The capital city of Aerie is located in the province of the same name. Falconaire was formed by the remnants of one of the three great mercenary companies, and still is famous for its martial expertise to this day. The great hills along its eastern edge are the lairs of griffons, some of which have been tamed. The Gloaming Hills province is known to be misty and shadowy even in the light of day.

Location: The kingdom of Falconaire lies south of the Rift river between the kingdoms of Toreador and Rivendeep in the area of the continent called the Skularian Hills/Wilderness. This area is a no-mans land of wilderness and ancient battlefields directly between the two great world powers, the Anguis Imperium and the Varencian Empire.

The land of the kingdom is rolling hills and rocky highlands, dotted with small glens and forested areas. Along the eastern edge of the kingdom the hills become rockier and more jagged. On the western edge of the kingdom lies a forest known as Mist Grove, with thicker underbrush and mossy terrain.

History:Since the times of the Wensharian civil war, there have been three legendary mercenary companies; The Thousand Swords, Drake’s Guild, and the Black Company. Back when this area was still untamed and fought over by the two great powers, The Thousand Swords disbanded and formed the kingdom of Falconaire. Falconaire still maintains a mercenary tradition, and the various mercenary companies have as much status as the guilds and temples. To trace your lineage from one of the famous mercenaries of the Thousand Swords places you among the nobility of the kingdom.

Culture:The culture of the area is medieval in style. Formed from mercenaries from across the continent, every racial style of person is represented here. Most buildings are built from the abundant sources of rock and stone within the area, and come in all kinds of shapes and styles. The clothing that is worn by the people is also varied, but tends to be utilitarian and function in style for day to day use.

There is no institutional slavery in Falconaire, but they recognize the rights of other countries to own slaves or servants according to their ways. Most people in Falconaire, if they cannot find any other work, sign up with one of the mercenary companies.

Weapons favored in Falconaire are the shortsword, longsword, and broadsword. The shortsword and longsword are the most popular as the broadsword is considered an archaic style weapon. Most common weapons can be found for sale, in addition to some locally unique weapons such as shuriken, kusari-gama, bo-stick and naginata. Shortbows and crossbows are also common. The most common armor is leather, with scale and chain mail the next most popular. Shields of all types are fairly common.

Organizations: Mercenary Guild, House Frezerick, Druid’s Circle, Griffon Riders, Temple of Danaan, tbd

Current Events: tbd

Significant Locations and Terrain

Woodlands: Mist Grove
Mountain Ranges: Obelisk Ridges
Hills: Gloaming Hills
Bodies of Water:

Population Centers: Aerie City, Carbide Mines Castrel, Dodge’s Fall, Farhills, Tennyson’s Tower

Points of Interest: Sacred Grove, Rashemon’s Library

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