Rashemon's Library

The wizard known as Rashemon, rumored to have traveled to this area many years ago, before the current generation of men, established a partnership of sorts with the local authorities. The local province desperately needed a border keep in the area, to reduce the depth of the wilderness between Falconaire and the province of Highkeep in the kingdom of Rivendeep.

Rashemon offered to fund the construction of a tower/keep as long as he could pick the location, and that the guards stationed at the keep would protect and support one of his libraries. The local authorities quickly agreed.

The wizard even went a few steps further, as a sign of his good faith. Crews of dwarven and cyclopean engineers showed up and assisted in the building of the main keep body. I.e. the walls, the towers, the tower/keep, and the library. The locals were very pleased at the pace of construction, which took only half as long as would be expected.

The keep was completed and the king of Falconaire himself traveled to the area to thank the wizard, and swore that as long as Falconaire stood, the tower, named Tennyson’s Tower, would also stand.

Today Rahemon’s library is manned by three custodian/librarians, and assists in the tutelage of the young of local populace in the basics of reading, writing, languages, etc. In addition to that, the library normally hosts seven to ten initiates, apprentice wizards and mages, and librarians in training. Even with the emphasis on menial library work, and basic alchemy, the benefits of studying as an apprentice at Rashemon’s library are highly touted, and sought after by aspiring wizards throughout the area.

The current three custodians are:

Orthancian: Male half-elf wizard in charge of the library, and the individual who sit’s on the lord’s council representing Rashemon. Orthancian specializes in divination and prophecy.

Sage Tantalzeer: Male human sage/alchemist in charge of the students and the laboratory.

Lady Distraught: Female human war wizard, teaches what she wants, when she chooses. Frustrates other custodians. Keeps main library organized.


Rashemon's Library

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