Realm Management

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Falconaire Statistics
Overall statistics for the realm of Falconaire

Regent Stats
Current Statistics for Regents

Types of Holdings

Law holdings are any entities (ranging from marauding vigilantes to the king’s royal guard) that affect a ruler’s ability to control a province and the loyalty of his government servants, including bureaucrats and constables. (Best for fighters and martial characters)

Temple holdings are monasteries, shrines, temples etc of the character’s faith. The level of a temple holding reflects its share of worshipers in a province: a temple (1) in a level 4 province has about 25% of the population attending its churches. (Best for divine characters, as they allow them to cast Realm Spells)

Guild holdings represent the trade, mercantile control and wealth of the province. Guilds can be artisans, miners, import/export houses or even thieves guilds. (Applicable to any class, best for rogue types)

Source holdings represent the control and use of the land’s untapped magical potential. Source holdings are directly proportional to the province level; i.e. the higher the level of the province, the lower the maximum source in that area. A province in the center of the Varencian empire may go as high as level 10 with temples guilds, and law, but its source level would be near zero. Source holdings are required to be able to cast Realm Spells. (Any, but best for magic archetypes as only they can cast Realm Spells

Domain Actions

Action Applicable Skill
Agitate Lead
Ceremony Administrate
Contest Holding Administrate
Contest Trade Route Diplomacy
Create Holding Administrate
Create Trade Route Diplomacy
Diplomacy Diplomacy
Espionage Gather Information
Move Troops -
Rule Holding Administrate
Rule Province Administrate

*incomplete list

Key Leader Skills

For Regency Collection
Province ranks in Diplomacy + Warcraft
Guild 1/4 of the sum of ranks in Appraise + Bluff + Craft (any) + Diplomacy + Gather information + Intimidate + Profession (any one) + Sense motive
Law ranks in Lead + Warcraft
Source ranks in Knowledge (Arcana) + Knowledge (Nature)
Temple ranks in Knowledge (Religion) + Lead

Regency Collection:

Regency Collection Rating Regency Collection
10+ 100 %
9 80 %
8 60 %
7 40 %
6 20 %
5 0 %

Using the two tables above;

Say you are the leader of a several temple holdings and the holdings normally generate regency (political power) of 25 points. Your Knowledge Religion has 5 ranks, and your Lead skill has 4, giving you a rating of 9. A rating of 9 allows you to collect 80 % of the regency generated by your domain, i.e. 20 points.

Once you reach 5th level, this can usually be assumed to be 100 %, if you have raised your skills.

Realm Management

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