A Siege of Ogres part 6

xLucix xLucix June 28, 2015
Frederick, feeling that the battle was going almost too easily at this point, kept his task of playing the bagpipes and protecting the ship at the forefront of his mind. Meanwhile, the spell that crackled with power was ready for his command, and he would most likely unleash it should they come across the blasted harpies again

SkidAce SkidAce June 28, 2015
The older and wiser of those knowledgeable of battle knew this was the do or die, the break or hold point. With the goblins having established a foothold on the wall, the ogre commander sounded a horn from somewhere in the darkness, and a unit of ogre infantry moved quickly into view, positioning themselves behind the goblins forcing their way onto the wall. If the gores themselves could gain the wall, the ogre commander would likely commit to the battle, if not, the more prudent course would be to withdraw.

(Ogre infantry at AN56 (climbing ladder), AL/AM/AN 57 (at ground level of the wall).

Standard_Trogdor.pngOne of the ogre squads carried a battle banner (AM57), depicting the legendary Trogdor. Attached to that squad was what appeared to be an ogre shaman.

Round 4

Name Init Status
Elven Scouts/Rumil 22 skirmisher
Slickster’s Infantry 20 regiment
Nitram/Serre 20 solo
Blend/Scouts 19 solo/skirmisher
Ogre Ram Engine 19 regiment
Goblin Siege Equipment 19
Toreador Xbows* 18 regiment
Harpy Scouts 17 skirmisher
Lioszephyr 15 solo (ballistas and movement)
Ogre Infantry A 14 regiment
Blofeld Engineers 13 regiment
War Golems 13 regiment
Goblin Infantry 1, 2, 3, 4 12 regiment/march
Aeron 10 solo
Worg Riders 10 skirmisher
Frederick 9 solo
Gentry’s Infantry 7 regiment
Toreador Infantry 2 regiment
Ogre Infantry B 2 regiment


AFCop AFCop June 28, 2015
Mages need to fireball the scaling ladders. Battle won…enough said. Hit the ogres while you are at it…

SkidAce SkidAce June 28, 2015
(Fixed the picture)

AFCop AFCop June 28, 2015
Frederick as holding action right? He can cast a fireball on the ogres…

xLucix xLucix June 28, 2015
Didn’t think I had the range on any enemies. Not very good at reading the map, unfortunately. Will cast fireballs in the future. Well, three more if I burn the 4th level spell slot I have. So three more rounds, three more fireballs.

xLucix xLucix June 28, 2015
Slickster’s forces maintained their defense, hoping somewhat irrationally, that the enemy might not even make it to them.

SkidAce SkidAce June 28, 2015
The range of fireball is 150 feet. That is 7 squares at 20 feet per square. So you could drop it right in the middel fo the Trogdor group if you are at (or move to) the front of ship.

At first you didn’t but when the ogres moved in you do.

SkidAce SkidAce June 29, 2015
(via text)

Ogres bellowed in rage as Frederick’s fireball approached and burst in the center of their formation. The goblin unit on the wall was crisped instantly (AM56) while the surrounding ogre squads were greatly injured. (8d6, 17/34/34 damage, AM57, AN 56/57)

SkidAce SkidAce June 30, 2015
(Inputs from James for Blend/Cragthor, inputs from Matt for Nitram/Serre. My son is visiting, if nothing from Steve by this evening I will update the scouts/Rumil.)

the_app the_app June 30, 2015
Rumil’s soul hurt as he witnessed his brothers consumed by the magic of the enemy’s yet undiscovered caster. That hurt was what pulled the fire from within him to new heights. It was scary, but Rumil had no choice but trust in Corellon’s blessing, as his blood was what coursed through Rumil and gave him this power.

He broke from his stand, surveyed the battlefield and moved to where he was needed most. He did not want the fire within to consume any friendlies. The burning crashed against him, fighting for a way out, fighting to find a target to consume. He focused is gaze and unleashed the fireball, pushing it further, pushing it to grow as it left him. The poor creatures on the receiving end would feel the same hurt he felt witnessing the end of his kin. And then, then he would focus his effort anew – find the filthy beast that dared to strike at the elven people and teach it what it means to suffer…oh, how it would suffer.

Fireball at higher level if possible, adding a hero point if the target is worth it to negate their save if possible. Apologize that I’m not totally in right now – so I defer to your judgment on what target is reachable and worthy of the fire.

SkidAce SkidAce July 01, 2015
(calculating averages on already bloodied ogres)

The ogres were stupefied by the onslaught of fiery doom, now approaching them from the walls via Rumil’s rage in addition to the conflagration summoned by Frederick. Fire burst again amongst them, rooting them inexplicably to the ground (hero point) and causing them to howl in fury as the flames engulfed and slayed them.

The battle for the walls was functionally over, what goblins remained at the top of the ladders were overwhelmed and slain, while what few ogres had not been incinerated, stumbled off into the darkness. The Trogdor banner lay against the wall, singed, but still intact, left behind by the dead and the fleeing.

Cragthor and Blend watched as the goblin engineers, alerted by a horn way off in the distance, began to pack up their gear in preparation for hauling the catapults back into the night.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 01, 2015
Nitram looked around for any possible targets.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 02, 2015
I’m open to suggestions; Skid, where did the older posts go? I can’t find the map with the fort and siege tower on it.

SkidAce SkidAce July 05, 2015
(Older posts got pruned for inclusion in adventure log. D2 was the ogre advance and the engine Blend destroyed, F4 was the goblin catapults)


SkidAce SkidAce July 05, 2015
There were no targets or enemy troops in Nitram’s sight. Even the goblins far to the north had covered their fire pit and ceased their maniacal dancing and drum beating. To the west, the remnants of the ogre siege tower slowly sputtered out. The incoming barrage of the catapults, that could have had dire repercussions for a siege, had also ceased.

Out in the darkness to the southeast, Blend, Cragthor, and the peasant scouts saw no sign of the worg riders, they having presumably ridden off as messengers or what have you. The forces led by Blend had no trouble slaying the feeble and surprised goblin engineers. Thereby capturing three catapults.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 06, 2015
As the ogre and goblin hordes disbursed, Aeron brought the Lightwind about made straight for the site of the retreating goblins, intent on their destruction before they disapeared into the night. Aeron leaned his birdlike weight on the helm coaxing the ship onto the path. He called out to Blofelds grenadiers and Ol One Eye’s crew as they sailed through the nights sky filled with the cries and smells of the wounded and dieing, “Do what you must, but make sure these goblins do not return to the field.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 06, 2015
Blofeld’s engineers expended the last of the incendiaries and the grenados as the Lioszephyr dogged the trail of the retreating goblins from above. The hapless goblins units were decimated and blown to bits, accompanied by the slightly disturbing banter and cackles of the engineers as they tossed explosives.

SkidAce SkidAce July 06, 2015
Nitram knew there were more ogres out there. Had the multiple bodies laying in front of his gate sated his lust for ogre slaying? Or not? Nitram realized at this juncture, that “if” there was to be a pursuit into the darkness, it would need be with his stalwart companions, as many of the defenders had suffered losses and the keep needed time to regroup.

The possibility of striking back was intriguing, but perhaps he should discuss it with his comrades, and enlist their aid. Or wait for the morn, or the next attack…

SkidAce SkidAce July 07, 2015
30 March, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
2300 Fireday

The battle had not lasted long, the rearming, taking care of the fallen allies, and assessing the damage to the fort took several hours.

The spring thunderstorms were still in the area, and brought a refreshing coolness after the heat of battle, although several of the infantry still flinched whenever lightning flashed in the distance.

xLucix xLucix July 07, 2015
Frederick wondered if, since the battle seemed to be over, if he could stop playing the bagpipes. He’d run out of actual songs to play, and was now just playing the same two notes. He also wondered if the blood-magic user that had been spotted was still in the area. If so, he’d have to be taken care of.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 07, 2015
Nitram directed Serre to the Lightwind and called out to the elves, “Head to the west of the fort! We need to see if anything accompanying that siege engine is still around.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 08, 2015
Aeron turned Lightwind to the west. As he passes over Fort Farhills he called down for a unit of infantry to come out to recover the siege engines. He then started a search and overwatch pattern around the abandonded siege engines to protect the recovery crew from any lagging forces.

SkidAce SkidAce July 08, 2015
The area to the west of the fort seemed clear of any enemy forces. The smouldering remains of the one seige tower looked abandoned. The Lioszephyr circled the area after joining up with Nitram and Serre, then proceeded to follow the unit sent to retrieve the abandoned catapults to the south east, where Blend and Cragthor had stationed the peasant scouts as overwatch. The trialing notes of the mournful bagpipes eventually trailed off into silence.

It was plain that the ogre forces had ceded the field, at least for the night. Could they have regrouped farther to the east/south east, from whence the had approached the area? Potentially. But one could also assume any “missing” forces, such as the entire half of the harpy unit that had been absent from the battle, would likely be watching and providing cover. There were a lot of unknown variables to consider.

AFCop AFCop July 10, 2015
Blend instructed Cragthor to take the scouts back to the keep and left in a sweeping and searching pattern to the east, planning to wheel north and finally back west to the keep. He wanted to see if there was any type of command structure or post left behind with any intelligence.

SkidAce SkidAce July 10, 2015
Blend encountered various individual goblin scouts during his sweep of the area, stationed and left behind to watch the keep. These goblins were not the cream of the crop, and in many cases were snoring at their post.

Except for one post to the northeast of the fort. Those particular goblins were arguing with each other about which way to run in order to desert their duty in the ogre armies.

xLucix xLucix July 13, 2015
Frederick took the time to try and feel out either the Book of Kells, the blood magic tainted ogre shaman/wizard/whatever or anything significant with his various senses. It was quiet, but seemed a dangerous kind of lull to Frederick, as though the world was waiting for something with baited breath.

Or he was just paranoid and overly dramatic in his thinking.

AFCop AFCop July 14, 2015
Did Blend find anything resembling a command post? He is less concerned with the stragglers, killing them as needed if he can do so without drawing attention to himself.

SkidAce SkidAce July 16, 2015
(no command post in the vicinity of the fort)

01 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0700 Starday

The rest of the night passed slowly, but uneventfully. The dawning of the morn showed the landscape surrounding the fort to be littered with the bodies of fallen foes. Inside the fort the bodies of the defenders had been gathered and staged respectfully as they could be, out of the way of any potential battle.

The sky was clear and the air slightly chilly, a reminder that it was merely the middle of spring, with summer yet to come.

The defenders of the fort had managed to get some sleep and rest, but maintained vigilance until the early sun shined across the land, revealing a lack of ogre forces, or potential enemies.

(Where are your characters and what are they currently doing at the fort?)

the_app the_app July 16, 2015
As the morning light crept over the horizon, Rumil allowed warmth to wash over for him. Corellon had granted him the focus the previous evening to channel all of himself into that fireball. It was something he had never been able to do before, but his trust in his deity allowed him to reach deeper – something only seasoned defenders could do with ease.

He took the time to give thanks to Corellon, but more importantly, he needed to steal himself spiritually to perform the final rights for his kin that had sacrificed themselves the previous evening. With the aid of his fellow elves, he would collect the fallen, remove them from the unnatural surroundings of the fort and return their bodies to nature. They deserved that much – as returning them to the elven homeland was not possible with the threat still possibly out there. He asked the other elves, Aeron and the herbalist to join the event – if they were not busy tending to the wounded and the defenses.

Rumil felt the pain of this massive loss of life, felt the anger that the hordes brought out in him, felt the sadness for the loved ones that were soon to learn of the loss experienced the night prior, and felt the calm that knowing the goodly folks, whether elf, human, or other would surely earn a seat next to their gods for their efforts to defend the realms…

xLucix xLucix July 16, 2015
Frederick was in one of the gathering areas of the fort, telling his usual tales, a battered hat sitting before him (moreso habit than any need for money).

So then the group of arcanists, having realized that their reptilian creations had more than just being fairground attractions on their mind, beat a hasty retreat, the smaller of the creatures nipping at their heels. Pausing for a quick breath, they believed their safety assured, until…" He paused dramatically, “The monsters struck, reminding the arcanists of their place on the food chain.”

I swear, I had a better story fragment. Brain is fried, I guess lol

SkidAce SkidAce July 17, 2015
Rumil considered that the forest to the east of the fort, a wooded place with streams and hills that stretched all the way to the Sacred Grove of the druids, would be a quite satisfactory place to return the fallen elves to nature. In fact, Jharron was available to extend the protective magics of the grove, so that whatever vale Rumil and the others chose, would remain undisturbed.

Frederick’s audience was entertained by the stories, although a few had puzzled looks on their faces as they tried to follow the tale. His hat was filled with enough copper and silver to ensure a good meal however, so there was that.

Scholar Sohei was moving around the keep, asking if anyone had seen any of the leadership.

SkidAce SkidAce July 19, 2015
Nitram checked out the status of the fort and its people before heading out to patrol for ogres. He met several people who told him about Scholar Sohei and eventually met up with him at the northeast tower. Sohei wanted to know what they had decided about churches and faiths, especially since the cleric of Parleon, who had set up his meeting hall in the villages, was now inside the walls with everyone else. Should Sohei, who didn’t want to step on any toes or make unwanted decisions, help set up the cleric with a place within the walls? During a siege might not be the best time to ask, but the cleric had been helping with the wounded and injured, and it could be a good idea to have them working in a particular spot or area.

SkidAce SkidAce July 20, 2015
01 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0700 Starday

The Lioszephy remained docked on top of the Belcadiz admin building, and the crew took the time to repair any minor damage to the ship that may have occurred, mainly from small fires accidentally lit over enthusiastic engineers.

Several of the regular units of the fort set to repairing the main gate, it was likely they would be able to bring it back up to at least 2/3rds of its former strength within a few hours.

There was an alarm, and another unit of Toreador troops, this time mounted cavalry, were seen approaching from the same direction that Jonas had arrived from.

xLucix xLucix July 21, 2015
Frederick wandered around the fort, letting his mind and magic rest while he assisted others however he could. When he heard the alarm, he sighed. “And I was getting used to the relative quiet.” He set out to find his companions.

SkidAce SkidAce July 22, 2015
The unit of war golems stood a silent and motionless vigil in the early morning sun. Most of the keep’s defenders had gotten used to them over night, although many still gave them a wide berth. The only one moving was their leader, who moved around the keep and its walls freely, apparently investigating the structure of the defenses.

SkidAce SkidAce July 29, 2015
The newly arrived unit of Toreadoran cavalry dismounted a respectful distance from the keep, and their leader rode up to meet with Jonas. Jonas went out to talk to the cavalry leader, and apparently update him on what had been occurring recently. Even from a distance it was obvious that Jonas was “outranked”, although the discussion did appear to be civil and calm.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 29, 2015
Nitram, feeling a little out of sorts, followed Jonas to determine the intentions of the newly arrived cavalry unit.

SkidAce SkidAce July 31, 2015
The leader of the Toreadoran calvary introduced himself as Luis Marcoza, a member of the Guerrero clan by marriage. He was pleasant but seemed vaguely disinterested in anything but the update from Jonas. Once he had received the report, he seemed to think to himself for a moment, then got off his horse and offered Nitram his hand.

Conquistador_0440.jpg“Pleased to meet you m’lord, nice keep you have there.” He waved expansively towards the east “get rid of a few ogres and goblins, develop some irrigation, you might have a good place for some wheat fields.” Luis explained to Nitram that her highness, bless her heart, was most concerned for the well being of the kingdom of Falconaire, at which point he faced away from Jonas and said “and keeping ogres at a distance, yes?”

He told Nitram that he would likely leave Jonas and his troops in this area in support of Nitram’s defense, but would like Nitram to consider having them build some type of encampment for the infantry, something his cavalry could also stage out of, without crowding the keep to much.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 06, 2015
Nitram nodded as Luis was describing what to do with the keep, “That’s the plan.” Nitram thought about his suggestion for a moment before responding. “That is very kind of you to leave Jonas here. Is that your decision or do I have someone else to thank? I wouldn’t mind sitting down with your commanders sometime to discuss Toreador’s contributions to the Gloaming Hills region. But, I think we might be able to work something out, especially if results in regular cavalry patrols between here and the western border.”

SkidAce SkidAce August 08, 2015
“Oh I’m sure my ‘commanders’ are talking with your king and his council about Toreador’s contributions. Common and enemy and all that. Joint support etc. Leaving Jonas here falls under my discretion as it were. I understand you already have an friendly agreement with the city of Capone?” Luis asked.

Nitram got an odd sense off of Luis, almost as he was being slightly evasive or shifty. There wasn’t anything that he could or should call Luis out on, but overall Nitram felt that Luis didn’t really care about Nitram’s plans.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 11, 2015
“We do. It works out very well. I appreciate your discretion. Will your cavalry be staying in the Gloaming Hills long? Did you encounter any ogres from the east? There were some in that direction, but they dispersed during the night. We were just about to start hunting them.”
Nitram was already thinking about where the remaining ogre and goblin forces disappeared to and the status of the rest of Falconaire. He made a mental note to send word to the Tower and the capital when we got back.

SkidAce SkidAce August 11, 2015
03 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1000 Moonday

Nitram and the others had discussed the local goings on. It had been several days since the assault of the ogre army and the arrival of the Toreador cavalry.

Nitram, along with several of the others had been too occupied to follow the ogres immediately, there were many decisions and attempted repairs to be made.

Luis and the cavalry had stayed and scouted the area, and over watched as Jonas and his men built a small encampment to the northeast of the keep. It would not withstand an gore onslaught, but it was a good base for day to day operations.

Luis informed Jonas, who relayed the info to the keep, that the bulk of the ogre armies had moved back at least a days retreat from the area of the keep. Any attempt to scout farther or closer to the armies were met with a hail of javelins from the sky as harpies assaulted intruders. Luis had departed that morning with his cavalry, and Jonas said that he had gone back to the east to met up with duBlade at his keep.

A few messengers had made it through with info on the kingdom’s state. Ogre troops roamed freely in small raiding bands all along the mountains from Tennyson’s Tower to the now abandoned griffon towers. From the safety of the mountain passes, they raided occasionally into the interior of Falconaire, burning crops and destroying farming villages. Dodge’s Fall was said to be completely abandoned. It appeared that some ogre raiding parties were attempting to draw a line between the Aerie province and the Gloaming Hills province. duBlade’s keep of Castrel still stood, and was the center of operations for preventing any further incursions eastwards. As of yet, no ogre forces had been seen within eyesight of Aerie City.

xLucix xLucix August 15, 2015
As the fervor of battle wore off, Frederick grew more and more concerned about the Book of Kells. Such a pristine tome of great magics, in the hands of the most vile of people. Also, they took it from him, and Frederick especially didn’t like it when people took his stuff. He also wondered if anyone had received his missive concerning what had befallen the Book, himself and his companions. A small part of him almost wished that they hadn’t, because he feared what they would do to him as punishment for not bringing the book back AND losing it to the forces of evil.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 17, 2015
Nitram gathered all the main actors together for a strategy meeting. “As much as I would like to head north to talk to Lord duBlade, King Kashue or anyone at Tennyson’s Tower to see what is going on, no one in this area is safe as long as that ogre army is still out there. Since Luis Marcoza and the Toreadoran cavalry decided not to do anything about it -by themselves or with us – I think we should find what’s left and make sure they are unable to threaten us again in the future. Then we can worry about Falconaire, Aelvinwode, and why Toreador keeps sending troops here.” Nitram moved closer to the elves, “How is the airship? Do you need to find one of those magic lines soon?”

I think we should take the scouts, toreador infantry, elven archers, and the airship (to deter the harpies) to find/destroy ogres. Leave Fire Brigade and golems (maybe a few elven archers) to defend the keep. I don’t trust Toreador not to take our keep while we’re gone, so I’d like to keep them near. I think once this “army” is gone we can focus again on RPing our different paths – Aelvinwode, realm magic, Book of Kells, etc.

SkidAce SkidAce August 17, 2015
The Lioszephyr has a passenger limit of 20. Of course you may not have meant everyone to ride it, in which case, nevermind.

SkidAce SkidAce August 17, 2015
Jonas questioned Lord nitram, saying “Do you think that would leave enough defenses back here at the keep? Granted, we ‘should’ have plenty of warning if the main bulk moved closer.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 17, 2015
Nitram quickly responded, “I do. I think the Lioszephyr full of elven longbows will deter any harpies and provide ranged attacks on the main ogre forces. Your infantry and crossbows will serve as the holding force for the magic users and ranged attacks. Maybe have a few more elves on the ground. My biggest concern now is how to deal with the worg riders. Any suggestions?”
Nitram paused near Blend, “We really need to know if they have magic users, especially if they are using realm magic. Do you think you can infiltrate their camp to find out. I’m sure Frederick would like his book back, should they be in possession of it.”

SkidAce SkidAce August 19, 2015
Jonas thought for a moment, then said “Concentrate fire on the lead worg unit until its dead? With crossbows I mean.”

Shylent_small.pngIt was soon lunchtime, and the strategy meeting turned into more of a meal. Shylent seemed to listen to all of the plans as she ate her meal, glancing from one speaker to the next. She wrinked her nose when Nitram so casually mentioned “main ogre forces” and then she just mumbled “hmmpth”

Scholar Sohei stepped in and inquired whether Nitram or anyone else had made a decision concerning the matter he had asked about previously.

AFCop AFCop August 25, 2015
Blend would have wanted to be present with Nitram during his interactions with Luis. He would have taken his measure just like Nitram did. If there is anything you can add from Blend’s perspective, please let me know.

Blend offered his council to Nitram privately. He made it clear that the keep needed to be fortified. A moat and pickets as well as additional murder holes and oil reserves. He also suggested that we set up observation post along key strategic approaches. These should be manned by elves if possible, or at least human scouts. A signaling method needed to be invented in order to communicate back to the keep, perhaps a series of fire arrows shot up into the sky. Perhaps they needed to enlist some mages to create a magical means of communication. Blend also counselled against sending out any party of sufficient strength to engage the ogres until scouts came back with reliable intelligence. Priorities needed to be making contact with surviving friendly forces to ascertain the status of friendly units in the area. He suggested that Nitram do this with Serre to make contact with the main Aerie forces and duBlade at least. Meanwhile, Blend would take Cragthor and the scouts and search out the main ogre forces in the area. Leave Jonas behind along with Frederick, Rumil and Aeron to secure the keep. Rumil and the elves would be in charge of setting up the observation post along with looking into a communication method back to the keep both mundane and arcane. Aeron would be in charge of fortifications. Blend was also concerned about relying too much on the airship, heavily suggesting we use the asset sparingly. After all, it was a surprise no longer and word would soon spread among friend and foe alike. It would be folly to risk it unless it was absolutely necessary.

I would think the we could reasonably request Skid provide us with an updated map of battle lines based on our ability to gather information and reconcile it.

SkidAce SkidAce August 26, 2015
Blend had done his usual “stand off to the side” and assessed the interactions with Luis. There were several things that disturbed him. First, Luis seemed to treat Jonas more like a servant and less like an equal, even though they both commanded units. He actually treated Nitram slightly better than Jonas. Second, the cavalry commander seemed very disinterested in any of Nitram’s plan’s, almost as if they didn’t matter to him.

Blend didn’t notice any actual wrong doing on the part of Luis, more like a simple casual arrogance combined with a vague interest in getting his job done well.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 27, 2015
“Does anyone have any issues with Scholar Sohei moving the cleric of Parleon inside the walls permanently?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 29, 2015
“Apparently no one has any objections,” Nitram thought through the silence. “Scholar Sohei, please find a permanent location for the cleric within the walls. Thank you for your diligence.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 29, 2015
Nitram thought of Blend’s council and, while he wanted to take the fight to the nearest ogres now, he had a hard time finding issue with his suggestions. “Rumil, I trust your expertise would be beneficial to setting up a few observation posts around the keep to warn the fort of approaching forces. I would think at least one to the north and one to south to make sure we aren’t flanked.” Pausing for a moment, he thought to himself how they’ve been surprised twice by Toreadoran forces from the west. “That will need to be addressed in the future.” Turning back to Rumil, he added, “I leave it to your discretion for how many and where. I’d prefer them to be manned by elves. Maybe Frederick can help you construct them with the pipes. We need to figure out a way to communicate with the posts as well. Aeron, can you or your apprentices help with that?” He paused briefly for the elf to acknowledge his request. “Gentry, Jonas, we need to improve the defenses with spikes, pits, a moat – whatever you can think of and execute.” didn’t we have a dry moat before?
Nitram did seem a little conflicted as he continued, “Blend, I agree that we need to find the main force of ogres out there. How do you plan on keeping your scouts safe against worg riders and harpies? I fear either one of those will be the end of our scouting force. It might be better to either scout in force or scout from the air, where we have a range advantage. I’m planning on going to Castrel and then Tennyson’s Tower to determine our best course of action against the ogres and goblins to the north and east, but I can put that off until we find the ones here.”

Frederick, Rumil and Aeron to secure the keep. Rumil and the elves would be in charge of setting up the observation post

AFCop AFCop August 30, 2015
“I don’t plan on taking any others along with me. I can cover more ground by myself. As you said, aerial scouting would be preferable, however, the harpies make that extremely difficult. However, I am confident I can avoid detection and in emergencies, outdistance the harpies and worgs.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 31, 2015
Nitram wiped the confused look off his face, “So, the scouts will stay here for now?” Thinking that things seemed fairly settled, he paused for any re-attacks from the group before excusing himself so he could prepare to depart for Castrel.

if no one has any objections – and, Skid, we can wait a day or two (especially since you’re working early tomorrow) – Nitram will depart with Serre headed for Castrel, keeping an eye out for any raiding ogres or goblins to pounce on.

SkidAce SkidAce September 01, 2015
Scholar Sohei explained that the cleric of Parleon had been very instrumental in healing and caring for the injured soldiers of the keep, and that many of the villagers were also grateful. He nodded to Nitram and said that he would handle setting up some space, and would report back in the next few days.

Lt Gentry also approached Blend, Rumil, and Nitram. He stated that in a few days he would have a complete report for the leadership on current troop strength, i.e a count of losses and trainees recruited from the villagers and the surrounding area.

Frederick, now somewhat familiar with the usage of the pipes, realized that building a dry moat such as Blend had mentioned would take some time, but would be relatively cost free. A water filled moat would require a source of water, and some worked stone such as the dwarves had provided for the building of the keep. And although Frederick did not have an immediate solution, a bridge of some type would also be needed.

Rumil knew the maps of the keep would need to be updated before placing any observation posts. The leader of the scouts would be a good source of info.

The stones that tey had recovered from the ogres, albeit of limited use per day, would seem to be a good base fro emergency communications. Watch fires or smoke signals could also be implemented as a backup. The fireworks and explosives of the engineers could also be a fruitful line of experimentation.

05 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0800 Waterday

Blend returned from scouting after a couple of days as Nitram was preparing to depart for Castrel. Blend had avoided engagements, but had brought back solid info on the location of the ogre forces. The ogres had pulled back the ground forces past the lakes and the druas valley into the edge of the foothills. (E05, G06, H06) Blend could likely have slipped into the camps and created havoc, but various signs of shaman and magi caused him some concern about magic defenses, so armed with the knowledge of the troop composition he had returned for an initial report.

There appeared to be at least two remaining units of goblin engineers, working on defenses and siege engines, two units of worg riders, providing very effective patrols around the camp with their keen wolven senses, and two to three units of ogres. A possible fourth unit of ogres were tending to some type of reptilian lizard drake creatures that were being keep in covered pens, and were occasionally fed with a spare goblin or two.

Harpies, in groups of three flew constantly between the ogre positions and Farhills. While Blend easily evaded their gaze, large scale movement of troops would be discovered. There was also likely no way to launch the Lioszephyr without it being detected either.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 02, 2015
How far between Farhills and the ogres?

Nitram thought about the report and tried to summon as much of the leadership as he could before he departed. Once assembled, he proposed a couple of options, “I think we have two options right now. First, I can continue to Castrel and determine the status of DuBlade’s forces, especially some cavalry. It’s not likely that he’ll be able to help much here, given the status of the rest of Falconaire. The other option is for me to try to take out the harpy patrols. I’d feel much better if we could remove their ability to observe our actions. What do you think? I’m open to a third path if you have one.”

Personally, I like the second option. It gives us a little more freedom of movement.

xLucix xLucix September 02, 2015
Frederick went to begin building the dry moat, utilizing the Pipes of Building, and made a mental note to discuss the building of the bridge with…well, someone would know at least the basics, or would have a book on the basics.

the_app the_app September 02, 2015
Rumili busied himself with the defenses of the keep, dispatching two scouts to return to the homeland to report on our status and also to gather a report on the People. It would not do to have our backs vulnerable, but little aid could be offered at this point.

Using his observations from the last battle, along with inputs from the scouts and engineers, Rumil directed some small modifications to the walls – cover, oil, rocks, push poles for ladders, etc. While he knew it was a cat and mouse game for seige defense, he would rather not make the cat’s job too easy.

Where he could, he lended a hand in healing, hauling, and replenishing supplies. He would retire for his mandatory 4hrs of rest and would return to work immediately. The battle, he knew, was far from over. He hoped he would be able to join this group in some adventuring again, but fate had him doing what he did best…defending those around him.

His other tasks would need to wait. He had delivered the ore, had received word of thanks and even a bit of healing assistance. He offered to allow the elven lass to return home with the scouts, but then lost track if she had departed or not. He wanted to check on some of those friends he had made in recent travels – but wandering about the lands was not presently possible.

When time permitted, and sadly there was little free time, he would practice with his blade, his bow,, and the energy that flowed inside. When onlookers appeared a bit too interested, he’d invite them to train with him, finding ways to augment their abilities and fighting styles with his own. A good strong defense, after all, required all the defenders to work in perfect harmony. Something that elven defenders trained for decades to achieve…but Rumil had not that luxury.

SkidAce SkidAce September 04, 2015
05 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0900 Waterday

A cool rain front had moved in as Nitram discussed and prepared for either his journey to Castrel or harpy hunting. Low clouds filled the sky with scattered showers of light rain throughout the morning.

Hunting harpies could be problematic, a group of three was likely no problem unless Nitram fell sway to their charms, but if he unexpectedly ran int a swarm, his and Serre’s lives would be on the line.

Frederick began playing the pipes and the ghostly invisible ditch diggers began to excavate a standard sized moat that could be enlarged or improved upon later. One of the engineers walked with him as he played, pointing out methods and direction for the construction.

Rumil’s small defensive improvements were well on their way to completion, and in fact, would likely be completed by the end of the day, as such minor things were easily implemented. It appeared that the elven healer had decided to stay, as Rumil ran into her every so often as he helped tend to the injured.

Blend noticed that there had not been any advancement on his suggestion of magical communication while he had been out on his scouting mission.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 04, 2015
It’s probably because no one noticed Blend’s suggestion. He is pretty inconspicuous

Hearing no comments for or against either plan, Nitram readied himself and Serre to clear the harpy advantage. Not wanting to fly anywhere in this weather how low are these clouds? he waited until the clouds lifted before heading east to hunt harpies.

should I expect bad weather every time I want to engage in air combat?

AFCop AFCop September 04, 2015
Blend casually reminded the magic users about his magical communication suggestion. He then let Nitram know he was going back out into the field to continue to monitor enemy activity as well as disrupt their logistics if he could. He also planned on conducting raids on smaller scouting parties as well as encampments that were vulnerable.

AFCop AFCop September 06, 2015
Skid, we need a synopsis of the troop status of Farhills. Need to know what resources we have. Also, I would suggest a campaign to establish air superiority, i.e. removing the harpy threat. That way we can operate the Liozephyr in the open and wreak havoc on the enemy positions from above. Thoughts?

SkidAce SkidAce September 06, 2015
agreed. Was on schedule for today…trying to get keyboard working after win 10 upgrade. Posting from tablet.

SkidAce SkidAce September 06, 2015
“Gentry was already working on the troop status if you recall”

SkidAce SkidAce September 06, 2015
05 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1000 Waterday

With heavy heart, but a fatalistic understanding that it could have been worse if the ogres had been met on the open field, Lt Gentry presented his tally of the casualties from the battle of a few days ago.

Unit Assigned Current Leaders
Fire Brigade 10 squads 10 Gentry/Nitram
7 squads 6 Slickster/Frederick
3 engineer squads 2 Blofeld/Aeron
Elven Scouts 8 squads 7 forgot/Rumil
Toreador 15 squads 13 Jonas
5 xbows 3 Jonas
Peasant Scouts 3 squads 3 Cragthor/Blend
War Golems 5 squads 5

“Each of our units, except those on the west wall, took nearly a squad sized loss of good men and women. However, it should be noted that the brunt of the losses fell upon the Toreadoran troops, who lost four entire squads on the eastern wall. Perhaps something should be said to Commander Jonas in thanks for his men’s effort?” Gentry said.

SkidAce SkidAce September 07, 2015
According to Blend’s scouting efforts, this was the disposition of the ogre forces (that he had seen).


The red boxes with red x’s were goblin infantry. The x’s with red dots were ogre infantry.
The sideways E’s were goblin engineers. The ovals were worg riders. The gray box was the harpy scouts.

Blend cautioned that these were approximate locations, as each hex was 3 miles side to side. He also added several notes; including that each box was an entire army unit, not a indicator of squad layouts.

The harpy’s base camp was indicated by the box, but the harpies flew air cover over the camps of the other units, and patrolled the air between there and Farhills in groups of 3-5.
The worg riders had two camps, and patrolled around the entire army constantly, in addition to random patrols around the area and near Farhills in groups of two.
The central ogre unit was tending the mysterious reptilian things.
There had been no sign of Trogdor.
In total, Blend’s estimation was;

20 squads of goblin engineers divided into two units.
20 squads of goblin infantry, divided into two units
10 squads of worg riders, divided into two units
15 to 20 squads of ogres, 3 or 4 units
X? squads of reptiles?
5 squads of harpy scouts, one unit.

SkidAce SkidAce September 07, 2015
Of course /blend reminded everyone this did not account for random patrols or…wait…where’s the bugbears?

SkidAce SkidAce September 07, 2015
(Trying something new, the benefit is getting more actions in a single post. Would only use this for “in between scenes” that people are doing off by themselves in order to speed up the process of RP inbetween adventures. The down side is limited choices. Another upside is you getting to type up ll the RP of a combat. I really think there is potential here for off scene development. Today we test with Nitram. After he chooses his course, he will type of the results (no numbers or stats needed) in RP form.

Choose Your adventure

(this has great potential for the little things, Blend setting up new spy net work etc. Anyone feel free to test Nitram’s. Its pretty basic this time. Eventually it could be like the skill challenge ya’ll had to sway the guilds.)

AFCop AFCop September 08, 2015
Wow. They have almost 100 squads out there and we don’t have even 50. And that is after their losses. I guess I am just surprised that there are so many left. I find it a bit hard to believe.

SkidAce SkidAce September 08, 2015
(Corrected typo, goblin infantry and engineers are same size units)

AFCop AFCop September 08, 2015
How many creatures makes up a squad?

SkidAce SkidAce September 08, 2015
(According to the rules pdf on mass combat, 10)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 08, 2015
Nitram waited and watched the weather. Around noon, the rain finally stopped, but the clouds persisted. His patience, however, did not. After covering his ears with cloth and wax, he took off to the east. Serre and Nitram flew just below the cloud ceiling, but occasionally bunted up into the cover before coming back down into the clear. During one of these maneuvers, they popped out of the clouds and spotted a group of three harpies slightly below them and a couple hundred feet away 22 vs. DC15. The ranger readied an arrow as he urged his mount to pursue the unaware harpies.
Nitram fired at the nearest harpy and quickly nocked another arrow. The first arrow found its mark, skewering the flying creature through its chest and back, 30 vs. AC11, crit causing it to immediately fall out of the sky. His second arrow caught the next target in its shoulder 16 vs. AC11 Letting out a scream, the harpy rapidly followed its companion to the earth as it was unable to fly with only one good wing. Hearing, the death sounds of its wingman, the remaining harpy turned and attacked its assailant, flinging a javelin at the ranger, who managed to dodge the projectile. 15 vs. AC17 Before Nitram was able to fire another arrow, Serre had closed with the harpy who was now trying to fly away. His powerful claws ripped gashes into both of its wings, preventing it from maintaining its ability to fly. 26 vs. AC11

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 08, 2015
As the last of the three harpies fell to the ground, Nitram looked around to see if he could find any more. Fortunately, that didn’t take long at all. Unfortunately, there were three harpies triangulating in on his position. He raised his bow to fire just as they released their javelins. He managed to dodge two of them, but his maneuver put him in the path of the third, which lodged itself in his thigh. atk 19, 8, 7 vs. AC17 The wound interfered with his first shot, but he quickly focused with his second arrow and managed to drop one of his assailants. atk 15 vs. AC11 (only kill one) Nitram directed Serre to the area now vacated by the falling harpy and extended the fight away from the pursuing beasts. He managed to avoid two more javelins atk 15, 5 vs. AC17 before turning the griffon to face them. The ranger fired two more arrows which expertly found their marks, dropping the harpies atk 19 vs. AC11 (+5 kills the second) and clearing the immediate sky of any enemy observation. He could feel the temperature begin to rise and, expecting the clouds to soon follow suit, he headed back to Farhills to confer with the others – especially Blend – before continuing the hunt. ”Six harpies down,” he thought to himself. ”I wonder how many more are left….”

SkidAce SkidAce September 08, 2015
Blend’s Adventure

Choos Your Adventure

SkidAce SkidAce September 10, 2015
Sgt Slickster greeted Nitram as he landed, and asked him to come to the map room. Once there, Slickster and Gentry updated what they could with the info and the map Blend had provided.

Lt Gentry glanced cautiously at Sgt Slickster, who nodded back firmly. Gentry then proceeded to brief Nitram on their thoughts.

“It looks to us that the ogre forces have three armies in the field. Which is slightly less than the amount they had when they took Land’s Edge.” Gentry looked at Nitram apologetically and then continued. “Based on reports, and the disposition of their forces, it would seem that they intend on doing to Falconaire what was done to Land’s Edge. However, one army is up north, harassing the Silver Hills and Xar Taken, while the other split into two and is doing sporadic raids on Highkeep. There does not seem to be enough forces in the area for them to actually take Highkeep, so not sure whats going on there. The third army split into two, with one half breaking into the hills and ravaging the eastern countryside of Falconaire. It is unlikely they would be able to take the city and hold it” he paused.

“So, some of us, namely a young lad by the name of Ulric Valor who brought the subtleties of the situation to our attention, think the goal of the ogres is to take the Gloaming Hills province. The question is why?”

Gentry stood and waited for Nitram or any of the others response.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 11, 2015
“If we are comparing it to Land’s End,” the ranger paused momentarily as memories flooded his mind. “then cutting us off makes it easier to take and hold Aerie City down the road. Of course, there is likely additional reasons. Maybe they want something in the gloaming hills. Kinslayer perhaps. Or something older and more powerful. The dragon in the Mist Grove perhaps. Or the Sacred Grove. It’s hard to say. I do agree that it would be nice to find out. I wonder if Blend might be able to discern their intentions regarding the focus on the Gloaming Hills.” He looked around as if he expected Blend to be there, there continued, “Is Ulric Valor here? I would like to hear how he came about this analysis.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 13, 2015
Sgt Slickster went and got Ulric Valor, a young peasant turned scribe. After the lad was introduced, he managed to explain his theories to Nitram, although he was obviously overwhelmed by meeting him.

Everything Ulric mentioned to Nitram and the others in the room was fairly obvious in hindsight, and the cause and affect was plain to see. The current goal of the ogres was the Gloaming Hills. The intelligence of piecing the factors together was plain on Ulric’s face as he overcame his shyness and explained.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 13, 2015
“Sgt. Slickster, where is young Ulric Valor assigned? We should consider moving him to a more advisory or planning role.” Turning to the young scribe, the ranger thanked him for his council.
Addressing the group, he continued, “It would be nice to know their motive, but we must do what we can until it becomes apparent. They have lost the initiative and I don’t want to make the same mistake. We need to clear out the harpies so we can use the skies to our advantage to try to even out their numbers. I’m going back out with Serre as soon as we’re done here. Hopefully, we can finish the rest of them off and come up with a plan of attack.”
Nitram waited to see if anyone else had anything to add, but it was obvious that he wanted to get back into the skies.

Skid, can we work on either killing or making the harpies ineffective (as you mentioned in a text a few days back)?

SkidAce SkidAce September 14, 2015
(What say we have a mini group excursion, ship, you and Serre, that everyone could contribute to…negating the harpy threat seems to significant to rely on just a skill challenge. Give me your thoughts…still open to suggestions.)

A Siege of Ogres part 6

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