A Siege of Ogres part 9

villakeep17 villakeep17 November 21, 2015
Noticing that the ogre seemed to be on its last legs, Dast let out a battle cry as he lashed out once more with his three pronged attack. Sword, spear, sword

SkidAce SkidAce November 21, 2015
Dast’s sword sliced into the hide of the ogre, but his spear and his second sword attack were unable to defeat the ogre’s defense. (Att 22, 10, 9, damage 5)

Blend had just shifted his attention from the wyvern to the ogre, and took the opportunity to kick the ogre as Dast engaged it. The impact cracked a bone, and it was uncertain whether Dast’s sword or Blend’s strike had finished off the creature. (Att 24, 7 damage)

The ogre fell to the dekc in a slowly widening pool of blood.

At the moment the group on the Lioszephyr could see nor hear any other opponents.

SkidAce SkidAce November 23, 2015
The wyvern hit the ground with a thud and the breaking of branches from some small shrubbery. Nitram and Serre flew a quick circle of the Lioszephyr to determine if there were any other threats in the vicinity. When it was completed, they had discovered no other opponents.

The crew furled sails and set the lines, bringing the ship to a slow stop as best they could.

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xLucix xLucix November 23, 2015
“Well, I will say that it’s never a dull moment for this group, now is it?”

Frederick turned to the new combatant and smiled. “You showed some fine skill there, good sir. What might your name be?”

the_app the_app November 23, 2015
Rumil instructed the golems to throw the harpy corpses overboard and to help secure the ship. He turned to his fellow elves and had them tend to the wounded, provide overwatch, and secure the dead below deck for proper handling later. The ship appeared to be fine without him, although he hadn’t fully grasped the art of tuning with it to know all the ins and outs. The sailors, thankfully, knew their job better than he – whether on sea or mid-air.

One sailor, in particular, had showed remarkable prowress – something good Frederick had already picked up on and appeared to be engaging.

Once the commands were issued, the men were about their tasks, Rumil took the time to congratulate those that did well in battle – firing magical arrows was not common – and those that were no mere sailor. He lingered a bit off while Frederick did what he did best…learn about something or someone new.

AFCop AFCop November 24, 2015
Blend wiped his blade clean and sheathed it, where it vanished from sight thanks to his enchanted scabbard. He then moved over to the helm of the ship with the purpose of guiding it back to the dock atop the tower of Fort Farhills.

villakeep17 villakeep17 November 24, 2015
Dast turns toward his ally. “My name is Dast Delvin. I am seeking the Grey Riders. Word has it they were last heard from at Fort Farhills.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 24, 2015
As Serre landed on the Lioszephyr, Nitram caught Dast’s comments. Nimbly leaping off the griffon, the ranger sheathed Kinslayer and began tending to Serre’s wounds. Without showing too much interest he inquired, “True. They passed through. What business do you have with that outfit?” He hoped he had removed enough of the spite from his words that it wasn’t noticeable.

SkidAce SkidAce November 24, 2015
Rumil learned the name of the elven scout that had fired the enchanted arrow, Rylyssandira Callarii. She explained that her family had a minor gift for such magics, and that seeing Trogdor had “inspired” her.

Blend, for no reason anyone could explain, had an affinity for the helm of the ship. (legacy of use magic item) While potentially not as proficient as one gifted in the magical arts, he could helm the ship as well as normal helmsman could, and better than those with no magical gifts. Sure enough, with some alacrity, the Lioszephyr was set down on the dock on the top of Belcadiz tower main building.

the_app the_app November 24, 2015
Rumil, after speaking with the female warrior further, turned as the ship began to move. Thinking there was an issue, he looked to the helm only to discover Blend manning the magical contraption.

“I’ll never truly understand that man. He seemingly dies, but returns shortly thereafter. Walks through time and space like one with magic. And can simply move a magical ship with ease. Eh. Better him than me. I’ll take a forest of trees anyday over this blasted floating deathtrap.”

AFCop AFCop November 25, 2015
Blend enjoyed his time piloting the airship back to Fort Farhills even though the emotion didn’t show on his face. It reminded him of the time sailing it up the Aerie River a couple months ago and perhaps that was exactly why he spontaneously grabbed the helm, hoping to trigger such a memory.

Of course, the stranger’s mention of the Grey Riders triggered an equally unpleasant memory and drew Blend’s attention back to this sword and spear-wielding man, his very presence stirring up questions that begged to be answered. Most importantly, how did he happen to be on the ship and what was his interest in the Grey Riders? Frederick welcomed him like a long lost brother, and the elf seemed indifferent. Only Nitram seemed to share Blend’s displeasure at the mention of the Riders. Yet to him, it seemed they all were willing to accept this newcomer because had spilled ogre and harpy blood alongside them. For Blend, it wasn’t that simple or easy. He would wait for the answers to his questions, and if he wasn’t satisfied…well…perhaps he would persuade this Dast Delvin to be more forthcoming. Blend could be very persuasive when he wanted to.

xLucix xLucix November 25, 2015
Frederick looked to Nitram, and then to Blend. “I’m unfamiliar with these Grey Riders, and am clearly in the minority in the company that I keep. Well, you, anyway, Nitram. Reading body language was never one of my skills. Reading a person’s voice, however, much easier.” He turned back to Dast. “Since my current companions more than likely have a history with whomever these people are, I’d assume you came on to attempt to ingratiate yourself to them, possibly to get you closer to the Grey Riders and whatever your goal is.” Frederick sighed somewhat theatrically. It seemed like everyone had an agenda, or was someone incredibly important. All he’d wanted was to find a book and prove himself to his seniors, and it seemed like a stone’s age since he’d seen the Library or any of his compatriots.

AFCop AFCop November 25, 2015
After the Lioszephyr was set down and its moorings were lashed and secure, Blend sought out the shelter of his room. Not bothering to clean himself off, he rummaged through his pack and retrieved the satchel of intelligence he appropriated from the ogre command tent. He perused it once in its entirety and then did so again, this time taking notes. When the exercise was complete, he spent some time in meditation, contemplating the information he had just learned and the possible consequences entailed within, seeking clarity and understanding in order to divine a course of action for the future.

After some time, he grabbed the Book of Kells and wrote a quick note that read, “Found this for you. -B.” He set out to look for the bard and found him in his room, sitting at his desk, reading several books and documents at once. “Pardon me, Frederick,” he said as he entered. “Just making sure you were well after this evening’s festivities.” Blend smoothly placed the rather large tome into the bard’s pack without him noticing and waited for his reply. After the pleasantries were exchanged, he departed the room, with a slight smile on his face. He then went to seek out Nitram to discuss the information he gained from the ogre camp.

the_app the_app November 25, 2015
Once back at the fort, Rumil led the remaining elves from the ship in a procession – with the fallen carried in honor of their sacrifice. The scouts that remained behind, seeing the sight, immediately took up positions to help bear the heavy weight of losing so many of the People – centuries lost in the blink of an eye, and for what? A band of lesser creatures that want domination? A demon with control? Blood magic? Rumil now had focus – and all the elves around him could sense it – they too would never be deterred until this blight on the land was eradicated and their home was no longer under threat. Teaming with humans and the other goodly races was no longer a “chore,” but now a necessity – not for survival, nor peace – Rumil’s goal was eradication.

The procession continued outside the walls and to the nearest grove of trees. The elves would be returned to the forest, which they called home. Prayers were said, farewells were quickly offered and the band was back to the task at hand – sharpening blades, honing arrows, enhancing any latent family skills, and reforming units into balanced and efficient groupings. Rumil overheard some of the humans in the fort referring to the newly “focused” elves as even more terse and emotionless than before – jokingly nicknamed, death squads. “If only they knew how accurate that name was…”

SkidAce SkidAce November 25, 2015
(good rp people…well done)

villakeep17 villakeep17 November 25, 2015
Dast turns to Nitram “I have some questions to ask them. I have been searching for my parents murderers for quite some time. My investigation has led me to the Grey Riders. I need to know who hired them.” Dast looks down at the Waelspere and continues. “One day, when I reached my home port, a messenger was waiting for me with the news that they had been killed. I have been investigating and searching for answers ever since. This spear was my fathers. He taught me everything I know about fighting and sailing. I must find the ones that Killed them.”

SkidAce SkidAce November 25, 2015
Blend considered the info he had learned as he looked for Nitram.

The Kelvein Fire Clan, that had been on Fire Geyser Plateau were the ones with the Fiery Tear Drop logo he had seen in the camp. Apparently the Kelvein clan were the most prominent of the blood magic users, and were responsible for most of the resurgence in knowledge of blood magic by the ogre clans.
A rival clan of elementalist ogres were responsible for the summoning of Trogdor, a primordial fire spirit whose form and power were reflected by those that summoned it. They were the Infernoko Clan.
The yellow logo was a clan of leadership, and the strongest rivals for the throne of all ogrekind, known as the Stonemight. Many of the best ogre warriors come from the Stonemight clan. It appeared that one of their “noble” young was in charge of this army.
Several of the “Unseen” accompanied this army, much to the dismay of the shaman of the other clans.
The ogres were instructed to take Fort Farhills, or level it if they could not. But definitely do NOT go past it into the Gloaming Hills. Off Limits. This really chafed the butt of the ogre leader. He wanted to raid like the northern army was doing.
And they were told to burn any grain fields or warehouses of grain they came across. This also applied to the northern army.
Secret Note: Reward for taking druas ruins intact. No matter who is currently holding them. Slaughter them all. Roast em.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 25, 2015
The half-elf’s guard was momentarily lowered as the sailor was visibly affected by his story of sorrow. The similarities brought Nitram’s own memories flooding back and he took a moment to compose himself before responding. “I do not know who hired them or where they are now. They were camped to the northeast of Farhills, very near to where the ogres are now camped, in a druas forest. I suspect that if any survived the ogre movements, they have scattered with the winds. They did have a powerful and wealthy benfactor, but we never found out who it was. I’m sorry for your loss and that I couldn’t be more help.” Not wanting to say more, the ranger suggested he talk to Blend, since the merchant had been in the area recently.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 25, 2015
nice notes

xLucix xLucix November 25, 2015
Frederick smiled at Blend, assuring him that he was indeed well after “the evening’s festivities,” and continued with his work. Now that they were temporarily out of harm’s way, he needed to do what he could to locate the Book. He’d found some notes about tracking spells with items as the focus, but they all required the item to already be marked for him to track it. Frustrated, he banged his head against the desk, and tried once again to cast his senses and his magic out to locate the book.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 26, 2015
and a thought came to him that the ranger was going to find Blend’s body in the rubble using a similar spell…that was, before Blend showed up at the keep. not that it matters anymore….

xLucix xLucix November 26, 2015
Blend’s been dead the whole time!

SkidAce SkidAce November 29, 2015
Frederick was immediately struck with an massive headache, somehow it the “book” was right in front of him, although he could not see it through pain teared eyes.

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