Kingdom of Aelvinwode


The capital city of Aelvinwode (Septcygne) is located in the province of Deepwood, on a tributary flowing into the Venifica River. Aelvinwode was founded long ago mainly by the alfar of the Belcadiz clan, and is considered their homeland, although other elven clans do live there. The thick forests along the eastern edge of their homeland are constantly threatened by creatures from the Spider Bramble.

Location: The kingdom of Aelvinwode lies south of the Gloaming Hills and the larger area of the Skularian Hills. It is bordered on the south by the Munire Titans, the east by the Venifica River and the depths of the Venifica forest, and the north by the Spider Bramble.

The land of the kingdom is dense hardwood forests, with very old and ancient trees within the center and near the Venifica forest. The eastern side of the kingdom, known as the province of Glenfar, is not as ancient, and the elves allow the humans to harvest trees as long as they cut only where permitted. The western edge of the kingdom and the forest becomes progressively more thick and bramble infested, and is constantly threatened by wildlife and creatures from the Spider’s domain. A small town called Travail was established in this area, and is populated by those seeking rare herbs, and those who delve deep into the forest to harvest spider silk, a rare and valuable textile material.

The fabled Aelvinwode Forest has been homeland to the elves for a millennia. It is a forest of unutterable beauty. The trees are tall and slender, their high boughs forming a translucent canopy above. Homes are built in the boughs of the trees typically thirty feet above the soft lush grass and wildflowers. The homes and shops are connected with rope bridges that sway in the gentle breeze. The clear and glittering Venifica River runs through the forest, diverging north and south through Septcygne forming a natural barrier against attack. Elves in light skiffs formed of woven reeds fish the slow and deep river waters. Their idyllic life does show signs of fraying from constant attacks from Spider Bramble. Elven patrols wearing leaf armor, wielding long swords and longbows move around the city on foot, on the Venifica River in small and swift swan boats, and above on the wings of giant eagles. Each patrol of 8 warriors is accompanied by a wizard and healer to support any insurgent attacks.

History: The origin of the kingdom of Aelvinwode lies lost in the legends of the forgotten elvish kingdom of Kie-Lanth.

After the founding of the kingdom, the elves took a vow, never would they be run out of their home again. This vow has been sorely tested over the years, by the rise of the ogres, expansion (again!) by humans, and the growing threat of the Spider and his minions.

Culture:The culture of the area is medieval and classically elven in nature. Most of their dwellings are built under and in large tree communities. The Belcadiz elves do have a tendency to supplement the tree houses with graceful towers and light airy stone bridges and plazas, both on the ground and in the air. The clothing worn by the elves is normally colorful and flamboyant, unitil they need to get down to business, at which point it becomes starkly utilitarian, with only jewelry showing their colorful preferences.

Weapons favored in Aelvinwode are the longsword, longbow, and various forms of the elven curved blade. Shortbows and spears are also common. The most common armor is leather, with intricate scale and chain mail fairly popular. Shields are not normally used by individuals, but employed in army formations.

Significant Locations and Terrain

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