Tennyson's Tower

Tennysons tower pic1. Main Gate
Two 30-foot-tall towers flank the 20-foot-tall gatehouse that watches over the keep’s entrance. A drawbridge, usually raised, spans the 40-foot-deep crevasse that surrounds the keep and leads into the gatehouse and the keep beyond.

2. Towers
In addition to the towers that flank the gatehouse, seven others fortify the keep’s walls. Two of the towers connected to the inner bailey are manned by warriors who serve Lord Alfred, while the other two are staffed by warriors and wizard’s of Rashemon’s Library. The rest of the towers are staffed with the mercenary warriors of the outer bailey’s watch. Each tower is 30 feet tall, crowned by battlements, and equipped with a ballista and a light catapult.

2a. Bailiff’s Tower
Perched at the keep’s southeast corner, this tower replaces the typical storage chambers found on the first two floors with personal space for the bailiff, Kendon, and the scribe Syradon. Offices for both can be found on the first floor, and their private apartments are on the second floor.

2b. Captain’s Tower
The second floor of this tower serves as the private chambers of the captain of the watch, the dwarf Gorn Hammerfall. Gorn serves as the bailiff ’s second-in-command.

3. Stables
Stables are available here for the characters to keep their horses, mules, and other mounts. Space on the roof is set aside for the occasional flying mount. The stables cost 2 sp per day per mount. A staff of six, all human, takes care of the mounts.

4. Warehouse
Merchants and travelers with wagons filled with goods keep their wares here while they remain in the keep. XXX has the key to the large, iron padlock used to secure the warehouse’s entrance.

5. Smithy
This 20-foot-tall tower doubles as an interior redoubt, as the battlements on its roof allow archers to fire down upon intruders that manage to breach the outer bailey. The first floor is a smithy. While the smith, Bergen, typically crafts horseshoes and other goods, he is also a skilled weapon- and armorsmith. He and his family dwell in quarters on the second floor.

6. Provisioner and Trader
These two buildings serve as the center of trade within the outer bailey. The eastern building houses the provisioner Grelda, an elderly human woman who deals in herbs, food, and other perishable goods. She does much of her business with the few farmers and homesteaders who live near the keep. The western half is given over to the trader, Bosco Heldam. Bosco is an overweight human who is eager to expand his business in the area. He deals almost exclusively with adventurers, and can offer almost any mundane good of up to 100 gp at a 10% markup.

7. Private Apartments
A number of buildings within the outer bailey serve as private apartments. Adventurers, travelers, and merchants that visit the keep can rent an apartment at a rate of 10 gp per week. Most of the apartments consist of a bedroom, a sitting room, and a storage area, but a pair of larger ones have two stories, complete kitchens, and two additional bedrooms. Both of the larger apartments are occupied, while the rest are currently empty.

7a. Jewel Merchant’s Apartment

7b. Traveling Priest’s Apartment

8. Loan Bank
The loan bank is an important part of the keep’s nascent economy. The banker, Teargut Ronnik, is a retired human adventurer who decided to pursue his fortune by taking an economic, rather than physical, risk. He can loan up to 200 gp at a time, with a 10% interest rate per week. Any loan requires collateral worth at least the full value of the loan.

9. Fountain Square
A large fountain stands in the middle of this cobblestone square. During holidays and at harvest time, farmers and tradesmen from throughout the region gather here to sell their wares. Merchants from distant lands also set up shop here while they dwell within the keep, offering goods from across the region. The square is also a popular meeting place for adventurers, and many gather here to swap tales of the area, sell magic items, or seek out companions for expeditions. The fountain is one of the most important landmarks in the keep. It has never run dry, and as far as
anyone can tell, it is a magical source of unlimited water.

10. Traveler’s Inn
This long, low structure has five small, private rooms for rent and a large common room that can fit up to a dozen guests. A private room sleeps four and costs 1 gp per night, while a night in the common room costs 1 sp.

11. The Stumbling Giant
The Stumbling Giant is the social center of the outer bailey. Most folk of the outer bailey can be found here at least once a week, gathered over mugs of Mother Aran’s Stout and swapping tales, spreading gossip, and arguing about the topic of the day. A huge fire place heats the common room, while a few booths offer space for private discussions.

12. Brotherhood of Steel Chapterhouse
The chapterhouse is a two-story building. The lower floor features offices for the master of the chapterhouse, a foreign mercenary named Kahtikesh, and his two assistants. Four human mercenaries serve as guards, while a large, brass construct called a bronze warder stands guard outside the chapterhouse. At night, the warder walks a silent path around the place. The second floor has quarters for the leadership, the mercenaries, and a few spare rooms for visitors to the chapterhouse.

13. Pantheon Chapel
For many years, the chapel to the Pantheon was the spiritual center of the keep. Many of the people who settled in the keep were outcasts, wanderers, and refugees. They saw this place as a safe harbor in a chaotic world. That spirit of independence and adventure still thrives here, though Lord Alfred’s more regimented, orderly methods sometimes grate against the inhabitants of the outer bailey. The chapel consists of a long stone building. Its interior consists of a single open chamber. Statues of the various powers of the Pantheon line the walls.

14. The Inner Baily
The inner bailey is the seat of Lord Alfred’s power. It is divided into several areas, described below.

14a. Inner Gatehouse
The inner gatehouse is much like a miniature fortress perched in the middle of the keep. Should invaders breach the outer bailey, the inner gatehouse serves as another line of defense. It consists of an outer, southern wall that is 15 feet tall. The northern wall rises to 30 feet in height. This arrangement allows archers perched along both the northern and southern walls to fire upon enemies that enter the outer bailey. A passage connecting the inner and outer baileys runs through the middle of the gatehouse. Two heavy doors, one on each end, are kept closed most of the time. It slopes steeply upward, while arrow slits along the passage allow the defenders to take a heavy toll on an attacking force. The first floor of the gatehouse is an armory, while the second floor consists of barracks.

14b. Inner Courtyard
This large, grassy field serves as a parade ground for Alfred’s forces. His men train here during the day, working through weapon and formation drills to the tune of drummers and pipers.

14c. Stables

14d. Tennyson’s Tower
This heavily fortified structure is the final line of defense for the keep. Its towers reach 60 feet in height, while the main door to this place is crafted of solid iron. The first floor consists of a great hall where Lord Alfred hosts meetings and feasts, along with kitchens and living quarters for servants. The second floor has a number of private quarters, including several spare chambers for visitors. The third floor hosts Lord Alfred’s private quarters, along with the chambers of his second in command, the captain of the guard Elessan, and a small temple dedicated to the Imperial Temple. The outer towers attached to the fortress, while impressive from a distance, serve a basic, defensive function. The guards assigned to the fortress have quarters there. A grand cellar beneath the fortress holds emergency reserves of food, weapons, and other supplies. If necessary, the keep can hold out for three months without outside support.

14e. Rashemon’s Library
The wizard Rashemon, for reason’s of his own decided to place one of his library/schools here at Tennyson’s Tower. As a co-tenant of the inner baily, the leadership of the library contributes to the defense of the keep as needed. The head librarian is given a seat on Lord Alfred’s council in honor of representing Rashemon’s interests.

Tennyson s tower


Tennyson's Tower

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