands.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 03, 2015
If we can’t spare the engineers from the fort defenses, can we use the on board golems to install and man the ballistas?

SkidAce SkidAce May 03, 2015
(From your interactions with the golems, you feel confident they could lash down a ballista if directed too, but then you could lash it down yourself. Man and fire the ballista? Easy peasy. Their leader is the only one that could be considered intelligent though. They mainly just patrol, guard, and fight.)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 04, 2015
Nitram grimaced at the thought and replied, “I don’t plan to be around to worry about events if Farhills falls. That will not happen.”

Just so I’m clear. If Aeron and Rumil and 20 or so elven scouts can get to the ship and take off, they will be able to utilize the ballista soon thereafter. Right?

SkidAce SkidAce May 04, 2015

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ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 04, 2015
Having worked out the details with the fort, Aeron and Rumil stealthily departed Farhills with 20 Aelvinwode archers and a few cases of colored Alchemist fire from Belcadiz tower tower to mark formations once night fell. The People skulked through the high grasses and then disappeared like shadows into the edge of the forest along the route that Lord Nitram had suggested to maximize their chances of making it to the Lightwind without being spotted.

xLucix xLucix May 04, 2015
Frederick prepared off-screen for combat with the harpies. This preperation required silence, since any vocalizations would nullify his abilities. Once this was done, he made his way towards whatever troop would be engaging the harpies.

SkidAce SkidAce May 04, 2015
(Movement while stealthy is an average of 2 miles per hour, or 6 small hexes per hour, making it likely to be around two hours to get to the Lioszephyr)

Lt Gentry and Jonas coordinated some troop movements in and around the exterior of the keep, giving Aeron, Rumil, and the scouts the opportunity to slip away into the grasses and brush. Nitram and Serre launching into the air and heading towards the ogre encampment clinched the deal, the scout team was unobserved as they made their initial departure.

Nitram and Serre, however, were not “unobserved” and in fact, as they left longbow range of the fort, at least two harpy patrols of three harpies each, veered in their course and began to shadow the duo.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1415 Fireday

SkidAce SkidAce May 04, 2015

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 04, 2015
Any harpies within Nitram’s longbow range? He’s traveling due east trying to draw harpy patrols from the south

SkidAce SkidAce May 05, 2015
When Nitram and Serre flew towards the east, (R14) the two harpy patrols veered eastward to follow the griffon and rider. The harpies remained at a distance, following a vector that slowly allowed them to intersect Serre’s path as he flew eastward. By changing their patrol route to follow the pair, Nitram’s plan of pulling the harpies away from the course of the scouts seemed successful.

It did appear to Nitram that the harpies would be within bow shot range if they continued to angle towards him as he flew eastward. (around S14/S15)

SkidAce SkidAce May 05, 2015
The scouts used their natural ability and the distraction provided by Nitram and Serre to maneuver through the brush and grass. (Stealth 24) The soon lost sight of the valorous but potentially foolish ranger and his mount. Above them however they saw a harpy patrol veer off to the north/northeast, presumably chasing after Nitram and Serre.

Travel was unimpeded, but slow, in order to remain unnoticed. After 20 minutes, the scout group started to thread through the grass an brush between the hills to the south, and the denser scrub to the north. Several scouts reported seeing the foot prints of goblins, apparently traveling in groups of one or two.

(Group has made it to T15)

SkidAce SkidAce May 05, 2015

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 05, 2015
Nitram continued east, waiting for the harpies to get within range. He continued to encourage Serre through their bond. He hoped the cloth and cotton that he used to plug their ears would work as well as it did in his last encounter with harpies.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 05, 2015
Aeron and Rumil signaled the archers to knock arrows and take cover in the edge of the forest as the harpy scouts prepared to overly their position. I hope Lord Nitram and Serre’s flight toward the ogre encampment is a strong enough distraction for the harpies.

SkidAce SkidAce May 05, 2015
Nitram and the harpies began to converge in the same area as the brave brave Sir Robin Nitram continued his way east. (south half S14)

The harpies approaching from the northeast had strayed into longbow range, and appeared determined to confront Nitram directly, while those approaching from the southeast attempted to flank the griffon and its rider.

SkidAce SkidAce May 05, 2015
The harpies flew low over the terrain, but did not notice the hidden strike force of scouts and elves. The scouts and elves continued their journey towards the hiding place of the Lioszephyr.

They traveled stealthily (Stealth 15) but felt more exposed than they had before. They had made it past the hills to their right and onto the grassy brushland (V16) when one of the scouts reported seeing a full unit of goblins heading northwest, several hundred yards to their flank.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1455 Fireday

the_app the_app May 06, 2015
Rumil was certainly amazed at Nitram’s decision, thinking to himself “Must be his human blood.” As the group of elves continued towards the vessel, he was glad that Aeron was back to his old tactical ways. The wizard, who seems to have shifted focuses, appeared to have lost his way for a bit – but was back to the brilliant mind that so many knew.

Rumil continued to move with the scouts, mimicking movement, speed, and technique. They were trained at the art of stealth, while he was trained to draw attention and defend a position until death.

When the party noted some goblins, Rumil offered to causes distractions as the party continued. With a bit of simple magic, he could summon a breeze, cause a fire to flare up, or a large boom off in the distance. The minds of goblins were simple enough to fool – so long as the movement of the elves continued so effortlessly through their natural terrain.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 06, 2015
Nitram urged Serre towards the harpies to the northeast and began firing arrows at them. Not sure of the exact range right now – assuming between 150’ – 600’? What was the penalty for mounted ranged attacks? He’s using horde breaker – assuming the harpies are within 5’ of each other, for a bonus attack. Once he’s within 90’ he’ll use hunter’s mark to mark the weakest one and try to kill it first.

SkidAce SkidAce May 07, 2015
Rumil was told by the scout leaders that the unit of goblins had not appeared to notice the scouts at this point, so no distractions were needed. The goblin formation had many squads and appeared to number at least one hundred goblins. The goblins were armed with scimitars and shortbows, and wore leather armor with shields. There was one beefy (for a goblin) looking goblin riding a single worg.

There were no other sign of enemy patrols or harpies overhead as the scout group continued on their course. As they moved forward (X17) though, with the edge of the forest only 2/3rds of a mile away, there began to be signs that the goblins may have taken up positions near their advance. (goblins at Y17?)

Several of the scout leaders conferred with Aeron and Rumil, telling them that they might want to circle southward and then southeast towards the ship’s location. That would take longer, but would likely be safer from enemy observation. (each hex takes ten minutes)

The scout leaders waited for the elves decision.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1515 Fireday

SkidAce SkidAce May 07, 2015
(Range 350 and closing with group A. Serre has twice the speed of a harpy, so can force the battle should you choose. Harpies are NOT flying within five feet of each other, 3 harpies per group, free shot)

The first group of harpies (A) began flying directly at Serre and Nitram, as if unaware of the threat Nitram’s bow had on their assault. The hot muggy air began churn, as if building to a spring storm as the two groups began to close with each other, with small puffy clouds looming over the flying adversaries.

The second group of harpies to Nitram’s flank began to climb, as if hoping to get a height advantage on the duo.

Soon enough, the oblivious lead harpy (A1) was within Nitram’s range. Letting loose an arrow, Nitram watched as it flew and hit the harpy in one of its wing tendons, causing it to momentarily falter, before pressing towards the ranger and his companion. (Att 27, 13 damage)


SkidAce SkidAce May 07, 2015

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 07, 2015
Aeron was not sure circling south would improve their odds as it would take longer and expose them to more observations. It may be best to slowly move through the savanna along their current route.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 07, 2015
The elf felt a strange sensation telling him, “Listen to the experts….”

SkidAce SkidAce May 08, 2015
Almost casually, almost as an after thought, Nitram loosed a second arrow, and watched it hit the oncoming harpy in the chest. (Att 16, damage 6)

SkidAce SkidAce May 11, 2015
After hearing Aeron’s advice/direction, and considering the benefit of making it to the forest’s edge, where cover would be more prevalent, the scout leaders concurred and prepared the group to move past the suspected goblin position nearly a li away (1/3 of a mile).

As the group moved from their momentary rally point and resumed their journey towards the forest edge, it became apparent to the keen eyed and the flanking scouts that the goblin had indeed set up positions in the patch of brush, and had observation posts facing northwest, southwest, and south. The northwestern post was the farthest away, and they had safely made it past its field of view. They were directly in the view area of the southwestern post, and had yet to traverse the area guarded by the southern post. However, there was brush and areas to hopefully maneuver concealed from view. It would likely depend on how observant and active the goblins were in performing their task. (Two stealth checks)

The group slowly and carefully moved across the field of view of the first observation post. (Stealth 6) There was no apparent reaction from the goblin post, although one very observant scout though he had seen a worg rider depart the area of brush and head towards the northeast. Continuing carefully through the area, the group moved through and out of the area of the southern observation post (Stealth 13), and made it into the edge of the forest, hopefully unseen.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1545 Fireday

(RP and actions upon entering forest?)

SkidAce SkidAce May 11, 2015
(Range 230, and closing with group A. Harpies won init (16) versus Nitram/Serre (15))

The three harpies approaching Nitram and Serre began to sing and croon a most enchanting tune, an entrancing and beautiful melody completely at odd with their vile and disgusting appearance. The harpies each focused their charm magic in turn upon Nitram, hoping to put him under their thrall.

(Advantage versus Song due to wax and cloth in ears, and Fey Ancestry. DC 11 Wis Save or better. Versus A: 13, 7, success. B: 19, 12, success. C: 9, 11, success)

For a moment, Nitram felt the urge to throw down his weapons and follow the wonderful song coming from the trialing harpy, but then he realized it was part of their foul enchantment and shook it off. He prepared himself to re-engage the creatures.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1430 Fireday

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 11, 2015
Unsure of the harpies’ singing range, Nitram urges Serre to focus on the harpies in front of them, “Let’s stay away from the ones behind us until we’ve dealt with these in front.” The ranger fired at the wounded harpy again.

Not that it matters, but they’ll close to 150’ (Serre flies 80’/round right?) and focus on finishing the wounded harpy. Since they have a mobility advantage, Nitram will encourage Serre to stay at least 300’ away from the harpies trying to flank them, while remaining within bowshot of the first three. We’re not sure how close they have to be to sing – it seems to be between 320’ and 230’. If they’re able to stay out of audio range but within bowshot, let me know how many arrows and how long it take to take them all down. Then, I’ll provide more RPing.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 12, 2015
Aeron was relieved to have made it to the forest, but they where far from home free. Aeron spoke quickly with Rumil. “Ready the ship for departure. I’ll work with the golems to start installing the ballistas. Before we break tree cover, make sure everyone has put sealing wax in there ears. Instruct the archers to fire at will at the harpies once they are in range or the goblins if no other targets present themselves.”

SkidAce SkidAce May 12, 2015
As Serre moved to close with the harpies, Nitram fired his bow twice, again aiming at the lead harpy. Those two arrows proved to be the death of the creature, as they lodged deep within its chest, causing it to go limp and plummet earthward. (total damage 38, so harpies have at least that much hp)

Focused on downing the already wounded harpy, Nitram had not realized how close the other two harpies had approached with their furious determination. (range 110) It soon became apparent however, when the harpies used their massively muscled legs to each fling a javelin from long range at Nitram and Serre. One javelin flew wide, but before Nitram or Serre could react, the other javelin scored a line of blood across Serre’s flank. (Att w/disad 22, 12, hit, damage 5)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 12, 2015
Nitram pointed Serre across the nearest harpy’s path. As they came within 90’, the ranger marked the harpy as his quarry and fired two more arrows at it as they extended their range.

Skid, I’ll let you do the math, but I just want them to get within range to cast hunter’s mark and then continue to extend their range.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 12, 2015
Mounted combatant: Nitram can “force an attack targeted at [his] mount to target [him] instead”. Since I hadn’t specified that earlier, I’ll do it now. All attacks to Nitram.

SkidAce SkidAce May 12, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1545 Fireday

The crew hired by Blend leapt to the deck of the Lioszephyr and began refitting the sails and rigging. Ishmael said they could be ready in 10 to 20 minutes, as there was brush to be cleared and sails to be unfurled and restrung.

Aeron oversaw the installation of the ballistas. The ballistas had come with semi swivel mounts, much like the goblin mechanism he was familiar with. There was not enough time to come up with permanent mounting to the deck, but using the railing and several rope tiedowns should work. The question was how long to take overseeing the process, the golems could do the bulk of the work, but needed Aeron’s engineering expertise to ensure the weapons would remain secured to the deck. The lead golem, Nota, helped Aeron direct the three lesser golems in the effort.

(DC 20 Engineering (Int) check per ballista, reduce DC by 1 per minute spent on directing the emplacement, so basically tell me how long you would like to take per ballista. Also, make a reasonable estimate of how much ammunition you think you would have per ballista.)

The scouts also mounted the ship and began clearing debris, marveling at the discovery of a ship settled down in the center of the forest’s edge. One scout, a lady named Carleonha, remarked to Rumil “Comment devrions-nous nous comporter, en face d’une telle merveille?”

AFCop AFCop May 13, 2015
So Serre only has an AC of 12? Weak!!!

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 13, 2015
I was wondering that myself. But, I think those are the two attacks from the harpies after the disadvantage occurred.

AFCop AFCop May 13, 2015
I thought about that too and it makes more sense…

the_app the_app May 13, 2015
Rumil was certainly glad to hear that he was not the only one impressed by the sight of a ship in the middle of the forest. If she was impressed now, wait until the beast took to the skies.

He simply turned to her and nodded. Now was not the time for wonderment, but for action. He did as was asked of him – moving about the ship, positioning the scouts to gain the most advantage from their training. Those with the best aim were stationed at the front and rear. The rest would act as support and cover fire.

He then proceeded to provide wax to his kin and the human crew. While elves were not known to fall to the song of the harpies – he surely didn’t want to make it easy. He also instructed each to tie themselves off when possible. Like a ship on water, a sudden turn or jolt could send you over the side…but unlike most ships, the splash would not be so clean.

The rest would be up to the expert crew and helmsman. He knew this would be risky, but the advantage was to those with the higher ground….in theory.

SkidAce SkidAce May 13, 2015
Serre and Nitram continued to close with the remaining two harpies, and once they reached optimal range they began to curve away. Nitram marked his deadly aim upon the (now) lead harpy (B) as the remaining pair continued to swoop forward, and released two arrows in swift succession as Serre began to turn away. Both arrows careened into the flank of the creature and impaled themselves deep within her torso. (24 damage) The pair continued their arc away from the approaching harpies.

The harpies took advantage of Serre’s arching turn to close what distance they could before he pulled away from them. Their lives were on the line after all…

(range 50, but Serre has completed his turn and can pull away next action)

The harpies flung their remaining javelins directly at Nitram, hoping to impale him from behind, but both weapons were defeated by the distance and difficulty of aim. (still at disdavantage range)

xLucix xLucix May 13, 2015
Go Nitram!*
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mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 14, 2015
If anyone were around, they might have heard the ranger mumble, “par le pouvoir du crâne gris de Rillifane, je te marquer la mort”

Thanks for the encouragement. Death to all harpies! Next stop, Harpy’s Peak :) Now I just need Aeron’s neverending quiver of exploding arrows – that would be awesome.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 14, 2015
Nitram fired two more arrows at the approaching harpies, focusing on the wounded one. As it fell, he led Serre into melee with the final harpy of the group.
If/when the wounded harpy dies, Nitram transfers the hunter’s mark to the final harpy in that group and attacks it (if he still has an attack left this round). When the wounded harpy falls – and after Nitram has fired both arrows – Serre moves to engage the final harpy with beak and claws. After melee attack, they will continue flying past the harpy, putting it between them and the other group of three. All attacks (including AOO) will be on Nitram.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 14, 2015
Just so I’m on the same page with the timing – everyone left the fort around 1415. Nitram has been flying/fighting for about 15-20 minutes (last time hack was 1430) while the ground party have been going for about and hour and a half. So, I’m doubtful that the fleeing harpies will run into a flying ship. Nitram will pursue (to distract from their “patrolling” mission and try to force them to the northeast quadrant to ensure they don’t interfere with the others. Let me know what time the “battle” for air supremacy is over and I’ll make a RPing decision on where Nitram and Serre go.

SkidAce SkidAce May 14, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1440 Fireday

Nitram’s skill with the bow, and Serre’s air speed superiority soon made short work of the remaining two harpies in the initial group. As Nitram surveyed the area and the terrain that they overflew, it became apparent the the other group of harpies had quickly dashed to the east/southeast, and flown low into the scrub brush (U16) to take cover and hide. Nitram followed a short distance into that area, but saw no other airborne creatures in the sky, which was continuing to get more humid and cloudier by the minute.

SkidAce SkidAce May 14, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1550 Fireday

Carleonha returned Rumil’s nod and briskly set about her business of both clearing the ship for battle, and ensuring she and the other scout archers in her area were prepared. It was apparent to Rumil that while many of the scouts were well and truly amazed, the bulk of them had determined what was about to happen, and were rapidly procuring short lengths of rope and vines to make belts and tie downs. A few made the gesture of the wide open palm, symbolizing the spirit of the World Tree and Gaia, reassuring each other that this too, like all things, would pass.

A Siege of Ogres part 3

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