Campaign Rules

Prestige Classes do not exist in this campaign.

Approved Non-core Rules

Boats and Sailing Vessels (using the D&D 3.5 ship rules, specifically the Stormwrack supplement.

Cold Weather and Survival (using the D&D 3.5 weather rules, specifically the Frostburn supplement.

Vision and Visibility(Using 5e and 1e (Wilderness Survival Guide) vision rules.

Riding a Flying Mount:
A creature that serves as a flying mount must rest 1 hour
for every 3 hours it flies, and it can’t fly for more than
9 hours per day. Thus, characters mounted on griffons
(which have a flying speed of 80 feet) can travel at 8
miles per hour, covering 72 miles over 9 hours with two
1-hour-long rests over the course of the day. Mounts that
don’t tire (such as a flying construct) aren’t subject to
this limitation.

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Campaign Rules

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