A Siege of Ogres part 7

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 14, 2015
I’m fine with that. let’s kill some harpies and flying lizards then drop fireballs on the ogres and worgs.

xLucix xLucix September 14, 2015
Yay fireballs!

SkidAce SkidAce September 14, 2015
Has Blend reported flying lizards?)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 15, 2015
has blend reported anything? But, seriously, according to your post with the map, he has.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 15, 2015
After relaying his success against the harpies, Nitram suggested the group take the Lioszephyr our to see what damage they could do to the ogre encampment. Of course, he recommended bringing magic users and as many elven scouts as they could fit on the deck. He would provide escort, flying above the ship where able.

SkidAce SkidAce September 15, 2015
Nitram needed to confer with Aeron, and perhaps a few of the others to develop a plan. He was fairly certain the Lioszephyr had been t0o tightly packed during its last encounter, and it would take careful planning to decide who would be among the 20 passengers.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 18, 2015
“Hey Aeron, what do you think?”

SkidAce SkidAce September 18, 2015
Aeron considered the matter.

Nitram, Blend, Rumil, Frederick and he would make five, plus a squad of Rumil’s archers, totaling 15. Shylent and Cragthor would do better at the fort. Aeron suggested bringing along three of the engineers to man the balistas while either he or Rumil he piloted the ship. That would be plenty.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 19, 2015
I think Nitram will be on Serre. How long is his mounted flight time now? Still a few hours?

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 19, 2015
Nitram considered the elf’s suggestion. He nodded, saying “Sounds good. Let’s go hunting,” as he left to find Serre.

SkidAce SkidAce September 20, 2015
(Serre and Nitram can go by the book for flying…he got strong abnormally fast…its AMAZING!)

xLucix xLucix September 20, 2015
“You know, I’ve never actually gone hunting. It may be surprising, but I was more of an indoors person before all of this.” Frederick grinned. “Should be fun.”

AFCop AFCop September 23, 2015
Blend informed Nitram that he was going to conduct some small raids, and exploit any vulnerability he could discover on the nearby ogre encampment. He determined the best method of approaching the encampment was through the dark shadowy druas forest.

Using the shadows and cover of the trees, Blend made his way to the edge of the forest and began creeping towards the bulk of the ogre forces, constantly on the lookout for enemy scouts.

He easily spotted a lone worg and its rider perched low on a rock, under a copse of trees, looking in Blend’s direction. It was apparent that the duo had not seen Blend yet.

There was ample cover and concealment in the area and Blend’s light footfalls made no noise as he moved into position for an attack. For a moment, the worg raised its head and sniffed the air, but Blend had wisely determined the wind direction and was downwind of the nasty creature. The goblin was obviously uninterested in its duties, a mistake that Blend knew he would regret in mere moments.

Moving with supernatural speed, Blend’s form was a blur as he left the cover of the trees covering an incredible amount of distance in the blink of an eye. Incarnhate took the worg under its left jaw, the blade biting deep into the abomination’s brain, killing it instantly.

As the creature began to fall forward, it pitched the goblin rider off balance. As the pathetic creature flaied its arms in a feeble attempt to catch its balance, Blend removed his blade from the worg’s head and his follow through strike took the goblin across the throat. It fell to the ground grasping its severed windpipe, its lifeblood bubbling and gurgling onto the ground until it lat still.

Blend cleaned his blade and dragged the bodies into a nearby depression where it would be out of sight from any following goblin patrols. He moved his way farther towards the ogre encampment and noted that it would be fairly easy to escort some squads along this route, without sounding any alarms. Barring a random encounter with a worg or a harpy patrol, so far this path seemed to be a gap.

Blend had reached closer to the encampment than he had before and was able to pick out a few more details. The lizards that the ogre beast masters seemed to be tending, although hard to see under the branches and shadowy tarps, appeared to have wings.

He was also able to discern a central area that was likely the command tent area, surrounded by wooden pickets, and rune carved posts. Knowing the capability of blood magic to sound the alarm, Blend prepared to return to camp with the additional information.

AFCop AFCop September 23, 2015
Blend informed Nitram of the path through the woods and how a group could exploit it and get close to the camp for a raid. This should be done in conjunction with an attack on another front, most likely the airship. However, Blend appealed to the magic users for a way to defeat magical wards to detect intruders. While Blend was confident he could disarm them, doing so in the middle of an active encampment was a risk he would like to mitigate. The wards surrounded a command tent so to speak and he wanted to get inside and look for intelligence that would enlighten them on the movements and motivations of the ogre force.

SkidAce SkidAce September 23, 2015
Aeron and his retinue of apprentices considered the matter of getting Blend past the magical protections. Aeron was fairly certain the magic would be similar to that found in the mines on Fire Geyser Plateau (where the skeleton had been the anchor for the magic) likely set to sound the alarm if crossed by a non-goblin or ogre type.

The discussion resulted in the consensus that if they could procure some type of non-detection item or spell, it could be enhanced by a ritual to allow Blend to pass by unnoticed and without out sounding the alarm. There was likely a 1/3 rd chance that the item or spell used would be burnt up in the process, depending on the proximity to the magic and its intensity.

Aeron relayed the information to Blend, and told him to let him know if he had access to any such spell or item, as Aeron could conduct the ritual in two hours or less, if assisted by his apprentices.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 24, 2015
Nitram happened to be walking by the elf and merchant and overheard the end of their conversation. He stopped and suggested, “would our elven cloaks be considered a non-detection type of item? I know mine helps me to not be detected…at least visually.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 24, 2015
“Well” said Aeron, “while I had not considered the cloaks, and they are not categorically non-detection type items, I am sure I can develop some changes in the ritual that would allow for success. The chances for loss of the item would increase to about 60% however.” Aeron began to make his way back to the tower calling out “If the cloak was harmed during this unique usage, we might also lose our merchant, gods forbid…” and chuckling as he went.

xLucix xLucix September 25, 2015
Frederick, not having much to do at the moment, cast his mind outward, trying to link it to the Book of Kells. It was a risky move to make, but he was getting desperate. He was also certain that it was his fault that the Book had made its way into the hands of evil, so he didn’t want to burden anyone else with recovering it.

SkidAce SkidAce September 26, 2015
After hearing Blend’s describtion of the command tent area, Frederick was able to pair that up with the faint sense of location he got from the Book of Kells . He was fairly certain that the book was to be found within the grasp of one of the ogre’s within the command area of the army.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 26, 2015
Nitram found Blend as everyone was preparing to leave. The ranger was obviously excited about something, “I’d really like a shot at that tent. I was thinking, we could have the airship attack the ogre or goblin camp as planned. Ideally, they should focus on those winged lizards. Nature check – are they wyverns? I’ll have Serre escort the airship, both to give them a little more flexibility and to make the ogres think I’m in the air. It should keep the harpies away. But, you and I and maybe a squad or two of elven scouts could follow your path to the camp. You can do what you do and get in the tent to find some intel and then get out. If there are ogres in there, especially their leader, I’d like to take him out. At this point, I don’t even care about the alarms, but we could always switch cloaks. not sure if Nitram knows about the shadow walking, but can’t you shadow walk past the alarm? If it gets to bad, you can either help or I’ll call for Serre to come and get me. The elves can provide some cover and delay and aid to the HQ once the fight starts. Of course, I’d appreciate it if you can think of a way for us both to be in there without raising the alarm. What do you think?"

AFCop AFCop September 28, 2015
Blend looked at Nitram. “Give me a day. I want to infiltrate that command tent before we attack and we lose a chance at that intelligence.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 29, 2015
“Are you wanting to go in alone now? Without a raiding party or the distraction of an attack?”

AFCop AFCop September 29, 2015
Blend nodded. “Alone. Now. No parties or distractions.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 29, 2015
“Fine. I’ll work out the attack with the others until you get back.” The ranger was somewhat frustrated at the continuing delay, but understood the potential intelligence benefit of Blend getting into that tent. “Good luck.” Nitram went off to find the others and coordinate a plan of attack.

AFCop AFCop September 29, 2015
Blend left immediately, making his way through the Druas forest along the route he had scouted earlier. When he made his way to the camp, he watched and waited for an opportunity to infiltrate the command tent.

SkidAce SkidAce September 29, 2015
Blend was able to reach the location of the ogre armies by late afternoon. He could see the central area that he had identified as the command area in the distance. The area between camps was very lightly wooded, and the brush had been cleared away to allow troops to patrol. There were a few other encampments scattered about, but with the brush and shadows, not to mention the slightly hilly and uneven terrain, he felt he would able to maneuver past the “lesser” encampments of goblins and worgs, reaching the ogre command area and the magical protections in about an hour. He considered his options from his hidden vantage point. Sneaking more to the west as he approached would be easier, but there were two likely choke points where he would have to creep about a hundred feet before reaching a safe position. (Two stealth checks) To the east, there was only one choke point, but it was much closer to a goblin worg encampment, and there was the potential to be picked up by the keen senses of the actively patrolling worgs. (One stealth check)

Once past those threats, Blend felt he would have the time to sit, observe, and assess the magical protections encircling the command area.

(Make the appropriate stealth checks (one or two) for the path you desire to take and rp the results from your point of view. You of course could shadow step through either area, that will give you advantage on your stealth check)

AFCop AFCop September 29, 2015
Blend weaved his way through the encampment using tents, foliage and shadows for concealment. He was patient, often waiting for long minutes at end without moving, carefully observing movement without both his eyes and ears, crawling on his belly when necessary, slipping into an unoccupied tent here and there. At certain points, he lay still, covering himself with whatever was available, his cloak blending into the surroundings and making him appear as nothing more than part of the environment. Blend did not need to “see” if anyone was nearby. He “felt” them through the ground. When confronted with an unavoidable obstacle or patrol, he simply focused, became insubstantial and melded with the shadows, travelling through whatever it was, until he appeared in an different shadow nearby. After nearly an hour of methodical and meticulous movements and maneuvers, he was at the perimeter of the command tent, and for the first time he encountered an obstacle that was magical in nature and much more difficult to fool. He lay still, and observed what he could from his vantage point to see if he could discern the secrets of bypassing this new barrier.

the_app the_app September 29, 2015
Rumil nodded agreement with the planned course of action. He would aid on the ship, provide defensive planning and pilot if required. He knew that waiting for a second attack when the enemy was disordered was pointless and counterproductive. He was saddened that death was the only solution – but he would not hesitate to bring swift death to those who did not follow the path of light.

SkidAce SkidAce September 30, 2015
Blend had chosen a spot to observe the command area that was slightly back (50 feet) from the wooden picket and the rune encarved posts that likely designated the start of the magical protections, and slightly raised so he could see past the six foot tall pickets pounded into the ground around the perimeter.

The camp was roughly triangular in shape, running about 300 feet along a side. Blend was nearest the “point” of the triangle, and the camp widened as it spread away from him. There was a large bonfire burning in the center of the camp, and a large command style tent in each corner. The tent closest to Blend (southern) had the insignia of a bloody teardrop wreathed in flame painted in blood on a large banner planted next to it. On the opposite side of the camp, the tent to the left (west) had no banner, but seemed to have the most traffic, as ogres were seen coming and going in ones and twos on occasion. The remaining command tent (east) had a large brown banner with a yellow logo that Blend was unfamiliar with painted upon it. The ominous banner of Trogdor was planted prominently near the bonfire. There were several trees within the encampment, but none within 25 feet of any of the command tents. Each command tent had a pair of fairly large ogres in chain mail guarding the entrance.

Returning his attention to the magical defenses, Blend noted that that the rune carved poles were spaced about 30 feet from each other, and 10 feet from the wooden pickets of the fenceline, forming a line around the entire triangular camp. (You may roll an Investigation check, post RP and results)

From Blend’s far left, an ominous hissing could be heard from the tree shrouded beast pens where the large lizard type creatures were kept, but they were too far away to be seen past the brush and terrain.

AFCop AFCop October 02, 2015
Blend did his best to take in all that he could about the camp and the magical barriers. He focused and pulled strength from the shadows to cloak himself from sight, disappearing from view. He then proceeded carefully around the perimeter inspecting the wards, their positions and their relationship to the camp and its surroundings. Investigation 24

SkidAce SkidAce October 03, 2015
From the investigation of the perimeter Blend noticed one key facet about the magical protection that surrounded the camp. The way the “alarm” poles were set up and aligned with each other, made Blend believe that the magical detection was more of a curtain surrounding the camp, rather than a dome or area encompassing everything. Logically then, once past the “alarm” poles, Blend should be able to use his stealth to move around freely within the camp.

How wide this curtain was Blend was unable to tell, but since the poles were 10 feet from the wooden picket/palisade of the fenceline, they likely didn’t extend any further into the camp. How far out Blend could not determine.

AFCop AFCop October 03, 2015
So theoretically, Blend could shadowstep and bypass the curtain?

SkidAce SkidAce October 03, 2015
(Theoretically, yes. How close does he want to get before trying?)

AFCop AFCop October 04, 2015
Range is 60 ft. So as far away from barrier and still with enough distance to make it to a safe spot on the other side.

SkidAce SkidAce October 04, 2015
Blend found a spot where he could use the shadows of the trees to conceal himself. From a raised vantage point he could see over parts of the fenceline, and soon picked out a shadowy area near a small supply tent. Blend shadowstepped adjacent to the small supply tent, where he easily remained concealed.

The command tent closest to Blend was still the one with the bloody teardrop insignia, the southern one. There were plenty of goblins moving about, doing chores and such. From Blend’s vantage point he could see at least six guard ogres, several ogres of undetermined status, and a couple of ogre blacksmiths maintaining the weapons and armor of the leadership.

SkidAce SkidAce October 04, 2015
05 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1800 Waterday

Nitram continued to plan with the others as Blend was out and about on his scouting mission. Knowing the tendency of Blend to remain in shadows, Nitram did not expect to see Blend before the night was over, or even the early dawn. Nitram was also concerned about the lizards Blend had previously reported, as the vague description was not enough for Nitram to determine what the creatures could be. However, Cragthor mentioned that he had seen several ogre clans that had “tamed” wyverns in the past.

Rumil was approached by the leaders of the elven scouts, all of which wished to volunteer their squad to travel on the airship during any attack. It was left up to Rumil to decide which would have the honor.

the_app the_app October 04, 2015
Rumil knew that avenging their fallen brothers would lift the spirits of the scouts, but he also knew he had to ensure success for many more battles to come.

He instructed his officers to mix strong with less experienced scouts, ensuring experience and wisdom could be passed down. Each of his scouts were capable in their own right – having lived and trained for well over a century – but only battle can test the metal of a sharpened blade properly. He wanted a 70/30 split, but left it to the commanders to ensure the team would bring the right experience to bear.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 05, 2015
Nitram sought out Scholar Sohei and asked him to commission a small memorial to be placed in the courtyard to signify the sacrifice made by Capt Jonas’ Toreadoran heavy infanty as well as that made by the elves and Fire Brigade. He stressed that it should be simple and respectful, but specific to those nations that participated.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 05, 2015
Nitram gathered the war council together again while Blend was out hopefully retrieving intelligence on the enemy. Focusing on the rough map depicting the enemy positions, he said, “We need to strike while they are spread out. I propose we load the constructs in the airship and have it leave the keep to the northwest as if it were going to Castrel. Put the mages and elven scouts on board as planned. I’ll take off to the east a bit just to provide some cover. Then, the airship can circle north around to the north east side of their camps. Meanwhile a small group can follow Blend’s trail to perform a raid once the airship attacks. I’ll either go with the raiding party or try to take Serre over the ogre camp to see what damage we can do. We need to focus the raid and the airship on the worg riders and flying lizards. Once the raid begins, the remaining infantry should be formed up outside the keep in case it would be beneficial to march them toward the ogres or protect the returning raiding party. Ideally, I’d love to drop the constructs in the ogre camp to cause mass confusion and have the infantry attack, but I don’t think they can cross that distance quickly enough. Thoughts?”

the_app the_app October 05, 2015
Rumil considered Nitram’s plan, but was concerned using the constructs as sappers. While they were certainly tough, if the group were to lose one, what affect would that have on the airship and her stability? He was, however, in favor of the rest of the plan…and looked forward to raining death upon those that dared to attack us.

xLucix xLucix October 06, 2015
Frederick, having returned from a terrible case of writer’s block, agreed that the plan seemed sound, and was more than ready to deal death to their enemies. Whomever they were.

And then, he thought to himself, I get my book back…

SkidAce SkidAce October 06, 2015
Shylent moved past Frederick’s shoulder, giving him a semi-friendly shove as she walked towards the table. She poked the map with one finger and said “Harpies watch fort.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 06, 2015
“That’s why Serre and I will take off first to chase the harpies away. At least momentarily.”

SkidAce SkidAce October 08, 2015
“Chase some, not all stupid” Shylent stated plainly. She merely pointed at Blend’s estimation of units and stomped away from the table to find a wall to lean on.

SkidAce SkidAce October 08, 2015
From Blend’s vantage point he could see the two ogre guards on either side of the tent. Blend recalled the bloody tear insignia was for the Kelvein clan of ogres, as he saw the pennant slowly wafting limply in the wind. In fact, this close, he could see the insignia etched upon the chain mail of the ogres.

For about an hour, various goblins and ogres came to the tent and went in, around six in total. It looked like maybe there was a meeting of some sort. Eventually the six goblin and ogres left. Shortly after that, an ogre with a long black haired top knot also left, bowing as he did. This ogre had a large bloody tear insignia on his left shoulder, and carried a double headed axe.

Shairfyre_girl.jpgA gorgeous female human approached the tent, but was held up by the guards. She growled at the pair and then sighed, changing form into a medium sized female ogre with jeweled armlets. once she had changed form, the ogre guards let her enter.


SkidAce SkidAce October 11, 2015
There was a stumbling noise, and Ulric Valor fell forward onto the edge of the planning table with an embarrassed look. Behind Ulric, Sgt Slickster was sitting on an upturned keg cleaning his nails nonchalantly.

Ulric cleared his throat and mentioned “Did Ser Blend give any indication of how long it would take to sneak through his hidden route? Just so we can make sure to strike close to the same time?”

SkidAce SkidAce October 14, 2015
ogre_warlord_necro.jpgAnother hour passed, and eventually the ogress magi and an new figure left the tent and moved to the central fire area. Once at the central area, the large ominous ogre warlord gave a simple nod, and then began backing away from the group of ogres gathered near the fire.

A large ogre, dressed in ceremonial armor and expensive furs was surprised when multiple ogres grabbed him, slit his throat, and tossed him into the fire. A group of three shaman started chanting, and the bonfire grew larger. The only word that Blend could hear and potentially recognize was the word “Trogdor, Trogdor, Trogdor…” over and over again.

There was a fiery burst from the bonfire, and a large winged serpentine form appeared in the midst of the fire. The figure was over 16 feet tall, covered in green scales, and surrounded by a flickering orange aura of fire. There was one single flesh colored muscular arm protruding from its torso. The figure casually incinerated several more ogres, and then seemed to pause, listening to the chanting of the remaining ogres. It then began to walk quickly and ponderously out the southern gate, and in what looked like to Blend, the direction of Fort Farhills.


AFCop AFCop October 14, 2015
Blend witnessed the magi leaving the tent. He had been looking for any other magical wards during that time. The ceremonial sacrifice and the summoning the strange serpentine creature was both the same time concerning and disturbing to him and he realized that he could not delay any longer. He enacted his invisibility once more and proceeded to the tent opening, figuring the easiest way was to slip by the guards. He was, however, keen to inspect the area visually as he approached for any wards or traps. You never could be too careful.

AFCop AFCop October 14, 2015
Did Blend recognize either magi? If not, he will make mental note of their appearance and distinguishing marks or mannerisms.

SkidAce SkidAce October 15, 2015
(Stealth 17) Blend moved in time with the slight breezes and lightly slipped his way past the two ogre guards and through the loose tent flap. Inside the tent was a torch lit area, consisting of a large table with stools around it, a rack of various ordinary ogre sized weapons, a smaller table with the remains of a half eaten human, and a scrambled pile of furs and blankets.

The most obvious thing in the room was what looked like the Book of Kells laying on the table to one side. In the center of the table was a map, with information on troops and disposition that Blend already knew. It did however confirm that the reptilian lizards were wyverns. There was also a small courier’s satchel, with several papers taken out and laying next to it.

From outside the heavy tread of the ogre warlord could be heard approaching as he conversed with the darkly evil female ogress.

AFCop AFCop October 15, 2015
Blend knew he had no time and if anyone could see his face, they would know he was frustrated at the ogre’s return. He had no choice but to grab the book of Kells and the courier’s satchel, realizing full well that their disappearance would be noticed immediately and the camp put on high alert. He had some trepidation just grabbing the tome, knowing full well the power of those books and the great lengths their owners would go to protecting them. He only hoped his luck held and counted on the magi’s over confidence. The front of the tent was out of the question, so Blend opted to go out the back under the tent’s bottom. Still cloaked in invisibility, he hoped that, along with his skills, would be enough to provide for his escape.

SkidAce SkidAce October 15, 2015
Blend slipped silently past the bedding and the dinner table, and lowered himself to the ground, pushing outward with barely a ripple in the fabric of the tent. Out and under until he was on the other side of the fabric.

(consider you entered the tent at 3 oclock, you are now at 9 o clock.)

There was some light and some shadows, as the back side of this tent was adjacent to the tents for the elite ogre guards. Most of the guards were at the bonfire, while others guarded command tent entrances. Others could be sleeping within the dozens of tents he could see merely 30 feet away. To the south was the main entrance, and the wooden palisade.

Blend had no difficulty going from shadow to shadow and escaping the encampment. As he passed the magical alarms, there was a large bellow from the tent he had just robbed. Looking back from the shadows of some trees, he say the female ogre rise into the sky, turning and looking about in every direction. Something about her gaze made Blend feel wary about letting it cross his path.

AFCop AFCop October 15, 2015
Blend didn’t rely on his invisibility, and instead continued to shadow step further away, using shadows to provide concealment. He knew of magical means to detect hidden creatures and wasn’t about to underestimate this creature, assuming it had similar tools at its disposal. Blend did not step in a straight path, but “leaped” where he could, making his way back to the forest.

AFCop AFCop October 15, 2015
Blend wanted to preserve the forest route into the camp for future use. Instead he turned to the ravine. He figured it would be harder for any worg riders to follow in the difficult terrain, which he considered a significant threat to his escape. Flicking from tent to tent, cover to cover, Blend finally made it to the edge of the camp. There was only a short open area to cross until he reached the cover of the ravine. He was about to sprint the distance when the hair on the back of his neck stood up and his instincts told him to remain still. He paused like a hare caught in the open field, hoping that the predator would lose sight of it. He crouched perfectly still next to a large boulder, the only cover in the area. His black cloak perfectly blended in with the surroundings. The female ogre passed by overhead, circling the perimeter, knowing that anything would need to pass nearby, obviously in the direction of Farhills. Blend thought for a moment that he would have to change tactics and sprint the rest of the way to evade capture, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. He flashed back to the time after the demon cave, where he briefly lost himself and remembered how it felt to be stalked, spending several sleepless nights hiding and running away from the ominous wraith-like creature with the burning yellow eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. Several heartbeats later, the ogre was out of sight and Blend wasted no time charging ahead into the waiting embrace of the ravine and the cover it provided.

SkidAce SkidAce October 16, 2015
Once as Blend made his way towards Fort Farhills, he spied the serpentine form of Trogdor meandering its way nearer to the keep. The giant creature left burning footsteps behind as it walked quickly yet ponderously back and forth. Blend estimated he would reach the fort maybe a half hour before the creature, if it kept its current pace.

Blend reached the fort after midnight, and found Nitram still in the council room with several others, thinking and plotting.

06 Angel, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0100 Thunderday

xLucix xLucix October 16, 2015
“Blend, how goes it? Spy anything interesting on your, well, spy mission?”

SkidAce SkidAce October 17, 2015
After Frederick addressed Blend, several other people entered the war room, notably Shylent, Lt Gentry and Sgt Slickster, and Cragthor.

Shylent eyed Blend and then slapped him on the shoulder in recognition of his return.

AFCop AFCop October 18, 2015
Blend rushed into the keep, past the guard and straight into council room. Out of breath and drenched in sweat, he did not mean to be rude, but ignored the Frederick the bard, pushing past him in order to address the members present. “We need to man the walls now!” Blend yelled with unusual emotion. “Archers and crossbowman atop the front palisades! There is an ogre spawned fire-breathing demon on its way, no more than half a bell behind me! Get the Lioszephyr airborne. The magic-users should be aboard to provide support. We need to field the infantry inside the walls to bolster the gates. Post a sentry force on the other walls just in case they try to flank. I am not sure the rest of the ogre force is coming with the demon, but we need to prepare for that possibility.” Blend looked at the dumbfounded expression on his audiences faces. No doubt this was as loud as they had ever heard him speak with more emotion as well too. But if the look on his face and the sense of urgency in his voice, from one usually so stoic and taciturn, could not spurn them into action with as much haste as they could hope to muster, he wasn’t sure what could.

the_app the_app October 18, 2015
Rumil wasn’t sure what the urgency was, nor did he care. A trusted ally needed magic on high and Rumil would provide it – raining fire and death from above. “My kin will be on the wall and I head for the ship. Let whatever danger that approaches fear the wrath they have unleashed.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 19, 2015
Nitram jumped up, spurred on by the word “ogre” and trying not to think about the “demon” part. “You heard him, let’s go! Ready the men and get some archers on the walls!” The ranger stopped briefly next to Rumil on the way out, “Make sure there are some elven scouts on the Lioszephyr as well – just to keep any harpies at bay.” Nitram moved quickly through the keep and to Serre’s perch. Gently waking his friend, he began to ready him for flight as he explained what was coming. The young griffon seemed to stretch the sleep away and his keen eyes focused to the east as he was saddled. The duo were in the air in a matter of minutes, looking down at the keep and the hornet’s nest of activity below. Watching to the east, Nitram guided Serre north, hoping to flank whatever was coming.

can we see the burning Trogdor?

SkidAce SkidAce October 19, 2015

SkidAce SkidAce October 19, 2015
Before Blend could look around, Lt Gentry and Sgt Slickster were in motion and gone, the crusty Sgt bellowing at the tops of his lungs as he sounded the alarm and raised the troops. As his voice receded in the distance, there was also the sound of the occasional “ouch” or “ooof” as he kicked some unlucky soldier into action.

Rumil made it to the Lioszephyr in short order, followed in quick fashion by the 1st squad of elven archers, who were conveniently staged near the stairs to the ship in order to get the jump on the other squads. The only golem upon the ship was their leader, Nota, and the other three that normally stood guard. Having heard the spreading alarm, Nota had directed the mooring lines to be loosed, and the helm of the ship awaited Rumil’s command.

Nitram and Serre rose above the keep, they could see the guards and the preparations being conducted below in the torches of the inner courtyard and the circle of light that surrounded the keep from the watch fires. And in the distance, a spotty line of small brush fires and flames that showed the advance of the huge figure of Trogdor. And soon after, rounding the last of the small hills on the approach to the fort was the 16 foot tall figure of Trogdor itself, surrounded by billowing flames and embers of fire.

xLucix xLucix October 19, 2015
Frederick grabbed Sgt Slickster’s shoulder. “Where can I be of the most use, Sergeant?” he yelled above the hubbub of activity

AFCop AFCop October 19, 2015
As a magic user who can lob fireballs, probably the airship.

the_app the_app October 19, 2015
Rumil boarded the ship, nodded to the scout leader to take up 360 firing positions and awaited the all clear from the golem. He had hoped Aeron and Frederick would be available to handle the ship, as he was not as proficient at this disciplined mind magic, but time seemed limited at best.

As soon as the all clear was given, Rumil would will this blasted ship to rise. He hesitated one last second, to see if either of the other mages would join him or if they felt their services were best utilized on the wall.

xLucix xLucix October 19, 2015
Through the miracle of song, Frederick made his way to the ship, and immediately readied his magics. He also began singing an inspirational Elvish battle song, albeit with an accent.

SkidAce SkidAce October 19, 2015
Rumil saw the golem’s signal, and noted that Frederick had made it on board before the gangplank was pulled up. Aeron was nowhere in sight, and with the ropes untied it was time to raise the ship.

The crew hired by Blend had readied the sails, and the wind was favorable (from the NW). With Rumil at the helm providing the magical conduit, the Lioszephyr was up and facing the direction of the approaching Trogdor.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 20, 2015
Nitram urged Serre towards the north, planning on flanking the giant ogre or at least drawing his attention away from the keep and whatever Blend and the others could come up with. As they flew, he fired two arrows at the fiery creature.
2 x atk + 10, disadvantage for range (unless his large side negates it), crit 19-20 for favored enemy; dmg 1d8 + 5 each.
let me know our range as we keep closing. At 90’ he’ll cast Hunter’s Mark

Nitram continued to scan the surroundings in case the giant ogre wasn’t alone.

SkidAce SkidAce October 20, 2015
It was hard to tell from the distance and the darkness into which Nitram fired his two arrows at the glowing figure of Trogdor, but the flaming beast did not seem to react to the attack.

(Trogdor is not an ogre, no favored enemy bonuses.)

the_app the_app October 20, 2015
Rumil provided the initial bearing for the ship, but was quick to assist the setup of the air assault. Elves would focus on anything airborne, with secondary targets on the ground. The golems would utilize any ballista still onboard and focus on the advancing beast. The sailors would tend to the ship and defend against anything that actually made it to the deck. He asked Frederick to rally the forces with his art and to prepare his incantations against the creature. If and when they were in range, Rumil would shift his own focus to hurling his blood fueled power at the creature as well.

xLucix xLucix October 20, 2015
Frederick continued to inspire his comrades and prepare his incantations

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xLucix xLucix October 21, 2015
“If anyone sees a bunch of magic-type looking ogres, or any ogres in a circle or particular pattern, sing out! We’ll need to take the summoners out if we feel like standing a chance against whatever the hells is that they’ve summoned!”

SkidAce SkidAce October 21, 2015
The Lioszephyr swiftly sailed over the fire lit keep and towards the approaching “beast?”. By Rumil’s estimation, they were about 150 feet away from Trogdor and nearly 200 feet above it. For a moment Rumil though he had seen Serre and Nitram moving to flank the creature, but then they were lost in the darkness of the sky.

(20 foot squares)


the_app the_app October 21, 2015
Once the beast was within range of the heavier weapons, Rumil positioned the ship to provide maximum firing advantage to the golems and elves. He and Frederick kept vigil for any magic wielders and harpies – with the crew maintaining watch of the deck to ensure nothing joined them that wasn’t invited.

Rumil looked to Frederick, asking “You’re normally a font of knowledge about all things strange…what is this creature and from whence does it come?” He did not recall anything about this creature in his own training (knowledge checks), but at the moment any tidbit could prove useful.

xLucix xLucix October 21, 2015
Frederick made his way to the front of the ship to get a visual on the Trogdor, then made his way back to Rumil, racking his mind for any information he might be able to provide knowledge checks as well

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 22, 2015
Are Nitram and Serre off the map?

SkidAce SkidAce October 22, 2015
(Nitram and Serre are anywhere on the map they want to be.)

SkidAce SkidAce October 22, 2015
Rumil maneuvered the prow of the ship towards the incandescent form of the approaching Trogdor, allowing all three ballistas an opportunity to fire. The ship was just outside of the optimum range for the ballistas (120’) and Rumil considered when to give the order to fire.

Frederick didn’t know much specifically about Trogdor (Int 17) but had gathered from his time in this area and encounters with ogres, that the majority of the ogre tribes, especially the older clans, worshipped primordial spirits of the elements from days of yore, and that Trogdor was likely such a spirit, apparently of the fire element.

the_app the_app October 22, 2015
If he can be anywhere, he chooses 5ft behind Trog, neck level, lance at the ready.

Rumil, focused on bringing the ship within range, but not within swatting distance, gave the standard “fire when you see the fire in its eyes” command he often used when battling trogs.

Frederick’s insight into this creature’s origin and purpose gave Rumil an idea. He continued to maneuver the ship to within optimal firing distance and then proceeded to fly the ship parallel to the trog, keeping it on the starboard side with the intent to fly past it, firing and casting, as appropriate.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 22, 2015
Nitram moved to within 90’ north/northwest just above the tree of the elemental and marked it as his next prey. cast hunter’s mark He focused his attention on the beast and fired two more arrows from his bow as he contemplated getting closer. He reached out to his pixie, seeking additional resistance to the effects of the elemental’s flames. asking the pixie to cast resistance to fire

SkidAce SkidAce October 22, 2015
As Nitram and Serre drew closer, Nitram could see the arrows that he had fired burst into flame and fall to the ground in ashes as they got within five feet of Trogdor.

Rumil worked with the crew to swing the prow of the _Lioszephyr northward and ride the line just within optimal distance of the ballistas. Rumil hadn’t had much practice working in tandem with the crew and the helm, but together they managed to pull it off successfully. (Arcana 20)

As they drew parallel to Trogdor, the golem ballista gunners on the bow and the starboard side fired their deadly bolts towards the creature. (Att 18, 25, damage 21, 22) The first ballista bolt almost missed Trogdor, but the second one hit him dead center. The bolts had burst into flame as they had hit Trogdor, but the larger ballista bolts retained enough impact to damage the creature, unlike the arrows.

Trogdor slowly turned its gaze towards the flying thing that had stung it with its little bolts. Its mouth gaped open wide and what looked like a fireball was spat out of its mouth at the Lioszephyr. The fireball burst amidships, and the adamantium plated hull blocked much of the creature’s attack from below, but not all. (3/4 cover, + 5 to Dex saving throw)

Where Rumil and Frederick were stationed at the helm, they felt the heat from the blast, but there was no actual damage. Some of those on the deck were less fortunate. Half of the elven archers were in the blast area, and of those two were incinerated completely, while the remaining three were severely burnt. The golem on the starboard side was charred, but survived, while one of the crew was burnt to a crisp, stumbling and falling overboard from the blast.

The blast was over in a second, and the remaining crew and archers were able to put out any minor fires that had remained.

Round 1

Name Init Status
Serre/Nitram 24
Rumil/Lioszephyr 17
Trogdor 12 solo
Frederick 09


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 October 23, 2015
how about you cast invulnerability to fire on me…. I’m not sure how close I can get

Concern washed over the ranger’s face as he realized that getting close to this creature would be difficult. He tried to estimate where the arrows stopped and if he could get within 10’ of the elemental without suffering much damage. some kind of intelligence check to determine if he could get close, coupled with a knowledge/nature check on the strength and range of his fire Maybe his lance would come in handy after all. He again beseeched his pixie for help.

AFCop AFCop October 23, 2015
Blend’s fears were confirmed as he saw Nitram’s arrows burn up before it hit the creature. This thing couldn’t be stopped by the soldiers of Farhills without great cost. He drew his sword and leaped from the battlement to the ground. When he landed, he seemed to split into four, right before bursting into a dead sprint straight at the creature.

Dash as bonus action, move 110 ft, action to cast mirror image. Magic arrows should still be able to hurt it IMO.

SkidAce SkidAce October 23, 2015
Nitram assessed the danger of approaching Trogdor.

(At the start of each of Trogdor’s turns , each creature within 5 feet of it takes x (xdx) fire damage, and flammable objects in the aura that aren’t being worn or carried ignite. A creature that touches Trogdor or hits it with a melee attack while within 5 feet of it takes x (xdx) fire damage.)

As Nitram studied Trogdor, his crystal pendant with the forest sprite in it began to glow a brilliant green.

SkidAce SkidAce October 23, 2015
Round 1

Name Init Status
Serre/Nitram 24
Rumil/Lioszephyr 17
Blend 15 dash
Trogdor 12 solo
Frederick 09


the_app the_app October 23, 2015
Sadly for the Trogdor it had made a fatal error, for Rumil no longer suffered mass attacks on his kin – not after the incident on the walls, where so many perished due to magic. His blood had boiled then, but now it absolutely overflowed with energy…

…energy he intended to direct at this foul creature that those filthy shamen had summoned to their aid. He knew not why or how, but he began to speak the old elvish dialect, invoking the power of Corellon, calling on him to expell this creature from the realm. He forced the ship to head directly at the Trogdor, knowing he had to reduce the distance…the Trogdor had to hear and see all the grandness of the power pushing up from within Rumil. He set his men to firing what could survive or tending to those that needed it…as he uttered his final words in old Elvish – “Begone foul creature – your time here ends now!”, sending forth his god’s power (Banishment, 1 creat, 60ft, save:Cha, 1min, Concen:Y)

xLucix xLucix October 23, 2015
Seeing what Trogdor had done, and realizing the damage that it could do if they did not swiftly bring it down, Frederick tapped into the wild magic that had attached itself to his own. His eyes glowed an electric blue as a cylindrical cloud appeared before the demon, giving off bolts of lightning that crashed down into the ground and rippled across it, almost as though the bolts were living creatures that had gone to ground.

“Upon my oath, you loathsome beast from the pits of Hell, we shall send you back to the abyss in pieces! Now die!” With that, the lightning crashed down harder than ever, and sped towards the Trogdor.

Cast Call Lightning in Frederick’s 4th level slot for an extra d10, probably put it about three squares in front of him unless that’s just a really dumb spot. Want to make sure he takes a couple of hits, but don’t want to flash fry the good guys lol

SkidAce SkidAce October 24, 2015
(Rumil’s inputs noted, will incorporate into next round)

SkidAce SkidAce October 24, 2015
(The storm is centered 100 feet in the air above you, with a 60’ radius. Anything within 120’ of the point can be a target. I will draw a center point and a cloud circle for you. Casting it now lets you hit Trogdor on the edge, and more often as he past it (if he does))

Fredrick’s storm unleashed its power upon the unsuspecting Trogdor, (DC 15 Dex save) and wrapped its form in blue bolts of lightning. Trodor somehow managed to lean out of the brunt of the lightning strike, with about half of the energy cascading to the ground harmlessly. (Dex Save 16, 11 damage)

Nitran and Serre were rounding the tree and soon the full 16 foot glory of Trogdor appeared before them. The Lioszephyr had heeled over in an abrupt turn was apparently driving straight for Trogdor.

A Siege of Ogres part 7

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