Blood of the Throne part 7

kidAce November 08, 2014
The sounds of faint battle continued off in the distance, wafted towards you as if on a gentle wind. Quickly the same wind parted the mists and the group found themselves on a slope, looking down and over a large battlefield full of combatants. Three more wyverns circled over the group once like vultures, then flew off down the slope over the battlefield, snatching human soldiers with their claws and ripping them in two.

To the left were units of Varencian soldiers and pikemen, struggling against the multitudes of goblin and brutemen forces. The Varencians seemed like they were slowly being crushed and driven back from the field of battle.

Directly ahead and more to the center of the battle were small units of monk like warriors, supported by more Varencian pikemen. These units were fighting against more ogres than anyone in the group had ever seen in one place. In the center of the ogre units, assailed by several human and monk contingents that had broken through, was the large ominous figure of what could only be the ogre troll-fiend. Wreathed in flames, and wielding a large hooked halberd, the ogre was scything through the combatants on the field as it fought. some of its foes were incinerated by the flame surrounding it before they even had the chance to raise their weapons. One large human warrior with a large battleaxe sliced a huge gash in the ogre’s thigh, but the wound healed nearly instantaneously. The ogre crushed the human with a backhand swing of its gauntlet-ed fist, before continuing on its rampage.

In the air above the battle were many more wyverns, and the occasional group of harpies. There were also three winged female humanoid figures, with multiple arms, flying above the fray, slaying wyvern and harpy alike as they made their way towards the ogre troll-fiend.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 10, 2014
Nitram looked at the rest of the group, pausing uncomfortably long at Frederick, almost as if it was his fault this was happening. “So, we’re all pretty sure, based on the bard’s story, how this ends. I’m not sure that we are actually in the past – there is no reason that One-Eye would be here and know us. This seems more like some kind of crazy reflection of the past. Regardless, we need to make a decision. Do we want to try to change that story – see if we can contribute to the destruction of the troll-fiend before the angel falls and her weapon explodes? Or we can try to run – how far away from the blast do we need to be?” The ranger paused to let the rest think about it as he unslung his bow and looked out over the battle and up to the sky. Turning back, he said, “I’m not sure if we can die in this place – and I’d really not like to find out – but I don’t think I stand by and not at least try.” He looked for a place near the battle that provided some cover to attack the ogres. Gesturing to Aeron’s quiver, “What do you think your erupting arrows can do to an army of goblins?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 10, 2014
As he began to slowing move down the slope, the group heard the ranger comment, “What a story this will make…”

xLucix xLucix November 11, 2014
Frederick laughed softly.

“If you think I have this much power, ranger, then you’re giving me far too much credit. I am merely one hell of a bard.”

He paused for a moment, thinking aloud. “Well, if this is just a reflection of the battle, then we’re doing nothing more than punching fog. Granted, fog that could potentially kill us, so I heartily recommend punching. If we’ve been shoved into the past by the explosion, then we could possibly change some part of the battle. On the other hand, time travel rarely ends well when the travelers meddle. So I’m of the opinion that we defend ourselves while trying to figure out how to wake up/travel back.”

SkidAce SkidAce November 11, 2014
Nitram moved down the slope, looking for targets. From the layout of the battle, the group would probably have to move just about max longbow range before starting to get into the thick of the combat, around the edges. The ogre troll fiend was likely to be about twice that distance away.

Luckily(?) for Nitram, it appeared that several of the harpies and wyverns that were circling the battle were likely to come into range any moment now.

Nitram’s focus on his enemy led him to miss the solitary figure that had been watching the the battle from the side of the slope, and was now gazing curiously at the group from a position nearly 100 feet away. Blend and Frederick both noticed the creature at the same time. The figure was larger than most humans, but smaller than an ogre, and was dressed in crude, shaman like garb. It appeared that the figure had just noticed the group and seemed mesmerized by their actions.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 11, 2014
Nitram focused his attention on the nearest wyvern and prepared to fire at it. “I should probably stuff my ears again before I engage the harpies,” he thought.

the_app the_app November 11, 2014
Rumil quickly became oblivious to the battle, as he noticed the flying creature slaying the harpies and wyverns. “Could it be? Am I witnessing a servant of the celestial plane? Are my eyes playing tricks?”

Rumil nearly forgot that his protector, as she had kept him alive on multiple occasions, had been wounded during that last battle. He turned his focus, although not entirely, to Shylent – and to make sure the bard didn’t turn her into another famous “hero lost” tale.

SkidAce SkidAce November 12, 2014
Rumil was mildly astonished to find that Shylent was doing well and seemed okay after the administrations of the bard. Was she at the top of her form? No, but she was doing a lot better than she had been moments ago.

The flying creatures certainly met some of the legendary descriptions that Rumil had heard about celestial servants, although with an odd flavor. Rumil remembered that these “angels” from Frederick’s story were called angels of death. From the glimpses that Rumil and the group could see of the beings as they fought their way towards the ogre troll-fiend, they appeared to be woman, slightly taller than most men, with a pair of wings and four arms, along with the standard two legs. Oddly disconcerting, the woman also seemed to have three faces.

The deva were dressed in flowing robes of gray, white, and black. They were all armed with a pair of swords, a larger one and a shorter one. Each also had a larger main weapon, that differed by creature, a falchion, a spear-staff, or shortbow. The asuradeva with the falchion had taken point and was slaying her way towards the ogre troll-fiend with a disturbingly methodical slaughter.

the_app the_app November 12, 2014
“If only I could fly up and join them. What a glorious death that would be!”

After he determined everyone was okay – he awaited the groups next decision. He could defend just about anything – but he had no clue how the rules of the world worked in a dream or spirit vision or whatever this was. Was the bard responsible for this or just the most knowledgeable about it?

“I swear, if a ‘landshark’ appears, I’m stabbing the bard, just to be sure this isn’t all his dream/nightmare we’re living.” He eyed the bard suspiciously.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 13, 2014
I knew it was the bard’s fault

xLucix xLucix November 13, 2014
Frederick paused for moment, mildly startled.

He pointed towards the person watching them on the edge of the battle. “So, not to worry anyone, but there’s an individual over there who seems to be more interested in us than the mythic battle currently playing out. I believe we should attempt conversation with them.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 13, 2014
Nitram paused when he heard voices coming from the party. The words were hard to make out over the sounds of the battle. He turned back to see what was going on and noticed Frederick pointing at the large humanoid shaman. It at least gave him a closer target as he aimed his bow at the figure and applied some tension to the string. He tried to focus hard, hoping he didn’t recognize this one as well. He was already mentally tired after dealing with One-Eye and Gardain. “Please, Rillifane, let that not be the half-ogre monk, Matthew.”

xLucix xLucix November 13, 2014
Frederick saw what Nitram was going to do, and it irked him somewhat.

“By attempt conversation, Nitram, I did not mean engage in further bloodshed! I know you’ve a fierce hatred for ogres and ogre-shaped entities, but for the love of your god, do try to hold your blows. Anyone who is merely observing us as opposed to killing us or taking part of this battle is someone we should converse with post haste!”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 13, 2014
The ranger smiled, “By all means, go. Converse with him. I’m just providing you and the rest of us some security during your parley.”

the_app the_app November 13, 2014
“Ah good parley. That always goes well. During my century of training and experience, I know I was always taught to parley with one eyed creatures who show neither fear, nor interest in a war raging nearby. This should be fun. Maybe I should ask the bard for a word that rhymes with parley before this goes down.”

Rumil just chuckled at the notion suggested and lowered his sword, taking up a very passive and comfortable stance.

SkidAce SkidAce November 13, 2014
Nitram was able to determine after further investigation, that the humanoid figure was not Matthew, the half-ogre.

Those in the group semi-familiar with the area of Xar Taken and the region realized as the figure drew closer that it was likely to be a cyclopean, a race reputed to have giant blood in their veins, although no where near as large or as tall as a giant. Still, cyclopeans were normally taller than most humans on the average, leading other sages to believe that they were a sub race of goliaths. Neither belief was of any importance at the moment however.

dreamer_logo.jpgAs the figure continued to draw closer, walking in a slow and non-threatening manner, it could be seen that the cyclopean wore white and gray robes, with sleeves of brown and gray. On the chest of the cyclopean was a large triangular shaped pendant, with a black symbol enameled upon it. As the figure drew to a stop about five paces away, it held a twisted wooden staff in its right hand, and raised its left hand palm up in greeting. The figure spoke using the Wensharian tongue, in a low whispery voice “Hail and safe meet travelers, you are not of this battle, and you are not here as you should be, how does such a thing come about?” The cyclopean glanced at Aeron, and spoke further in a concerned voice, “Brother, your ba-sheut is disturbed, are you not well?”

the_app the_app November 13, 2014
I’ve been trying to tell Leggs that his character’s ba-sheut was off…but did he listen?

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 13, 2014
Nitram released the tension on his bowstring and lowered the bow. The cyclopean noticed that he did not put his arrow back in his quiver, however. He moved toward the creature while scanning the skies to make sure they weren’t surprised from above. Waiting for the bard to hastily converse, the ranger was heard grumbling, “Good question.”

SkidAce SkidAce November 13, 2014

xLucix xLucix November 13, 2014
Clearly he should have been paying better attention to his ba-sheut. Just sayin’…

Frederick scratched the back of his head. “To be honest, I’m not certain. There was some kind of explosion in a mine that we had been investigating. I believe that, shortly after the explosion, is when we entered this realm in much the way a practiced wizard or person of sufficient faith and skill would. Since then, as is more our usual manner, we’ve been accosted by a variety of unsavory individuals. I did not recognize any of them, but perhaps one of our group is more informed than I am.

“Now, who might you be, and why do you neither fight us nor in the battle as the rest of these doomed souls?”

SkidAce SkidAce November 13, 2014
“My name is Oneiros, and I am a traveler of dreams, which is where you are, the unending dream of those who fell in this battle. But you do not seem to travel in the standard fashion. You are more, tangible than you should be. I watch this dream, hoping to find some way to end its curse upon the land and these souls. Alas, it has been beyond my power.”

xLucix xLucix November 13, 2014
“Have you made any progress towards your goal, or managed to acquire any knowledge that might benefit us in ending the curse? Perhaps what powers it?”

Frederick glanced towards where the angels were, and looked back to Oneiros. “Oh, one more thing. What happens when the troll fiend and the angels meet? To the dreamscape, I mean. Does it loop?” Frederick had no desire to be caught in an endless loop of battle, but he had even less desire to be caught in an explosion that powerful. Especially with Oneiros’ comment about them being “more tangible than you should be.”

AFCop AFCop November 14, 2014
Blend was mildly unnerved to see the Asuradeva in “person.” Soon, the sword it carried would shatter in the destruction of the troll fiend and the shards would eventually be used by the legendary sword maker to forge weapons almost as incredible. He could feel echo of resonance in Incarnhate. If the ever got out of this dreamworld, he would have track down the monks that forged the weapons and get some answers. They were nearby. Hopefully they would tie up the issue with the raiding ogres and goblins soon and Nitram’s bloodlust would be sated so they could move to more…practical endeavors.

Blend casually regarding the cyclops. He had never seen one before but had heard about them. Perhaps the strange figure was the key to getting out of here and back to where they belonged. Blend hoped that some of the party members did not attempt to kill him prematurely before they had been able to question it. He eyed Nitram and Aeron briefly. Even Rumil appeared to be tense. Blend fell into an easy stance, appearing relaxed yet alert as ever, continuing to survey their surrounding, looking for threats while taking in the conversation with the cyclops.

SkidAce SkidAce November 14, 2014
Oneiros pondered for a moment, seemingly staring into and “beyond” Frederick’s form. Your bodies still exist, but I do not think they can for long, you brought too much of your ka with you. And if you are still here when the deva meet the troll fiend, I think you would become much like the rest of the participants in this scene, endlessly fighting this battle over and over. You should return to your bodies at once."

Seeing the Asuradeva caused Blend to recollect some of the lore he had learned while at the monastery where he had re-encountered Sansnomme. Xan-Yai had three of the deva, and had appointed each one to be the herald of her will to the three branches of the Xanian monasteries. The Angel of Guidance, the Angel of Judgement, and the Angel of Death. From Blend’s thoughts, it appeared that the Angel of Judgement was the one in the lead with the falchion.

The Asuradeva had just entered into direct combat with the ogre troll fiend, and was wreathed in the flames of the creature’s attacks. The falchion had cut several gashes into the creature’s hide, which astonishingly, were not healing instantaneously like all the other wounds. The Angel of Judgement’s wings were wilting from the flames, and it appeared that the ogre’s halberd had caught her at least once unprotected, as she was missing once of her four arms. Currently the falchion and the halberd were locked in defense against each other, smokey wisps and bright flames bursting from each.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 14, 2014
“Do you have any idea how we can do that?” Nitram did a good job of controlling his frustration with the situation.

SkidAce SkidAce November 14, 2014
“You are unable to leave on your own? Have you tried?”

Oneiros circled around the group, clearly inspecting each one in turn from a safe distance. He ended his perusal between Frederick and Nitram, and he looked very perturbed, and deep in thought.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 14, 2014
“How does one try to leave a dream,” the ranger asked. Then he thought about waking up.

the_app the_app November 15, 2014
Rumil studied this new creature and made note of his claim to be able to study dreams. He would have to look that up in his book of planes.

As for waking up, he was at a loss. Elves normally didn’t “sleep”, preferring a waking trance instead – so this was new to him. He didn’t feel alseep. He picked up a small pebble and chucked it at Frederick. “Sorry, just testing a theory to see if that would wake you up.”

Rumil went back to studying the angels – as he knew this would likely end soon…and he so desperately wanted to learn more of them. He made a note to think on them further after they espaced the big explosion (hmm, maybe religion, insight, and arcana checks?…new skill checks still confusing to me)

SkidAce SkidAce November 15, 2014
Some clarity on “skill” checks. All skill checks are actually ability checks. i.e. a Str or Int for example. As such, consider two characters that both have a 10 Str (no modifier), but one is proficient in Athletics but the other is not. If asked to make a raw Str check (say lift a tree off of Nitram), they both have the same chance. If the Str check involved climbing, jumping or swimming, or something deemed “Athletic” by the DM/group, then the character trained in athletics would add his prof. bonus to the check (say a + 2).

So at low levels, there may not be much difference between someone strong (+ 2 str mod) and someone not strong, but skilled (+ 2 prof). Of course, if the character was naturally strong AND skilled, they would have a + 4, as long as the athletics skill applied.

Now lets looks at a “knowledge” check. That’s an Int check to see what you can recall. So you roll a d20 and add your Int mod. If the knowledge you are seeking has something to do with religion, and you are proficient in religion, you add your prof bonus also. In such cases, the DM knows the DC you are attempting to meet or exceed. There may be cases where the knowledge is not available unless you have had training in the skill. An additional factor is background. Say you want to do an Int (History) for famous sailors, and your character’s background is sailor/pirate. Even though you are not prof in History, the DM could say due to your background, you can add your prof bonus. NEAT!

Typical Difficulty Classes

Task Difficulty DC
Very Easy 5
Easy 10
Medium 15
Hard 20
Very Hard 25
Nearly Impossible 30

A last point about skills, and then I will make a post using Rumil’s attempt as an example. Proficiency in a skill doesn’t have to always be tied to its “parent” ability. Lets use the classic Intimidate Normally based on Cha, using the force of your personality. Blend intimidates people by his cold deadly persona (Cha). Both Blend and Nitram (for the example) have prof in Intimidate . However Nitram thinks in the current situation, his massive biceps would be of more use. So he flexes, and we let him use Str (Intimidate) instead of Cha (Intimidate). Will Nitram always be able to use Str to intimidate in place of Cha, thereby gaming the system? Nope, ogres care not for his puny biceps.

SkidAce SkidAce November 15, 2014
Rumil wanted to learn more about the angels, as opposed to seeing what he could remember. Could be perception (what does he see/notice) or investigation (what can he deduce). We could use religion or arcane if what Steve actually meant was what could he remember about such creatures. For sake of the example, we will go with Investigation, and Religion. Not using Perception because its apparent he can see them, and he’s not looking for something in particular.

Rumil knew the basics of celestial servants and creatures, but “Asuradeva” were a facet of the worship of the Pantheon , and an obscure portion of it at that. (Int Religion, DC 20) There was not much in his studies that explained what he was seeing now, creatures totally unlike those of the elvish faith, yet filling the same role, i.e. angels? (Religion 4 + 3 + 3 = 10)

However, after observing the creatures for a while (Int Investigation, DC 15) several things became apparent. (Investigation 17 + 3 = 20). Next to the ogre troll fiend, the deva were the most powerful creatures on the field of battle. They were nominally on the side of the monks and the Varencian units, although their focus was clearly on the troll fiend. In fact, the Angel of Guidance , armed with a spear-staff, was the only one of the three that took any decisive action to assist or protect the monks.

SkidAce SkidAce November 15, 2014
Nitram’s thought about waking up seemed to have no affect. Oneiros apparently noticed Nitram’s attempt and spoke to the ranger, “Willing yourself to leave the dream is the most common method of departing. But from what I see, you and your fellows are actually stuck here. I think I can get you back to your bodies, but considering the method you used to get here, the dangerous magics involved with the conflict between the deva and the troll-fiend, and the fact the I will be basically forcing you back into reality, there will be considerable risk. I suspect you will not come through the process unchanged, should you survive it at all. But we must hurry…”

Oneiros gestured with his staff, and the group found themselves on the other side of the battle. From this viewpoint it was even more apparent the the Angel of Judgement’s struggle with the troll fiend was coming to a crux. Oneiros spoke again “This spot is ‘closest’ to your bodies. I can perform the ritual from here with better success, but no guarantee of success. Decide quickly.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 15, 2014
The ranger nodded, “I’m in. It doesn’t seem we have much choice.”

SkidAce SkidAce November 15, 2014
Frederick had also indicated his assent, mere moments before Nitram spoke up. (via text)

Oneiros began to make his preparations, which didn’t seem to be much more than looking at each of the members of the group and humming softly.

Behind the group, the sounds of the battle began to get louder and more significant, as the troll fiend fought off the asuradeva.

the_app the_app November 16, 2014
Thanks for explanation on how this stuff works. Yes, you were correct, I was trying to recall info and also deduce new info to fill knowledge gaps when I later review books and scrolls about this battle (training those skills when I level for instance).

Rumil imagined his chances of survival here were zero. His chances of death by unknown magic being cast at him by the one-eyed sleep watcher – maybe 50/50 if he understood his hidden meaning. He nodded his agreement to the traveler. He also made note to learn more about creatures that can invade your dreams. Perhaps this is why his People never slept any longer.

SkidAce SkidAce November 16, 2014
Oneiros continued his preparations. Each member of the group began to feel a slight tugging near their navel, as if a rope that was tied around their waist had begun to pull them in an unspecified direction.

Each member of the group also began to feel slightly insubstantial, which was a good thing, as the bulk of the battle began to move over where they were standing. Heat from the flames surrounding the ogre troll-fiend washed across the area as the asuradeva and the ogre continued to battle. Drops of ogre blood spattered the ground, and everyone felt slightly buffeted and shoved as the assailants around the ogre and the deva continued their battle. Shylent lashed out with her sword involuntarily as some type of zombie ogre smashed several Varencian soldiers to paste near her feet, but was unable to affect the creature.

As the tugging grew even stronger, everyone’s attention was drawn to the climatic battle. The Angel of Judgement apparently mortally wounded and covered in corrosive ogre blood, took her falchion in all three of her remaining arms and swung at the ogre fiend with a cleaving arc across its throat. There was a resounding “CRACK” as the ogre fiend fell backwards, nearly decapitated. The asuradeva’s sword splintered and shattered into multiple pieces.

Following the large explosion, a wall of force swept out from the point of of battle between the deva and the ogre, blasting many of the combatants, both friend and foe alike, into dust. As the wave of force reached the group, each individual could feel the magical force pulling and twisting at their very inner being. Slowly the force began to subside, not because it was over, but because the tugging had become stronger, pulling everyone’s life force away from the dreamscape and back towards their bodies. As vision began to fade, it could be seen that Oneiros apparently was receiving the brunt of the blast upon his form, as much of his clothing was burned into tatters, and smoke covered his frame.

SkidAce SkidAce November 16, 2014
Percentages; Aeron, 39 / Blend, 65 / Frederick, 38 / Nitram, 48 / Rumil, 82 / Shylent, 30

SkidAce SkidAce November 16, 2014
Hours? Minutes? later, everyone began to slowly come back to consciousness. There was a sense of restraint…and being unable to move.

Hearing came back first, and self awareness followed shortly thereafter. There was the sound of a gate closing, and the movement of large feet. There was also the sound of a small fire, and as a sense of smell came back to each person, the flavorful smell of cooking.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 17, 2014
percentages of what?

SkidAce SkidAce November 17, 2014
Very astute question…

SkidAce SkidAce November 17, 2014
I am sad, nobody noticed my clever play on words “rumilnations” on 02 Nov

the_app the_app November 17, 2014
Rumil attempted to will himself up. “First an eye, just open a damned eye. Good! Now the other…wiggle a finger. Excellent! Now let’s see if I can see anything around me and Corellon willing, defend if it is a threat.” As he layed there, trying to make sense of what transpired, he was reminded that the fates had willed him to witness that battle – so he must remember what transpired – to help his fellow People avoid such a cataclysmic event in the future.

the_app the_app November 17, 2014
Play on words? I thought this group had finally come to the realization that Rumil rocked…and deserved to be recognized. Hehe!

SkidAce SkidAce November 17, 2014
As vision began to return, you all gained a sense of hanging upside down like a bat, or at least slightly upside down. Your hands and legs were restrained, tied to a stout pole from which you hung like a side of meat being readied for the roast.

Which sadly was not that far from the truth. Cragthor was not strung up, he was pinned and chained to the floor, and appeared to have been beat unconscious. Vallus was also chained, albeit standing up against the back wall of the spacious cell that you all found yourselves stuck in. He looked to be in better shape than Cromag, and gazed weakly at the rest of you.

All of you had been stripped of all your clothing and your gear. But everyone seemed to be at least present and safe, albeit naked. With the exception of Old Gnarly, who was nowhere to be seen.

Across a wide hall of rough unworked stone, past the wooden gate that locked your cell, was another cell like room. Two goblins tended a fire, as an ogre inspected the haunch of meat that slowly turned on the spit. a haunch of meat that had a head of old grey hair that looked vaguely familiar.

More footsteps approached from the left of your cell, moving closer in the darkness.

SkidAce SkidAce November 17, 2014
via text

Blend began working on loosening the bonds that held his hands and feet to the pole, while maintaining the illusion that he was still unconscious. While he did, he began assessing the area, tactically. The room was lit well enough from the cook fire across the hall for the humans to see the layout, but there were still plentiful areas of shadow and dim light. The wooden stake door was the only way in or out of the cell. The wooden stakes had gaps like a iron cage would, large enough for a gnome or a goblin to fit through, if they were skinny. The ogre was walking away down the hall, towards the sound of the approaching feet, which turned out to be two more goblins. Nobody had any obvious sets of keys that Blend could see, and in fact, the cell door looked to be tied closed with ropes and knots.

Blend had no difficulty in loosening his bonds, but maintained his position hanging from the post so as not to give away the fact he had freed himself. (Dex, DC 15, 18, success)

xLucix xLucix November 17, 2014
Frederick was entirely not surprised to be bound and dangling like meat in a butcher’s. True, the nakedness had given him momentary pause, but he was a reasonably fit man and it’s a wonder what some of his years of learning had dulled him towards.

“Excuse me, fine fellows? Would any of you happen to speak this particular tongue?” Frederick knew that the trader’s tongue was commonly understood in most cultures, being one of the easiest and hardest languages to learn. Meanwhile, Frederick only knew three words in Goblin, and at least two of them amounted to a declaration of war, and one was a type of fish. Frederick knew some tales in which goblins were more than just dastardly creatures to be slewn by brave knights, but they had been learned in either ancient tongues that were no longer in use, or in the common tongue.

As he heard the footsteps approach, Frederick felt a sudden urge to be rather snippy. Seeing as how he’d just been forcibly expunged from a dreamscape that consisted of violence, nightmare creatures, and more violence, he heartily gave in to it.

“Excuse me? Ominous footstep person? If you’re in any manner of charge here, I would like to complain most decisively about our quarters. I specifically requested a window view, a woman, books for the woman to read to me, and to not be naked until I’d gotten bored of my clothes. I wish to speak with your manager, commanding officer, god or brood-mother. Whichever you may have!”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 17, 2014
Nitram will follow Gweed’s lead and slowly look around to see what kind of room they were in and what was binding his hands. The ranger looks at each of his companions to determine if they are awake and aware of their situation. He also tries to get out of his bonds without alerting his captors. Noticing the door, he thinks he can probably break the wooden stakes serving to confine them. if, for some reason, he isn’t as stealthy in extricating himself from the bonds and the guards notice and come his way, he will stop being stealthy (dex) and try to brute force his hands free (strength) possibly even breaking the pole if he is able to actually touch it. Also, if he is able to get his hands free and one of his party meets his gaze, he will wiggle his fingers to show that he is free.

xLucix xLucix November 17, 2014
Wow, I didn’t even try to escape. I just talked a lot lol

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 17, 2014
Nitram tried to suppress his astonishment,“Did Aeron’s ability to complicate encounters somehow get transferred to the bard? Why would he draw their attention to us?”

xLucix xLucix November 17, 2014
It’s all part of my grand plan….

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill November 18, 2014
Aeron hung upside down from his bindings. His five foot scrawny frame hanging significantly shorter than the rest of the party. Looking about at the rest of the party, Aeron quickly shut his eyes, but he could not remove the image from his mind. _Cragthor doesn’t know how lucky he has it being beat unconscious. _ Aeron heard the footsteps approaching and attempted to look un conscience as he tried to free his hands.

AFCop AFCop November 18, 2014
How far away are the goblins and ogre. I would like a room layout please.

Blend kept up his unconscious ruse in light of the bard’s diatribe. He could also hear Nitram and Aeron struggling to get free. Perhaps the goblins and ogres could not hear or see their efforts. Perhaps they could. Blend would have to be flexible in his planning and execution. In his estimation, their best chance to escape was when one of the creatures opened the gate to get one of them for the cook pot. It was almost impossible to explain to his companions, and too let now anyway, the best course of action. Nitram would try to brute force his way out, as he only knew how to do. The bard would try honeyed words which would be wasted on their present company. Rumil, although he had not moved would utter useless prayers to his Elven god and only that same god had any idea what Aeron would do.

Instead, Blend would be like water and form to whatever the situation presented itself. If their captors noticed their struggling, perhaps they would come in and quell it. That would be when Blend would strike.

SkidAce SkidAce November 18, 2014
Room layout tomorrow

The rumbling laugh of the ogre echoed down the hallway back towards the cell. “Cook da noisy one next.” Goblin voices replied back to the ogre, assuring him that they most certainly would.

The approaching feet from down the hallway where the ogre had departed turned out to be two more goblins. As the new goblins approached, the two goblins that had been cooking the haunch of meat began to set up another spit, and prepare another fire, presumably for the “noisy one”.

The two new goblins proceeded past the cell down and into the makeshift kitchen across from it. The one closet to the cell glanced into it as they passed by. He stopped suddenly, grabbed the goblin that was with him by the arm, and pointed to the cell. The two goblins looked into the cell from out in the hallway and simultaneously whispered under their breath “master?”

Up to this point, Nitram had be unable to loosen the ropes and bonds that held him tied to the pole. (Dex, DC 15, 5, fail) Aeron, somewhat slighter and more nimble than perhaps their captors had thought, was able to work his hands free. (Dex, DC 15, 16, success)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 18, 2014
“That must be Spork and Foon, thinking Aeron is their master. How fortuitous. Hopefully the elf is awake and recognizes them. Curse these ropes!” The ranger continued his attempts at freeing himself.

xLucix xLucix November 19, 2014
Frederick laughed out loud.

“Cook the noisy one next? Oh, you don’t want to do that, my hosts. If I am cut and bleed, a curse will be unleashed that will rot your loins and deaden your eyes. If you should be so lucky as to end my life, the very forces of the Underworld and beyond will ride against you. Death will not comfort you, Dream will strand you in the realm of Nightmares. The only recourse you have, the only act that will save your hides and grant you another agony-free day in this realm is to free me and mine post-haste!”

The bard’s voice had started normal enough, jovial even, but had reached a roar reminiscent of a demon king. Frederick hoped to cow the goblins into some kind of beneficial action, or at least to inspire his comrades to do something particularly effective Performance, which is a plus 8, with a proficency bonus for an additional 3 (11). Also, Blend (if he is in 60ft of me) gains one Bardic Inspiration die, which is 1d8 (becomes d8 at lvl5).

SkidAce SkidAce November 19, 2014
As Fredrick’s voice began to deepen and resound through the cell, all four of the goblins began to cower and whisper to each other. The two in the kitchen huddled together, halting their attempts to start another cooking fire, and the two near the cell door cringed back in apprehension.

Performance, + 4 Cha, +3 Prof, total + 7, result 24!, your performance had an affect, the result may not be apparent yet)


SkidAce SkidAce November 20, 2014
The two goblins that had whispered into the cell now scurried off to the right, heading down the rapidly narrowing tunnel. From the direction in which they disappeared came the sounds of frantic whispering, as if the two goblins were arguing about something.

The kitchen goblins seemed terrorized of the prisoners in the cage, and focused all their attention on making sure that the meat they were cooking did not burn.

From the direction the ogre had departed came the occasional sound of metal banging on metal, as if mining was going on.

xLucix xLucix November 20, 2014
Frederick then resumed working on the goblins that were cooking their ill-gotten gains.

“You can focus on your culinary skills all you wish, but you know what you have to do. You have to let us go. It’s the only way. Far from the demonic voice, this was all silken and honeyed Persuasion, which is a plus 7 (Charisma mod plus Proficiency bonus)

SkidAce SkidAce November 21, 2014
Frederick could tell his words were having an affect on the cooking goblins. They kept looking back over their shoulder at the cell door nervously. (Persuasion 23)

There was a scrabbling sound, and one of the semi-familiar goblins came back down the hallway, with a wad of clothing and a stick. It appeared he had acquired Aeron’s clothing from somewhere, and he proceeded to push it carefully, and from a distance into the cell with the stick, after which he ran back down the hallway to the right and the whispering arguments began again.

Aside from the sounds of mining, the crackle of the fire, and the sizzle of grease from the cooking meat, the area slowly grew quiet. Occasionally there was the bellow of an ogre from the left passage, implying to Nitram that there probably was more than one ogre in the area.

Nitram = fully conscious, tied up.
Blend = fully conscious, untied.
Aeron, fully conscious, hands free.
Frederick, fully conscious, tied up.
Shylent, glaring at Aeron, tied up

SkidAce SkidAce November 21, 2014
Early Thanksgiving with parents on Saturday, not back until Sunday. Everyone should make an input, and I will update Sunday night.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 November 22, 2014
Nitram glared at the elf as well, “Aeron, are you awake? Do you recognize those two. Can you try to see if they’ll help you or us? Open the gate, untie us, get our clothes, something – anything really.” The ranger continued trying to get out of his bindings, wondering about Serre and the wood sprite.

AFCop AFCop November 22, 2014
As soon as the goblin ran back down the hallway and the other and the others went back to their cooking, Blend focused his ki to vanish. Something must have happened to him, changed in him during the time they spent in the dreamscape. It took more effort and more of his reserves to disappear from view, yet there was a control over he had that was not there before.

Before he disappeared, Blend got the Bard’s attention and signaled him to be quiet. Silently, he moved over to Nitram and worked his bonds free. “Remain still until I dispatch our sentries,” he whispered. He then moved to the others and repeated the procedure and message.

After that he moved to the gate and worked the rope free. He proceeded to sneak up behind the goblins cooking their macabre feast, situating himself where he could strike at both.

Move to E10, 3 attacks (1 attack as bonus action from Martial Arts ability), first attack SA, attack first goblin (F11) until dead, then use remaining attack(s) on last goblin.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill November 22, 2014
Having freed his hands, Aeron attempted to sit up and untie his feet. (If that is successful) Aeron threw on his robes and set to work freeing the other companions (elves first).

the_app the_app November 22, 2014
Rumil, listening to all the discussions going on, stood ready to react. He can only imagine the creature that transported him and the party back neglected to ensure our bodies were in a safe place. Dream walkers or whatever he was are not to be trusted.

As soon as the bard began his rant, Rumil seized on the moment to add a little “bite” to the bards “bark.” He quickly called to him his newly found energy to affect the world around him (casting Thaumaturgy, verbal, 1min dur for each spell, 3 same time, 1 action) and bring “ominous whispers” into the hallway area – molding the sounds to match the bard’s tale of evil dream creatures. He quickly followed with another spell to cause tremors in the tunnel – nothing that would bring the earth down, but enough to add to the fear. He then focused on the visible fire (if any is visible from his hanging position) and caused the light to change to purplish and black.

Once he was sure he had added to the bard’s plan – he called his next power to mind – ready to surround himself with mist and move instantly to another location. With that called and ready, he moved to freeing his hands and feet – hoping the fear caused by the bard and a little bonus for effect, was enough time to get free and help others ready for battle. He wasn’t sure what everyone could do naked, but he was fairly confident that he could call forward some power to cause damage.

xLucix xLucix November 23, 2014
Frederick busied himself by playing the recent events in the dreamscape over in his head, analyzing and committing as much to long – term memory as he could. It would make a fantastic tale.

He also attempted to free himself.

AFCop AFCop November 23, 2014
I’m just curious. Does anyone read previous posts before they post? Did anyone read my post? If so, is everyone just disregarding it? I mean, that’s fine if you are just trying to RP you PC. Or perhaps you guys just trying to draw attention to us to make it more of a challenge for Blend? That’s cool. You guys will just be the bait :)

SkidAce SkidAce November 23, 2014
You did say you were freeing everyone….OCC long long weekend, updates in morning. Adjust as you like.

SkidAce SkidAce November 24, 2014
Rumil could tell that his efforts to bolster the bard’s speech were having an effect on the goblins in the area. The whispery sound of evil spirits, the subtle shaking and trembling of the floor, and the cooking fire turning an ominous purple and black caused the two cooking goblins to recoil and shudder in fear. The two goblins huddled together and tried to remain focused on their kitchen duties, but kept involuntarily looking over at the cell door.

Frederick noticed the additional effects of his speech upon the goblins, but was currently unsure of what had assisted him in his endeavors. He also noticed Blend, apparently free of his bonds, signal him to be quiet.

Blend moved cautiously over to where Nitram was hanging from his pole, and carefully untied the ranger. After instructing the ranger to remain quiet and still, Blend began the process of untying the others. He could see that Aeron had managed to get himself free, put on his robes, and was currently untying Rumil.

Blend untied the others and moved to Cragthor. After loosening the bonds that kept the bruteman pinned to the floor, Blend could tell that his companion was in rather dire straits. How bad Blend could not tell without taking the time to assess the bruteman’s condition.

After everyone was freed, Blend turned his eye towards the door that was locking them in. Freed of bonds, the ropes on the door were easy untied, and the cowering goblins in the kitchen were too distracted to notice. Blend moved invisibly out into the hallway, immediately noticing what he presumed were Spork and Foon off to the right, wringing their hands in indecision, with a pile of gear and clothing stacked in a dead end hallway behind them.

Blend successfully moved into a position from where he could strike at the unsuspecting kitchen goblins, who continued to cower and flinch at the ongoing sounds of the evil spirits and the tremors from the floor.

SkidAce SkidAce November 24, 2014
Explanation of Surprise in 5e (Thanks for the opp James), the results, and initiative, after I run some errands this afternoon. Feel free to type some RP if you like between now and then.

SkidAce SkidAce December 19, 2014
Concerning Inspiration

Inspiration is a rule the Dungeon Master can use to reward you for playing your character in a way that’s true to his or her personality traits, ideal, bond, and flaw. By using inspiration, you can draw on your personality trait of compassion for the downtrodden to give you an edge in negotiating with the Beggar Prince. Or inspiration can let you call on your bond to the defense of your home village to push past the effect of a spell that has been laid on you.

Gaining Inspiration
Your DM can choose to give you inspiration for a variety of reasons. Typically, DMs award it when you play out your personality traits, give in to the drawbacks presented by a flaw or bond, and otherwise portray your character in a compelling way. Your DM will tell you how you can earn inspiration in the game.
You either have inspiration or you don’t—you can’t stockpile multiple “inspirations” for later use.

Using Inspiration
If you have inspiration, you can expend it when you make an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. Spending
your inspiration gives you advantage on that roll. Additionally, if you have inspiration, you can reward another player for good roleplaying, clever thinking, or simply doing something exciting in the game. When another player character does something that really contributes to the story in a fun and interesting way, you can give up your inspiration to give that character inspiration.

I’m going to let you guys do this (as long as you follow the guidelines.

You can AWARD inspiration for playing to background, flaws, etc, in the face of adversity, creating a draw back or risk.

If you have inspiration you can GIVE it away for good RP or exciting action.

Of course, this implies a lot of trust. None of you would game it so you all constantly had inspiration and were passing it around. Right?

SkidAce SkidAce December 19, 2014
You cant AWARD yourself obviously.

the_app the_app December 19, 2014
Interesting concept – shall we all post our “traits” here for others to have in one place, so we can make the call? I imagine we could look at everyone’s sheet – but figured a single spot would be easier…

xLucix xLucix December 20, 2014
Can we award others for awarding us? lol

Serious note, that seems like a decent idea.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 December 20, 2014
Good idea Steve. Here are Nitram’s:
Personality Traits: (1) Face problems head on; a simple, direct solution is best
(2) Strong sense of fair play; always try to find the most equitable solution to arguments
Ideals: Destiny. Nothing and no one can steer me away from my higher calling
Bonds: I will someday get revenge on the ogres that destroyed my town and family
Flaws: My hatred of ogres is blind and unreasonable

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