Ogre Resurgence

The beginning of the ogre resurgence started with the end of the Clan Wars. The strongest clan, named Vilehand, crushed the other clans into submission with the help of the witchdoctors and the demon cults.

The Vilehand clan unified the ogres under mostly one banner, and for decades they improved their tactics and their armies. They also delved deep into the darkness of the rift, to uncover secrets of their lost ancestors. Some of these secrets included the lost knowledge of blood magic.

Some of the witchdoctors mastered long lost secrets and began to utilize their newfound power to create powerful items and spread their influence. Eventually they reached the point where the ruler of the ogres, Dae’Mond Vilehand felt the need to reclaim lost territory and prove their might to the world. It was at this point the ogres destroyed the province of Land’s Edge.

The ogres had proven their might, but also learned that a direct head to head confrontation could prove costly, especially if all the kingdoms rallied against them. From this point they held their newfound territory by allowing various war hungry clans to spread and settle randomly through the area.

Dae’Mond Vilehand and the witchdoctors began a secret campaign to influence and weaken the surrounding kingdoms so that they would fall easier and quicker when eventually attacks, and so no one would rally to their defense.

For some reason, their next target is the province of the Gloaming Hills, in Falconaire

Ogre Resurgence

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