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Kalam Grimm’s mother gave birth out of wedlock and her parents forced her to give the baby up for adoption, ashamed at the disgrace she brought upon the family. He was left at a local orphanage where he was named after an infant who had died the week prior. Grimm was a common surname for bastards in the area. Kalam’s stay in the orphanage was anything but ideal, where constant abuse and bullying was common. Kalam’s unusually statuesque features did not help in this matter as he was mercilessly beaten and harassed by older children. Only his strong personality and uncannily quick reflexes kept him from becoming a cripple.

Kalam ran away from the orphanage at the age of twelve where he lived on the streets, stealing food to survive. He eventually joined a local gang and started to build up a tenuous support network. Unfortunately, the same problems he had at the orphanage followed him to the gang. Kalam’s quickness and force of personality kept most of his problems at bay, however. It was at this time that a young girl named Apsalar caught Kalam’s eye. One night, Kalam stumbled upon a drunkard in the middle of attempting to rape Apsalar. Without even thinking about it, he came up behind the sot and slit his throat. He stood over the body expressionless as he watched him bleed out, after which he promptly walked Apsalar home without saying a word.

Apsalar was rarely far from Kalam’s side after that and the attraction and chemistry was becoming more and more apparent. Unfortunately, Kalam realized that it would only be a matter of time before his rivals would use his relationship with Apsalar as a way to strike at him and he began distancing himself from her, albeit reluctantly. He was eventually noticed by the local thieves guild and recruited, leaving his old gang and Apsalar behind, although he checks up on her from time to time from the shadows. Kalam quickly made a name for himself for having the uncanny ability to avoid notice, earning him the moniker Blend. His given name meaning very little to him, he adopted the nickname wholeheartedly and now it’s the only name anyone knows him by.

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Name Portrait Description Associated Player (TL)
Petrol Ghyffrey Rum merchant in Capone (Fence) Blend (4)


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