Mundane Weapons

Table 1-1: Weapons by Area

Region Common Arms Special
Aelvinwode longsword, longbow (shortbow, spears) elven curved blade
Cairnheim cutlass, scimitar, shortsword, xbow (grappling hook, pike) katana, wakizashi, shuriken
Cragdor axe, club, scimitar, spear (glaive, halberd) mancatcher, ogre hook
Falconaire shortsword, longsword, broadsword bo-stick, kusari-gama, naginata, shuriken
Pentad dagger, shortsword, rapier, xbow trident, starknife
Rivendeep longsword, broadsword, greatsword spiked gauntlets, repeating xbow
Spider Bramble x x
Toreador rapier, saber, longsword punching dagger, parrying dagger, sword cane
Xar Taken longsword, spear, axe two-bladed sword, urgrosh

Table 1-2: Armor by Area

Region Common Armor Other Armor Shields
Aelvinwode leather leaf armor and chain army/formation
Cairnheim leather, studded leather lamellar, scale, chain mail common
Cragdor leather, hide chain mail, splint mail common
Falconaire leather, studded leather scale, chain common
Pentad leather, studded leather chain shirt common
Rivendeep scale mail, chain mail breastplate, mountain armor, half-plate small and medium
Spider Bramble x x x
Toreador leather, studded leather, lamellar cuirass armored coat, kikko, half-plate army/formation
Xar Taken chain shirt, chain mail half-plate, full plate common

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Mundane Weapons

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