Cairnheim Statistics

Cairnheim flagPopulation: 27,000- (80% human)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Capital: Sanctorium (pop 7,000)
Culture: Middle Ages
Government: Monarchy / Mercantile
Religions: Pantheon (60%), Imperial Temple (30%), Church of Tiamat (10%)
Imports: Grain, Textiles, Spices
Exports: Mercenaries, Iron/Steel, Griffons (rare)

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Provinces Law Temples Guilds Sources
Henge (4/2) x (3) x (2) x (1) x (1)
x (1) x (1) x (1)
x (0) x (1)
Mireland (4/2) x (1) x (1) x (1) x (2)
x (1) x (1) x (1) x (1)

Abbreviations: KK = King Kashue; OF = Old Faith (Matron Mother Talorean); MG = Merchants Guild (House Frezerick); HG = Highdruid Glynfar; PA = Pantheon; Tor = Toreador mercantile guild; WR = Wizard Rashemon; IT = Imperial Temple; CV = Roguelord Clotveil (Thieve’s guild); MD = Morgan duBlade (Mercenary Lord); DC = Druid’s Circle; HZ = Hah’Zardian (green dragon)

Regent: King Khasue rules with a fair hand over the majority of the kingdom of Falconaire, with his authority centered in the province of Aerie. In the province of Gloaming Hills, some of that authority belongs to the Mercenary Lord Morgan duBlade, who is in charge patrolling and policing the area.

Law: King Kashue has total control of the law within the province of Aeries, and shares authority with Morgan duBlade in the Gloaming Hills.

Temples: Religious authority is nominally split between various sects of Pantheonism and the Old Faith, with the Old Faith under the auspices of the Matron Mother Talorean, of the Temple of Danann, holding a slight edge. Mentus Spartic, priest of Mithril, has a small (0) level holding representing the Imperial Temple within the city of Aerie.

Guilds: Control of the trade and merchant’s guilds in Falconaire is highly contested. A local merchant family runs House Frezerick, a export/import company, who also dabbles in mining. Representatives of the Toreador Mercantile Guild are led by Janus Shill, of Toreador. Janus Shill also deals in imports/exports, but also claims to represent the common workers and local shopkeepers. Roguelord Clotveil seems to have a firm grip on the shadier “low” trade within the kingdom.

Sources: In the province of Aerie, the magical sources are divided between the Highdruid Glynfar and the Wizard Rashemon, who managed to wrest them from the control of the green dragon Hah’Zardian. In Gloaming Hills province, the Highdruid and the dragon still contest each other over the magics of the land. Hah’Zardian is a wiley and clever beast that prefers manipulation to direct confrontation, and the struggle between the two has not come to outright conflict…yet.

Organizations: Mercenary Guild, House Frezerick, Druid’s Circle, Griffon Riders, Temple of Danaan, tbd

Current Events: tbd

Cairnheim Statistics

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