Humans are the most populous of the races of the kingdoms. Due to the rise and fall of cultures and kingdoms in the area, humans may be of almost any ethnicity.

The old kingdoms of the Wensharians (from which the local kingdoms, Varencia, and the Anguis Imperium were founded) had a mixed European and Oriental style. Nowadays in the area of the kingdoms and Varencia, the majority of folk have the European style, while the Anguis Imperium retains some of the Oriental style.

Human Races

Elves (Alfar)

The kingdoms are home to several varieties of elves, the origins of which are unknown to most folk. Forest elves are the most common, followed by high elves (Eladrin), dark elves (Druas), and the least common, the sea elves (Mareladrin).

Forest elves live in secluded communities among the forests and trees of the world. They live in close harmony with nature and their surroundings.

The majority of forest elves revere the spirits of nature, the world, and their ancestors. Forest elves believe all spirits are connected and that when they die, they return to the spirit of the world, or Gaia, as they name her. As a result, shaman (speakers as they are commonly called) and druids are the primary religious figures in a forest elf community. In some areas followers of elvish hero-deities or fey powers have formed small sects or temples dedicated to their patron.

High Elven society straddles the boundary between the realm of Faerie and the natural world. They are creatures of magic with strong ties to nature. Most high elves worship the elvish hero-deity that personifies the aesthetic philosophy they are most in tune with. Eladrin seek to exemplify grace, skill, and learning in every part of life.

Druasian elves are an offshoot of the eladrin race that worships demons and demonic spirits. They have forsaken the primal spirits of life and attempt to corrupt and rule the world around them. They live in dark mist shrouded forests and caverns in scattered communities throughout the world. Some larger communities have built eerily beautiful cities deep within secluded areas.

Sea Elves are a legendary race of sages and artificers that live in the depths of the ocean. No one has ever seen one.

Alfar Races


Dwarves are divided into two categories, Mountain dwarves that live deep under the ground in massive citadels, and Hill dwarves, that live above ground in hilly or mountainous areas in communities of stone buildings. Dwarves worship the foreign deities of their fathers, known as the Vaesir , primarily Goibhnie, god of crafts, and Oghma, God of Knowledge.

The mountain dwarves are famous for their knowledge of huge interlocking gear mechanisms, used deep within their fortresses. They can build them into traps too.

Dwarves of either type usually have a proclivity towards clockwork and gear mechanisms. The most famous clockwork artisans have been dwarves.

Dwarf Races


Gnomes seem to live in either small communities of their own or among humans, where they follow the prevailing faith of the area. Most gnomes are rock gnomes, while a smaller number of them are known as wood gnomes, gifted illusionists. There are rumors of a race of evil gnomes, but there is no evidence of such.

“Gnome Races”


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A race of tribal cat people, the Rakasta live in harmony with nature and the spirits of the world. Rakastan culture is unique, somewhat mystical, and also places an emphasis on battle and honor. Rakastas are known to be some of the most efficient soldiers and warriors in all of the civilized lands.


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