Religious organisations and established temples are known to rise and fall in power just the borders of the kingdoms they dwell in.

Having said that, there are some several religions common to the area that you can expect to find having established some form of organization. The churches and temples seem to vie for dominance and create partnerships and rivalries just as the various heads of state do.

Religious Organizations:

The Old Faith
These deities are worshiped throughout the kingdoms but are primarily concentrated in the rural and rustic areas of the region. It is considered a peasant/working class faith for the farmers by the nobility, although there are rumors of an ancient order of knights devoted to a code of honor and the ways of the Old Faith.

Imperial Temple
In the chaos and decades after the civil war, the gods of the Imperial Temple, led by Mithral and his daughter, became a stabilizing force in the Varencian Empire. As many of the people in the kingdoms have some shared ancestry with Varencia, worship of the Imperial Temple is fairly common among the merchants and the noblemen. The temple is a source of good in the kingdoms, although some fear its influence is rigged towards annexing many of the kingdoms into the empire.

The Pantheon
Many kingdoms and temples of the kingdoms have their roots in the old Wensharian kingdoms. as a result, scattered temples and monasteries to the old gods of the Pantheon can be encountered throughout the kingdoms.

Elvish Faiths and Philosophies
The majority of elves revere the spirits of nature, the world, and their ancestors. The elvish people do not normally worship deities, but some instead revere heroes and paragons of a virtue or skill that they admire. An offshoot of elves, rarely spoken off, has turned to demon worship and darkness.

The Vaesir
A group of deities worshipped by the dwarven race and the Korsic barbarians. Common folklore is that the dwarves and barbarians brought the faith with them from an unknown land. The Vaesir expect strength and skill from their followers, with martial skill or expertise in crafting being the most highly regarded traits worthy of respect in society.

Religion by Kingdom:

Toreador is a mix between independent churches of various faiths, and the Imperial Temple. Being the most settled of the kingdoms, the Old Faith has no organized temples there, though many of the peasants still follow those tenets.

Cairnheim is an ancient area, and has the most temples to the Pantheon in the area. There is a an average Imperial Temple presence in the area, off set by a growing following of the church of Tiamat in her role as the stern mother of creation.

Falconaire is equally divided between independent churches, the Old Faith, and some Pantheon Temples. There is a smaller Imperial Temple in the capital of Aerie.

Pentad is a compete mishmash of faiths and religions. The Temple of Minerva (Imperial Church) has a small edge on the other faiths of the area.

Aelvinwode is dominated by the elvish faiths and the followers of nature spirits. The province of Glenfar has a substantial following of the Old Faith.

Xar Taken is filled with old, ruined and newly established temples and monasteries to the Pantheon, even to some deities not found elsewhere in the kingdoms. The Imperial Temple has a strong following amongst the ruling class and the merchants.

Rivendeep is one of the few areas in Alyndrica, and certainly in the kingdoms where the ruling class and most of the populace are followers of the Old Faith. The Imperial Temple has a small holding within the capital of Highkeep.

Other Religions

Devil worship is rare, but known to be scattered about in hiding throughout the area, and are the last remnants of the evil cults that contributed to the downfall of the Wensharian Empire.

Witchcraft of various types is practiced in the western half of the kingdoms, but is outlawed in Toreador. There are various forms of witchcraft, from benign nature cults to diabolical covens. Rumors of a nation ruled by witches deep within the Venifica forest have been unsubstantiated.

The various brute man tribes follow multiple beast/animal fetishes/spirits.

The Ogre tribes venerate the elemental powers and beings from the ancient times. Their goblinoid allies follow various powers and fiends.

Elven sects…

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