The Unconquered Kingdoms are a wilderness area filled with the beginnings of empire. But don’t be fooled by the labels and the borders, these lines sometimes exist only in the minds of the “rulers” and the map makers.

This campaign is a combination of realm management (25%) and character adventure (75%). during the character adventures, the realm management portion (based on the Birthright rules with some modification) is on hold, unless the adventure exceeds a three month period (the length of a realm turn).

The campaign takes place on the world of Alfaysia, and the continent of Alyndrica. The Unconquered Kingdoms is a no-mans land of wilderness and ancient battlefields directly between the two great world powers, the Anguis Imperium and the Varencian Empire. Both of which have a vested interest in which kingdoms thrive or fail in that area.

Kingdoms and Domains

Each of the kingdoms and domains in the contested area are labeled with their realm name. They are also divided into provinces. Near each province name you find a pair of numbers (i.e. 3/2).

The first number in the province listing is the “level” of the kingdom, reflective of its population and civilization holdings.

  • Level 0 provinces are nearly wild and unsettled.
  • Level 1-3 provinces are thinly settled rural regions with small villages and one or two towns.
  • Level 4-6 provinces have settled farmlands with small industries and may have major towns.
  • Level 7+ provinces are densely settled with well-developed industries and major cities.

The second number reflects the the unspoiled beauty and power of nature and magic that “may be tapped”. More details to follow.

Aelvinwode (Chaotic Good) (90% elven) is an Alfar (elven) kingdom of old, locked in a perpetual war with the Spider. The province of Glenfar has a higher population of humans, as the Alfar carefully manage a logging program that ships wood to both the Kingdoms, and the Varencian Empire. The province of Deepgrove has few human settlements, mainly the one trade town of Travail near the border of the Spider Bramble. The town of Travail is populated by those risking the depths of the bramble, in order to harvest the rare spider silks and plants that are found there.

Cairnheim (Chaotic Neutral) (80% human) is also a mercantile nation with an impressive fleet. Both the province of Henge and Mireland (a semi marshy area) were built in and around major battle sites and grave mounds of the two world powers.

Cragdor (Lawful Evil) (40% ogre, 30% goblinoids, 10% brute men) The only formally recognized ogre kingdom, though adventurers and others speak rumors of other clans and kingdoms within the Great Rift Canyon.

Falconaire (Neutral Good) (60% human, 20% elf) The capital city of Aerie is located in the province of the same name. Falconaire was formed by the remnants of one of the three great mercenary companies, and still is famous for its martial expertise to this day. The great hills along its eastern edge are the lairs of griffons, some of which have been tamed. The Gloaming Hills province is known to be misty and shadowy even in the light of day.

Pentad (Neutral) (90% human) is a maritime kingdom that has a “friendly” rivalry with Cairnheim. It is also home to colleges and libraries that have survived the wars or been restored. It is famous as a neutral meeting place between the two world powers.

Rivendeep (Lawful Neutral) (60% human, 20% dwarven) is another ancient kingdom that has fallen and risen from the ashes many times. The province of Highkeep is a mighty castle sprawled across several hills, nearly a city in its own right. And those defenses are the only thing that kept the province from falling like the province of Land’s Edge did to the ogre clans and their allies.

Spider Bramble (Chaotic Evil) (80% spiders, 10% goblinoids) is the realm of the entity and presumably immortal creature known as the Spider. Larger than a horse, this creature is no dumb brute, and it’s myriad eyes gleam with a sinister intelligence, ruling its domain and manipulating the realm and beyond in pursuit of its unknown goals.

Toreador (Lawful Neutral) (80% human) is the most settled of the kingdoms and has begun to thrive via a brisk trade with the surrounding domains and the two world powers. Toreador province is where the capital city Majestrial is located.

Xar Taken (Neutral) (60% human, 10% cyclopean, 10% dwarven) Ruins from an ancient time lie scattered about the provinces of Xar-Taken. The population is barely holding their own against the might of the ogre clans and their allies, and the barbaric brute men tribes from the northern wilderness. Only the lure of treasure and the untapped silver mines of the hills keep this area populated.

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