Shadows of the Mercenary Part 5

07 Jannissary (Winter) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
5pm, Sunday

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 01, 2014
Nitram quickly walked over to Aeron, put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Your playing has scared them off. I don’t think they’ll attack us again, but you might want to stop carving out their forest. Hopefully, we’ll be able to talk to them, once the noise dies down.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 01, 2014
Aeron continue to “play” the bagpipes and walk toward the ruins clearing a path as the went. I’m not waiting for the forest to tear us to ribbons. “Lets have that conversation in Faerfell”

SkidAce SkidAce April 02, 2014
Shylent glanced at Nitram and then guided Aeron in the proper direction. How she could stand to be that close to the screeching of the bagpies was something the others could not comprehend.

Aeron’s guidance of the magic of the pipes was fairly uneventful. As the moments passed and he walked towards the ruins, the occasionally visible shimmering figures of the ghostly workers were seen clearing the path. Brush was chopped down, trees felled, brambles cleared, and all was pushed off to the side of the path they were creating.

Darkness continued to fall, and with the progress they were making it appeared that they would reach the vicinity of the ruins just as the sunset, and darkness swallowed the forest. Considering it was dim light at high noon, it was going to be pretty dark once the sun disappeared.

The group passed the occasional crumbled stone wall, half a building, or paved cobble road, all of which were aged and destroyed and were of no interest or led nowhere.

As they got closer to the location of the man ruins the terrain began to rise. The ruins themselves could not be seen in the darkness, but Shylent was positive they were still on the right course. A moss covered statue of a man with the head of a stag was revealed as the pipes cleared a path.

About this time Aeron found the magic of the pipes less and less willing to work with him. Almost as if they were starting to resent his lack of skill. Aeron tried to coax more magical music from the pipes, but eventually found himself making discordant noises to no effect. (Perform 10)

Just past the stone statue, the pipes had cleared enough of a path to see a large stone wall, at least 30 feet high, with the upper reaches obscured by the tops of the trees.

SkidAce SkidAce April 02, 2014
07 Jannissary (Winter) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
6pm, Sunday

It’s dark. You may be eaten by a grue.

the_app the_app April 02, 2014
As a protector of the elven homeland, Rumil could understand why this horrid sounding music of destruction was unsettling to the druas. He didn’t like seeing the forest disturbed this much either, experience has shown that the forest will always reclaim what it lost given time.

As he looked over his wounds, minor though they were, he made a mental note to practice his defensive channeling as time permitted, acquire some more supplies at the next available opportunity, and attempt to master some of the more difficult and challenging spells his fellow defenders were so easily able to channel.

Rumil took up position in this group, realizing he may be stuck with them for a while – as his masters gave no indication on there stated purpose for his joining up with them. Perhaps they would provide the much needed worldly experience he needed to grow into his role as a protector. It dawned on Rumil then – he had never even formerly introduced himself to this mishmash of “adventurers.” He would have to figure out a way to do that once they settled down for a while. Sometime to the point and not overly boastful, he reminded himself, as not all of them had as long to live as he did.

As he wandered along the path being created, he took whatever opportunities presented themselves to observe the ruins and surroundings. If one struck his fancy, he’d even try to look for any faint auras (Cast “detect magic”), as he knew that most of the great elven stories told of ancient areas with magical properties. He knew his chances were slim at seeing anything (he still felt fairly uncomfortable channeling magic, even after decades of practice with the simple tricks), but what else did he have to do in this group, who didn’t even know his name…

AFCop AFCop April 03, 2014
Blend walked up to the wall and eyed it, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Once he was satisfied, he sprang up an almost impossible distance, grabbed an handhold and began climbing at an alarming rate. Once he reached the top, he scanned the area to see what he could see.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 03, 2014
Watching Blend scale the wall, Nitram muttered under his breath, “He may be taking this ‘emissary of the Spider’ thing a little too literally.”

SkidAce SkidAce April 03, 2014
It was a nicely built wall at one time. To Blend’s keen eye there were several spots where it was deteriorating, making it somewhat easier to climb. (Wall DC 20)

Blend’s climb was moderately successful (a little harder and close than he would let on (Climb 21)) and he soon sat at the top of the wall, out of view in the darkness to the party. its pitch black, you folks need a light source/I don’t want to assume you lit one)

From Blend’s perch he could see that the top of the wall was ten feet wide, and stretched to his left and right into the darkness and the surrounding trees. With his back to the party, Blend could see some type of courtyard or stone columned garden to “his” forward right, about 100 feet away.

Back down against the wall and surrounded in darkness, the remainder of the party could tell that the nameless eladrin keep looking around interestingly, as if watching something. Shylent could be heard rustling in her rucksack, and eventually she pulled out the everburning torch that Aeron always stuck her with carrying and marched directly over to the wizard and said “Yes or No?”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 05, 2014
Aeron cast his arcane whisper (Message) spell upon the group saying, “No lights. Merchant Blend, drop a rope, so the rest of us may follow you up the wall.” Aeron was surprised at Rumil’s report of the abjuration magic that flowed through the forest. Aeron activated some silver sigils on his grey robes to make them as tough as armor (Mage Armor).

SkidAce SkidAce April 05, 2014
Shylent shook her head in disgust at Aeron’s decree of “no lights”. She tapped the pipes of building pointedly and said “We not stealthy”, but she did put the torch away. She then pulled out her short sword and began inspecting its edge.

Servan seemed ready to climb or fight, but as usual was bemusedly watching the other members of the group for indications of suitable action.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 05, 2014
“Aeron, Shylent’s right. They already know we’re here. They can see in the dark, we can’t see at all…except Blend. We should light the torch.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 05, 2014
Aeron put away the pipes and knocked an arrow on his ornately carved longbow. “I’m not opposed to light. Let’s just let Merchant Blend survey the situation before we make our grand entrance.”

the_app the_app April 06, 2014
Rumil notes Aeron’s concern and his use of some sigils on his robe. Not wanting to get into tactics discussions with this new group, Rumil instead uses the time to ensure his bow and sword are ready to be drawn and that he properly recalls his goto magic.

AFCop AFCop April 06, 2014
After confirming the best he could that there were no immediate threats, Blend dug his silken rope out of his pack and secured it before lowering it to the ground and waited for the party to ascend.

SkidAce SkidAce April 06, 2014
While scouring the area he could see for threats, Blend concluded that the other side if the wall was no longer difficult terrain. Oh to be sure, there were clumps of brush and trees, and occasional piles of vine covered rocks, but the area “inside” the wall was no longer the brush and thorn encrusted terrain they had encountered so far.

With the rope lowered it was easy for the rest of the group to climb up to met Blend where he was perched. Sadly for them, they could not see anything from their position, except for the person right next to them, and the portion of the wall they were standing on.

There was an air of quiet expectation, an almost palpable sense of withheld strength looming from the darkness on the other side of the wall. But at this moment, from this vantage point, the air was still and quiet, nothing stirring.

AFCop AFCop April 06, 2014
Once the rest of the group was up the wall, Blend reeled in the rope and hung it down the other side. He then proceeded to slide silently down the wall using the rope.

the_app the_app April 06, 2014
Once on top of the wall and cursing his lack of upper body strength, Rumil takes the opportunity and vantage point to survey the other side of the wall for any lingering magic (cast “Detect Magic”} or signs of the same wisps seen on the way to the wall.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 06, 2014
Aeron was still exhausted from the strength drained by the shadow and found climbing the rope difficult. I should have cast my flying spell, but it only lasts a few minutes and may be needed before the night breaks to dawn. Aeron quickly consulted the group, “I can cast a spell that allows us to stay awake tonight on this wall and sit in vigil awaiting the attack of the dark elves. Otherwise between the draining affect of the shadows and the fatigue of travel, we may find ourselves hard pressed to continue in the morning.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 07, 2014
Channeling his inner Shylent, Nitram began muttering to himself – maybe not as quietly as she – as he climbed down the rope, “This is beyond ridiculous. Blend is the only one who can see anything and that elf is readying his bow. We’d have a better chance clearing the dragon out of the mist grove that fighting druas in the dark in literally their backyard. Good thing I brought my own torch.”

the_app the_app April 07, 2014
Quickly recalling the attack in the open field, Rumil points out “I believe the druas are handy with ranged weapons and while I like high points, wouldn’t this wall expose us as easy targets? And if they truly can see as if it were day – we are twice caught off guard.

SkidAce SkidAce April 07, 2014
Rumil’s survey of the area beyond the wall was nearly useless. He did however see a few of the trailing wisps drift by within the 60 foot range of his Detect Magic.

Shylent and Servan followed Blend and Nitram down the rope onto the ground.

AFCop AFCop April 07, 2014
Blend looked around the nearby area for a suitably defensible position to make camp.

SkidAce SkidAce April 07, 2014
When Blend looked around, he noticed that the courtyard or stone columned garden that he had seen previously included a half collapsed building. The remaining corner of the building formed a triangle that was probably the only overhead cover within a short distance. The long open side of the triangle shaped ruin was around 28 feet long.

Shylent appeared to have heard Nitram’s mumbling and approached him, slapping him on the shoulder in a good natured way and nodding. She then handed him a piece of chalk from her pouch.

AFCop AFCop April 07, 2014
“Let’s camp over there,” Blend pointed to the ruined courtyard, even though he knew no one else could see it. He waited for everyone to gather before leading them over to it.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 07, 2014
What in the name of Rillifane am I supposed to do with this, Nitram thought to himself. He smiled at the Corsic and nodded his head in thanks. Feeling completely vulnerable, the ranger followed Blend to the campsite.
“How are we going to handle watch? Blend can’t stay up all night. Or, at least, he shouldn’t. We can start a fire, but that does give them something more to shoot at – most likely from outside the range of the light.”

the_app the_app April 07, 2014
“I have seen magic which can give you the ability to see in the darkness used – and while that is not in my skillset, perhaps someone else has can prepare it?” After attracting more attention than he wanted with this statement, Rumil follows the group to the “camp” and attempts to find a safe spot to rest in the designated area.

SkidAce SkidAce April 08, 2014
When the party moved to follow Blend to the ruined courtyard, there was the sound of crossbow bolts firing in the darkness. Blend noticed one bolt actually came close enough to shave a few threads off of his cloak. Blend even saw the druas pull back into cover behind foilage, nearly 100 feet away.

After traveling forward and right from the wall for a few minutes, the group made it to the shelter of the ruined courtyard and the semi collapsed building. Once there, it was determined that Servan was missing.

(Remember, you can’t see…so most of you should limit your IC knowledge to the area of the building, place yourself as desired.


the_app the_app April 08, 2014
K11 it is then, unless I’m misunderstanding where we’re at

Rumil, unable to see anything, follows the group closely. Once near the wall, he followed along, by touch, until he felt he could relax – only to realize that they were yet again under attack.

“Not sure what we’ve done to upset the locals – but it may be time to figure out a way to end this…”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 09, 2014
“Shylent, it may be time for that torch now. Aeron, can you light up the area?” Nitram whispered into the dark. Wrapping his free hand into the fur on Serre’s shoulder, the ranger urged his companion to lead him, “Serre, find us someplace safe. I can’t see anything yet. Can you see any of the druas?” The young griffon began moving to sandwich the duo between the tree and crumbling wall. Nitram will be in H6, Serre in I6.

AFCop AFCop April 09, 2014
Blend made took a circular route along the perimeter, looking for more Druas, or whatever else may be out there.

SkidAce SkidAce April 09, 2014
Shylent nodded at Nitram’s suggestion, untied the strings and pulled the leather cover off of the Everburning Torch. Light flooded the area of the ruined building they had taken shelter in.

(Yellow around torch icon is normal light for humans. Remember those with low light get another 20 foot radius to that, unless blocked by building. Everything to the left of the yellow lines is at least dim light for all but Shylent)

As soon as the light was unleashed, there was a momentary stillness, as if the forest itself paused. Blend noticed several druas near him dropping silently out of the trees. The druas assumed they were unseen, until they looked up and made eye contact with Blend. All three drew their swords and approached the human with grim purpose.

Serre grew agitated and began pulling Nitram to the south, indicating something was approaching. When the light blossomed over the area, two druas swordsman were illuminated in their attempt to sneak up on Nitram and Serre from the behind a nearby portion of wall.

AFCop AFCop April 09, 2014
Blend leaped forward and attacked the nearest drua swordsman, his weapon flashing, catching the light from the everburning torch, before focusing his ki and vanishing from sight.

Move to E13 and attack drua at D13 with flurry and SA, then use vanishing trick.

SkidAce SkidAce April 09, 2014
Blend would have missed the lead druas swordsman if the the dark elf had not been so slow to react to Blend’s attack. (flatfooted) The wakazashi caught the unprepared druas along the side of his torso, and the followup attack struck straight into the swordsman’s heart, slaying him where he stood. Att 14, 30c, dam 48)

Blend then faded from view in front of the other two astonished swordsman. “Shadowmaster” cursed one of them.

SkidAce SkidAce April 11, 2014
Shylent drew her longsword and prepared herself to attack any of the encroaching druas swordsman that amy enter the area of the light in order to ambush the casters. She glanced over her shoulder at Aeron, expecting something flashy from the mage at any moment.

Before Serre or Nitram could react, the two druas swordsman flung themselves around the crumbling remnants of the wall and attacked. Slashing and stabbing, the southernmost druas scored a hit upon Serre’s flank (Att 17, dam 5) while his partner sliced several gashes across Nitram’s chest. (Att 24, dam 4).

The ghost of Blend’s first adversary bemoaned the loss of his attack and his life.

The approaching something from the south that had agitated Serre initially turned out to be more duas swordsmen. As the first one dashed up to Serre’s flank, Shylent stepped forward and engaged the unsuspecting dark elf. Shylent’s longsword nearly gutted the swordsman, causing him to emit a whispering hiss of pain from between clenched lips. He turned to engage Shylent, but was unable to get through the defense of her shield.

Nitram heard the “thunk” of a crossbow bolt in the darkness to the west, and then the “whoosh” as it passed harmlessly over his head.

the_app the_app April 11, 2014
Rumil, quickly realizing that the numbers did not appear in the group’s favor, moved towards the torch (move to J10) in case it was needed somewhere else and hoped to dazzle one of the nearby druas (cast Flare on J5), relying on the knowledge that this bright light may blind the elf for a while and give his new-found allies an advantage.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 11, 2014
“More crossbows to the west,” Nitram warned the others.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 11, 2014
Skid, I see “Shadow” on the init list, but no icon for its location. Are you trying to puff up Blend’s ego further? Since the druas around us already acted, I’ll post my action as well – for when it’s my turn.

Nitram hoped his boots were still working. He tightened his grip on the greatsword and tried to focus on the forms he had been learning with Kael. His first form, he modified so that his boots came together as he began his attack on the elf in front of him. I think it’s logical that he would have stowed his bow once it became too dark to see beyond a couple feet. He should have several rounds left of haste in his boots also. full round hasted attack (2 attacks at + 1 each; I already forgot the strength penalty that we agreed on)

SkidAce SkidAce April 12, 2014
Rumil’s Flare was very effective against the apparently light sensitive druas swordsman, blinding the warrior for a moment or two. (Failed fort save)

Another crossbow bolt flew out of the darkness north of Nitram and Serre, hitting the stone wall and shattering.

One of the druas swordsmen engaged with Blend took a step forward and swung his rapier through the air to his left (south), in an attempt to find and cut Blend down. Hitting nothing with his sword, he stayed on his guard, looking around cautiously.

Nitram swung the greatsword in two massive arcs, both cutting deeply into the torso of the hapless swordsman in front of him. (Att 24, 20, dam 25, the penalty was – 2) The stunned druas swordsman crumbled to the ground in front of Nitram, dead.

Nitram heard another crossbow bolt being fired, but unlike the first one, this one struck the ranger in the shoulder and drove deep. An initial tingling sensation spread from the point of impact, almost like Nitram’s shoulder was going to sleep. Nitram staggered, and then slumped over to the ground. (DC 13 Fort, 9 failed)

Serre let loose with a screech of rage that reverberated throughout the ruins.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 13, 2014
As his friend falls to the ground, Serre stands up on his back legs and spreading his wings, creating a formidable “wall” of griffon. He leaned forward almost falling on the druas in front of him, beak and talons flashing at the dark elf, trying to finish the job that Shylent started. 1 x bite and 2 x talon on J6. If it falls before Serre’s done with attacks, can he move remaining attacks to J5? I think he can.

SkidAce SkidAce April 13, 2014
Serre’s snapping beak was easily evaded by the wounded, but nimble druas in front of him. (Att 11) Serre lashed out with a deadly talon as the swordsman dodged however, and cut the druas’ throat clean out. (Att 16, dam 5) The griffon turned an angry eye to the remaining foe and lashed out with his other talon, nearly gutting the futilely backpedaling blinded swordsman. (Att 24, dam 5)

The two swordsman from the group approaching from the south stepped forward and unleashed crossbow bolts directly into the raging griffon’s chest. Only one of bolts struck the griffon full in the chest, the other glancing off into the darkness. Serre didn’t seem to notice any effects from the insidious drow poison. (Att 26c, 19, damage 5)

As Blend contemplated his next action, he noticed a lone druas crossbowman approaching slowly from the southeast. The rest of the group heard the sound of a hunting horn blowing, the sound drifting closer on the wind from the north.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 13, 2014
Aeron raised an ominous hand and pointed at the group of dark elf swordsman pouring into the ruins from the west. “Shadow, wound them…but leave the killing to me.” Aeron then began chanting as he reached into the magic weave that surrounded them and bent the strings of time (Haste).

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 13, 2014
The shadow floated into the midstof the dark elf swordsman ( K6).

SkidAce SkidAce April 14, 2014
Aeron’s shadow minion swooped over to the druas swordsman with a malefic gleeful whispering sound. It struck at the druas nearest the wall, and then paused, as if contemplating Aeron’s command not to kill.

The swordsman struck by the insubstantial touch of the shadow moaned in pain, but grimly continued the fight.

Aeron’s manipulation of magic seemed to affect all of his friends except Blend, who was out of sight and likely out of range. Shylent growled encouragingly and swept her longsword from side to side, steppig forward over the fallen druas to engage the remaining one. Both swings beat down the blinded swordsman’s defense, with the final swing cutting across the druas’ chest, ripping apart armor and flesh as the dark elf fell to the ground.

the_app the_app April 14, 2014
Still hesitant whenever the mage called Aeron casts and always training his ability to counter, Rumil attempts to identify the spell being cast (Spellcraft check, no/immediate action and one I will likely use each time spell casting is observed/heard near me), and quickly realizes that the spell seems to be affecting him directly…a strange, yet tantalizing feeling.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 14, 2014
Skid, Shylent still has Kinslayer. Also, did Serre see where the shooters are to the north?

AFCop AFCop April 14, 2014
Blend attempted to to dispatch the two druas still next to him before engaging the third approaching from the south.

Flurry, first attack on D12, if killed, follow up second attack on D14, otherwise repeat attack on D12. Invisible gets + 2 to hit vs. – 2 FF AC. Both are SAs. Last move will be 5ft step to F12.

SkidAce SkidAce April 14, 2014
Rumil was happy to see that he was able to determine the spell that Aeron was casting. (DC 18, result 24) It was a complicated spell that not all wizards knew, one that bent time so to speak, allowing those affected to act and react faster. The spell called Haste was too close to the the forbidden methods chronomancy for some, but most wizards who knew of it scoffed at that notion.

Shylent looked thoughtful, and glancing at the shadow that Aeron’s commands had sent into the midst of the fight, dubiously sheathed her longsword and drew Kinslayer from across her back.

The griffon continued its survey of the battlefield, daring any foe to approach Nitram’s body. Glaring back and forth, Serre didn’t see any of the crossbowmen, but he seemed very suspicious of the northern pillared pathway. (Per 14)

In a flurry of action (hehe) Blend reappeared, gracefully lunging at the swordsman to his left, slaying him, (Att 28, dam 12) and then repeating the deadly skewering action on the one to his right, killing that one also. (Att 19, dam 19)

A druas crossbowman that had been waiting for Blend to reappear rose slightly from his concealment and fired his crossbow (Att 28c, dam 9, DC 13 Fort, 22 saved) into Blend’s shoulder. It was a glancing blow, and though Blend felt a slight tingling, there were no after affects.

There was a swirling of darker shadows out under the trees, and a figure in darkened scale mail, with a gray longsword in one hand strode forth to the edge of the light. With a mocking and musical laugh, the figure pointed at the torch held by Rumil and chanted “draco’s umbral tentaculos”. The ground in the area erupted into a swaying mass of black tentacles that reached and grabbed for those within its area of effect. (same as light by coincidence) The figure was heard to say “Plus ames, more souls for the ritual”

CMB 20, versus Aeron’s 19, grabbed, Rumil’s 13, grabbed. 9 dam each.)

the_app the_app April 14, 2014
(I’m afraid 9 dmg is more than Rumil’s sad life is worth – 7HP max – so he will concede his turn)

Rumil, preparing to assist the group with another flash of light, a bit apprehensive about his newfound speed, hears chanting – seeing an ominous figure casting in his direction (Spellcraft check before I hit the deck plz} and suddenly realized that standing next to the light source may have been foolish as he sees the black tendrils crawl up his body…losing consciousness…whispering “Corellon Larethian, forgive me for failing you….”

SkidAce SkidAce April 14, 2014
(Remember, you have some plot immunity due to playing your character up from 1st level. If you get “saved” might be time to take you to level 2 or 3)

(Spellcraft 14) Rumil could not determine the actual details of the spell the dark figure had cast, but he could certainly feel the affects. The gripping tendrils began to squeeze and constrict as he passed out.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 15, 2014
I’m not sure if I’m enjoying our chances anymore…can’t we just wrestle a bear or something.

Serre’s feathered head seemed more like an owl than eagle as it swiveled around rapidly. The defensive creature spotted several more dark elves closing from the north toward his unprotected friend. With another piercing shriek, the majestic beast leapt into the air an attacked the nearest one. pounce attack on E7; after the attack, land on F6 to continue to keep body between druas and Nitram. I think I wish this wasn’t their “leader”. Is Serre hasted? the pounce should get 1 x bite (+ 8), 2 x talons (+ 7), 2 x claws (+ 7 rake) + haste attack (bite)? it says full attack when pouncing.

SkidAce SkidAce April 15, 2014
Serre’s snapping beak gnashed on the scale mail of the armored figure, but failed to get through. One of the two quick claw slashes did manage to create a small gash in the mesh of the armor, drawing blood. Landing almost on top of the shadowknight, Serre’s rear claws raked across the druas’ chest, drawing more blood. As the griffon settled down next to the knight, the effects of Aeron’s spell allowed him to bite again with unnatural swiftness, catching the druas off guard and this time gnashing through the armor.

(Bite 18m, Talons 26h 13m, Claws 24h 11m, Bite 27h, damage 11)

The crossbowman to Blend’s southeast chuckled at the opportunity and loose a bolt that seemed destined to strike Blend dead center of his chest. (Att 26) The druas curshed in frustration and dread as the bolt passed harmlessly through the area where Blend appeared to be standing. (Cloak 20%, 13)

The shadow under Aeron’s command had struck again at the druas before it, consuming the hapless elf’s essence. The druas struggled to futilely lift its sword, and fled back into the darkness.

One of the hidden crossbowmen emerged from the darkness and moved forward to grab Nitram’s sleeping form. The swordsman engaged with the shadow withdrew cautiously and moved to flank the griffon in coordination with the shadow knight.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 15, 2014

Wow, 11 hps doesn’t seem like much on that shadow night. Maybe Serre will withdraw.

SkidAce SkidAce April 15, 2014
While enraged over your demise? Not likely.

AFCop AFCop April 16, 2014
Blend realized the situation was dire. Normally, this was when the self-preservation kicked in. But for some reason, much to his surprise, he didn’t hesitate to rush the druas in scale armor, blade first. He moved as fast as he could, channeling his inner strength into his blade, hoping to catch the knight off balance. “Aeron, try and do something about the fodder with the sleep arrows,” he whispered to the elf.

Move to D8 to flank, + 2 to hit, SA, stunning fist DC 15 fort save.

SkidAce SkidAce April 16, 2014
The druas that had been waiting for the best shot took it as Blend ran by. (held action) The crossbow bolt hit a branch in front of his face and broke into splinters, causing the druas to drop his crossbow.

From just over the edge of the low lying wall Blend struck unnoticed by the shadowknight. A shimmering veil of color attempted to defelct Blend’s blade, but the blade sunk deep and drew a groan of pain from the shocked druas. (Att 32c, dam 29) The impact of the blade almost stunned the druas, but he shook it off as he turned slightly to see Blend. (Fort 18)

Shylent tumbled forward away from the reach of the grasping tentacles and moved around the high ruined wall to cut off the escape of the druas attempting to drag Nitram. Shylent swung at the crossbowman with Kinslayer just as he laid his hands on Nitram’s ankles. The swing went over the crouching druas back, missing him by inches.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 16, 2014
Serre’s rage was nearly palpable at this point. His screeching, on the other hand, was quite deafening. The young griffon turned and attempted to fight his way to his fallen companion. attack G5, bite x 2, talon x 2, + 1 hasted, + 1 flanked; it’s a good thing shylent showed up or Serre would have moved, drawing the AOO and reducing Blend’s flanking bonus – not that he needs it. Skid, I’ll let you run the sprite flare….

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 16, 2014
Aeron saw Acolyte Rumil collapse into the writhing mass of tentacles. This is not looking good. There couldn’t be more than 200 dark elves in this forest and we are being slaughtered by less than a dozen. That’s not even a real wizard that is crushing the air out of me with this dark spell. Well if he wants a wizard’s duel…I am more than happy to oblige. Aeron reached back into his memory and recalled a spell of magical nullification to cancel the tentacles that surrounded them. (focus item recall unprepared spell Dispel Magic). If successful, Aeron will use his bonus hasted action to give a potion of healing to Rumil.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 16, 2014
use a targeted dispel to specifically end one spell affecting an area (such as a wall of fire). You must name the specific spell effect to be targeted in this way. If your caster level check is equal to or higher than the DC of that spell, it ends."

You make one dispel check (1d20 + your caster level) and compare that to the spell with highest caster level (DC = 11 + the spell’s caster level). It actually may be better for Aeron to target the shadow knight with the dispel in case he can’t dispel the tentacles, it may dispel some lesser affect on the shadow knight. Does Caster Level include the Int bonus?

When you make a concentration check, you roll d20 and add your caster level and the ability score modifier used to determine bonus spells of the same type. (d20 + 6 + 8) vs DC?

Dispel magic really sucks. Concentration check d20+14 vs DC 33 ( 10 + CMB 20 + spell level 3) = 10% chance of success…then dispel d20 + 6 vs DC 18+ = 40% chance of success…so 10% x 40% = 4% chance of dispelling the tentacles. Aeron will change his action to attempt to squirm out of the tentacles first then cast Dispel Magic.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 16, 2014
You make one dispel check (1d20 + your caster level) and compare that to the spell with highest caster level (DC = 11 + the spell’s caster level). It actually may be better for Aeron to target the shadow knight with the dispel in case he can’t dispel the tentacles, it may dispel some lesser affect on the shadow knight. Does Caster Level include the Int bonus?

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 16, 2014
How is the tentacle CMB 20? d20 + 5…good roll. Maybe this round will be better…for us.

When determining the tentacles’ CMB, the tentacles use your caster level as their base attack bonus and receive a +4 bonus due to their Strength and a +1 size bonus. Roll only once for the entire spell effect each round and apply the result to all creatures in the area of effect.

d20 + 5 + caster level (?)

SkidAce SkidAce April 16, 2014
Aeron attempted to break free of the insidiously clinging tentacles in order to cast freely. (DC 18, grappled check, 17 + 5 CMB – 3 str pen = 19, success) Aeron reached back into his memory and recalled a spell of magical nullification to cancel any magics surrounding the shadow knight. . He cast his spell directly at the imposing figure of the druas champion and hoped for the best. (Dispel Magic: 1d20 + 6 = 23)

Using the quickness granted to him by the well timed Haste spell, Aeron leaned over and administered a potion to Rumil before the tentacles could swarm across him again.

SkidAce SkidAce April 16, 2014
A crossbowman north of the lighted area moved closer to gain point blank range upon the wizard he had just seen cast a spell. He fired his crossbowbolt at Aeron with an almost silent “twang”, the bolt flying harmlessly over Aeron’s form as he gave the potion to Rumil. (Att 11)

The shadowknight gave a mocking bow to Serre and shifted backwards to duel with Blend. As he moved, his sword began to swirl with shadowy bluish black energy, and he lunged at Blend swiftly. The gray weapon connected with Blend’s form, slicing across his chest, and the energy traveled off the blade and onto Blend, driving a dangerously chill cold into his form. (Att 26, 35%, dam 7 weapon, 15 cold, 22 total)

The black tentacles attacked Aeron and Rumil again, esnaring them in their crushing darkness once more. (CMB 23, versus Aeron’s 19, grabbed, Rumil’s 13, grabbed. 5 dam each.)

Another crossbowman saw Shylent approaching and fired his crossbow at her, striking her in the left thigh, below her shield. (Att 18, dam 3) Shylent snarled and pulled the bolt from her leg, and then started staggering slowly to the ground. (DC 13 Fort, 7, failed)

the_app the_app April 17, 2014
Is it really my turn? I was negative 3-4HP, gained health from potion (assuming max of 8HP), which brought me to 4-5HP and then got hit by tendrils for 5HP (-1 or 0HP), so back down by my reckoning…or am I missing something?

Rumil, the lingering sweet taste of a potion still on his tongue, regains his faculties, looking around, choking out “Corellon, you are gracious indeed…”, before realizing he is still in the writhing mass of tendrils that fell him moments earlier. As they tightened their grip on him again, his last vision was again the damned ever-burning torch, shining above him…

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 17, 2014
Holy crap…a 23 dispel didn’t take out the tentacles…the DC should be 11 + spell caster level…so that means the shadow knight is a 13th+ level caster!!!

Aeron was shocked at the ineffectiveness of his most powerful spell and whispered frantically to the group, “This Shadow Knight may be a sixth circle caster…concentrate all attacks on him or we are not long for this world.” Aeron raised his black robed hand again at the Shadow Knight and commanded his shadow to attack the dark elf leader. “He is the one that cursed you to undeath. Drain him to an inch of his life.” Aeron had heard many stories of Aelvinwode patrols disappearing on this border to Spider Bramble and it was becoming abundantly clear the cause of these lost patrols. Standard action Cast Dispel Magic, Standard Action Rumil Potion, Free Action command Shadow to E6 to attack Shadow Knight, Move Action to K6. Area is difficult terrain, but speed doubled due to haste…so should make it to a clear area before the tentacles reaattack on 19 initiative."

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 17, 2014
If Aerons move rate allows the dragging of Rumil out of the tentacles then he will…otherwise

AFCop AFCop April 17, 2014
When you cast dispel, you targeted the caster, not the effect, so it would dispel an effect on the caster. In order to dispel the tentacles, you would have to target the tentacles themselves. I have deduced the caster is tenth level by the way.

SkidAce SkidAce April 17, 2014
Looking at your action breakdown I concur, you could have pulled Rumil with the additional Haste movement

Updating map and giving back 5 hp.

SkidAce SkidAce April 17, 2014
Still Rumil’s turn, he made his grapple check with a + 2 from Aeron’s aid another (dragging).

the_app the_app April 17, 2014
Rumil, realizing the pain was not the tendrils squeezing his life out, but rather the hastened movement of his ally jerking him from the grip of death, quickly regained his bearings, moved to find cover (move to K3 for partial cover by wall/ruin), and invoked a shroud of magical energy to protect him (cast Mage Armor, 1 of 4 spells for today) before reassessing the battlefield to determine where best he could aid the group.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 17, 2014
wow, I missed a lot yesterday. and we’re only halfway down the initiative list

SkidAce SkidAce April 17, 2014
The crossbowman north of Blend and the shadowknight fired his weapon at Blend again, missing. He looked at the crossbow and looked back up at Blend in disgust. (Att 17)

Aeron’s “pet” flew over the battlefield, trailing a lingering arm across Nitram;s body with a malevolent moan as it went. It swooped into combat with the shadowknight hesitantly. It feebly tried to grasp the knight in its weakening embrace, but was unable to do so as the knight moved back and forth in combat with Blend. (Att 8)

A flare of light erupted from around Nitram’s neck, startling the druas hauling Nitram into the darkness, but having no other affect. (Fort 13, saved)

Serre’s rage still reverberated across the area of the ruins, as he bit and clawed at the nearest swordsman. The swordsman was shredded into pieces before he could even fall to the ground. (Bite16, Talon 26, Talon 21, Bite 24, dam 23)

The druas towing Nitram moved off slowly into the dim light, heading for the darkness of the brush outside of the everburning torchlight.

The lone druas to the east disappeared southward behind the walls of the ruins.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 17, 2014
watch your back Aeron & Rumil

Skid, I know it’s not for a while yet, but I’m sure you can anticipate the griffon’s response: pounce on the druas dragging Nitram. Serre’s got darkvision, so that shouldn’t be a problem. 2 x bite (hasted), 2 x talon, 2 x claws

AFCop AFCop April 18, 2014
Blend knew he could not last much longer against the shadow knight. Even though Blend was faster by far, he could not compensate for the arcane energies that his opponent possessed. Dodging a constant barrage of sleep-inducing arrows was not helping either. He needed to end this quick. Perhaps if he could fell the knight, the rest of the druas would lose heart and retreat. He sidestepped to the north and hoped the shadow was enough of a distraction to let him puncture a few vital organs.

Move to C8 to flank, + 2 to hit, flurry, stunning fist on first attack, if stunned, – 2 AC and loses Dex bonus to AC and drops whatever he is holding, SA x 2, if not dead or stunned, then spend hero point to get an additional SA, if still not dead, swift action to go invisible.

SkidAce SkidAce April 18, 2014
As Blend had hoped, the slight distraction caused by the shadow was enough for the edge of his wakazashi to draw blood. (Att 19, 15) Blend’s ki caused a shuddering in the shadowknight’s arm that the druas was not able to ignore, stunning him and causing him to drop his cold iron sword.

Blend’s blade swung rapidly again, crossing the knight’s armor with another score that drew more blood. (Att 22, dam 14) Blend saw the druas foe was stunned, but not fallen, and summoned up his reserves for a final atttack. (Hero Point!) As he attacked he heard the shadowknight cry out “Angerthas, where are you?” in desperation.

Blend’s heroic effort paid off with a stab to the druas’ torso, with the blade drawing back out covered in blood as the druas slumped to the ground. (Att 27, dam 17)

SkidAce SkidAce April 18, 2014
Rumil updated.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill April 18, 2014
Aeron pointed at the elf standing in the row of columns(D4) and commanded the shadow to attack, Drain the dark elf in the columns until he cannot stand…but do not kill him." Aeron then stared across the ruins at the elf firing quarrels at him. Rising to his full 5 foot height, Aeron raised his hands in a series of ominous arcane motions (Cause Fear Will vs DC 19), Begone fallen eladrin or you will suffer the same fate as your leader."

SkidAce SkidAce April 19, 2014
The dark elf that Aeron taunted by speaking of that which is never spoken of blanched almost white from fear, and began to stumble backwards towards the bodies of his companions. Aeron’s pet turned its ominous gaze towards the druas standing in the columns.

An ominous sound drifted from the direction of Shylent’s fallen form. It appeared that she snored in her sleep.

The fear stricken druas fled into the darkness, leaping almost miraculously into the trees. The druas menaced by the shadow began a slow tactical retreat into the brush.

the_app the_app April 20, 2014
Rumil, assessing what could be seen of the battlefield, saw the druas pulling the ranger’s body – and despite this being his first true battle outside of the sparing matches setup by the elders – advanced, sword drawn, ready to strike (move to I2), hoping that the unnatural speed bestowed upon him earlier still lingered enough to allow him to aid his comrade, even if this group still did not know his name. As he approached the druas to strike, he stated in elven “This group was sent to aid you and your people from a band of marauders – and yet you attack. May Corellon provide you rest in the afterlife.”

Longsword (unless we decided I could have my thinblade) x2 (if still hasted) adding my Arcane Strike feat (+1dmg and weapon considered magical)

SkidAce SkidAce April 20, 2014
(Thinblade was approved with the caveat that it was the last elven cultural weapon to be introduced into the campaign, if I recall, /grin)

The druas quickly dropped Nitram’s feet and prepared to defend himself from Rumil’s attack. Rumil’s first attack was woefully unskilled versus the deft druas, (Att 7) but something about the studies with the masters must have been retained, because the next attack skewered the druas through the chest with Rumil’s thinblade, (Att 20c, dam 11 + 1) killing the druas.

The crossbowman north of Blend no longer had faith in his weapon, threw it to the ground and fled into the darkness.

The shadow flew out into the edge of the dim light and appeared to be engaging one of the druas crossbowmen as commanded.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 20, 2014
Serre moves to stand over Nitram to protect both he and Shylent, focusing more on the ranger of course.

AFCop AFCop April 21, 2014
After scanning the area to make sure there were no more immediate threats, Blend knelt down next to the shadow knight to see if he was dead and if he wasn’t, made sure he was. He then searched his body for anything of import and value.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 April 21, 2014
Serre screeches at the druas to the north and then looks around to see if there are any more druas visible or approaching. any more w/in 60ish feet? If so, the griffon with screech toward any that he sees.

SkidAce SkidAce April 21, 2014
Serre’s screeching glares and Blend’s cautious survey of the area led the group to believe that the druas had retreated or been slain.

Shadow_Dragon_Amulet.pngBlend’s persual of the shadowknight indicated that the druas would soon be dead. Blend then “ended his suffering”. Searching the body, the only things that stood out to Blend as having any value was what appeared to be masterwork (at least) scale mail and cold iron longsword, and the shadowknight’s amulet. The amulet was hung on a fine cold iron chain.

The scattered druas bodies wore leather armor. The crossbowmen had light crossbows and large daggers, while the swordsman had longswords and hand crossbows. With some caution Aeron and Blend were able to ascertain which bolts were poisoned, and collected two bolt quivers worth of bolts (six bolts each).

Other than their war kit, the druas had little of value, around 26 gp total coins and minor jewelry.

After a few minutes, Nitram began stirring and sat up, still weak from the drain of the shadow, but awake. (Fort 18, saved) Shylent however seemed to settle into a deeper sleep and began snoring even heavier. (Fort 6)

Shadows of the Mercenary Part 5

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