A Siege of Ogres part 4

SkidAce SkidAce May 14, 2015

SkidAce SkidAce May 14, 2015
While waiting and preparing back at the fort, Frederick was amazed to see and hear many of the leaders and managers of the fort were approaching him with updates on the progress of their actions. None of them really asked him for permission to do anything, but seemed to feel that he was the one they should tell when tasks were completed.

Sgt Slickster, by now a familiar face to Frederick, reported that they had just received the last of the news from the scouts that had made it back to the fort. Seems that a semi-famous ogre warlord was with the Trogdor clan, a vile being known as Mal’char the half blood. Turns out that Mal’char was a semi important figure in the Kelvein Blood clan. What this meant was anyone’s guess.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 14, 2015
Nitram gave up his search, glad he had grounded their patrol. He urged Serre to climb as they headed south. He remembered Rumil and Aeron showing him the general area of the Lightwind’s location: due east from the southern edge of the wasteland. He planned to follow that exact same route, hoping the elves made it to the ship. south to U19, east to Z18. With any luck, he’ll see them enroute or meet them at the ship. Otherwise, he’ll begin searching the area for the ship.

I think each hex is 1/3 mile. I’m counting 9 hex diameters to get to the middle of Z18. So, 3 miles. I think we can fly 8 mph(?), so it should take about 25 minutes or so, getting them there about 1505. And now he’s early. Not sure how you want to run this – they can fly slower, since they’re concerned about being attacked. They are more cautious.

SkidAce SkidAce May 15, 2015
(Fly slower i.e. patrolling, and they are stealthy so you wont find them until I determine times match, also waiting to see how long Aeron is spending to oversee installation of ballistas, and a rough estimate of how many bolts they think they should have.)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 15, 2015
sounds good. I can kill some harpies while we wait :)

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 16, 2015
Aeron directed each of the ballistas installations by the mechanical golems for about half an hour (10 min each ballista…2xpof bonus = + 6, int bonus + 4…=+ 10 bonus + 10 min bonus = 20 target…auto success). There was a large bolt case for each ballistas of 10 quarrels…hopefully that would be enough to turn back the ogre hord.

SkidAce SkidAce May 16, 2015
(not clear on why you added 2x prof bonus, but that only changes things by 3, still successes.)

Aeron knew with certainty that the installation of the ballistas was a superior job, accomplished in spite of the fact that the lesser golems were slightly…dense? It was still a temporary rigging, but he knew that with time and equipment, it would be a trivial matter to emplace properly. For now, they would function flawlessly, and it had only taken a half hour of repeating basic engineering principles to the constructs.

He did get the impression that it would likely be more advantages to any upcoming battles, to have one of the scouts, or Rumil or himself, manning the ballistas.

Aeron looked around and discovered that between Rumil, the scouts, and the crew, the ship was clear and set for take off whenever they wished. Pyramid power would be needed for ascension, but once aloft, there was enough breeze to fly any direction they liked, “except due west and directly into the wind” Ishamel clarified.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1620 Fireday

SkidAce SkidAce May 16, 2015
Nitram flew and searched for about an hour, but somehow hadn’t found the stealth party yet, Nor was the ship visible from the air.

The humidity continued to climb, and small puffy clouds began to form across the area. The kind of clouds that sometimes develop into storms and rain, but so far it had remained partly sunny.

During Nitram’s flight, without any distractions from harpy patrols, he had been able to determine that there was a goblin unit heading northeast towards Fort Farhills. (W16) And as he overflew the land towards where he thought the Lioszephyr was, he noticed that there were goblin scouts built up into a little camp in a clump of trees (X17), with worg riders on patrol back and forth from the bulk of the ogre forces, which appeared to be just north of the Aelvinwode, in the scrub brush and cover. (Z15, AA16)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 17, 2015
Let’s see if we can get some of those goblins out in the open, the ranger thought to himself and began raining arrows on the unit of goblins moving toward the fort. He’ll start from about 150’ and see how many he can hit and what their response is.

SkidAce SkidAce May 18, 2015
(assuming X17)

Nitram and Serre swooped down over the suddenly panicked goblins and began their aerial based barrage. Things went well at first, many goblins had cover from the trees, but several did not. (Att 28, 27, 21, 30c, damage 10, 7, 10, 12)

Four goblins died while running to cover. However, as indicated by the elven scouts, the goblins were armed with short bows, and many of them began to return fire.

(Don’t see how mounted feat will help when you are riding Serre and they are firing from below. However, I will still give you some benefit for it. You will attract 2/3s of all the arrows)

The whistling of near miss arrows served to alert Nitram to a potential problem, i.e. there were a lot of goblins with bows. Before he could react, a least a dozen goblins fired upon the duo, and more could be seen gathering their weapons.

(goblins have disadvantage for range, but I am only going to type final result. Att Nitram, 6 arrows, 19 hit, damage 4, Att Serre, 3 arrows, 13, 12 hit, damage 6)

One arrow sliced across Nitrtam’s leg, tearing a stinging gash in his armor, while Serre was grazed by at least two arrows. The bulk of the goblins appeared to be straight ahead, while there were lesser foes to either side.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 18, 2015
You know what happens when you assume…I tried to be clear in the rp write-up, but obviously failed. I meant the treeless hex W16 because I didn’t want them to take cover in the trees. I’m going to continue writing as if I was still attacking W16.

And that’s what I get for not researching the range of a shortbow
Nitram and Serre climbed up to an altitude that Nitram believed was sufficient to remain out of the shortbow range (approximately 350’) and continued to rain arrows from his advantageous position. He also took a moment to ask his sprite to help the griffon. “Ma peu d’aide, s’il vous plaît voulez-vous aider mon ami, Serre.” Healing word on Serre

Maybe we should come up with our own flying mounted combat feat

SkidAce SkidAce May 19, 2015
Multiple arrows flew our from behind rocks and small clumps of brush as Serre and Nitram climbed, dashing out of range as fast as they could. (20 arrows at Nitram, 4 hit, 1 crit. Damage total 25) The arrows were mainly grazing hits, except for one arrow that caught Nitram in the forearm, punching though the muscle and exposing the crude arrowhead on the other side of his arm.

Once out of range, Nitram returned fire, slaying at least 10 of the bolder goblins, before he ran out of targets, and wisely saved his arrows. The few that had tried to hit him from the ground at this point had seen their arrows lose momentum and go astray, and now they were dead.


SkidAce SkidAce May 19, 2015
One of the scouts approached Rumil and Aeron with a concern. It seemed that he was the scout that had seen the worg rider riding off to the northeast as they had entered the forest. While he was fairly sure that the ogre encampment would not have had enough time to muster a squad or unit of regular infantry to follow and track them to this location, he was very worried that worg riders, with their incredible speed, could be traversing the intervening terrain and headed their way.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 19, 2015
“That should slow them down a little…or at least make them move more cautiously,” Nitram thought as he continued southeast. Beginning at 350’ above the ground, he began to fire arrows at any targets of the goblin scouts. Y17 He kept an eye out for any higher priority worg riders to target first.

SkidAce SkidAce May 20, 2015
(If no inputs, I will put the _Lioszephyr into the air after work tonight. One thought, if you went back to the fort, it would be easier to have all the players in one place. (Frederick, the Toreador commander James is running, etc…If you want to strafe something, of course its your option, but we will likely use mass combat rules with solos for that. I.e. the ship will be a solo with 3 ballista attacks, you have two squads of scouts on board etc.)

xLucix xLucix May 20, 2015
“What that means, Sergeant, is that in addition to the typical horrors of multi-species war, we’re now inevitably going to have to contend with blood magic and the weaponized perversion of the natural world. Do we know the activities of this partoicular clan? Moreso, do we have the ability to take them out quickly, should the need arise? I would prefer a war without blood magic or its ilk for as long as we are able to maintain it.”

the_app the_app May 20, 2015
Rumil listened to the scout, and after taking a few moments, indicated that they must get airborne as soon as possible. While these creatures were simpleminded by most standards, they had a way of distracting their targets from the truth – and in this case, the truth was that this elven party had a goal…to get this war ship back to the fort to help protect it from the main war party. Worgs could not attack what wasn’t there. To be safe, however, Rumil directed some of the scouts to take up position around the deck until lift off.

Once Aeron was ready, Rumil suggested he take the helm, allowing Rumill to concentrate fire and possibly magic on anything capable of climbing as high as the ship. Delaying for smaller targets would only endanger the main group. His scouts would protect the vessel long enough for Aeron and his constructs to fire the massive bolts down from the heavens, unto the heads of the beasts that dared to attack the goodly folks below.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 20, 2015
Aeron nodded in agreement with Rumil’s plan. He inserted the crystal pyramid into the control column and adjusted the level slowly to raise the ship from the forest edge calling to the crew, “Ishmael set the sails. We travel west north west to Farhills.”

SkidAce SkidAce May 20, 2015
Aeron took the magical helm, and soon lifted the Lioszephyr into the air, a mere hundred feet above the canopy of the trees. The wind was fair to travel, as Ishmael and the “seafaring” crew had anticipated and laid the sail accordingly.

The scouts around the railing were strapped tight with ropes and vines, and were prepared to defend the ship in all directions. The lesser golems were prepared to follow either of Aeron’s or Rumil’s direction, and the lead golem, Nota, was watching in case of trouble.

Several of the scouts hailed Aeron and pointed to the northeast, where the form of Serre and Nitram could be seen turning towards the ship from about 2/3rds of a mile away. Behind Nitram and spreading across the sky were large puffy clouds, the kind that boil up unexpectedly during the spring, storm for an hour or two, and then fade away.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1620 Fireday

SkidAce SkidAce May 21, 2015
Ishmael heard the call for sailing from Aeron and waved the other crew into action. A slight trimming of the sails was required to tack the required direction, but the skilled crew soon had the adjustments made.

As the ship rose further into the air and headed towards the fort, it met up with Nitram and Serre. The course called out by Aeron avoided flying directly over the known goblin encampments, but the little figures could be seen scurrying and pointing in the distance.

After about an hour of travel, the Lioszephyr was circling over Fort Farhills, with an obvious and expedient landing site situated next to Belcadiz Tower, so prudently built by Aeron so many weeks ago.

A few of the inhabitants of the fort were unsure of the provenance of this flying ship that appeared as spring storms were building, and had begun preparing to defend the fort.

30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1730 Fireday

xLucix xLucix May 21, 2015
“It’s alright, everyone. This ship and it’s occupants are on our side. Frederick let his voice roll out over the fort, imbued with peaceful calm. He noted to himself that his abilities seemed to be increasing as of late, and would have to both test them out later and keep a tight leash on them. He would not want to become a manipulative kind of individual, unless necessary.

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mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 21, 2015
Nitram and Serre flew ahead of the airship in order to ensure the fort’s defenders were aware of the ship’s intentions.

SkidAce SkidAce May 22, 2015
Frederick’s oratory had calmed the majority of the populace, and the arrival of Lord Nitram further reduced any tension. The inhabitants of the fort actually began to cheer and gasp at the fantastical image of the flying ship coming in to dock, preceded by a fly by from a war griffon and rider.

(golem unit unloaded prior to landing, remember only three can get out without opening the dispersal bay, which can only be done while flying)

Jonas Rolandoval was giddy with excitement, and turned to his troops with an exclamation *{color:green}"Did I not tell you there would be glory and legends to be made? We always get the best missions!" he said smugly. Most of his troops were in fact excited by his speech, although a few of their old timers may have rolled their eyes at the last bit.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 22, 2015
Nitram found Sgt Slickster as the golems were off-loading and gestured to them, “Sergeant, please find a place for the construct unit to stay out of the way. We’ll need them in the upcoming fight, but I’d prefer to keep the townspeople away from them as much as possible right now.” Seeing that Slickster understood, the ranger waited for Rumil to disembark, commenting under his breath, “I’m not sure which is more fascinating for the locals – the flying ship or the unit of constructs coming out of it.”
While he waited, Nitram broke the arrow sticking through his arm and bandaged it up. Once the ship was docked and the party began returning to the solid footing of the fort’s stone floor, Nitram singled out Rumil, and showed him his arm. “One of the goblins got lucky with his shortbow. Can you help me out with some healing?”

depending on how much rumil can heal him, nitram will also use his CLW to get close to full strength.

Nitram sent word to the rest of the party and the other unit commanders throughout the fort that they needed to meet quickly to decide their next move.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill May 22, 2015
The ship lands on top of Belcadiz tower…like a lollipop. Aeron will land on top if the tower facing the likely ogre attack direction. Just leave the catapults on board and fire from there…ready for quick departure in case the fort falls.

the_app the_app May 22, 2015
Rumil tended to Nitram’s wound, pulling some of the elven ointment from his bag to help speed recovery. “I would use the wand, but I fear we may need it during the coming battle and I wish to keep it at the ready. This ointment was made by my people and will give you peace.”

With that complete, Rumil continued to collect arrows for his scouts. The goal was to have as many as possible at the ready near them. He also asked one of the engineers to estimate distances from the scouts position. Best to know maximum effective range, allowing each elf to fire only when the creatures were within striking distance. This would be a war of attrition – our arrows and their bodies – Rumil intended to win this particular game.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 23, 2015
what’s the ointment do? Besides give him peace.

SkidAce SkidAce May 23, 2015
The off loading of the golems was indeed a sight, as the Lioszephyr hovered over the flat portion of the Belcadiz Academy building, with the bottom hull opening up like a clam shell, and the golems slipping out of their casks to drop lightly to the roof below.

Once the golem unit was disembarked, Aeron manuvered the ship towards the tip of Belcadiz Tower, and set it down solidly across the top of the building, leaving room to drop a plank from the ship to the roof and the trap door to the rest of the building.

Nota, having observed Nitram giving direction to Slickster, introduced himelf to the Sgt as the leader of the unit, and told him that anywhere there was room would be fine, the unit was used to standing in close quarters, and had no requirement for food, water, or sleep. In fact, they could go into “standby” as needed.

SkidAce SkidAce May 23, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1800 Fireday

The group leaders began to meet in the main hall, per Nitram’s direction. There was a hustle and bustle going on around the keep as the inhabitants prepared for the ogre advance. The sun was beginning to set, and had been obscured by the slow rise of the thunder clouds in the area.

Nitram and the others were not exactly sure what was going on. There was a lot of activity, various leaders and such had stepped up to help prepare the fort. Things were being moved from place to place, and troops were putting on their gear.

Jonas (James) had left his men ready in the central yard of the keep, in loose formation, and joined up with the others as the moved into the main hall. A few messengers rang up quickly to Frederick, explained the progress of their tasks, and ran off again.

Soon enough, the main hall was reached and the planning meeting called by Nitram could begin.

xLucix xLucix May 23, 2015
Frederick made note of the progress of the various tasks, thanked the departing messengers, and settled in to pay attention to Nitram

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 23, 2015
Nitram could feel the elven ointment working on his arm as he approached the meeting room. He hoped he would have time for a short rest to fully recover from the wound as well as the rest of the cuts across his body. He looked around at all the expectant faces, full of a new energy at the arrival of the airship and golems.
Once everyone was there he began, “As most of you know, the harpies are providing cover for the ogre and goblin army. However, after a brief engagement, I found out that longbows have a more extensive range than their singing. As soon as anyone spots a harpy, the elven scouts – or possibly the Toreador crossbows – must engage at the edge of their range. We should expect them to attack as the sun sets. It’s possible that they may be using blood magic to bring in this foul weather. I’m not sure we’ll be able to use the Lightwind or Serre to attack from the air because of it. If anyone spots an ogre shaman or chief, let me know. I would like to have all the troops with range on the walls – crossbows, longbows, and engineers. The Fire Brigade and the Toreador infantry should be ready to on the ground to protect the flanks. Once the harpies are gone, we can focus fire on the worg riders, then our infantry will be more effective. Does anyone else have any suggestions?”

I’ll be gone most of the day, but I’ll check back tonight

AFCop AFCop May 24, 2015
Jonas addressed his men before departing with the others for the main hall. “Truly we are blessed! Realize it and do not despair! We are soon to be part of legend. Outnumbered by an army of ogres wielding blood magic! Fighting alongside elves! Supported by a flying ship manned by magical automatons! Only in the most grand epics written by Bartuvius the Chronicler will you read of such tales. Only from the mouth of poet Sunwyld Silvertongue will men and women of days to come hear of your heroic exploits!” Johan paused to look at his men’s faces. " Roll your eyes at me all you want you gray-hairs! But even you know I speak the truth. So…for now, rest, eat, write your letters and pray to whatever gods you choose. For if your last sunrise is on the horizon, know that we will mark your passage to the next life with heavy hearts, but remember you with great fondness and brotherhood for the days to come!" With that, Johan gathered his cloak with a flourish and followed the keepers of Farhills to make ready for war.

xLucix xLucix May 24, 2015
Frederick cleared his throat. " One of the higher ups in the Kelvin blood clan, your favorite blood mages and mine, has appeared within the Trogdor clan. Goes by the name of Mal’char. His appearance and this storm are most likely connected, and his death should be swift and brutal. Even if he was only sent as the clan’s eyes, this war needs blood magic in it like land needs sharks."

SkidAce SkidAce May 24, 2015
A small rotund man in the audience hesitated, and after getting a jab in the side from one of his comrades, stood and spoke to Nitram. “Sir, sir! If the ogres are attacking at night, won’t the longbow range be father than we can see in the darkness?” The fellow turned pale from the stress and sat back down quickly.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 May 25, 2015
Nitram acknowledged his concern, “Yes, that is a problem that I was hoping we might figure out together. Do we have any magical or alchemical way to light up the night sky? Does anyone have a suggestion on lighting up the battlefield once the ogres arrive? A fire of some kind, maybe.”

While the group was thinking about that, Nitram moved closer to Frederick, “What do you know of this Mal’Char? Do you have any idea where his camp is?

xLucix xLucix May 25, 2015
“At the present moment, no. I can send a runner to Sergeant Slickster, see if he has any additional intel. Frederick made to do so as e was finishing his sentence.

SkidAce SkidAce May 28, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1900 Fireday

Night had fallen, although the faint glow of the setting sun could still be seen between gathering storm clouds to the west.

Troops moved around and took up what positions and duties they had been directed (if any). Some units and squads wandered aimlessly, preparing for a battle with out any clear guidance on their role.

No ogre units had been seen before nightfall (at least within longbow range) although the last scouts in before the gate closed told the tale of the armies preparations. Considering the distance, the earliest an entire unit could be brought to bear on the walls of Farhills was say, maybe two hours at the most. This did not take into account the harpies, nor any stealthy or hidden individuals tasked with watching the fort.

Sgt Slickster returned to Frederick, after setting watches with able bodied men and torches from the general population, and stated he was fairly confident, baring human error, that all of the walls were lit, and anything attempting to scale or enter would be seen, and an alarm sounded. There had been no further intel on Mal’Char.

The light from the torches lit the exterior walls of the fort, and some 30 foot of clear space beyond that. Afterwards, there was about 60 feet of dim light, where the human archers would be at a disadvantage, anything farther than that (90 feet total) was darkness, shadows, scrub and brush.

Heat lightning flickered among the clouds, soundlessly provide occasional glimpses of terrain and shadows, to slight to rely on to detect the approach of the armies. In all likelihood, they would be heard before they were seen.

the_app the_app May 30, 2015
Rumil was growing concerned. He had dispatched runners to his homeland to deliver a package and to warn of pending attack, but had not heard back. Was the runner lost? Was the metal again in the hands of the enemy or simply strewn about the land?

Sadly, there was little time for that thought. The more pressing matter was about to come knocking at these walls. The layout of this area confused him. He was a trained defender, but was used to the natural surroundings of the forest. Trees and bush concealed enemy for sure, but not nearly as well as it did his kin. An elf could melt into the forest, and then spring back into the fight 50 ft away. These stupid creatures were incapable of remaining quiet for too long.

Alas, the walls were formidable, but the terrain was far too open for Rumil’s taste. His kin would fire as soon as target was seen – aiming true with little doubt. But where these creatures lacked in stealth, they excelled in shear numbers and blind ambition. It only complicated matters that these goodly races were blind as Gwer’ante slugs in darkness. “How they had survived this long was beyond reasoning.”

Live or die, Rumil had a task – one he knew all too well. Defend this area. He shook thoughts from mind, and set about ensuring elven arrows could be brought to bear anywhere that targets made the mistake of presenting themselves. May Corellon guide our hands here and now…and should we fall, to his table in the afterlife.

SkidAce SkidAce May 30, 2015
(A player made a motion that Steve be awarded an Inspiration point for his rp, posting, and advancing of his personal story. Approved.)

SkidAce SkidAce May 30, 2015
As Rumil attended to his duties and the evening passed, he was approached by an elven lady who professed to have attempted to find him all afternoon. She introduced herself as Charisande, an apprentice to the elven smith that Rumil had done business with. She explained it had taken a day for the courier to get back to Aelvindwode, a day for her master to make some preparations, and a day for her to return here. She offered Rumil a missive from her mistress.


Great thanks to you and the Paragons for this magnificent find. The quantity of metal is more than sufficient to my needs. While I would prefer not to go into detail about what I am attempting, rest assured it is a worthy goal, and an honor to the defenders of our faith (as exemplified in your order).

The Queen is increasingly disturbed by the movement of the ogres, and the machinations of the Spider. It is my understanding that she assists you with a unit of elven scouts, and by keeping further units of ogres and such ilk from heading westward to your position.

Please accept this humble token of my appreciation, although no amount of coin could repay the diligence with which you acquired the metal for me. Also, accept the services of my pupil Charisande, a minor medic and herbalist among other things.

votre serviteur

Cerenihty Starweaver

Charisande handed Rumil a pouch contaning some silver, and a few blue quartz and marsh pearl gems that the elven kind were fond of. (400 gp value) She stood quietly awaiting his reply.

the_app the_app May 31, 2015
Thank you for the kind vote and point.

Rumil accepted the gift, knowing that the coin may come in handy to aid the suffering if the survived this attack. The added benefit of an elven healer was presently of greater benefit. He asked her to see to any in need and to ensure she took stock of the forts supplies to aid in her art. He was not certain how long she intended to stay, but departing now would prove dangerous.

He found a quick moment to pen a response, knowing full well it may never reach intended hands. What he wouldn’t give for a messenger crow. Those agile and intelligent creatures were invaluable in times of war.

Lady Starweaver,

Your note and courier arrived safely. It pleases me to know the metal arrived as intended and in sufficient quantities. Your purpose is your own, as I trust it will be for the glory of Corellon and our people.

The payment and use of your servant are much appreciated, as both are surely to aid the suffering. Her Majesty did send find elven brothers, but what I wouldn’t give for a Grand Defender to aid in our preparations. I am schooled, but still lacking in experience. Alas, such would only serve to weaken our people’s defenses.

We will stand with these other goodly races, however, as they offer the first line of defense and prove themselves willing to fight for their survival. My only hope is that the wave of enemy flesh does not prove stronger than the fortitude of shores we call home. May our walls stand true!

I wish you Corellon’s blessing in your endeavor and pray we may one day share drink and bread over memories of yore.

Rumil Celebrindal

He kept the not, knowing only their survival would ensure delivery. Time now only allowed thought towards defense…

xLucix xLucix May 31, 2015
Frederick sighed. “Sergeant Slickster, it seems that I will be required on the airship to serve as counter measures against the harpies and the damage that may be done to the airship. I also suspect that it is down to my lack of experience in such things as war as well, which I cannot dispute. Still, serving with you and your men has been greatly enriching, and I shall do everything in my power to help hold this location.”

Who knows, thought Frederick to himself, the Book of Kells and the ways that it had changed both him and his magics, maybe some things not in my power as well.

SkidAce SkidAce May 31, 2015
As total darkness fell, and the beat of goblin war drums could be heard in the distance, a lone raven made its way to the rookery. It was a dispatch from Marcus duBlade, and it outlined dire news. It contained a map showing the extent of the ogre incursions, the griffon riders had been forced to retreat from the towers to Aerie City, and Tennyson’s Tower was cut off. The ogres seemed unable to defeat the forces at Tennyson’s Tower, so they had just gone around it. The situation at Dodge’s Fall was unknown.


xLucix xLucix June 01, 2015
Welp, that’s a blow

AFCop AFCop June 01, 2015
If you can just go around a fortified position, it’s very poorly placed. It’s also stupid. Now they will be flanked and attacked from the rear.

SkidAce SkidAce June 01, 2015
(They went around it, like MILES around it. They could not get through that pass it sits on.)

the_app the_app June 01, 2015
First, nice map…best yet.

Rumil, upon learning of the raven, inquired who of his people could give the creature direction. Ravens were smart, but beyond Rumil’s comprehension. If one could give direction, he would use the cover of darkness and the birds agile flight to get message to the homeland. If the fort fell, the elves would need time to prepare. Of course, he would include his note too.

Would all the time spent training defensive techniques with the garrison all those months back pay off or was this battle simply a small inconvenience to the horde?

AFCop AFCop June 01, 2015
Johan approached the stalwart ranger shortly after dispatching his men. “Lord NItram. If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion. Your infantry staged here in the courtyard seem…marginalized. I can assure you that the horde will try to scale the walls using ladders and the more men we have on the ramparts, the better off we’ll be in defending against the tactic.” Johan began to survey the keep grounds and walls as if he was beginning to envision the upcoming battle, seeing how it would play out in his mind. “Leave a small reserve to be dispatched as the need arises. If they scale the walls, well, the gates are useless. At least we have the gates thoroughly covered with bows and oil. And if the begin to breach the gates, we will have to rally anyway from the walls. Withdraw if we can to the inner keep and try to hold there. Re-position any archers we have left on those battlements there.” He smiled weakly, yet genuine. “Besides. If you leave your men down here, you may rob them of additional glory. However, I suspect all the men and women here will have plenty of opportunities for heroic deeds…and deaths.” Johan clasped Nitram’s forearm in farewell, gave him a sincere nod and turned to tend to his men, words of promised glory and encouragement escaping his mouth as he went.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 02, 2015
Nitram thought about Johan’s suggestion and conferred with Lt Gentry. They decided to move the men across the walls since the golems and some of the Toreador medium infantry were in the main courtyard. Slickster would be able to provide additional support from the inner courtyard as well if the main gate was breached.

SkidAce SkidAce June 02, 2015
(compiled from various sources)

Nitram nodded back to Johan in acknowledgement and watched the commander shouting his praises upon his men as he walked away. He smiled to himself. He couldn’t help but admire the man’s enthusiasm. He hoped it was contagious.

The drums in the distance snapped Nitram back to reality. He wheeled abruptly, cloak flourishing behind him as he made his way back into the keep towards his chambers to grab the rest of his gear, meeting steel-eyed stare after steel-eyed stare with every soldier he passed. Yes…there was fear behind those gazes and a tired resignation that comes with knowing that soon you will have to do what you must in order to survive. But there was also a stubborn determination and grit that manifests itself when your back is up against the wall. Nitram was proud to see that in these men…his men. And deep down, he dared to feel a faint glimmer of hope spark inside him and promised himself that he would do everything he could to fan that spark of hope into a roaring beacon that would inspire these men into doing what must be done, or die trying.

Nitram pulled out his key and unlocked the heavy oaken and metal-shod door that led into his room, the well-oiled hinges making little sound as he entered the room. Nitram prided himself for not living in opulence, even though he could afford it. The room, while larger then all the other living quarters in the keep, was functional and smartly laid out. Yes, there were furs and skins covering the bed, the stone floors were covered in several rugs and kept free of dust and there were several chairs for sitting to accompany a rich brown mahogany writing desk. There was even a full length mirror that Nitram had opposed at first, yet he acquiesced and decided to let it remain after the keep’s steward caught him removing it from his chambers one day. Nitram thought the poor fellow was going to drop dead of horror when he tried to explain to the man that he did not think it necessary.

Nitram closed the door behind him as he stepped into the room. He froze when he realized that Blend’s sword was missing from it’s usual spot hanging from a hook behind the door. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he half drew Kinslayer, then sheathed it and relaxed, turning around.

“Thanks for keeping it safe for me,” said a voice from the shadows.

Nitram walked over to his writing desk and lit a candle, sitting in a chair opposite his unexpected visitor, who was lounging in the corner, a curved sword resting in his lap. “I was wondering when you’d show up. For awhile anyway. Lately, I was beginning to think I was mistaken.”

“So this party isn’t for me? I’m disappointed.”

“Alas no. So sorry to hurt your feelings.”

“I take it there is no time for a heartfelt reunion either. Almost makes me want to cry.”

“For a man of precious few words, you sure pick a hell of a time to use them.”

“Enough talk then. What do you need me to do?”

“What you do best, Blend…what you do best.”

SkidAce SkidAce June 02, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
2100 Fireday

Darkness had well and truly fallen across the countryside, with the low warble of storm crows wafting across the land, and the faint flickers of lightning stretching occasionally across a mostly clouded sky.

The goblin drums continued their beat, and drew slightly closer, and could definitely be heard most easily on the north and west sides of the keep. The low thumping began to maddeningly echo back and forth. Old veterans knew this was the point of goblin drums, to strike fear and confusion into the heart of the troops, and they counseled their younger brethren on remaining calm, and not letting it get under their skin.

Shylent, fully chalked up with blue and grey streaks and circles across her face, stood on the northern wall, where she let loose a vile stream of impressive invective that caused a few of the old heads to blanch and turn pale.

In the distance to the north, way beyond longbow range, a few torch like lights appeared, almost as in response to Shylent’s diatribe. Small figures resembling goblins began to dance around the lights.

AFCop AFCop June 02, 2015
“I encountered hobgoblin infiltrators on my way in. Make sure the men on the ramparts stay wary. They will most likely try to scale the walls silently,” Blend mentioned to the ranger as he was leaving. I’ll see what I can do to slow them down, but there are quite a few. I would ask for any incendiaries you can spare. Perhaps I can get close enough to the siege engines in order to set them alight. Much easier than killing all the engineers. Also, I don’t suppose there is a way we can communicate with each other perhaps through arcane means? I could report enemy movements, perhaps even infiltrate the command structure."

SkidAce SkidAce June 03, 2015
(its 2100, what time do you want to head out with 3 units, and what side of the fort, N, E, S, W?)

SkidAce SkidAce June 03, 2015
Blend saw a large figure step out of the shadows as he was leaving Nitram’s room, and Cragthor appeared, staring at him silently.

SkidAce SkidAce June 03, 2015
A horn sounded from the guards at the front gate. It appeared that an ogre, bearing a dual spear/mancatcher with a white flag attached, had appeared out of the darkness and stood in the light, 30 feet from the main gate, quietly and nervously.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill June 03, 2015
Aeron manipulated the controls of the Lightwind until the ship rotated to bring all the ballistas to bear on the goblins dancing in the datk. (If in range of the ballista, Aeron will call for a wave of fire on the goblins).

SkidAce SkidAce June 03, 2015
(the goblins are north, past longbow range so out of ballista range, the ogre at the front gate with the white flag is range.)

xLucix xLucix June 03, 2015
Anytime you want fire or lightning to rain down on these bastards, lemme know. Got a nifty storm already up and running, thanks to our blood magic wielding firends

AFCop AFCop June 04, 2015
Save fireballs for groups of harpies, areas about to be overrun, large groups of archers and siege engines.

AFCop AFCop June 04, 2015
Blend nodded at Cragthor silently and motioned for him to follow.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 04, 2015
Nitram was about to reply that he had no such means of communication, when he remembered something the bard had found before Blend died. “I think I know of something. We need to find the bard.” Nitram grabbed his gear and headed out with the merchant in tow. Nitram spotted Frederick as he was making his way to the airship and called out to him, “Frederick! I need a moment of your time. I while back, in the troll fiend cavern, you said something about sending stones. They transmit messages across distance, right? Do you still have them? I need to use them. And, how do I use them?”

assuming he lets Nitram have a pair or three to use – depending on how they work

The ranger gave Blend one of the stones and added, “There is an ogre blood mage out there. Mal’char, from the Kelvin clan. He’s supposedly with the Trogdors. If you can find him, his death would be most fortunate. I would be happy to assist if you think I can get to him either by foot or by griffon. Just let me know. As far as incendiaries, you are welcome to take some from the laboratory. I’m sure Aeron’s apprentices have produced some. Bloefeld’s engineers should have some mines as well. Check with them. I’ll go warn the guards of the hobgoblins and wait for you.” Nitram left Blend and updated the troops on the walls.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 04, 2015
On his way, he heard the horn from the front gate and proceeded there with all haste. Seeing the ogre, he went out to parlay.

Stopping halfway there, Nitram asked, “Vi trovis proponi vian rendición?”

SkidAce SkidAce June 04, 2015
Nitram stepped out into the light past the gate, with the ogre being on the edge of the light 30 feet away, moving forward to half that distance meant he stood about 15 feet from the vile thing.

The ogre stood there, plainly considering Nitram’s words. The ogre was apparently female, and wearing banded armor. After an uncomfortable amount of time, she replied “Mi venis al paroli. I am Barghest, of da Vilehand clan. We offer nah combat, and nah death this day, for one of two things. Give me Kinslayer or fight a champion here at the gate for resolution of the siege. Either be guud. Only chance to avoid joyous slaughter. How you say?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 04, 2015
Nitram thought for a moment, “And how would that resolve the siege?”

SkidAce SkidAce June 04, 2015
The ogre looked at Nitram stupidly for a moment. “No, wait thought Nitram. The creature was looking at Nitram through its blood shot eyes as if the ranger was stupid.

“You give Kinslayer we leave. You defeat champion, we leave. You lose, dat mean we pick up Kinlsayer and all duh rest get to leave” She nodded nervously to Nitram.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 05, 2015
Nitram loosened the grip on his bow and adjusted his goggles, “Well, Barghest, I will not give you Kinslayer but I am curious to see if you will actually depart when your champion falls. Where is he?”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill June 05, 2015
Aeron quietly direct the ballistas to target the suicidal ogre standing at the front gate.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill June 05, 2015
Don’t worry guys. I have absolutely nothing up my sleeve. Aeron gives the signal to a ballista to shoot the ogre.

SkidAce SkidAce June 05, 2015
“Fool” the ogre rumbled as it raised its gurabba and began to spin it methodically in front of it and side to side. “Barghest will fight, you will morti!”

Not giving Nitram any time to prepare, the ogre moved swiftly forward. As it began its initial lunge at the ranger, a ballista bolt struck it in its left side, and nearly knocked the creature over. (Att 17, 22 damage) “Excellent” the creature hissed, “Ni tro planas perfidon” Barghest raised her hand and swiftly dropped it, and a dozen barbed arrows flew towards Nitram from the darkness.

Nitram was able to evade or deflect most of the arrows, but soon realized he had been grazed in at least three places, and one arrow was stuck in his thigh just above his knee. (Att 22, 19, 18, 21, didn’t list misses, 20 damage)

(Combat Time, not Battlesystem time, this will happen in seconds before the fight begins)

Round 2

Name Init Status
Nitram 19
Aeron/Ballista 16
Barghest 11
goblin shortbows? 8

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 June 05, 2015
“‘Planning’ is a strong word,” Nitram thought as he raised his bow and fired two shots at the ogre. “You give us too much credit Barghest.” He moved back towards the gate, shouting, “Light up the dark! Here they come!” As he approached the gate, he said, “Open the gate and let me back in!” Nitram moved back in the fort and helped secure the gates. He quickly moved up to the top of the gate towers to survey the exterior.

xLucix xLucix June 05, 2015
Frederick whistled softly. “Well, this should be fun” he said to no one in particular

the_app the_app June 05, 2015
Treachery will not go unpunished. He stepped upon the uppermost wall, were it was well lit, but not before adding two quick enchantments – one to bring up a breeze around him to whip his hair and the other to augment his voice to a loud boom.

“Corellon’s wrath be on you! You dared to crawl from your caves, holes, and other dark places to rise up against us, who have left you in general peace? For this you will learn what it is to suffer! Any that lift arms against us will not see tomorrow! Go now, return to your lands and melt back into your lives, or forfeit that life here and now for your insolence!”

Rumil stated these words, not only because he believed them and in Corellon, but to rally the scouts for what was sure to be a difficult evening. Of course, the added bonus of drawing some fire away from the ranger and maybe highlighting some firing positions didn’t hurt. He then began to chant in Celestial, hoping to complete the effect… relying on his charisma to sell what was a novice “trick” taught to all defenders.

SkidAce SkidAce June 06, 2015
Nitram felt a slight twinge and a burning sensation from the where the arrows had cut his skin. For a moment he felt some nausea, then a warm “green” sensation traveled from his amulet and throughout his body, washing away what he suspected had been poison, poisoned arrows from the treacherous forces of the ogres. One of the arrows he launched struck the female ogre in the chest, bringing her momentarily to her knees. (Att 12, 24, damage 10)

As Nitram turned and made his way back into the gate, he could hear the thud of more arrows hitting the door, then oddly, the voice of Rumil, and the arrows stopped.

Rumil could see past the lighted area where the female ogre crouched in pain, and with his elven sight, the dim light for another 60 feet behind her was as clear as day. He saw no archers, but his ears heard the sounds of running and pattering feet, slowly fading off to the west.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill June 06, 2015
Aeron signaled the rest of the balistas to pincushion the talkative ogre. He added a few scorching rays of fire to assure the ogre has spoken it’s last.

xLucix xLucix June 06, 2015
Frederick threw in a vicious mockery at the ogre as well, comparing its brain to that of a diseased land shark, its battle prowness to an inebriated ghoul and its sexual attractiveness to an obese mindflayer.

SkidAce SkidAce June 07, 2015
The ogre was too far way for scorching rays, but the remaining ballistas soon made short work of her anyway. Frederick’s vicious taunting fell upon deaf ears as the ogre was staked to the ground.

The troops upon the walls had mixed reaction, many were cheering, while a few wondered why an emissary bearing a white flag had been shot.

Far to the north, the goblins could still be seen dancing. The sound of drums, slowly beginning to take on a marching cadence, approached every closer to the northern and eastern walls, but still remained out of sight, although the proximity of the drums was beginning to unnerve some of the younger troops.

The occasional bellow of some beast could also be heard to the north, and faintly once to the east. It appeared that the battle would soon be upon them.

xLucix xLucix June 08, 2015
Frederick made his way around the areas of the fort closest to the ship, sharing songs and stories to help bolster morale and keep general spirits alive before the battle was on them. If anyone mentioned the dubious honor involved in the laughter of the ogre, he painted the ogre as a surptitious and crafty enemy, and that ogres would even drop so far in the muck as to fight under a white flag. If he passed any families or smaller children, he told a siller and embellished tale of the landsharks.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill June 08, 2015
Aeron, walked to the bow of the Lightwind summoned the Carnivax Staff to his hand and raising it on high (assisting Frederick the Skald’s attempt to rally the people of Farhills) spoke to the shocked on-lookers staring at the ogre emissaries body skewered by three ballista bolts…the blood soaked white flag laying across her body. “People of Farhills, you are right to be shocked by the horrors of war, but do not think that the ogre was justly traveling under a banner of truce. The ogre’s approach was not to seek peace, but to draw Farhills leader, Lord Nitram, into the open to slaughter him by treachery. The wave of poisoned goblin arrows fired from the shadows is proof of their nefarious plan. Make no mistake, this is a battle for our survival and the freedom of our people. If this fort falls, so to will the peace loving people of our two nations. These invaders did not march from Harpy Peak to seek peace, but to bring war. They will give no quarter and will be given no quarter.” Aeron then looked down into the courtyard at Lord Nitram, “Lord, have the archers at the ready. We will venture out into the darkness and mark the approaching forces.” Aeron called to his apprentices of Belcadiz Tower, “Load the alchemist fire on the ship, any apprentices you can spare that can cast light, and use any remaining fireworks to light up the night.” Aeron returned to the helm of the Lightwind and called down to Frederick the Skald, “Get on the boat. We need your protection from the harpies’ song or we are all lost. Fire up the bagpipes, we are going harpy hunting!” Aeron then turned to Bloefield and Ol One Eye, “Makes sure everyone puts sealing wax in their ears and ties themselves to the rigging…just in case Frederick is a better scholar than a musician.“ Aeron winked at Frederick and then continued. ”Standing order is to sail an orbit around Farhills at longbow range. We will sail at an altitude just above shortbow range. The engineers manning the catapults will fire on any harpies, seige engines, high value targets, or troop formations in that priority order. The elven archers are to also fire in that priority order and help guide the engineers targeting. Engineers not manning the ballistas will drop their grenades or alchemist fire made by the wizards of Belcadiz Tower on any troop formations. With any luck we will draw the harpies to us."

A Siege of Ogres part 4

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