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Daelin was born to good parents in a peaceful village, and so enjoyed a cheerful childhood. In his early youth however, his village was struck by a terrible disease killing all who were able to fight against it, including his parents. Soon after, it was determined that the disease was not natural in origin, but brought on by the foul magics, both arcane and divine, of a coven of witches who had cursed the area. Daelin fled to escape the curse vowing to discover how it happened, who these witches were, and how to keep it from happening again.

Knowing very little of survival himself, he fled to the nearest city, but was forced to live on the streets, his wits being his greatest ally. He soon fell in with others in similar circumstances who had banded together for the sake of survival. He learned to get by, by hiding, stealing, going unnoticed, and sometimes having to talk his way out of precarious situations. Necessary though it was, he was never truly happy with life as such. It was then that fate stepped in and offered him a new chance at a good life. A priest of The Pantheon had discovered his origin and saw that he did not take to the shadows for gain, but out of necessity, and so took him in.

Daelin was happy in the church and flourished there, though he never let his street skills perish. He also discovered he had a bit of talent for the arcane, fortunate as he had every day thought of the witches that destroyed his village and murdered his family. Eventually he would discover their methods, their whereabouts, and their motives, and he would be able to stand against them.

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