Terror Before the Storm Part 4

AFCop AFCop July 22, 2014
Blend yawned and leaned up against a pillar, waiting to see how all the drama played out. His outward indifference to the unfolding situation was not feigned, however, his posture in no way reflected his willingness and ability to react if necessary. He casually took note of the positions and movements of everyone in the room, especially that of deVilliers, reading him to see how and predict exactly how he would react so he would be able to preempt him with action of his own.

SkidAce SkidAce July 22, 2014
The first indication that something was up was when Frederick and Rumil began to hear a slight scratching sound coming from the locked and closed lid of the sarcophagus.

The second indication was a thundering BOOOOM as the lid was split in half and both sides were sent to the far edges of the room, cracking with a faint blue/white static discharge.

There was a cracking flicker as lightning began to arc out of the open coffin and spill onto the floor. Both Rumil and Frederick were knocked back against the wall behind the podium, slightly stunned as faint sparks flew off of their bodies. Blend was almost knocked back by the thundernous force that emerged from the sarcophagus, but managed to blunt the worst of it by dodging behind the pillar he had been leaning on.

Nitram and deVilliers were just outside of the blast, the only effect being a ringing in their ears, and a tingling on their skin as their hair began to stand up. Shasta, the rest of the group, and the guards at the stairway were completely out of the area of affect.

A human like figure slowly sat up in the coffin, and then using the edge to lean on, somewhat slowly pulled it self standing. The figure was somewhat lizard like in nature, although it looked a lot more fierce and muscular, more alligator and reptilian, with a large head full of sharp teeth. As fearsome as it looked, it was definitely an intelligent creature, for it wore clothes, and grasped a large ornate staff in its left hand. The creature turned towards the nearest standing beings that it could see (Nitram and deVilliers) and spoke. Although the group could not understand the words it said, they could understand it within their heads, as some form of magic or enchantment translated for them.

“Speak cavelings…tell me where I am and where I, Terrororret, have returned.”Terrororret.jpg

xLucix xLucix July 22, 2014
Frederick was astounded, rendered temporarily mute by the spectacle before him. Shaking his head, he attempted to first identify the creature by its garb or the staff that it held. He also attempted to communicate with the creature, hoping for the beginnings of an intelligent discourse.

Greetings, Terrororret. I am Frederick Taleweaver, a bard of the Order of Varencic Scholars. You are in the ruins of a once-great cathedral of an old human establishment. You also burst out of a very well locked sarcophagus.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 22, 2014
If the creature turns to look at Frederick or Nitram thinks he has a chance without provoking it, Nitram will unsling his bow and remove an arrow from its quiver and hold just short of drawing the bow. “How long has he been in there…and why?”
“Where were you when they put you in the box, Terrororret, and what kingdom ruled the Skulen Hills? The ranger moved a few steps away from deVilliars, trying to keep space between people, thinking “That lightning seems like it might hit more than one person at a time. We should spread out.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 23, 2014
Aeron staggered back from the thunder clap and wave of lightning. Upon seeing the reptilian magic user rise from the sarcophagus. Aeron continued to stagger back towards the stairs. Aeron knew the arcane enchantments were crumbling, but there was no denying that his dispel ritual had hastened the release of the creature. Once Aeron had made the stairs he whispered to the group, “Not to alarm anyone, but if the old faith went through all that trouble to sequester this spellcaster…he is likely bad news. Close quickly if you think you can take him.” Aeron called out to the reptilian wizard. “Hail Terrororret. Glad to see you up and about. The wisdom you have gained over the years are beyond my comprehension. Pray tell, why did the druids of the Old Faith seal you into the sarcophagus? "

AFCop AFCop July 23, 2014
Blend remained out of sight from the creature, ready to spring undetected if necessary.

SkidAce SkidAce July 23, 2014
Frederick’s assessment of the garb and the staff were that they were very archaic looking and utilitarian. The staff itself seemed to be made of bronze, and flickered softly with a pale light.

Terrororret gazed around the chamber he found himself in and stated “Three replies and only one semi-useful answer. Tell me slave ‘bard’, does the Supremium prevail”? Has Wenshar fallen? He lifted a finger on his right hand, and a slight shimmering appeared in the air surrounding him.

SkidAce SkidAce July 23, 2014
Nitram felt that he may have been noticed when he unslung his bow, but the being in front of him gave no sign.

Terrororret glanced slightly at Aeron, and his nostrils flared at the mention of “sequester” and “seal”. He looked into the sarcophagus at his feet, and then kicked the side of it off.

The two mercenaries blocking the stairway had disappeared up the stairs, potentially running for help. They ran into four large brutemen coming down the stairs to investigate the noise. Cragthor’s eyebrow rose when he saw who was leading the brutemen, “Dats Throrog, the leader of the bruteman squad. He is strong.”

the_app the_app July 23, 2014
“When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say, Yes!” (Helpful quote going into this scenario)

Rumil quickly realized the situation had gotten out of hand. After shaking off the effects of the small jolt he received, he backed up a bit more to ensure time to react. What should have been a quick recovery of a book – well, had turned into the awakening of… (K:religion, arcana) Well, he couldn’t be sure, but the scene wasn’t unfolding well. He attempted to ID the magics being employed (spellcraft) in a vain effort to counter or avoid. He stood ready, hand on hilt, mind racing through his magical arsenal, and focused on the group and activating his ring when needed.

“Perhaps a portal to another deadly plane isn’t such a bad idea afterall.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 23, 2014
“I was thinkin same quote”

Rumil had no idea of the origin of this creature. Perhaps the loremasters had thought it best to keep some dangerous knowledge from the younger defenders. (Religeon 16, Arcana 13)

Rumils was astonished however, to vaguley recognize the shimmering that the creature had surrounded itself with. Some type of invulnerability globe, such as mentioned in the legends? Impossible. (Spellcraft 29)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 23, 2014
for some reason, I can’t edit my previous post. It needs to say he drew two arrows (per manyshot feat).

Nitram tried to communicate with the sprite in his amulet, “Pixie, I may need some help. Can you do anything to increase my chances of surviving his magic? And, I need you to go get Serre.” looking for resistance from the pixie and hoping it will fly to find Serre
The ranger then addressed the reptilian creature, “Wenshar is no more…split apart from the inside. The two sides occupy new kingdoms now. Are you from the time of Wenshar? I have not heard of the Supremium, was it part of the rebellion? Which side were you on?”

SkidAce SkidAce July 23, 2014
(Pixie Diplomacy DC 20, rolled 19)

Nitram sensed that the pixie wanted to assist but was to scared to get that far away from the amulet.

Terrororret shifted slightly to include Nitram in its gaze. “Split into two kingdoms? There are barely enough cavelings squirming around to make up one kingdom. Not heard of the Supremium? Unlikely. Hargh, a part of some rebeliion? Graz Dor, I am amused. Perhaps after we squashed your little caveling “kingdom” you retold your legends to make yourself feel better…who are your slave masters now, I see cromags on the stairs, do you serve the ogres? Summon one of your masters that we may converse."

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 23, 2014
Perhaps. But that doesn’t change the current situation. There is no one for us to summon, least of all ogres. You will have to converse with us. Where are you from and how did you come to be imprisoned in that box?" diplomacy check

xLucix xLucix July 23, 2014
Frederick wracked his brain for any reference, mention or even footnote concerning the Supremium. Whatever it was, it sounded ominous. Not that the creature had to speak to sound ominous. Even with his lesser abilities in the mystic arts, Frederick could sense the power that this creature possessed, as well as its age. It was incredibly old.

Still, desiring not to engage in combat with a super-powerful prehistoric warrior-thing, Frederick attempted again for stable conversation. The half-elf speaks the truth, Terrororret. And humans have spread themselves far and wide, and rose up in the world’s power. If there’s anything we’re good at, it’s multiplying. Now, is there some purpose you are meant to serve, or some reason that you were bound to this place?"

the_app the_app July 23, 2014
Rumil took his first opportunity to pass his suspicions to Aeron. It was unlikely the mage didn’t see the globe – regardless how improbable such magic was – but if lore was correct, this was powerful and difficult magic. No one Rumil knew coud bend the fabric of the weave around them like this. This day may prove to be Rumil’s most interesting in his century of existence or his last. Speak wisely half-elf…or fate and that of all our kin may depend on it.

Rumil then called on Corellon to protect his faithful follower. Reaching deep within, he began to recall the prayer to provide Corellon’s blessing to the party…holding his actions until he felt it was absolutely necessary.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 24, 2014
As Aeron backed his way up the stairs past the brute men, he studied the shimmering sphere that surrounded the reptilian wizard (Spell craft). Trying to assertain the capabilities of the spell.

SkidAce SkidAce July 24, 2014
(Spellcraft 24)

Aeron determined that Rumil’s initial assessment was correct, the spell surrounding the creature was indeed a Globe of Invulnerability of some type, a magic thought lost to the ages or hoarded by legendary wizards.

Once amongst the brutemen, Aeron found himself in danger of being grabbed and shoved up the stairs, in fact, it appeared that the last two brutemen were eyeing Aron with exactly that thought in mind. Just as two more came down the stairs.

Nitram’s attempts to sway Terrororret were futile (Diplomacy 20) and Frederick’s attempts were not much better.

deVilliers stepped up next to Nitram, with his hand on his sword hilt and whispered, “Best to strike now and get the jump on it, methinks.”

apparantly not hearing deVilliers, or not caring, Terrororret spoke towards Frederick with some disdain and confusion, “Huuumahns as a world power? It would not seem likely, no more than troglodytes or lacerta would. Are humans now a Creator race? Can such a world exist?”

He shook his mawed head from side to side…“And others of my kind? Do they rule this huuman empire? Again…no word of the Supremium?” Terrororret seemed frustrated and irritable, but so far seemed content to discuss world events with those of the servitor races.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 24, 2014
Nitram whispered back to deVilliars, “That option is gone, I think. It’s pretty much surrounded and doesn’t seem to care or show any amount of fear at its current situation. Plus, he controls some kind of magic – do you notice the shimmer around him? It wasn’t there when he came out of the box. No, I would advise caution at this point. Maybe even suggest the brutemen don’t escalate the situation further. There’s no telling what this thing is capable of. It was in a pretty serious prison – for a good reason, I expect. Why not just kill something that dangerous, instead of imprisoning it?” Mostly a rhetorical question, but the ranger decided to answer it anyway in the hopes of swaying the mercenary from his path of escalation. “Maybe because you can’t.”

The ranger shifted his feet slightly, inching toward the creature, “Terrororret, please forgive my ignorance, but what is your kind? Are you from this plane? While I am not an extensive traveler, I have neither seen nor heard of beings such as you.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 24, 2014
“We are the Carnifex”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 25, 2014
Nitram nodded, “We? And are there many of you? Where are you from?”

xLucix xLucix July 25, 2014
At least they’re not legion.

Frederick was beginning to grow a tad impatient. All it seemed to be was “who are you, what are you,” and “I’m a lizardman, who is better than you and blah blah blah.” With that, he tried to tighten the net of information.

Among the Carnifex, Terrororret, what was your purpose?

SkidAce SkidAce July 25, 2014
“Many of us? Of course..we were..are…a cosmos spanning empire. We create other races as servitors. We rule and guide. I am an adviser to patriarchs and matriarchs, the leaders and dictators of our kind. Do you wish to join us…swear alliance and be my temporary advisers in this strange time. Or, as you say, the Supremium is no more, then be at the fore front of its resurgence. Choose wisely.”

The creature appeared to think for a second, “Even should you oppose me, I shall let you live should you not raise a hand in violence, for you have awakened me, and I am grateful…for a time.” “They however, are not granted my dispensation” Terrororret waved his hand and spoke a word of..fire…and a wall of flame blocked off the stairway. The lead two brutemen were caught in the flames, and screamed as they began to incinerate. The two brutemen who had begun hauling Aeron out were singed on their backs, and they turned, releasing Aeron as they stared at the wall of flame that had consumed their leader.

Cragthor slowly began to lift his weapon, as his face grew dark with anger, he glanced over at Blend to see his reaction.

Off to Nitram’s left he could hear deVilliers spitting in anger.

SkidAce SkidAce July 25, 2014
(OOC: I will roll init tonight after work, since at this point timing may be critical. You are not committed to fight however, still up to you. If you post RP, I will insert it in init order and you can tweak it as you see fit.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 25, 2014
Aeron made his way up the stairs to see over the wall of fire to maintain visibility on the reptilian wizard. He whispered to the group, “This mage is likely a predicessor of the evil Anguis Imperium. He is likely at his weakest…working off whatever spells he had still memorized before his imprisonment. If we ever want a chance to rid the world of his scourge…now is the time. His aura only prevents magic. He is vulnerable to physical attack. Attack when the glowing aura fades.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 25, 2014
Sorry for the big change in post, but this seems more in line with my character

As soon as the flames erupted at the foot of the stairs, Nitram’s boots quickly snapped together and returned to his archer’s stance hasted as he muttered “I swear you shall die today,” and fired the two arrows he had readied. He could vaguely hear Aeron say something about waiting as he reached for another arrow and another and another, firing as many arrows as quickly as he is possibly able. “I will not allow you to make slaves of any race…”

Everyone in the cathedral was surprised by the shout, “Death to those who have wronged me!” in Elven seeming to echo throughout the building. that should draw Serre back, I hope

xLucix xLucix July 25, 2014
Frederick backed away, knowing well that his strengths were not in combat. He prepared himself to give whatever aid he could give, come what may.

SkidAce SkidAce July 26, 2014
The flames leapt upward twenty feet into the air, sending waves of heat towards and up the stairs. Aeron could not see over the wall, and the flickering and shimmering flames made it impossible to see through it. (Effect opaque sheet of flame)

Terrororret seemed to have been expending some of his concentration on the wall of flame, as the attack by Nitram caught him off guard. Three of the five arrows that Nitram were inexplicably able to fire pierced deeply into the creature’s scaly hide, causing deep green blood to ooze out the wounds. (Att 25h, 16m, 30h, 12m, 82 damage)

The tableau was set, choices had been made. Blend and Cragthor were able to take advantage of the sudden onslaught of combat to take action.

AFCop AFCop July 26, 2014
As Nitram’s arrows left his bow, Blend leaped up onto the sarcophagus next to him and charged the strange reptilian creature. As he neared, he feinted to the right and sidestepped left, attempting to flank and wrap his arms around the creatures arms and neck.

OOC: Move to P33 and attempt grapple combat maneuver, +7 CMB vs. CMD (should not include dex this round as creature is flatfooted. Also, depending on the outcome, would like to reserve the opportunity to use a hero point after a failed attempt to either add to the roll or reroll.

SkidAce SkidAce July 26, 2014
When Blend reached the creature and attempted to restrain its actions, he realized just how strong the creature was. (CM roll 24, needed a 27) Blend almost had the creature at a disadvantage, but could feel his hands slipping loose from the creature’s scaly hide.

(Waiting on HP decision)

Cragthor moved alongside Blend, and appeared as if he may attempt to help in wrestling the creature to the ground.

SkidAce SkidAce July 26, 2014
When Blend realized his grip was slipping, he utilized a heroic effort to secure his grasp. (CM 24 +4 for hero point, 28, success) To the amazement of the rest of the group, Blend managed to force the creature to one knee and disrupt Terrororret’s arms from freely moving.

SkidAce SkidAce July 26, 2014
It was apparent that Terrororret wanted nothing more than to blast Blend in the face with a lightning bolt, but the agile merchant had such a hold on the creature, that the only thing the reptilian mage could do with any degree of potential success was to attempt to break free. The massive jaw snapped at Blend in an attempt to get Blend to loosen his grip, while at the same time, the creature’s own scaly muscles flexed and bulged, slowly expanding and causing Blend to almost lose his hold. But the creature’s effort, while almost successful, was a failure. (CM 27, versus 28, fail, Blend gets a + 5 to maintain grapple next round) The creature roared at Blend “immortui!”

Nitram felt a cold chill run up his spine as deVilliers drew his sword from its sheath. The entire length of the longsword’s blade was a dull black that caused Nitram’s vision to blur if he looked to closely at it. Nitram thought he heard the gibbering moan of Aeron’s shadow but it was nowehere in sight.

deVilliers stepped forward and stabbed at the creature grappled by Blend, causing it to howl in pain. Trails of faint smoke wafted from the edges of the cut, and drifted towards and into the sword. “Chazm Djur! The towers fell!” snarled Terrororret.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 26, 2014
Nitram, hoping to finish the evil creature off, hastily moved to a flanking position (column 33, row below bad guy, across from deVilliars). Along the way he dropped Rogne and drew his greatsword, harnessing his strength into a precise attack (power attack and vital strike)

SkidAce SkidAce July 26, 2014
Nitram’s magical boots gave him the speed to dance around the grappling creatures to a position of advantage. The greatsword connected with the flank and side of the already bloodied reptilian mage, drawing a great gash across its side. (Att 27, -2 pa, -1 oathbow penalty, +2 flanking, 26 hit, damage 25)

One could only wonder at Rumil’s thoughts as the mighty combatants struggled in front of his very eyes.

the_app the_app July 26, 2014
Rumil knew that this creature was not meant to be here – that the group’s actions, driven by forces he could not even begin to comprehend, had led to this outcome. He did know one thing though – this creature would not leave this place alive so long as Rumil drew breath. “THIS I SWEAR ON MIGHTY CORELLON!” As Rumil finished his oath – not to power, an object, nor himself, but to the reason for his existence – the protector, the creator, the first amongst the defenders…Corellon – he finished calling forth his lord’s blessing deep from within him…

(cast Bless on entire party within range – only those I came here with)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 27, 2014
SkidAce SkidAce July 27, 2014
A slight glow momentarily touched each of the party, and they felt encouraged by the magical blessing.
Shasta ran to under the edge of the roof and began yelling orders to the company forces outside.
ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 28, 2014
Aeron felt the intense heat of the wall of fire as he stood half-way up the stairs. The last thing he saw before the flames erupted before him was Lord Nitram peppering the carnifax with a salvo of arrows from his arcane focus oathbow. Unfortunately, Aeron had never been without his arcane focus and found it difficult to cast without it. Summoning his wits he focused on the missing roof above the firewall. Aeron closed his eyes blocking out the screaming of the brute men and the heat of the firewall as he chanted the arcane words of flight. Concentration check d 20 + 14 vs DC 23 to cast Fly, fly over the firewall and land at V22…taking cover behind the pew.

SkidAce SkidAce July 28, 2014
(Concentration 27, success, good thing you moved before the brutemen apprehended you…hehe)

From Aeron’s new location, it looked looked like the carnifex was not doing so well. The fate of wizards caught in melee apparently. There was still life in the creature, and from the looks of its strength, and the inherent casting abilities Aeron had seen, if it got a chance…there would likely be dire consequences.
xLucix xLucix July 28, 2014
Frederick, knowing well that he would fare badly against such a fearsome opponent in combat, moved quickly to a decent bit of cover Not sure where I am lol. But I would like to move to good cover. Which would be O20, if I’m reading this correctly and began an ancient chant, meant to imbue those hearing it with strength, valor and courage Heroism on Blend

The Book tugged at him, begging to be opened and read.

SkidAce SkidAce July 29, 2014
(changing cover location due to Heroism being a touch spell, via text input)

Frederick cast his ancient chant upon Blend by laying a supporting hand upon the merchant’s shoulder, and then he took cover near one of the large pillars.

The brutemen were stymied by the wall of fire and bellowed back up the stairs for orders. One particularly stout bruteman waved his fist at Aeron’s back as the wizard wafted over the wall of fire and disappeared.

Shyent moved herself where she could keep an eye on Aeron and Rumil’s backs, glaring at Shasta suspiciously.
AFCop AFCop July 29, 2014
The reptile’s strength was immense, clearly stronger than him. Blend could barely believe he was able to restrain the creature for as long as he had and was certain that technique was the only thing allowing him to do so. He felt the thing try to flex one way and then the other and each time he used its strength against it, tightening his grasp and digging his hold deeper and deeper.
Grapple with attempt to pin.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
Blend’s hold began to dig deeper and tighter around the chest and arms of the creature. Or so he thought. Suddenly Blend realized that that the grip he thought was tightening was actually slipping. With a heave and a twist the kneeling carnifex nearly threw Blend loose and across the floor. Until Cragthor stepped in with a lunge and between the two of them they managed to pin the struggling creature to the ground.

(CMD roll, 9 19 (7 cmb, 5 from previous hold, 2 improved grapple, 1 from bless, 2 from heroism, 2 from Cragthor) = 28 versus 27, success, whew.)
SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
deVilliers showed no remorse at all towards the pinned creature, and took the length of his black blade and jammed it directly into the creature’s spine. Again, those near the blade felt a chill and heard a whispering moan. Smoke drifted from the wound and wrapped itself around and up along the length of the blade. deVilliers withdrew the blade, which was completely free of blood on its black length.

Terrororret moaned and writhed in agony, but its struggles were growing weaker and weaker. (+ 4 to hit from pinned)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
Nitram was briefly confusion as he saw deVilliars remove the black blade from the creature, but continued his onslaught of the nearly defenseless reptilian wizard. full attack using power attack on pinned creature (+ 6 BAB, + 1 BAB, + 6 BAB for hasted; see last attack for other atk/dmg bonuses plus whatever for it being pinned).

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
Nitram’s first attack sliced along the neck of the creature, opening a large gash down its chest. Try as he might, his second swing could not get through the scaley hide, even though Blend and Cragthor held the creature down. Using the extra speed granted by his boots, Nitram attacked again, slicing at the exposed neck and finally, literally chopping the carnifex’s head off its shoulders. (Att 25, 9, 19, damage 34)

As the creature’s head fell to the ground, its eyes blazed with lightning, and a slender, rope sized bolt hit Nitram on the head and shoulders, knocking him backwards onto his ass. (32 damage, Reflex 13, failed)

Aeron, with his comprehensive knowledge of spellcasting techniques, surmised that the reptile mage had some sort of death contingency spell in place, and Nitram had triggered it.

A few seconds after the creature’s head was removed from its plate like hide covered shoulders, the wall of fire blazed brightly, and flashed out of existence.

Blend and Cragthor felt no movement from the creature

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
“Well. That was quite surprising.” The ranger slowly stood up tried to get his hair to stop standing straight up as he recovered his oathbow. Looking at the mercenary captain, “That is a very interesting blade you have. What is it made out of?”

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
(via text)

Blend looked at Nitram determinedly, ensuring he had eye contact, then shook his head slowly in disapproval as if to say “don’t’ go there”.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
Nitram caught Blend’s look and tried to change the subject, “I need to make sure all my people are alright. I know Aeron headed up the stairs before the fire. Hopefully, he is unharmed. Do you have a healer for your brutemen?” Nitram turned and took a step towards the stairs before spotting Aeron behind a pew. He looked fine. The ranger called over to him, Aeron, are you injured?" Without waiting for a reply, he turned back to the dead body and the two grapplers, stepping between deVilliars and them before squatting down to ask, “Are either of you hurt? Did the lightning hit anyone else beside me?” As he finished talking, he stood up and pushed the staff with his foot towards Blend.

the_app the_app July 30, 2014
Rumil, seeing the effects the death guard had on the ranger, quickly called upon his ability to see magic – active or lingering. He wanted to be sure no other surprises awaited the group.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
From Rumil’s vantage point the only magic he could see out of the ordinary was the staff owned by the reptile mage, deVillier’s sword, and the ever present glowing wisps of color that foretold of the proximity to the shadow realm. And of course, the Book of Kells.

deVilliers sheathed his sword and stared at Nitram quietly, as if considering. He also looked around at Blend and Cragthor and the body of the carnifex mage they had wrestled to the ground. He looked as if he was considering drawing his sword again, when Shasta moved over to him and whispered in his ear. deVilliers glanced specifically at Nitram and Blend, then removed his hand from his sword and crossed his arms.

“I tell you what friends, how about you take your book and leave. Shasta, please make sure Lt Expedient doesn’t do anything rash, we wouldn’t want anything regrettable to happen would we?”

deVilliers held up a hand towards Nitram, and said “It would be so much more preferable to part each other’s company if you could see your way to having your wizard at least leave behind notes on how to reopen the portal, if you won’t have it done for me. Otherwise, you should consider yourselves at war”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 30, 2014
Aeron stood up from his crouched position behind the pew, straightened his ornately embroidered grey robes, and tried to regain some of his dignity. “Well met Lord Nitram. Your oratory skills have saved us again from conflict.” Aeron flew to where Nitram had started his charge, picked up the oathbow Rogne and ascended to the ceiling. Concentrating hard, he reached out to bend time for the party whispering. “Now is the time to decapitate the mercenary leadership like the carnifax.” (Cast Haste on everyone in our party…not Cragthor)

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
Nitram’s face showed his surprise at deVilliars’ bluntness. He quickly regained his composure, his face almost portraying his contempt at the threat. As he replied to deVilliars, he began walking toward Aeron, “Let me make sure I understand what you are saying. Either my friend gives you notes on how to open a portal to the shadow plane or the Grey Riders declare war on Falconaire. Is that right?”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
Leggs, we need to figure out this bow issue. Nitram already picked up the bow he shot with

AFCop AFCop July 30, 2014
Blend surreptitiously searched the carnifex for anything of value, hoping to keep what he was doing from reaching deVillier’s notice.

Search carnifex; also sleight of hand/ stealth to hide this from prying eyes.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
“Oh no, not so dramatic, just you and your friends if we ever meet again.” said deVilliers.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
As he approached Aeron’s position, Nitram watched the mage fly into the air. Great. That answers that. Nitram thought as he mindlessly fingered his arrows.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
(via text)

Frederick offered to negotiate between the two groups, as a neutral representative of the Varencic Scholars.

AFCop AFCop July 30, 2014
“Perhaps this is not the best idea. There are over a hundred mercenaries out there,” whispered Blend to the rest of party.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
“That’s funny, since the bard is the reason we’re here in the first place and he’s the one holding the book. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to work out,” Nitram thought as he surveyed the room. “I hope Serre is okay.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
Lt Shasta and deVilliers drew their swords and stood back to back, ready to take on any attackers.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 30, 2014
It took a while to figure out how this group is playing the oathbow. Unfortunately, it is the most restrictive interpretation. So bottom line. No Craft Arms and Armor feat…there is only 1 oath bow…Nitram gets 8750 gp back on his character sheet and Rumil gets 8000 gp back. You have your preexisting bow.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
Well at this point, some would suggest we go to initiative in order to be fair. I can do that, but it is still your option to fight or not fight. Initiative will not force that. Flying wizards and angry rangers might, thats your call. I’m easy. Its your game. I will have init ready in the morning.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 30, 2014
“Well, it looks like he doesn’t really want to help open a portal to the shadow realm today. But, I think we can accept your terms of a future conflict, should our paths ever cross again. But, we will take you up on your offer to leave if that still stands. If not…” Nitram shrugged as his fingers stopped moving and grasped the end of two arrows, leaving them in the quiver.

SkidAce SkidAce July 30, 2014
(Aeron has cast haste, morning init will start after that based on inputs.)

AFCop AFCop July 30, 2014
What was the original interpretation for the Oathbow and how has it been made more restrictive?

SkidAce SkidAce July 31, 2014
(Luci says he will start working on a new character…..lol.)

AFCop AFCop July 31, 2014
Well he is the reason we are in this situation.

SkidAce SkidAce July 31, 2014
deVilliers sneered politely, “I am well aware, after seeing you in action, that Shasta and I would be among the first to fall. But some among you would also fall, and there would be no coming back. I think your swift departure is in the best interests of all.” deVilliers sheathed the very disturbing sword. “Allow Lt Shasta to tell Expedient to stand down, and I will remain here as your certaintee”

deVilliers waved Shasta towards the stairs with a nod. She slowly moved off and headed up the stairs, one eye on Blend.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 July 31, 2014
Nitram waited a moment for Shasta to deliver her message, hoping Blend was finished, “Shylent, Rumil, lead the way. Blend, Cragthor, Frederick, let’s go. Aeron, join us after we get upstairs.” The ranger waited – trying to remain calm while watching deVilliars cautiously – until the three party members near the dead carnifex had made it close to the stairs. Then, he moved to follow them. “I truly hope we never meet again, for both our sakes.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill July 31, 2014
Aeron descended over the carnifax wrapped the head, body, and staff into a blanket and dragged him away as he muttered under his breath, “At least some of us clean up our messes.”

SkidAce SkidAce July 31, 2014
Aeron was unable to find the carnifex staff.

SkidAce SkidAce August 01, 2014
It appeared that the party…Nitram and now Aeron in particular was getting on Cider deVilliers’ nerves. “Gods be dammed to Hades!” he exclaimed violently as Aeron procured the carnifex body.

Aeron wasn’t able to drag or carry the body at any appreciable speed. As the party moved up the stairs they were finally able to see and appreciate Lt Expedient’s expertise. He hadn’t had a whole lot of time to work with, but what he had done with what he had was impressive.

Brutemen (20) lined the exit from the stairway, with large wooden shields almost forming a wall, between which the group had to walk. On the ledge that was the remains of the first floor, still slightly higher than the group as they exited was at least a dozen mercenary archers, spread out to avoid magic.

More mercenaries were stacked on either side of the brutemen, standing on hastily emplaced wagons. These mercenaries were holding large nets, spears, and next to them were small pots of burning oil.

At the end of bruteman “alley” was what looked like a goblin ballista, similar to the type they had seen before. The exception was in place of the crossbow styled weapon was a large tube. The goblin ballista was manned by a goblin and two hobgoblin guards.

Past the ballista was what appeared to be about half of the cavalry (medium) that they had seen before, parked outside Fort Farhills. A large number of mercenary squads were scattered around in small dispersed groups around the perimeter of the ruined building, in order to deploy in any direction with ease. Makes you wonder what Expedient could have done if he had had more time.

The group slowly became aware that the ground they were walking on was saturated with oil…which was greatly alarming at first, until they saw Lt Shasta standing in the middle of the oil between the rows of brutemen nodding encouragingly. She walked directly to Nitram and said “I am your certaintee from this point.”

Shasta walked wordlessly with the group from the ruined building and the encampment to the gate the party had entered previously. Along the way, Nitram could see Serre circling in the air, just within response range, if needed.

She glanced at Nitram, and sideways at Blend mysteriously, and said “Fortune in battle, fare thee well” as the gates closed.

XX Febrile (Winter) 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
3pm XX day

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 01, 2014
“Maybe we don’t need to come back tomorrow to finish them,” Nitram thought to himself.

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 01, 2014
Aeron conjured a small air elemental to drag the carnifax body. As it dragged the reptilian wizard body through the gates, Aeron whispered to Merchant Blend, “I’m not sure how you did it, but lifting that wizard staff off the carnifax was masterwork. Though leaving the mercenary company leadership alive is a decision I think we will soon regret.”

AFCop AFCop August 01, 2014
Blend looked at the wizard, shrugged and muttered, “Deep pockets.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 02, 2014
Aeron replied to Merchant Blend, “May Frederick, Rumil, and I take a look at the Carnifax Staff? I suspect the staff has a clue to the source of the wen sharian magic.”

xLucix xLucix August 02, 2014
Frederick was greatly relieved that there would be no further bloodshed nor superpowerful creatures.

“I would be more than willing to assist in the inspection of the staff that the Terrorret wielded. And, though I did not expect that we would run into such adversity in acquiring the Book of Kells, I am in deep debt to each of you for your assistance in this quest of mine.”

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 02, 2014
Nitram rubbed the new scar on his neck while he listened to the bard.

xLucix xLucix August 02, 2014
Frederick assured Nitram that his scars would, one day, be legendary in song and story.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 02, 2014
“I have no doubt,” the ranger calmly replied, thinking, “that’s exactly what I’m going for."

AFCop AFCop August 02, 2014
“Of course,” Blend replied to the wizard. “But perhaps we should wait until we are in more friendly territory. You can also look at the amulet the carnifex was wearing as well.” Blend locked eyes with the wizard before moving forward to take point. He couldn’t help wondering if the door had closed on the mystery that Lt. Shasta had hinted at several months before.

the_app the_app August 03, 2014
As Rumil took up his position in the group, he positioned himself to keep watch over the rear, hoping his elven instincts, especially in wooded areas, would alert him to possible issues before they were too close. He also took the timie to ensure no magic was following or spying on them.

“Nitram, I can give you some of my lords healing grace, if you so desire.” As he said that, he also laid his hand on the newly acquired rod he received. While Rumil was certain the lightening was painful, he was not sure using the healing device now would be the most effective use of this wonderful treasure. If another fight broke out, he would surely reconsider.

He was just as interested in the magics of this strange creature – especially since it seemed it was capable of casting magics only thought to be rumor and legend. He would not, however, stop now to expose these possible artifacts…regardless how dangerous they may be.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 03, 2014
Nitram nodded, “Thank you, I would appreciate that.”

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 03, 2014
Aeron took his place in the center of the group and activated the armor sigils on his robe. It was best for them to leave the Druas forest as rapidly as possible. Aeron retrieved a small stone statue of a horse from a pocket of his robe and after a short incantation it grew and formed his elven horse, Magus. Aeron petted the pampered steed and gave it a carrot from his rations. Aeron had his unseen servant drag the carnifax body wrapped in the tent canvas over the saddle. Aeron then tied the body in place with a rope from his pack. Now that they were no longer slowed by the tiny air elementals pace they should make it back to Fort Farhills. Aeron cast an endurance spell upon the party to ensure they were not exhausted during the walk home (Keep Watch). Once they made it back to Belcadiz Tower Aeron invited Merchant Blend, Acolyte Rumil, and Skald Frederick into the main laboratory to examine the carnifax staff and necklace. Attempt to identify through Detect Magic, Spellcraft and Arcane Knowledge: How to Identify an Item: 1. Identify it is Magical.
Once the first night passed, Aeron spread some exotic ungents on the back of the carnifax and moving smoking incense sticks about the body revealed a macabre map upon the reptilian skin of the creature (Create Treasure Map).

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 03, 2014
OOC. I am assuming Skald Frederick knows everything about the Book of Kells (ie what is it, what’s in it, how to use it, etc). If this is not the case, Aeron will also offer to assist with examining and researching the Book of Kells.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 03, 2014
I was wondering when you were going to make the map…

SkidAce SkidAce August 04, 2014
Back at Farhills, everyone recuperated and re-equipped. In the next couple of weeks they would need to return to Aerie City and and provide the promised assistance to the king and Xar-Taken on the matter of ogres in the Silver Hills.

Prior to that, in fact, shortly after they returned from the Faerfell Forest, Aeron gathered members of the group together to determine the provenance of the staff and amulet “acquired” from the creature self named as a carnifex.

There was much investifgation and casting of spells and rituals, but with time not being a factor, Aeron, with Rumil and Frederick’s assistance, soon learned what they sought to know.

SkidAce SkidAce August 04, 2014
While perusing the Book of Kells Frederick and Aeron determined that it was fairly impervious to divination magics, probably one of the reasons it had been lost for so long.

The entire tome showed a strong divininatory/oracular aura of a golden color. The strength of the aura and its vacillations in form and shape led the two to believe that they would be unable to fully research the qualities of the book.

However, there were several facts that they were able to determine. The first was the it was written in the old tongue, a predecessor language with the same roots as Wensharian. Two, magical forms of reading languages did not work on the book.

Fredrick knew that if he took the time, he could probably learn to read the old tongue, which would give them a better chance of discerning the secrets of the book. He had been exposed to the basic s of the old tongue during his studies with the Varencic scholars, and realized that if he had perhaps paid more attention, he would have been able to read it fluently at this point. Whats past is past.

There were three to five pages in the book with silvery gilt letters that looked like they were spells, but spells of a nature that Aeron and Frederick had not seen before. Magic tied to the power of the land, not solely the power of the wizard. This would take further research, both for Frederick to be able to read the old tongue, and determine the nature of the magic. Aeron suspected it was realm magic, of the sort that the Highdruid Glynfar, the Wizard Rashemon, and the dragon Hah’Zardian wielded.

If this was true, it could be of great benefit, and a turning point against the ogres, and the other foes of Falconaire and Aelvinwode.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 04, 2014
Remind me not to be standing next to anyone using the amulet

xLucix xLucix August 04, 2014
Not gonna lie, I kinda want the staff lol.

Frederick began the research necessary to re-learn what he’d not been paying attention to whilst he was in the Ancient Languages class (there was a redhead in the seat behind him, and while she taught him many a pithy phrase, none of them were in the old tongue).

Before this, and as soon as he was able, Frederick sent a letter to the Library, notifying his superiors of the retrieval of the book, as well as the brief, but bloody, battle that had occurred against the Terrorettet. Included with this letter were sketches of the creature, the containment that had bound him before, as well as the amulet and staff that the ancient mage had wielded. I know you already gave us the deets on the amulet and staff. This is just flavor.}

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 05, 2014
Aeron was relieved to have survived the Druas forest, but they had made a powerful enemy of the Gray Rider mercenaries and presumably their well funded benefactor. Now they were on the defensive. They did not control the time of the attack or the location. Attacking a fort would be a dire course of action for the mercs, but they could conceivably attack when the leaders where not in Fort Farhills or cut the fort’s supply lines and watch the town wither and die. Aeron recommended to Lord Nitram, that the guards should build some siege weapons, in case the mercs knock on our door with those 2 light ballistas. Aeron talked with Frederick the Skald to see if he could use the Bagpipes of Building to build a mote around the outer wall of Fort Farhills and cut and shape some trees from the Mist Grove for the siege weapons. Aeron was so impressed with Fredericks musical ability that he fashioned him a set of magic pan pipes from the hand bones of the wererat leader in Capone (Pipes of the Sewers).
mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 05, 2014
Nitram agreed with Aeron. “Are you able to design an oversee construction of such weapons? Unfortunately, there are no engineers in Farhills. I’ll check with Sgt Slickster to see if he or any of the men know how to build one. If not, I can ask the King – or DuBlade – when I get to Aerie City to send an engineer or a siege weapon. We have metalsmiths, woodcrafters, a weaponmaker, and a ropemaker here, but no one to design the weapon.” Nitram spoke to the Lieutenant and Sergeant about building some defensive siege weapons and getting a moat dug around Farhills.

SkidAce SkidAce August 05, 2014
Aeron, I’m so impressed with the flavor of wererat bone pipes, no DC rolls needed. Just spend the 575gp, and we will assume that Jharron assisted with the spell requirements.

Don’t forget to spend the gold for the Animate Lines spell. 2 days per check, three checks, 1,800gp

SkidAce SkidAce August 05, 2014
Frederick would easily be able to build a moat around Fort Farhills with the pipes. And harvest the lumber. After he RPs that we are moving to main adventure arc and there are no more “retro” actions available.

mmartin_10 mmartin_10 August 06, 2014
what about crafting an tape player?

ProfessorHill ProfessorHill August 06, 2014
OOC paying for Fredericks pipes of the Sewers…but not the Animate Lines spell.*

xLucix xLucix August 06, 2014
Frederick, summoning his talents, began to play the Bagpipes of Building. As he played, the trees harvested themselves and began winding up towards the fort, then bonding together to form a proper moat. Water flowed in from a nearby stream, filling the moat with water. After he completed his task, Frederick retreated to his room to rest and restore his bardic magics.

SkidAce SkidAce August 09, 2014
While awaiting the decision to travel to the silver hills via riverboat, Frederick made great progress at re-learning the basics of the “Old Tongue” or Gaelic as it was called. If Frederic recalled his languages class properly, Gaelic was widespread throughout the area before the rise of the Wensharian Empire, and influenced both the common tongue spoken today (wensharian) and the language of Frederick’s homeland (calendish).

(add “Gaelic” as a language to your sheet)

Once Frederick had determined the basics of the language mixture used to compose the Book of Kells, he was able to make a great discovery. While the prophetic and disorienting portions of the book remained stubbornly resistant to research, Frederick was able to determine that the Book of Kells contained guidance on realm magic or legendary and mighty spells that could only be cast by someone with ties to the ley lines and natural energies of the land.

xLucix xLucix August 11, 2014
Frederick, having finally made some progress concerning the Book, sent a letter to the Library, letting them know of his discoveries.

Greetings, Masters,
First, my thanks for allowing me to retain the Book of Kells. It has been an enlightening experience, to say the least.
Secondly, please deliver my sincere apologies to Lord Boclaeden for being… distracted during his Ancient Languages class. I had not thought that they would prove useful beyond the classroom, and I have been proven to be most mistaken. So far, I have made great strides in repairing my ignorance, and the Gaelic tongue has revealed a most unusual aspect of the Book.

It would seem that the Book, in part, is a guide for the practice and, one may assume, mastery of something called “realm magic.” I seem to recall something about this, but I do not believe that it was ever discussed in detail. Could this be something found in our collection of myths, perhaps? If it is of any assistance, there are also mentions of “natural energies,” which I believe to be a reference to elemental magics.

Unfortunately, the Book is being a good bit more stubborn in other parts. I’d swear that it is aware of my efforts to translate it, and may be changing dialects in order to throw me off of its trail. Whomever designed these protection spells was a master of their craft, and an utter prick.

If any information is discovered, and is of a time-sensitive nature, I will be in Isisre for a number of days. I am still with the group that freed me some time ago, and who were most helpful in the recovery of the Book. I will continue on with them, barring any pressing need for my return. They are a fascinating and diverse group, and mildly terrifying. It has been most interesting.

With respect and regard,

Frederick Songspinner.

P.S. – Anything else yet concerning landsharks?

Terror Before the Storm Part 4

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