Terror Before the Storm Part 3

xLucix xLucix June 30, 2014
Meanwhile, in a side quest…
Frederick was certain that the Book of Kells, that priceless tome of which he had become determined to acquire, was back in that rather unpleasant area where he had ended up joining with the hero/mercenary/town building/whatever else people that he now associated himself with. In the time before rejoining his comrades in Aerie City, to go forth and look at goblins from a distance, he decided to hunt for that tempting tome once more.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 01, 2014
Nitram heard somewhere that Frederick was considering returning to the Faerfell ruins. While he didn’t agree that was the best decision the bard could make to ensure his survival, the ranger was curious about the mercenary group’s survival. Deciding he might tag along, he asked the bard if he wanted some more company. On his way to meet up with Frederick, he ran into Rumil, “Ah, brother Rumil. I was going to see if Frederick wanted some company on his return to Faerfell. Do you have any desire to revisit the dark woods? I am curious about the mercenaries’ outcome and hopeful a quick trip there and back can be had with little trouble. Would you like to go?”

xLucix xLucix July 01, 2014
Frederick agreed to the additional company, as the last time he attempted to go it alone, land sharks tried to have his insides for snacks.

the_app the_app July 01, 2014
Rumil was not certain why Frederick desired to return to that gods aweful place. And to return with so few people – seemed risky.

“Nitram, I am not opposed to assisting the storyteller, but what would we be doing. The risk seems fairly high for an unknown cause.” He looked to Frederick and Nitram for answers – as neither seemed to be considering or remembering the outcome of the last trip into the area.

SkidAce SkidAce July 01, 2014
Nitram figured there was a good chance that the mercenary company had occupied the ruins by now, so the odds of having to fight more druas were probably low.

On the other hand, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a squad of their own mercenaries and a squad of the elvish scouts with them.

Plans were made, and all of those that had decided to assist Frederick in his foray to find the Book of Kells were ready and waiting outside the gates of Farhills the next morning, cool early spring air bringing a slight chill to their faces.

(Assume Nitram, Rumil, and Frederick? plus mercenaries/scouts?)

xLucix xLucix July 01, 2014
Seems like that makes sense
Frederick explained to the group that he had a feeling that the Book of Kells, the tome that he had been sent to locate by the Scholars, was in the ruins where he had first encountered them.
“In a drawing of the location that I found in another tome during my research into where the Book of Kells might still reside, it depicted it sitting right near where the portal that I helped to disable was located. I am certain that the Book resides there. I have felt it in the days since we’ve left that place more strongly than I’ve felt anything of the like before.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 02, 2014
The group headed due east and traveled overland through the scrub and brush for a little over two hours before reaching the location between the two lakes where the Ansharian mercenaries had created their temporary fortifications, just outside the forest.

All the lumber and wood had been removed, and nothing was left of the fortification other than the ditches and disturbed dirt. The elven scouts roamed the area and declared that there was no one other than themselves around.
XX Febrile (Winter) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
10am, XX day

SkidAce SkidAce July 05, 2014
(Standing by for inputs)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 05, 2014
Nitram asked the bard, “Is this book in the temple where we found you?”

xLucix xLucix July 05, 2014
“I’m certain of it,” Frederick replied. “The only thing I’m uncertain of is what manner by which it was hidden.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 05, 2014
After looking at the remains of the former mercenary fortifications, the group had to determine whether to investigate further, or press on into the forest towards the ruins.

xLucix xLucix July 05, 2014
“Well, this is suitably creepy,” murmured Frederick as he looked at the distinct lack of mercenaries or fortifications. “I suppose they could have taken the fortifications with them, since they weren’t meant to be permanent?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 05, 2014
Nitram nodded. “I wonder where they all went.” survival check for tracks The ranger took a few minutes to investigate further, trying to determine where the mercenaries went and if they took the fortifications with them.

the_app the_app July 06, 2014
Rumil, not entirely certain why the group wanted to return to this forsaken location, looked around, cautious to avoid touching anything. He did, however, utilize his ability to see magical auras, hoping that nothing would show up as having recently been cast or used – especially not the same glowing spheres he had seen in the forest on the way to the druas encampment.

SkidAce SkidAce July 06, 2014
Aeron looked around the site of the mercenary fortifications for signs of battle or arcane destruction. “The mercenaries were searching for the Necromancer Sphere. Now that it is safely in the hands of Trepas the Black, High Wizard of Aelvenwode, perhaps they packed up and headed home. Either way, Frederick, I do not think that you are likely to find the book of kells. It was at the epicenter when the portal was opened to the Shadow veil. We can attempt to open another portal, but there is no guarantee we will open the portal to the right area…or that the book is still at the site of the portal on the Shadow plane.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 06, 2014
Nitram was easily able to determine that all the salvageable parts of the fortifications had been dismantled and taken into the forest.

Rumil saw no auras floating in the air, however he recalled that he hadn’t seen too many of those until he had gotten fairly deep into the forest. Aeron’s assessment of the area was that there had been no battle or magical destruction in the area of the fortifications.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 06, 2014
Pointing into the forest, the half-elf stated plainly, “They took the fortifications into the forest. I think it may be safe to assume that they have secured the building where we closed the portal. Most likely, they have also fortified it. I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome, especially if they think we have the sphere.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 07, 2014
Once everyone was done looking around, the ranger led them into the forest…cautiously.

SkidAce SkidAce July 07, 2014
It was easy enough for Nitram and Shylent to lead the group along the trail made by the initial mercenary foray into the forest. After about a half hour, they reached the aerea where Aeron had used the pipes to clear cut a path towards the ruins. Shlynet looked at Nitram and said plainly “One hour” while pointing along the path. Nitram could see enough tracks and drag marks to suggest that the material used for the fortifications had been taken this way.

Sure enough after an hour had passed the terrain began to rise, and they were soon close to the main area of the ruins. They again passed the moss covered statue of a man with the head of a stag to the left of the path.

Shortly thereafter, they reached the large stone wall that they had previously climbed over, looming 30 feet over the path. Someone or something had broken a large hole in the wall, and replaced the stone with the gates from the temporary fortification. It appeared that the two ballistas had also been mounted to the wall on either side of the gate, hidden within the tree branches that caressed the top of the wall.

So far, it didn’t appear that anyone had noticed the group, but that wouldn’t last if they stayed where they were or if they advanced any further.

A large gray and black banner was draped over the wall, facing the cleared path.


mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 07, 2014
Nitram scanned the group, “Any suggestions? We could try the diplomatic route, but our welcome may be outlived. It might be hard for all of us to sneak in as well…and I don’t think we should fight our way in.” even though we could use those ballista at Farhills, he thought.

xLucix xLucix July 07, 2014
Okay, I’m checking this at least twice a day without fail. I didn’t see ANY of this in my e-mail.
Frederick shook his head in an irked manner and muttered, “Should have known this wouldn’t be easy. Next time I go on a quest, I’m going to find something someone’s already found. Like, in a museum or something.” He turned to Nitram, interested in this sphere he had mentioned. “Would this sphere you speak of be able to assist us in some way? If not, I would prefer the road least bled upon.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 08, 2014
“I hope not. It’s not anywhere near here,” Nitram replied. After a moment, he mumbled under his breath somewhat darkly, “You’re out of luck there too. The roads in these woods are paved with blood.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 08, 2014
XX Febrile (Winter) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
12pm (noon), XX day

Appropriately taking cover off the side of the path while conversing, Blend noticed that there were sentries walking along the wall above the newly constructed gate. Sentries dressed just like their “friends”, the Anshar mercenaries.
After Blend pointed the mercenaries out to Nitram, he recalled the name of their company was The Grey Riders, presumably named after the legendary figure that would appear in the distance on horseback, shrouded in a dark cloak , signifying calamity and destruction.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 08, 2014
“Well, we could make a distraction to prompt them to investigate. Once the gate is open others,” Nitram looked at Blend for some reason, “could sneak in. But that is a little more aggressive and splits up our party.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 08, 2014
Shylent just looked at Nitram. Then once she realized that her mouth was hanging open in shocked amazement, she closed it abruptly and spit on the ground, mumbling something under her breath.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 09, 2014
Aeron magically whispered to the party as they hid at the side of the trail. Unsure of the commitment or loyalty, Aeron intentionally did not include Merchant Blend’s new body guard. “The Ansharian mercenaries may have heard that we found and sold the Necromancer Sphere to Trepas the Black in Aelvenwode. If they have heard then they would not be pleased. That said, if they had heard, then they would not be here still looking for it. All indications are the mercenaries are still looking for the sphere. Let’s take advantage of that by offering to open a portal to the Shadow plane, and lead a contingent of mercenaries on the search. In reallity, we will be looking for the Book of Kells. What say you?”

SkidAce SkidAce July 10, 2014
Cragthor moved his head around, looking for the source of the whispering. It was apparent that he could not discern the source or the meaning, but had noticed it occurring while he was in close proximity to Blend.

As the group debated their next course of action, Shlyent seemed to come to a decision and leaned towards Nitram, stating “Company, entire company…” She then went back to chewing on a blade of grass she had procured. She seemed to be idly watching Aeron as she sat on a log just off the trail.

Rumil could see the magical colors that he had seen before, drifting slowly by in the air and along the ground. They appeared to be a function of the fact that the local forest and area was in close proximity “dimensionaly” to the shadow realm. He surmised (from info contained in Je’grubs Manual of the Planes) that this would make shadow magic much easier to perform, and perhaps affect negative energy similarly.

the_app the_app July 10, 2014
Rumil was not happy where this little “stroll through the forest for a book” adventure was taking him. When he went along, he knew there may be trouble, but now there was talk about entering the shadow plane? While Rumil had not spent as much time in the book as he had wanted, he did know there were some big reasons to avoid shadow walking (K:Arcana + any bonus from what little Rumil got from the book). If for no other reason – the druas were pursuing it – and nothing good has ever come from their schemes.

As he sat still, hoping the group continued to go unnoticed, he whispered back to Aeron “I know not what this kell book does, nor why our storyteller wants it so badly, but why do we risk the shadows for it? Once there, we may just as easily lose each other, let alone our way home.”

Rumil understood that Corellon put challenges for all defenders – ones that were not always easy to understand – so as elven defenders often did, he stated his case, buried his hesitation, and prepared for the decision of the majority.

xLucix xLucix July 10, 2014
Frederick looked at his companions and sighed.
“Let me be frank. I did not expect there to be such difficulty in obtaining the Book. I know that it is just a book to the rest of you, and of no import, but it is a quest entrusted to me by my Order, and one that I cannot step away from. Regardless of the bindings that my oath has placed upon me, the Book of Kells is the very base of the Old Faith, in written form. It is prophecy and wisdom not seen by the eyes of men, elves, dwarves or any of the races in an eternity. If you are not comfortable in aiding me in this quest, I will attempt it alone. I would not risk what you can provide to the rest of the realm for the sake of one bard and his quest.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 11, 2014
Nitram nodded at the barbarian, “While I am shocked at Shylent’s doubt and concern that we could handle an entire company of mercenaries, I do tend to agree that outright conflict with them is less than desirable and should be a last resort – if one at all.” He looked toward Aeron and Frederick, “You don’t really think the book went through the portal, do you? Frederick, did you happen to see it while you were detained? I think Rumil brings up a good point. I’m not sure that we should leave this plane. Thinking about it already makes my head hurt.”

xLucix xLucix July 11, 2014
“I don’t think so. I didn’t see it, but I felt…something other than the portal while I was detained. If it truly has passed into the Shadow plane, then I will deliver the news to my order and let them go on from there. As much as I want to find the book, need to find the book, I do not have the skill or resources to navigate that realm. But, upon my life’s blood, I am certain that it is still on our plane, and residing in that building

SkidAce SkidAce July 11, 2014
Rumil recalled that actual Shadow Walking was a very imprecise tactic for traveling the cosmos. Great for covering distance in the real world, like a short cut.
Traveling to the Shadow Realm (via a portal) skipped all that and placed the traveler directly into the depths of the actual shadow plane. The Shadow Realm was a dangerous place, full of twilight and darkness. Tended to harbor more than its share of evil denizens also (such as shadows, shadow demons, shadow dragons). There was also a proclivity towards undead, due to the influence of negative energy on the area.

Other than that, the Shadow Realm seemed to be like a dark mirror of the regular world, sometimes sharing oddly parallel landscape and terrain features. He also recalled something noted as “The Great Shadow Rift”, a canyon of some sorts that had a very hazardous reputation.
(Rumil Knowledge Arcana; 19 + 2, 21)

SkidAce SkidAce July 11, 2014
If Rumil recalled correctly, there was also legends of great, powerful, and capricious, shadow fey. Someone called the “Queen of Air and Darkness”.

SkidAce SkidAce July 11, 2014
Cragthor seemed to be getting impatient, but managed to curb his inclination to just approach the gate. He spoke to Nitram and Blend.
“Let’s just go talk to the boss” he grumbled.

the_app the_app July 11, 2014
Rumil simply muttered under his breath, Why Corellon is the hard way the only way for these tortured souls? He then said a prayer in Celestial – hoping one of the Protectors would hear his call.

Rumil revealed some of his limited knowledge of the planes and suggested that having a group with them in the shadow would not likely increase their odds of survival, especially if they attracted the attention of the more powerful beings of shadow.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 11, 2014
“Cragthor, that seems like a brilliant idea.”

“Seriously, I’ll wait until tomorrow night for any more updates (I know some people had a busy day), then Nitram will diplomatically approach the gate with Frederick. I’m driving 3 hours each way to pick up my daughter from camp, so I’ll be out of pocket most of tomorrow.

AFCop AFCop July 12, 2014
Blend looked at his bruteman bodyguard and gave him a small nod of approval. “Sounds good to me.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 12, 2014
Nitram stood, “I think at least Frederick should come. I’m open to everyone else as well. Up to you.” The ranger gestured for the bard to follow him and began moving toward the gate with his hands raised. Once he was confident that the guards saw him and Frederick, he called out to them, “I come in peace and mean you no harm. I am Nitram Tam of Farhills. I need to speak to Captain DeVilliers. I will wait right here while you let him know I’m here.” Nitram was mentally preparing an entangle spell in case the guards decided to do something stupid – like fire a ballista at him.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 13, 2014
Aeron approached the gates with Nitram and Frederick. He placed a hand on Fredericks shoulder (enhancing his charisma + 2).

SkidAce SkidAce July 13, 2014
Shylent stepped along behind Nitram, unobtrusively keeping to the left side of the path so she could jump into the brush if need be.

Cragthor started to get up, then though twice and waited to make sure Blend was moving also.

While Nitram was introducing himself, one of the sentries did casually move over and man his ballista. He politely kept it from being pointed directly at either Nitram or Frederick, but was obviously prepared to use it if necessary. The other ballista guard however kept his bolt aimed directly at Serre.

The sgt in charge of the watch yelled down to Nitram “Right…like the Capt comes running to the gate for every traveler lost in da woods. You and your friends just wait right there while we send for one of the Lts.”

(OOC, indicate whether you joined Nitram in his sally to the gate or remained hidden.)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 13, 2014
Nitram very slowly unslung his bow while speaking at the guard behind the ballista, “HEY! You behind the ballista. I don’t mind if that thing is aimed at my winged friend, or if you stay behind it. I do mind however, that both of those things are occurring at the same time. You have nothing more to fear from him than the rest of us – which is nothing. We have come as friends. Friends who provided you and your company with the hospitality of our home as you passed through. The least you can do is give us the benefit of the doubt. But I strongly suggest you aim that bolt somewhere else just in case it accidentally discharges at my companion.” As he nocked an arrow an aimed at that specific guard, he continued, “Because if that bolt leaves the ballista in the direction of Serre, I promise you that you will not see another sunset. Regardless of what happens to the rest of us, know that you will not be a part of it.” So, short of swearing his death, but definitely intending to intimidate.

Knowing our luck, it’ll probably Expedient that comes to the gate, the ranger thought while he wondered how long he needed to hold his bow.

the_app the_app July 13, 2014
Rumil, realizing the best defense is to actually have one, remained in the forest. Upon witnessing Nitram pull his bow, he lowered himself and began to summon his inner power – preparing to call upon his inner strength to help his companions.

This is the second time this group has interacted with this group of vagabonds – and neither engagement seemed to be full of good will and friendship.

AFCop AFCop July 14, 2014
Blend and Cragthor will join Nitram.

SkidAce SkidAce July 14, 2014
(Intimidate 9, +2 for RP, 11)

The sentry that Nitram was aiming at was momentarily indecisive, but then slowly stepped away from the ballista, obviously concerned that touching it any further in any fashion would provoke the ranger.

The sgt, turned back from dispatching a sentry to locate a Lt, and saw what was going on. (Int Check 13 versus DC 10) After hearing Nitram’s ultimatum and having assessed the situation, he moved slowly over to the sentry that had manned the ballista and whacked him on the back of the head with the flat of his sword. “Nothun to see here m’lord” the sgt proclaimed.

The ballista sentry glared at the sgt, but just stood there, eventually turning his gaze towards Nitram and glaring blatantly at him.

Blend and Cragthor joined those at the gate seeking entry. The sgt leaned over and waved at Cragthor, yelling “Hey brute, how yah been?” Cragthor nodded back politely, and maintained his watch over Blend’s back.

After several lingering minutes of uncomfortable waiting, the group could hear the unbarring of the gate. The gate opened and, not surprising Nitram in the least, Lt Expedient walked through.

Lt Expedient walked calmly up to Nitram and Frederick and said in an exasperated voice “What now?”"

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 14, 2014
Nitram quickly returned the arrow to its quiver and stowed the bow over his shoulder, “Thank you, both.”

Once Lt Expedient arrived, Nitram approached him and extended his right hand,diplomacy, either me or Frederick with aid another “Lt. Expedient, I’m glad to see The Grey Riders were successful. I do assume that this was your objective, non?” Nitram paused for the hobgoblin to nod, then continued, “Unfortuntely, I did not realize that was the case when we last met or I would has let you know what we encountered and what you might have expected to find when you arrived. Regardless, it appears that you have attained your goal. I now stand outside your gate, as you did mine several weeks ago, asking for a favor. When this unfortunate bard was detained by the druas, he had a book with him that was very important to both he and his order. He was not in possession of it when we removed his bonds and things moved very rapidly as we moved everyone to safety following their liberation. In the chaos, he forgot to locate this book. We came back to try to help him find it. But, now that you are here, I humbly ask your leave to search for this book. We have no problem if you or some of your men accompany us – this is your building now and I did the same when you visited us at Farhills.” Hoping he dropped enough comments about returning hospitality, the ranger waited for either Frederick to add something or the Lt to respond.

xLucix xLucix July 14, 2014
Frederick launched into a fantastic tale of his book, noting how important to him that it was, as it was a gift from an old lover that he had fallen in love with during his apprenticeship to the Order, and had both imports of sentiment and knowledge, as it was a volume of religious texts from her faith. Perform Oratory skill with a Persuasive feat, if that works/makes any sense

As he completed his tale, he added, “Were we able to search for my missing book, I would also be willing to compose a song or tale of the Grey Riders as well. Surely your company has tales that are worth telling.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 14, 2014
Nicely done, bard. I don’t why I had any doubts at all. Nitram thought as he watched Expedient’s face distort as the bard tale progressed, seeming never to end.

xLucix xLucix July 14, 2014
Fantastic doesn’t mean long lol. Though, since he’s a bard, it might.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 14, 2014
Nitram hasn’t met many bards, but he’s never met a short-winded one…

the_app the_app July 15, 2014
If Rumil believes they are about to move into the walled area intead of being turned away – he will step/stumble into the clearing, muttering loudly about another rabbit that got away and rejoin the group. Until then, he will remain in the forest, ever watching.

SkidAce SkidAce July 15, 2014
So, Oratory in place of Diplomacy, as per bard ability, with + 2 from Persuasive, and Nitram Aid Another perfect.

Expedient’s eyes glazed over initially, but the telling of the tale seemed to release some of his exasperation, and Frederick could see the tension slowly fading from the hobgoblin’s demeanor. (Oratory/Dip 20 + 4, 24 versus 20)

Although initially hostile, Expedient seemed somewhat mollified by Frederick’s tale of the lost book. Acting somewhat indifferent, he agreed to at least escort the group in towards the ruins of the cathedral, where deVilliers was waiting for a report. He waved at the sentries and led the group through the gate.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 15, 2014
Nicely done, indeed! thought the ranger as he passed through the gates and entered the ruins again.

SkidAce SkidAce July 15, 2014
While traveling through the ruins towards the crumbled cathedral, Frederick thought back to the reply he had received from the Varencic Scholars…

Dear Frederick

Landsharks make for great tales, although I and the other elders do admit to a certain hesitation to using such a blatantly outrageous literary construct, we defer to your expertise out there in the wild.

However, we shall set the apprentices to combing the book stacks in hopes of finding some mention of the vile beasties you describe.

There are no legends associated with the Book of Kells being involved with “portals”, but we certainly shall dispatch another apprentice to the stacks.

Thank you for the update, it shows a level of studiousness and maturity we had not expected. We eagerly await more news and updates concerning your endeavor.

Head Office of the Varencic Scholars

SkidAce SkidAce July 15, 2014
Lt Expedient led the group past the small crumbled building where they had met and fought the shadow/dragon knight, and then led them past the stone columns towards the area of the crumbling cathedral. As the group maneuvered around the brush and rubble, they figured out where the mercenary company had relocated to.

Surrounding the ruins of the keep were the tents and emplacements that had once graced the fields outside Fort Farhills. It appeared the entire company was camped around the fallen cathedral. The rank and file soldiers could be seen doing what rank and file soldiers do…providing security, cooking, maintaining equipment, and gambling. To the north of the cathedral was the unit of cavalry, and the squad of brutemen lay directly in front of their path as they approached a newly constructed gate in the side of the cathedral.

It appeared that repair stonework was being accomplished in various places, and Lt Expedient indicated that they had placed the command tent in the northeastern corner of the first floor of the cathedral (Where Nitram had entangled the druas guards previously.)

Prior to entering the newly constructed gate, Lt Expedient paused and looked meaningfully at Serre and Nitram.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 15, 2014
Nitram smiled back at the hobgoblin, unsure of his motives. sense motive I wonder what the chances are that we are walking into a trap, he thought to himself. Serre cocked his head and looked at the ranger, sensing his concern. “I’m glad these gates weren’t here the first time we stopped by,” Nitram joked, trying to get a read on the hobgoblin. Nitram stepped a little closer to the hobgoblin and asked, “If I ask Serre to go for a little flight while we looked around, what’s the chance one of your men tries to take a shot at him? He doesn’t really need to be downstairs trying to find the book.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 16, 2014
(Sense Motive 13)

Nitram got the impression after looking around the area and glancing at Expedient, that the hobgoblin wasn’t up to anything nefarious, he just wanted to get this over with.

After Nitram made the comment about Serre getting shot at, Expedient stepped a little closer to Nitram. Nitram noticed that Expedient was at least as built as the ranger was, although slightly shorter. Probably a little harder to wrestle than a bear. Expedient leaned in and whispered to Nitram “Your pet is safe around my men, and I am sure you did not mean to slight their discipline…”

After Serre had departed back to the edge of the ruins, Expedient led the group into the cathedral’s first floor area, and over to the command tent. Sitting in a folding chair just outside the tent was Captain deVilliers. He stood up and extended a hand to Nitram, speaking pleasantly “Well we seem to have liberated the forest from the pesky druas wouldn’t you say” and waving his hand expansively about the area. “We do thank you for the assistance that you provided ahead of our assault, it did make things slightly easier. Please, step inside”.

The interior of the command tent had a large folding table set up in the center, with wooden stool all around it. Hanging from the wall was a company disposition map, that Lt Expedient nonchalantly took down and folded up. Laying on the table was a pitcher of water and multiple copper cups. Centered of the table was a sketch of the ruins, which the group was already familiar with.

Cider deVilliers sat himself down next to the pitcher of water and poured a cup, first for himself and then one for Nitram. Courteously, he took a drink from his before offering “Lord” Nitram his. Lt Shasta walked in behind the last of the group and took up a position on the far side of the tent.

xLucix xLucix July 16, 2014
Frederick inclined his head towards the captain. “I thank you and your men for the opportunity to retrieve my lost tome.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 16, 2014
Nitram inclined his head to the hobgoblin, “My apologies, Lt. Expedient. I did not mean to offend. I am relatively new to having such a unique companion. He elicits all kinds of reactions, especially from those who have never seen these magnificent creatures. I am sorry.” diplomacy to try to improve our “relationship” since it seems we won’t be rid of them anytime soon

any chance Nitram caught a decent look at the mercs’ disposition? Nitram shook deVilliers’ hand and drank his water. He nodded to deVilliers, “It does seem that the druas are no longer here.” The ranger had no intention of pointing out to the mercenaries that there was a small druas village to the north. Better to let nature run its course at this point, he thought. “I’m glad we could help. As I told Lt. Expedient, I didn’t know this was your objective. I might have been able to let you know what saw while we were here for the short time. It was a little chaotic when we came in to free our man, but combat usually is. I thank you for your hospitality, and hope you can help me once more. One of the men we freed left a book here. It’s very important to him – as I’m sure he’ll tell you. May we look around for it? With an escort, of course.” Nitram looked at the bard to see if he wanted to elaborate again.

SkidAce SkidAce July 16, 2014
“Yes, quite sympathetic to the plight of the missing book, have no fear, we shall turn the premises upside down in our efforts to assist. However, there is a little nagging detail, or say “lack” of details about your previous foray here…perhaps you could elaborate a bit on what happened during your rescue and why you were even here?"

xLucix xLucix July 16, 2014
“I was captured by, at the time, unknown assailants while on a quest from my Order. I had grown… impatient with the pacing of their teachings, and was sent out to gather information regarding the whereabouts of a rare book. Unfortunately, I was attacked by creatures, attached to a mercenary group and attacked by what turned out to druas. Does make one regret leaving the confines of one’s profession.”

Frederick paused for a moment, a thoughtful look passing over his face. As to my rescue, I couldn’t really divulge the particulars. I was bound, blinded and gagged at the time, and was not freed until the captors had been vanquished. Truthfully, I wasn’t even really paid attention to until I mentioned that I could be of assistance to them."

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 16, 2014
“Of course. Of course. Where to start? Well…we were traveling to Aelvinwode shortly after you left Farhills. We were stopped and threatened by minions of the Spider. He was aware of a group – which turned out to be you – planning on destroying the druas, whom he made seem like they were his friends. In return for our lives, he made it clear that we needed to prevent that destruction. We came here hoping to talk to you or the druas in order to try to work something out and prevent any bloodshed. We ran into the druas first. Needless to say, they weren’t very receptive once we mentioned the Spider. So, we defended ourselves. Apparently, the Spider just wanted us dead. Or not. Hard to say what its exact motivations and goals are. Anyway, the druas took one of our men. As I’m sure you would agree, we couldn’t just leave him here. So, we tracked them down to this shell of a building. He, along with several others as you know, was being held by the druas. We freed them before returning to Farhills. That pretty much sums it up. Frederick, where did you think the book was?”

too much? not enough?

SkidAce SkidAce July 17, 2014
deVilliers glanced at Nitram with a start when he mentioned the Spider. “Great, just great…” he muttered.

“So what you are saying…under duress of course, was that you came here to stop…us? Please elaborate a bit further, and include some details on your battle with the druas, I don’t know, numbers, magics used, items looted etc?” deVilliers paused. “Any info, any at all mind you, about strange magics or weird items would be…greatly…appreciated.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 17, 2014
“Well, not exactly. I came to warn you about the Spider’s involvement and to see if there were any alternate means to achieve your end that didn’t involve violence – maybe some kind of negotiations or something. Regardless, it didn’t work out and violence was the result although I’m not too sure how much the Spider cares about the druas anyway. As I mentioned before, I think it was content with us being on the losing end as well. As far as battle information goes…I believe we were in two major encounters, totaling at least two dozen druas. I’m not exactly sure of their numbers as they seemed to appear and disappear from the trees very effectively – and it was dark. Oh, and there was the fireball that didn’t leave much behind. There was one dark elf who was more difficult to render ineffective…in the first battle, if I remember correctly. He seemed touched by some dark magic – that was strange.” Nitram paused just a moment, hoping the mercenary captain would focus on that. “We mainly took nice gear – you know, weapons and armor – maybe an amulet or two. But, it seems like you are looking for something specific. Can you elaborate at all to give me an idea? To be honest, I find most magic – other than the blessings that Rillifane honors me with – to be strange and weird.” The ranger stopped, leaving an opening for Captain deVilliars and hoping the elven mage didn’t want to have a magic item discussion. “I wonder if he’s looking for the sphere or the portal. Would he knowing the elves have the sphere still keep it safe or make it more vulnerable?”

xLucix xLucix July 18, 2014
After Nitram finished, Frederick politely asked, “If there is something that the two of you need to discuss, would it be possible for me to search for my missing book? I would not want my desires to conflict with whatever business needs discussing.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 18, 2014
Capt deVilliers nodded absentmindedly to Frederick. “But of course, let us go down to what we call the cathedral ceremony room and look for your book, that is where you expect to find it is it not?”

deVilliers stood up and began to lead the way across the first floor to the basement, using the same crude steps that the druas had created out of fallen rubble to descend down to the ceremony room. Lt Shasta followed Cider but Lt Expedient did not. deVilliers kept up a conversation as he headed to the stairs. “Sadly, this is the same area that we expected to find the orb that we mentioned earlier, when you were exiting the forests. I also hear from my benefactor that the “air” between worlds is “thin” in this area…you didn’t notice any sign of that…or any indications of how to investigate such phenomena? deVilliers stopped at the first row of pews and pointed in the direction of the dais and the former area of the podium. “Have at it” he said, and waved his hand expansively in that general direction.

xLucix xLucix July 18, 2014
Frederick moved over to where the portal had been, and where the tomb? storage area? thingamabob? stood/lay. Reaching into himself, Frederick cast his senses outward, hoping to get a ping off of the Book Spellcraft, possibly Knowledge Arcana? If necessary, can the wizard assist in locating the book?

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 18, 2014
“Thank you, Captain. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been more help, but, unfortunately, those topics are beyond my comprehension.”.Nitram began to look around for a book, any book.

SkidAce SkidAce July 18, 2014
Using his limited, but expanse knowledge of many useful things, Frederick determined that the large thing in front of him was a large block of stone, sitting on a dais. On top of the block of stone was a podium style arrangement, from which someone would presumably led ceremonies and such. Just above this podium was where the large portal had hung in mid air, leading to the shadow realm.

Further investigation led Frederick to believe that the large stone block was in fact a type of coffin or sarcophagus. There was a very faint seam where the lid was laid on, but absolutely no way to gain any leverage to open said lid, even if the podium was removed, which was also potentially difficult.

This specific investigation, combined with the scant notes he had found in various books, led Frederick to believe that “sarcophagus” had a hidden compartment, that was probably magically sealed in some fashion.

SkidAce SkidAce July 19, 2014

As Frederick continued to investigate the dais/podium area, deVilliers continued his conversation with Nitram. “Odd that” deVilliers said with an arched eyebrow, “Your bard is looking for his book in about the same location I would have expected to find the orb I am looking for. Perhaps it vanished and crossed over through the “thin” air between worlds I was warned about. Yeah, vanished into thin air, how likely is that?"

deVilliers casually leaned over while sitting on a pew and watched Frederick inspect the area. “If only there was someway I could find the orb, or follow where it went. I’d would be in a much more obliging mood. It would be a shame to have to continue this conversation over and over again, but I’m just not comfortable with all this coincidence…its probably Lt Expedient’s influence on me…he is a suspicious sort. I image he is out marshaling and drilling the hades out of the troops right now…as…we…speak…” deVilliers glanced at Nitram and the rest of the group as he spoke.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 19, 2014
“Wow. That would be unfortunate – his book vanishing into thin air. Or your orb, for that matter. What does this orb do that someone would send an entire company to find it? I can’t even imagine.”
Nitram continued looking around, “Well, I think you’re being quite obliging – not really sure how you could be more. We really appreciate you letting us look for his book.”
Nitram walked toward the dais and waved his hand slowly around over his head as if he was feeling the air, “Thin air, you say. I can’t say it feels any different. But, what would a simple woodsman like myself know of such things?” Nitram now continued walking around, ensuring to keep deVilliars and Lt. Shasta in front of him where he could see them. He tried to reach out to Serre to encourage him to be cautious and take to the air.
Hoping to keep the mercenary captain off-balance at least a little, Nitram tried to keep his air of cluelessness feel free to insert your attempts at humor here and commented dismissively, “Yes, I’m sure Expedient is a formidable drillmaster. I can’t say I’ve ever had one comparable to him.”

xLucix xLucix July 19, 2014
Frederick cocked his head towards Nitram and whispered, So, have you had us drawn and quartered yet, or would you like a few more minutes with our host to ensure such a fate befalling us?

With that, he turned to deVillers. “I thank you for the opportunity to recover my missing book. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to put my eyes on the damnable thing” He swatted the block of stone in an irritated manner.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 19, 2014
Nitram replied, also in a whisper, “You’re free to stay here with them and continue looking, bard. They were the ones who brought you here in the first place, were they not? I’ll let you decide which group gives you the best chance to see another day.”

AFCop AFCop July 19, 2014
Blend, obviously forgotten about trough this whole thing, carefully went about inspecting the dias for Frederick as well, looking for any hiding places that might store the missing book, trying to remember if he had sen it the last time they were here. Of course, it wasn’t lost on him that deVilliers was making idle threats toward the entire group. He didn’t mind the mercenary, however, he wouldn’t think twice about severing his windpipe if he made a move against the company. Expedient on the other hand…he didn’t need a reason to end his miserable existence…just an opportunity.

AFCop AFCop July 19, 2014
He paid special attention to the movements of their “escorts.” He conducted his search strategically, making sure to be in the best possible position to strike if it came to that, blending in to any shadows as he looked around. Of course, the book may not even be where Frederick thought it was. The mercenaries may have already found it and had kept it someplace else. Blend tried to remember if he saw it it deVilliers tent when they first met this day.

AFCop AFCop July 19, 2014
Blend will conclude his search and try to nonchalantly position himself behind and within striking distance of the captain as a precaution. Stealth rolls if needed.

SkidAce SkidAce July 19, 2014
Not exactly stealth since we are all out in the open, but we will use it to indicate degree of success.

Blend surmised that he had not seen any book matching the description Frederick had given in deVillier’s tent. As concluded his search and moved around the room, he artfully dodged the glances of the few mercenaries near the foot of the stairs, who seemed to be mainly watching Frederick. Blend managed to get on deVillier’s flank, slightly to the rear and left, casually standing there within striking distance. The mercenary captain was engrossed in his discussion with Nitram and failed to notice Blend’s position. (Stealth 32)

Blend looked up and to his right and saw Lt Shasta at the rear of the group, watching Blend. She wasn’t within reach of Blend, but she was well within reach of anyone else in the party. She nodded politely at Blend.

SkidAce SkidAce July 19, 2014
Frederick felt certain the book he was looking for was in the stone dais/coffin. The notes that he had procured were most definitive.

xLucix xLucix July 19, 2014
Frederick turned to Nitram. “The Book is here, but has been hidden from us by magics. I can tell that they are in place, and their function, but not how to penetrate them!” His voice, while low, teemed with frustration.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 19, 2014
“Okay, I’ll see what I can do. See if Aeron or Rumil can help you. I know it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – more for the elf’s sake. Try to be discreet. I’ll keep the Captain’s attention.”

Nitram walked over to the northern wall, ensuring he was far enough away from the “altar”, and began searching for secret doors. He looked back at deVilliars and called to him, making sure the mercenary was looking his way while he was talking, “Captain deVilliars, did your men search for any hidden doors? I’d hate for the druas to find a way into your camp. That reminds me of the last time I was in an underground temple. There were all kinds of passageways and rooms. It actually started out above ground and then somehow fell into the earth. There were several secret doors – some of them were quite useful and others…well, they held some surprises. There were these ogres down there – and some strange tentacled thing. Have you ever fought ogres? I can’t think of a nice word to say about them. I met a half-ogre once. Named Matthew. Have you ever seen a half-ogre? And he was a monk? I didn’t think they had the restraint to become monks. Rillifane’s boot, I guess maybe I do have a nice word. Although that was for a half-ogre – must have been the human side. But, seriously, have you ever run across a half-ogre monk named Matthew? Strange creature – looks like an ogre, but acts – for the most part – like a monk. It was a little off-putting.” Nitram scanned his memory for any more useless drivel he could distract the mercenary with, giving Frederick and one of the magic users time to find out where the book was. Great, now I even sound like the mage. Or maybe the bard. I need a drink, my throat is parched. The ranger caught sight of Shylent, once again physically pushing her jaw closed in astonishment.

AFCop AFCop July 20, 2014
Blend moved over to the sarcophagus and searched it for secret panels and compartments.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 20, 2014
Aeron was astounded at the stream of consciousness diatribe that was flowing from Lord Nitram. Perhaps the half elf has fallen victim to some nefarious magic…or this is a distraction of pure genius. Aeron took advantage of the distracted mercenaries to examine the secret compartment on the sarcophagus (Spell craft + 29). The mage attempted to determine the arcane procedure to open the compartment and what the Book of Kells looked like(arcane knowledge + 27). Aeron then cast a divination spell to verify the tome was in the sarcophagus (Locate Object). If Aeron is able to verify the location of the book of kells and open the secret compartment he will attempt to provide a screen, so Frederick can examine and retrieve the book from the sarcophagus.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 20, 2014
I started typing at noon

SkidAce SkidAce July 20, 2014
deVilliers followed Nitram around the area, faintly amused at the flow of words that the ranger was spouting.

Blend and Aeron assisted Frederick in searching the dais and podium. Blend was certain that the only compartment there would be was the main area under the lid. Which was held down by a podium.

Aeron’s knowledge of spellcraft led him to conclude that in addition to having a podium sitting on top of the lid of the sarcophagus/dais, the lid was also magically sealed. The aura was faint however, as if the sealing ritual had been performed long ago and was wearing off.

Aeron’s attempt to use a Locate Object spell failed, expending some of his magical energy to no affect. It seemed that the Book of Kells was too unique of an object for the spell to work with.

the_app the_app July 20, 2014
Rumil was not certain what the group was doing, nor why it was so secretive. Hadn’t we been invited in?, Rumil thought to himself? He saw everyone buzzing around the central alter, but wasn’t sure why. He had, after all, inspected this place after their initial conquest and detected no magic. Perhaps the book was mundane or the magic too elusive for his abilities. Either way, it seemed the sly merchant Blend was on the case. Rumil remained quiet and at the rear of the group, casually watching and assessing the situation. The air here still disturbed him – as he recalled the portal to the shadow plane…

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 20, 2014
Aeron consulted with Frederick about any possible history concerning the chapel and altar. He then examined any runes and sigils engraved on the altar for clues to the contents of the sarcophagus (Detect Magic and Read Magic). Convinced the only contents of the sarcaphogus was the missing book, Aeron cast a dispelling enchantment on the container (Dispel Magic).

SkidAce SkidAce July 20, 2014
The runes and symbols on the dais seemed to be normal Old Faith iconography and carved decoration. There were some places (in and around the lid) where the decorations seemed to have been carved over other, older symbols…but any older symbols were illegible.

After Aeron cast Dispel Magic, there was a sparkle in the air that quickly faded away, and the thin hairline crack between the lid and the dais/sarcophagus grew slightly wider. Once the podium was removed the lid, hard to grasp with no apparent hand holds, was able to be opened with some difficulty.

There was a hiss of air as the lid came off, and what was apparently the Book of Kells lay upon a scarlet sheet of velvet, that began to decay as the air hit it. The fresh air apparently had no affect on the Book of Kells, as it lay there looking dust free and as vibrant as the day it was created.


AFCop AFCop July 20, 2014
After Blend scanned the inside of the sarcophagus for traps (and assuming he didn’t find any), he casually moved back into a position close and to the flank of deViliers.

SkidAce SkidAce July 20, 2014
While Blend did not find any traps, he did notice that the velvet lining and the Book of Kells lay on another shallow lid only one foot deep into the three foot deep sarcophagus. Like there had been two lids covering the dais/coffin and the Book of Kells had been laid between the two.

The second lid had a thin crack down the center, as if it opened up like a clamshell. The velvet lining and the dust covered most of the lid, but the few pictures Blend could see carved into the top looked like representations of lightning bolts and clouds.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 20, 2014
make it rain?

AFCop AFCop July 21, 2014
Blend carefully inspected the additional lid for any nefarious mechanisms, runes or traps.

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
After Frederick removed the Book of Kells and what remained of the velvet lining, Blend was able to get a closer look at the new exposed lid. There was a border of cloud and lightning emblems all around the edges of the second lid. In the center of the lid there was a repeating motif of additional pictures; a reptile looking humanoid figure, a glowing sun like fist, several symbols denoting imprisonment, icons resembling doors, or portals, and a sideways number eight, all etched in an overall Gothic art style.

There were three locks placed in a triangular pattern near the “chest” of the sarcophagus lid. However, they had been filled with an unknown metal, welded, and fused shut.

Even deVilliers was intrigued by the discovery, and moved over beside Blend to look at what they had uncovered. “What the hades is this all about? We were provided no such intel concerning this type of thing.”

deVilliers continued, glancing at Nitram, “Tell you what, get your wizard to reopen the portal to the shadow realm, and you can keep the book. This? This we will have to see…”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 21, 2014
Nitram also took a look at the second lid. “That doesn’t look like it was meant to be opened. There’s probably a good reason, and I don’t think we need to be anywhere near it if it does get opened.” Nitram whispered to Frederick and Rumil, once the elf approached the lid, “Frederick, does your book say what this box is imprisoning? Rumil, do you have any idea what’s in here and how bad it is?”

Nitram looked at deVilliars, trying to find the appropriate response. I have my own wizard? How lucky for me. Resting his hand on Kinslayer’s hilt, the ranger responded, “No.” He paused to let it sink it before continuing because he has to keep talking, “Even if he was my wizard, I wouldn’t have him open a portal to the shadow realm. And I would expect that he wouldn’t want to either. No good will come of it. I was hoping you would honor your word to let us retrieve the book. I suggest you don’t open that second lid, even if you could. I think it’s time for us to leave. Thank you for your hospitality.” Nitram slightly inclined his head before motioned for the group to exit. He glanced up at the second floor, scanning. He expected to see a nice row or two of archers. He tried to stay between Cider and the book, hoping Shylent, and maybe even Cragthor, would provide some protection for the mages. He expected Blend to do what he does best – disappear, for now. Serre, it’s time to go, he mentally called for the griffon, hoping his bond was strong enough.

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
“Now, now…don’t so hasty..” deVilliers said, glancing over his shoulder at the guards who happened to be standing at the bottom of the stairway. “I for one certainly don’t want any violence, I mean really…I’m kinda of vulnerable here.”

“However, let’s be fair, you folks are the only ones capable of having closed it in the first place…and then there’s my “missing” orb. Its like you want something for nothing here." deVilliers grimaced slightly. “I feel I have been most reasonable, I could have just turned you away when you came knocking. But I figured that the least you would do is re-open the portal, there by returning things to how they were before you meddled. Its not even your castle for Anshar’s sake.”

“Kill me and you will have to fight your way out past Expedient and the rest of the company. None of us want that.” deVilliers smiled warmly, “Right?”

the_app the_app July 21, 2014
At Nitram’s request, Rumil walked up to the alter and looked inside. He stared at the layout, locks, symbols – attempting to remember anything from his studies and schooling (K:religion). While he was not all that well versed in the old faith, he hoped that whatever was being secured by this weird setup was famous enough to have made it into the People’s lore. Once he determined that his knowledge of this was a bit limited, he looked at it with his training in the magical arts – hoping the setup of the locks and symbols were reminicent of arcane wards and seals (K:arcana). He resisted casting his divining arts, as his lesson with Blend about trapped glyphs was still fresh in his mind.

“Nitram, I am not sure what I can do for you, but this is beyond my full understanding. Perhaps the book our teller just acquired will prove useful. Also, if we have the supplies on hand, a sketch can be made and broughth back to our more knowledgeable members back at the keep.”

xLucix xLucix July 21, 2014
Frederick, book in hand, was feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, he had possession of the Book of Kells, and that would surely reflect well on him with the Order. On the other hand, he and the company he currently kept were potentially going to be engaging in furious combat. On the other other hand, the sarcophagus appeared to be more than just a resting place for the Book of Kells.

Looking at the elaborate setup that had been designed, Frederick knew that whatever had been bound in there was either terrifying enough or powerful enough to warrant one of the most elaborate and elegant locks that he’d heard of, or that possibly anyone had heard of. He kept running his eyes over it, committing as much of it as he could to memory. The Order would be delighted to have this new information to puzzle over and add to the songs and stories of their records.

At the mention of the portal being reopened, though, Frederick tore his attention away to focus on deVilliers. “Are you and yours mad, stupid, evil, or a combination thereof?” Surprise and anger fought for control of his expressive face as he tried to comprehend deVillier’s request. Even if we disregard what lays beneath this construct, a portal to the shadow realm is practically a guaranteed source of misery, death and the foulest of dark magics. And, let me tell you, there are more than a few tales that end badly for those who think their needs or desires are important enough to tamper with forces they can barely comprehend."

He took a breath, calming himself, and continued, beginning to open the Book “Now, let me see what I can divulge from the information that we’ve discovered.” Knowledge Arcana and Use Magic Device.

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
The symbols and logos Rumil could discern were truly obscure. He got only a faint impression of of complex wards and seals, and soon realized this iconography was very old, and probably forgotten. There was enough time to make a sketch of the basic patterns and symbols, for all the good it would do for the present situation.

(Religeon 20, Arcana 10)

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
Most people in the room were shocked at Frederick’s outburst, and Captain deVilliers’ face turned a bright red as he struggled to maintain his composure.

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
When Frederick had perused the book for a few moments, he determined that it was in a language he was unfamiliar with, although the use of some words and phrases almost allowed him to pick information from the vellum pages and their spidery pale black ink script.

In addition, Frederick’s surroundings seemed to fade slightly away from his perception as he seemed to dive deeper into the text, feeling a slight connection with the pages, pictures, and text, as if they were a long lost friend. Frederick shook his head slightly, and realized that the book had a certain entrancing power on those who gazed upon its pages.

As he glanced up, he saw deVilliers staring at him with anger, a stare that the captain quickly concealed underneath the polite face of nobility and genteelness. For the moment.

xLucix xLucix July 21, 2014
Frederick noticed the captain’s anger, but did not acknowledge it. True, angering someone of a military status and of no moral composure could lead to a sticky and imminent demise, but if his words managed to prevent another portal being opened (or worse), then it seemed like a fair trade to Frederick. He’d read enough and heard enough tales to know that the sooner that dark magics were nipped in the bud, the less genocide and unholy tyranny there was to follow.

Having shaken his head, Frederick quickly closed the book. “While I should like to study this book further, it has magics to it that would cloud me to anything save for what is contained within. Instead, I will consult with those more wise than me, and study only with the company of those versed in old magics and faiths. Not trusting his memory to be as perfect as he wished it were, Frederick then made a quick sketch of the sarcophagus’ innards, to be included with his next letter to the Order.

the_app the_app July 21, 2014
Rumil, a bit absentmindedly, while looking over the old symbols and baffled by his inability to see the old wards, spoke off handedly, “While the good human teller here has a way of saying so, I would agree with him about opening this lock or the portal to the shadow realm – if such a thing were even in our groups capability. I mean no disrespect when I say this – I have seen the shadow portal and read tomes about the realms between the planes. I can say that while the force you have here is formidable, the darkness that awaits you inside would surely be your end. I wish you no ill will and I also have no tie to you. I only know that what I see before me now is disturbing and what I saw before me when the druas were attempting Corellon knows what with the portal – it too was less than appealing. I know you believe you must complete your task – to find an item that was reportedly here and presumably now on the other side of the aforementioned portal. But I ask you, is it worth you and your companies’ lives?”

As Rumil finally looked away from the old locks and icons, and peered around the room, he maintained a stoic face – common to his people, but even more so for those trained to never show emotion – the defenders of the people.

SkidAce SkidAce July 21, 2014
(Loving EVERYBODY’S roleplaying…thanks for a great game folks…)

Terror Before the Storm Part 3

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