Blood of the Throne part 3

xLucix xLucix September 07, 2014
Frederick began to tell stories as they made their way towards the gate, and towards Karnal. He started off with the story about a necromancer by the name of Aiem Nautaveelen, who managed to live in a village for over two decades before being accused of raising monstrous flesh constructs for the Baron Eidunnoe in his war against the Temple of Izfoneyez. He left out the part about the way that Aiem Nautaveelen went about obtaining the flesh for his constructs; ritualistic slaughter of halfings didn’t really keep listeners in a receptive mood, Frederick found.

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“So, Mr. Gnarly, what can I expect from our travels towards Karnal? Any dragons or living trees or,” he chuckled lightly, “land sharks?”

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Nitram greeted the pair warmly, “It’ll be good to have a cleric in the group again, Vallus. Nothing sinister happened to the previous one, so don’t worry about that. He just had other duties to attend to. I look forward to learning some of the local area’s uniqueness from you, Old Gnarly.” Looking up as Serre passed overhead, he added, “It seems that Serre is ready to go. Shall we?”

Nitram let Old Gnarly lead them out. Listening to more stories of these land sharks, the ranger tried to recall any such natural creature or anything specific to the southern regions of the kingdoms to corroborate the bard’s fantastic stories. knowledge nature and geography check

Once they were out of sight of the city and keep, Nitram suggested Blend take the lead, under the direction of Old Gnarly and Shylent with Cragthor between them and the magic users. He and Serre would bring up the rear of the party. He kept his eyes open for any sign of ogres.

any issues with this part order? I figured since there was a local ranger, he can take the lead, at least until we are closer to the border and potential ogre encounters, then Nitram will move closer to the front with Serre (for his perception). I think eventually Cragthor and Shylent may do better sandwiching the magic users and our order would look something like: Blend; Nitram/Gnarly; Serre; Cragthor; some order of mage, cleric, bard, mage; Shylent (since she can rage and move farther).

SkidAce SkidAce September 09, 2014
Shylent looked at Frederick oddly as he told his stories, but made no comment, other than a grunt of some type.

Old Gnarly replied to Frederick and Nitram. “Weel let me tell yah, I don’t know nothin bout no living trees or landsharks. And I don’t reckon we’ve ever seen a dragon around these parts. Now everyone knows old Bane is skulking around the Venifica Forest and the Skulan Hills, waaay out to the east, but ain’t no one seen him in my time, at least and lived to tell it.”

Old Gnarly spat some chewing weed onto the ground and continued “Reckon its time to go.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 09, 2014
Old Gnarly nodded at Nitram as he moved onward and to the north/east. From his comments earlier, it would be a hard push to make Karnal in a single day (19 miles though hills, normally 15/day) but he knew a few short cuts and pleasant valleys the youngins could stroll through. He was content to work with Blend and Shylent, pointing out a clear path here, a hidden ravine there, etc.

Nitram was fairly certain he had never heard of any creature resembling the description or name “landshark”. And certainly not in this area. (Nature 24, Geography 18)

22 March (Spring) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
100pm, Thunderday

After a short pause for lunch, and care of the pack animals, the group started along their path again, continuing the more westerly trend of travel. The second half of the day the terrain was much rougher, with rocky hills, interposed with barren wasteland. Oddly, streams and brooks were common in the area, and often their travels would bring them around the corner to see a pleasant forest filled streambed, or valley with trees and a pond. Most of these little vales were concealed by the terrain, although other groves of trees could be seen on the various hill sides.

The group encountered once such valley with a pond in the center shortly after resuming their travel. The valley ran SE to NW, and along the left hillside could be seen the dark opening of an old abandoned silver mine.

(Shylent can’t rage, she is a barbarian racially, not as in class.)

SkidAce SkidAce September 09, 2014

the_app the_app September 09, 2014
Rumil, glad to be out of the confines of the city and back in the wild, began to appreciate the lives that his people chose over that of other races. The trees, the water, the animals – they all sang to Rumil’s heart and reminded him that these things and so much more were at stake if evil were allowed to run amok.

With the beauty of nature attempting to lure Rumil into her calming embrace, he was yanked back into reality when the group stumbled upon a silver mine. He knew these old mines often held dangerous beasts, seeking shelter, a stronghold, or a premade trap. He also knew that silver mines often held other raw and difficult to find resources – or so he’s been led to believe. As the group approached, he pulled from his inner fire to observe the area with a bit more than the average eye could see (Detect Magic)

After observing the area for a bit – he approached the two scouts of the party. “Good rangers, do you know where we are in reference to the maps we observed at the keep? Such a mine is of interest to me, as silver mines often hold minerals important to people such as myself. I do not ask that we inspect the mine now – but want to make note of it just the same.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 09, 2014
Nitram drew Kinslayer and motioned for Serre to take to the air. Stopping next to Blend, he said “Let’s take a quick look to make sure there aren’t any ogres in there. You wanna go first?” The ranger waited for Blend to move.

AFCop AFCop September 09, 2014
Blend nodded to the ranger and moved toward the mine, drawing his weapon silently from its hidden sheath.

the_app the_app September 09, 2014
Rumil shrugged at the fortunate outcome of Nitram’s and Blend’s decision to investigate. He was simply hoping to make note for later investigation – but doing a little scouting now, would prove most useful.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 09, 2014
Once Blend moved into the mine, Nitram examined the areas around the opening before following. “I finally get to use these goggles,” he thought.

xLucix xLucix September 09, 2014
Frederick began humming softly, readying his voice for any aid that needed to be given.

SkidAce SkidAce September 10, 2014
Rumil noticed nothing other than the auras he had grown accustomed to seeing around the party, nothing emanating from mine entrance or around it out of the ordinary.

As Nitram drew Kinslayer, he felt the ever present thirst and hunger for ogre blood that characterized every use of the weapon. Serre leaped into the air and flew over and past the hilltop from which the small waterfall fell, circling and watching.

Blend moved cautiously towards the mine entrance, avoiding the gravel and rubble left just outside the entrance with deft ease. (Stealth 32) Staying to the side and letting his eyesight adjust so he was not silhouetted against the light, Blend noticed the faint buzzing of flies from farther down the mine entrance and around a corner about 15 feet away.

Nitram examined the entrance carefully. Just outside the mine opening there were several disturbances of gravel and rock, where something large had scuffed up the rubble. As he moved closer to flank the entrance with Blend, he cold see a more dirt/sandy area just inside. With ogre footprints mixed together with goblin tracks. (Survival 18)

Shylent crouched behind some brush directly out from the mine entrance, ready with sword and shield. Cragthor moved along the rocky wall in order to catch up and get behind Blend, taking the long way to avoid the gravel and rocks.

Vallus seemed initially unsure, then slowly moved behind some rocks to the side of the entrance that Nitram was on, about three paces back, readying his mace.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 10, 2014
Out of habit, the ranger whispered, “Ogre and goblin tracks – inside and out. We’ll need – " He realized that he wasn’t hearing anyone else. No breathing, no whispering, nothing – and he remembered that Aeron must not have cast his message spell yet. He turned back to the group and whispered enough so those nearest him could hear and pass on, “Ogre and goblin tracks, in and out of the entrance. We need to search and secure the mine.” He walking into the entrance, pausing as his eyes adjusted to the goggles interpretation of the darkness. “This is amazing, I can see why Blend likes to take advantage of his gift” he thought as he moved to the wall opposite his companion and allowing Blend plenty of space to lead the search.

the_app the_app September 10, 2014
Rumil draws his sword, weaving it through the motions that will allow him to bring forth the guardians of the outer planes. Today was turning out to be a most interesting day and he looked forward to what this latest diversion had in store.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill September 11, 2014
Aeron casts his message spell upon the party and activated the silver runes on his grey robe. A light blue aura momentarily washed over him (Mage Armor).

SkidAce SkidAce September 11, 2014
As Blend continued his quiet investigation of the mine entrance, he carefully moved until he could just see around the corner. Blend was a very stoic individual, and there was no trace of emotion in his voice as he described what he could see.

Five human bodies, malnourished and raggedy, perhaps unsuccessful bandits or captured farmers lay sprawled across the floor of the mine hallway, just around the corner from the entrance. Blood, drying and sticky, at least several days old, lay in puddles and rivulets around them. Most of the blood seemed to come from wounds to their legs, and further inspection revealed a cluster of 10 feet lining either side of the hallway past the bodies.

Lined up neatly with their heels against the cavern wall, each “pair” facing its counterpart on the other side of hall.

xLucix xLucix September 11, 2014
Frederick wondered if someone had laid traps down in the mine, possibly to prevent the wrong people from trying to gather its resources. If they ended up further exploring the mine, he was keeping a sharp eye out for traps.

xLucix xLucix September 13, 2014
“What would cut the feet off of its/their victims and then align them with the bodies?” Frederick wondered this aloud, thinking of the scores of tales about serial killers and twisted clans that permeated some of the seedier gathering places that he had performed at.

AFCop AFCop September 13, 2014
Blend scanned the area for any signs of danger from his vantage point, trying to ascertain exactly what the morbid scene was before moving deeper into the mine, skirting the edge of the mine and taking special care of where he stepped.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill September 13, 2014
Aeron surveyed the carnage around him, but could not resist, “It looks like they have been de-feated…”
The joke did little to raise his spirits. Ever since leaving the castle Aeron felt drained, as if 57% of his spellcasting ability had disappeared. And while he had all the components to make the Blade Belt…a simple task that would take an apprentice a single day to construct….Aeron couldnt remember the procedures and and incantations to finish the work. He had heard of a rare wizard diseases that could manifest such symptoms, it’s name was “5e”.

AFCop AFCop September 13, 2014

xLucix xLucix September 13, 2014

SkidAce SkidAce September 13, 2014
Wow…did not see that coming…nice pun Leggs.

SkidAce SkidAce September 13, 2014
Blend’s careful perusal and traverse of the area led him to believe that what he saw was…as morbid as it seemed…exactly what it was. Five people killed by having their feet chopped off and bled to death, with each pair of feet lined bizarrely across from each other down the span of the hallway.

Nitram knew that ogres were vile creatures, (ogres) but he had never heard stories quite this peculiarly odd.

Neither Blend nor Nitram saw any other indicators of traps or ogres, or even goblins. It appeared that the mine led horizontally deeper into the hillside around 600 more feet, at which point it turned into an open mine shaft that led down into the darkness beyond sight.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 14, 2014
Nitram made sure that the tracks didn’t go deeper into the cave. I think that’s what you’re saying but wanted to make sure
Once he confirmed that, he turned to the party, “It appears the ogres and goblins just brought them in here to do this and haven’t gone any farther into the mine. Does anyone feel the need to explore this mine any further at this time? We should move these bodies out of the mine. Maybe there is something special about them – or, they could be villagers from somewhere nearby. I don’t understand the ritual with the feet…” His voice trailed off as he attempted to reconcile this act to himself.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill September 14, 2014
After Lord Nitram and Merchant Blend reported the results of the cave investigation Aeron offered a suggestion. “I will see if I can detect any magic about the bodies or in the cavern. If the results are negative, I suggest we chalk this up to the brutality of ogre’s and continue on to our final destination. Remember we cannot delay or we risk having to camp on the road.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 14, 2014
Nitram saw a few ogre and goblin tracks, just around the area of the bodies. There was one set of goblin tracks that headed down the passageway towards the mine shaft, but they stopped abruptly after about 50 feet. There was no sign of them returning back towards the entrance.

Aeron saw no signs of magic in or around the cavern nor the area of the slaughtered humans. Vallus came in to see the scene for himself and grew visibly angry. Old Gnarly just nodded his head sadly.

It appeared that Aeron was correct, and that there was no further information to be gained from this area, and not much reason to delay, except perhaps to do something about the bodies that lay where they fell. and possibly the feet.

Shylent appeared to be trying to visually figure out which pair of feet went with which body, in a professional and stoic manner.

the_app the_app September 14, 2014
Rumil peered around, looking for signs of any resources which could prove useful, while also looking at the scene to determine if this was merely a “hunting” trip or some form of religious ritual. He did not recall if any dark rituals required the removal of feet but there were almost as many evil followers of dark lords as there were leaves on a tree.

As he moved about to help with the feet and bodies, he whispered to Aeron “I have been made aware that caves like this often contain rare materials that can be found with silver. Perhaps worth further investigation? Besides – why camp on the open road, when we have a cave? And leaving whatever did this behiind us, well that would be unwise.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 14, 2014
Seeing the abrupt stopping of ogre tracks 50’ down the hallway, Nitram searched for a secret door how about perception and a +2 synergy bonus for knowledge (dungeoneering)? assuming I don’t find anything: and then called for Blend, “Blend, the ogre’s tracks stop right here and don’t turn around or go back. Is there a door or something else I missed? Where could an ogre go to?”

the_app the_app September 14, 2014
“More imporantly, what is leading these ogres – for no stories speak of them being smart creatures.” Rumil thought to himself. “Be wary you two – an orge that is smart enough to use secret passages is something to contend with.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 14, 2014
The area looked thoroughly mined out to Rumil, who did not see any evidence of any remaining silver or other valuable ore. At least on this level of the mine. As far as whether a ritual had been performed here, there were none of the usual signs that Rumil would have expected, but those feet certainly had not lined themselves up against the walls. Or had they?

Nitram didn’t see anything resembling a door or a way out, just the stopping of the tracks, which looked like goblin tracks now that he though about it. (Per 22 + 2)

Blend was confident there were no passages or secret area to be uncovered, it was all natural rock and stone.

xLucix xLucix September 14, 2014
Frederick approached Blend and Nitram.

“Perhaps I could be of some assistance in finding the hidden entrance. I once read a tale of a group of bandits that would plunder a local noble’s jewels and larder with regularity. They were never subtle about it, either; always laughing like devils, a red robin insignia sewn upon their tunics and painted on their wagon. The peculiar thing about them, apart from their dress and joviality, was that the guards and mercenaries dispatched to capture them could never lay a single finger on the bandits.

They would be giving a diligent chase, trading curses and sometimes arrows, but then the contumacious band would simply…vanish. Lead them on for a good six or seven months, they did. Wasn’t till the noble got wise and hired one of the Knights of the Hart who are a guild of rangers. Turned out that they had themselves a path cut through what everyone in the city thought was dense forest, then took the trees and made em into a movable wall. Had it down so quick and pretty that you couldn’t even tell they’d been cut down.

So maybe this might be like that, where the wall isn’t a wall? Could be worth a poke or a prod, yes?" If we’re running 5e now, then it’ll be Investigation with +2 from Intelligence and +1 from Jack of All Trades

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 15, 2014
Nitram let the bard have a look, not expecting much. He hoped there was more to the bard than just the stories. “He did help close the portal, so I guess that counts in his favor,” he thought to himself as he tried to ready the group to move, hoping they could reach their destination by nightfall.

SkidAce SkidAce September 15, 2014
While Frederick’s attempts to point out the location and potential construction of a secret door were well received initially, they proved fruitless in the end. (Dungeoneering 3)

It appeared to everyone that the mystery of the goblin tracks would remain such, at least for now.

After consulting with Old Gnarly, Nitram was assured that the group could still make Karnal in time, perhaps just as the sun was going down and the sky turning to twilight.

With blend and Shylent scouting, and following the renal guidance of Old Gnarly, they did indeed crest the final hill and could see Karnal about 15 minutes away, just as the sun’s last rays were slipping behind the rounded rocky hills to the west.
Some of the hills to the west were shrouded in clouds, as if poor weather or storms were approaching.

22 March (Spring) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
0630 pm, Thunderday

xLucix xLucix September 15, 2014
Frederick turned from the picturesque view to Nitram, a thoughtful look on his face.

“With what we found in the cave, and given the peculiarly methodical brutality of it, is there someone in Karnal that we should inform? It has the feel of a pretty weed in one’s garden; left alone, it could lead to something much worse.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 15, 2014
Nitram gestured to the party’s two guests, “I’m sure Vallus or Gnarly knows who to talk to in town. If not, I would hope the guards would want that information.” As the ranger gazed trance-like off toward the town, he murmured, “I have no plans to leave the weeds alone. They will all be removed, pretty or not.” The griffon’s screech seemed to snap him out of whatever he was in and he continued toward Karnal, hoping they had a better evening reception here than they did at the port.

xLucix xLucix September 15, 2014
Frederick watched Nitram walking away, as always a thoughtful gaze on the bard’s face.

The bards that worked and resided at the Library were, in part, picked out of the hoards of scholarly and literary types that the Library interviewed because of the way that stories could reside in their heads. Anyone could store knowledge in their brains, could spit back tales and poems and fables verbatim. What was rare were the ones who could become vessels for the knowledge, who could deliver it with the intrinsic qualities that made it endure the centuries and the turn of the world.

Of the Spinners that were being trained, Frederick was a rather adept pupil, and he now saw Nitram in the same place as scores had stood before him. He was clearly bound to some cause, some mission that entwined with the core of his being. Of course, like so many, it would drive him to a great or terrible end. Potentially both, as some had found.

Frederick resumed his usual pace, thinking to himself This one will have to be watched. He seems a good man, but driven good men oft make evil choices in the name of good. He then got out his fiddle and began to play a wander’s song, full of sadness, hope and the peculiar mingling of the two.

SkidAce SkidAce September 16, 2014
As the melancholy sound of Frederick’s fiddle wafted across the hillside, the group made their way down the hillside, heading to the lower street entrance on the right side of the town.

Before entering the town gates, the group encountered a small but fast running stream at the bottom of the little valley. It seemed to separate the wilderness from the edge of town, and was too fast running and occasionally deep to ford comfortably (allthough not impossible). There was one spot about 20 feet wide that could be walked across, albeit slowly and cautiously, moving from patch of rock to patch of rock, and several times wading through ankle deep water with unexpected holes and crevices. Everyone eventually made it across, although Blend though he might have heard Cragthor cursing in guttural Davek.

In the dim light it was hard to tell, but it did appear as if the eastern city gate that they approached had sentry towers overlooking the stream crossing. They were hailed by the sentries and after a few moments of discussion, the group was allowed into the town, although there were mutterings from one of the older guards claiming he had heard the “wailing music of the cursed Singer of la Marche”.

The sentries escorted the group to the bastion of the Lady Prelate, where she and the town council would hear what the group had to say.

The council chamber was a wide circular room with many doors leading in and out, and vey high ceilings. Tapestries depicting symbols and the flag of Xar-Taken, were mixed in with the icons and flags of the Imperial Temple. Behind and above the seat of the Lady Prelate was a stone portrait of Mithril and Minerva, of the Imperial Temple

Mithril stood to the left and held a raised sword, while Minerva held a shield in the center, and a spear to the right.

Lady_Prelate_Sabina_Tolandis.jpgA sentry had run to the bastion as the group had entered the town, and were already sitting in anticipation of the group’s entrance. The Lady Prelate Sabina Tolandis stood and greeted the group, stating that they had been expected, and how was their journey?

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 16, 2014
Nitram barely glanced at Vallus or Old Gnarly to see if they were going to initiate the conversation before stepping forward and bowing slightly at the waist. “Lady Prelate Sabina. Thank you for your hospitality. I am Nitram Tam of Falconaire. Our journey was … slightly disturbing, to say the least. We found ogre and goblin tracks in and around an abandoned silver mine. Inside the mine were five bodies – all appeared to die due to blood loss when with their feet were removed and placed neatly against the walls. It is something that your patrols should be made aware of. I’m sure Old Gnarly can point out the mine’s location on a map for them.” Nitram gestured to the old ranger then continued, “We have heard that there have been sightings of Kelvein clan ogres near your city. I hope our encounter and this clan are not related, but my concern grows the more I think on it. Is there someone who can show us on a map where these ogre clan sightings have occurred? Is there anything else we should know that might help us in our task – anything else you need from us?” He patiently waited for her to take it all in.

xLucix xLucix September 16, 2014
Frederick stopped playing, his keen hearing picking out “the wailing music of the cursed Singer of la Marche.” He knew that he did not have time to pursue this as they were already meeting with a noblewoman with an absurdly long name. He kept his expression thoughtful, his stance respectful until someone needed him. Or he could immerse himself in whatever passed for knowledge and entertainment in this town.

SkidAce SkidAce September 17, 2014
Everyone in the council room seemed disturbed by the reports of death and dismemberment at the old silver mine.

“We know the savagery and vileness of the ogre clans, but this seems even more twisted.” Lady Sabina stated. “Templar Joesius, have you heard of such things before? And can you speak to the ogre sightings?”

Templar Joesius stood up. He was dressed in well tended half plate armor, with a dark blue tabard and a red cloak. By the emblem that pinned his cloak on, it appeared he was also a member of the Imperial Inquisition. He spoke in a raspy voice that betrayed the subtle scar he had across his throat and chest. “Yes, m’lady. Such depravations are normally associated with the rare ogre clerics and their followers, when motivated by some demonic influence. Of course, if you have ever met an ogre magi, while more “accepted” in ogre society, one would not say they were more “sane”. Not at all." Joesius walked across the room and retrieved a map from one of the cabinets near the wall. He returned and displayed the map upon the table, gesturing in the groups direction to come and take a look. (see adventure map overview)

He pointed and marked the letter “A” upon the map. “This location is where members of the Kelvein clan and some of their units were seen in the morning.” He then marked a letter “B”. “And this is where several rangers claim to have seen them later that evening. Although the descriptions are very similar, to include their tribal banner, we can only assume that they had split their forces several days earlier, as the two locations are over tow days travel apart…at best”

He then marked several "X"s on the map. The first X was almost due north of the abandoned silver mine the group had investigated. Another was southeast of Vashtar, near the ruins of deserted town known as Sunaj’s Cluster, for the multiple silver mines located around it. It had been abandoned about the same time that Land’s Edge had fallen. The final X the group was already familiar wit, as the prince had mentioned that the town of Gonda had suffered horse and cattle raids recently.

Joesius looked thoughtful and commented “There were two other silver mines near the location of the one you found that were also abandoned.”

Rumil found all this mention of silver mines interesting, but wasn’t sure what to make of the “possible” connection with the ogres.

Old Gnarley spoke up and said “They say there are vast lodes of silver on the Fire Geyser plateau…least that’s what they say” he mumbled when folks turned and looked at him.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 17, 2014
Nitram took a long look at the map before he slowly backed away, lost in thought. He continued moving, unconsciously, and was soon pacing the room slowly. He even began thinking out loud, quietly saying whatever came to mind, “I suppose they could have found more silver or another valuable ore. They may have even accessed the Fire Geyser lode. That would explain how they have been financing their mobilization. I would have thought there would be some indication if that much silver was suddenly introduced into the market. I wonder if Blend has any contacts to check that path. I hope they haven’t found something more valuable or dangerous in the ground beneath those mines. But, it does seem peculiar that they have been sighted near abandoned mines. I wonder if they have somehow connected them with underground tunnels. Which makes me question their various sightings, especially of this specific clan. The best case is that they did split up their clan. That’s fairly likely and reasonable, but difficult to control and likely could lead to an actual split. The worst case is that they have gained the means to teleport or travel quickly across vast distances. Is that even possible? Maybe one of the mages knows; or possibly the bard. It seems unlikely that the third option is a possibility. They could be coordinating with other clans and engaging in a sophisticated effort of subterfuge, letting another clan carry their flag and appear as a Kelvein in a different area. That would be dangerous, but beneficial to us, especially if they are all answering to someone or something. We may be able to remove that and return to the status quo. Regardless, we should…” Nitram seemed to be snapped out of it when Shylent let out an especially loud Hurrumph! which momentarily drew everyone’s eyes away from the wandering ranger and onto her. This was not her intention by any stretch of the imagination. She looked at Nitram and plainly stated, “Mumbling” before she sat down and sharpened her dagger. All of the eyes returned to Nitram.
“I’m sorry. I seemed to have been lost in my own thoughts. I still think our best move is to investigate the the Kelvein sighting to the west of here. It’s possible that they will try to recreate here in Xar-Taken what they were able to accomplish in Land’s End and what we think they’ve tried to do in Falconaire – cut the province in half and isolate one side before overrunning it.” Nitram looked around the room to see if anyone else had anything to add.

xLucix xLucix September 17, 2014
“I would not underestimate the mystical powers of this clan, particularly if they’ve aligned themselves with a Demon. Still, acting as though they’ve split physically could have benefits as well. I would simply advise to keep the magical elements in mind as we proceed.”

With this, Frederick fell back into silence.

the_app the_app September 17, 2014
Rumil did find all this discussion about mines interesting. He paid particular attention to anyone that expressed more knowledge about the underworld and the valuable ore that could be found there. Anyone that showed that type of knowledge would be worth talking to about Rumil’s new interest in rare ores. The things he did for his People.

As he sat there quietly listening, absorbing, learning – he quickly realized he had never really been below the surface before. What was needed? Were special items required to survive or move about? This could prove most beneficial to his education of the world – knowledge of ores, underground tactics, and of course – ogres.

xLucix xLucix September 17, 2014
“If it pleases, I can contact the Library and see if they’ve any information about this particular Demon, or the typical practices of those that follow him/her/it. They will most likely respond whilst we investigate the Kelvein sighting, which may or not be beneficial to our cause.”

AFCop AFCop September 18, 2014
“West. See if we can pick up their trail. If not, then we can possibly explore the second of your conjectures.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 18, 2014
“West? Heh, west will take yah to Fire Geyser Plateau all right. I been there in my youth, I won’t let yah get lost.” Old Gnarley said. “Right easy scouting in and around the area. Course, you would have to be a mountain climbing rattlesnake to actually get up on the plateau. Yeah, thats a different matter. Scoutin around, going and coming, easy peasy. Climbing up there? Yeah, no need for that, all barren so they say. Fulla geysers anyhow.” Gnarley thought for a moment. “And snakes. Yeah”

Cragthor omminously cleared his throat and spoke in a low voice. “Fire Geyser Peak is sacred to the bruteman tribes. Lots of land spirit there. Flows of fire. They don’t go there much. Might have a way up on the north side, but they would see us there. South and east side easy in foothills, at first. But the plateau is steep, almost vertical, and any passages are unknown to me. Mostly just birds go up there.”

Joesius and Lady Sabina glanced at each other, and Lady Sabina said “Well there have been no reports of any ogres actually on the plateau, merely the Kelvein clan near it. So that should not be an issue.”

Lady Sabina was glad to have the assistance from Vashtar and Falconaire and personally saw to arrangements for everyone to have their own room, dinner, and breakfast in the morning. At which point she assumed that the group would be departing for the area the Kelvein had been sighted at in the west.

Shylent finished with her knife, glanced at Nitram and spoke with rare emotion, “Steak?”

xLucix xLucix September 18, 2014
Frederick politely cleared his throat.

“Lady Sabina, before we disperse, would you know of any libraries or gatherings of books in the area? I would like to further research the Kelvein cult or anything possibly tied to them. Additionally, if your town has any inns or gathering places, I would like a opportunity to ply my craft.”

SkidAce SkidAce September 18, 2014
Rumil was disappointed, as the conversation had shifted away from talk of mines and underground, and in fact changed to climbing and plateaus.

Aeron and Frederick made note of Cragthor’s mention of land spirit, as it sounded very similar to talk of ley lines and realm/land magic such as Aeron had heard attributed to the Wizard Rashemon, the Highdruid Glynfar, and Hah’Zardian, along with the experience with ley lines Aeron had encountered on the edge of the dragon’s forest. And the info as described in the Book of Kells

SkidAce SkidAce September 18, 2014
Lady Sabina replied that the best source of info on the Kelvein and demons was with Templar Joseius, and his background with the Temple of Mithril. Sadly they had no worthy store of books, not that would help in such a situation.

As far as plying his craft, she frequented Destinarie’s Pub when she had spare time. It was on Pub Street in fact, and she would gladly escort Frederick there this evening, should he care to go.

xLucix xLucix September 19, 2014
Frederick smiled at Lady Sabina.

“I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you, Lady.” Turning to the Templar, Frederick bobbed his head and said, Templar Joseius, I would also enjoy a conversation with you as well. I would like to become more well versed in demonology."

With that said, Frederick made his goodbyes and went to the room provided so that he could compose a letter to the Library. He also needed to consult the Book of Kells, as it had been a good while since he had last read from it. The bruteman’s talk of land spirit intrigued him.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 19, 2014
Nitram nodded to Shylent, “I’m sure we can find you some steak.”
On the way to dinner, Nitram made sure he was walking near Blend. Once they were out of earshot of their kind hosts, the ranger spoke as if he was engaging in small talk, “Do you find it just a coincidence – all this talk of the Fire Geyser plateau? It seems too obvious, like fate is daring us to see what’s up there. It would make a decent place for a large number of ogres to congregate – not much interference by the locals on either side of the border. What do you think about trying to get the party up there to take a look? I’m hopeful that it won’t be that difficult – between your climbing, the flying wizard, and Serre.”
Nitram made a point to ask Gnarly how high the plateau is and then get enough rope to aid in climbing it….just in case.

AFCop AFCop September 19, 2014
Blend smirked to himself at the ranger’s suspicions of the plateau. “It does sound tempting,” the merchant admitted. “Perhaps we should talk to Cragthor about the possibility. If it truly is sacred to the brutemen, he may have some knowledge of how to reach the plateau that does not include an overly hazardous route.” Blend made a mental note to talk to the stoic giant later this evening about the Fire Geyser plateau. “In the meantime, we have more pressing matters to attend to,” he said, glancing over to Shylent. He could practically see her salivating with the prospect of steak for dinner. “Why don’t you tend to the needs of our barbarian scout while I talk to Cragthor. Afterwards, I will ask around with some of the…less desirable locals to see if they have any additional information about the goings on concerning the ogres or whatever else may come up in those typical conversations.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 September 19, 2014
Nitram nodded and smiled, “I really hope they have steak. I’d hate to see anyone get hurt.”

the_app the_app September 19, 2014
While Rumil was a bit disappointed that the chance to go below ground dissipated, he was very happy to hear so many with knowledge about the darker places of the realm. He took the opportunity to strike up small conversations with people around the room who were providing facts about the caves – but were now not actively engaged in the conversation.

As he had very little idea what he the item he sought looked like – he hoped he could talk about silver and the other minerals and figure out which was available, what to look for, and possible uses.

Blood of the Throne part 3

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