War and Pieces part 5

Over the course of the next several days, Nitram got cryptic reports from Sohei regarding the difficulties in getting workers to construct a stable, barracks, and tavern in the Fort. It eventually got underway, but with tremendous resistance. The ranger spent the majority of the day looking for Blend. Finally, he found him. “Even when he’s not hiding, he’s ridiculously hard to see.”

“Blend, I – we have a problem that I think you might be able to help with. I am working on getting a cavalry unit to bed down in the fort to help us out in this region. We are constructing a stable and barracks, as well as a tavern, in the courtyard. My problem has been getting workers to come and do the work. It seems like there is someone in the fort – or surrounding area – that is trying to prevent this from happening. Can you use your abundant talents and contacts to look into it to see what you can find out? I’d really appreciate it.”

Frederick took time during one of the days where he wasn’t feeling particularly useful to pen a letter to the Library. He’d not gotten a reply from his last letter, and honestly didn’t expect this one to even make it to his former home. He paused, realizing that he was thinking of it as his former home; it seemed that the larger world held a bounty to uncover. He smiled briefly, then wrote,

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Frederick Talespinner, and in the time since I was sent on the task to recover information on the Book of Kells, I have had an interesting time, to say the least.

Firstly, I have in my possession the Book. It was taken from me briefly by fiends wielding blood magics, which has most likely been the cause of some of the more…unusual environmental issues that you may have noticed recently. I have, with the assistance of the party that I currently travel with, recovered the Book.

More importantly, I have begun to translate portions of it, and its instruction and knowledge concerning what is called ‘realm magic.’ It is a type of magic that uses the energy of the land, and can do things both wondrous and horrible. Somewhat accidentally, I also now have a connection to the land’s energy and have begun pursuing this. Additionally, my magical talents have grown considerably since my departure, and I believe the Book may have resulted in some unusual avenues of its progression.

I cannot currently tell you my location, as I do not know if that is sensitive information or not. I’m assuming that it might be, seeing as I have repossessed the Book. With that said, I do not know when or if I will be able to return. If I am killed during our excursions, I will have arranged for a delivery of my possessions to Ashka. She’ll know what to do with them.

Know that I remain an instrument in the balancing of the world, and a voice for the Library within it as well.


Frederick Talespinner.

P.S. – Have not encountered landsharks again since my initial encounter. Story seems to do well, though

Frederick put the letter into an envelope, and then put it into his pack until he was able to find someone who knew where the Library was and could take the letter with them.

Later on that evening, he saw the mercenary that had come to their aid during the last battle that he had taken part in, and included him in a song that praised his courage and skill in battle.

Blend noted Nitram’s concerns, and before setting off on some errands, he implied that he would look into to the issues, or at least that is what Nitram got out of the merchant’s cryptic response.

22 Maeve, Spring 509 PE (Year of the Ravens)
1800 Moonday

one week before the beginning of summer

The weeks had passed, and he Fire Brigade had been pronounced “ready” by Lt Gentry. Sgt Slickster had merely stood there during the pronouncement, and while he looked slightly constipated, he had said nothing.

Efforts made by Nitrma, Gentry, and with some assistance from Sohei had resulted in enhanced patrols and better security for the local area around the fort. With ogres and goblins continuing to raid and pillage the eastern portions of Falconaire, it was still not time to let the villages resettle outside the walls, but Nitram and his force felt they were getting a decent grip on law and order in the area.

Rumil noted that Aeron had withdrawn into research and study, muttering something about “Lord Rashemon”, “ley lines” and “ravens and spiders”. Aeron still oversaw the minor day to day accomplishments of the apprentice alchemists, and even with minor ogre raids, managed to bring in a profit from trade back home with the elven forest.

Frederick and Dast seemed to have it it off, and even Shylent started hanging out in the bar with them, drinking and notably not saying much. Frederick received a letter back from the library, stating that they intended on sending a special representative that could survive the war torn lands to retrieve the book very soon. Dast, on the rare occasions that Frederick had brought the Book of Kells out into the open, noted that many of the symbols and script on the pages seemed very similar to those on his family’s spear.

One night after noticing the symbols in the book, Dast brings his spear with him to the tavern and calls Frederick’s attention to the similarities between the book and the spear “Do you know what the symbols in the book mean? My fathers spear has very similar symbols on it.” Dast holds out the Waelspere for Frederick to inspect.

Frederick grinned. “Similar symbols, you say? For an ancient language and a power that is supposed to be incredibly hard to utilize, this stuff certainly gets around. Do you have any idea how your father came into possession of the spear?”

He was intrigued, he had to admit. After all, you didn’t see Ancient Wensharian every day, and certainly not on a weapon. This, he thought, should be interesting.

“Unfortunately, I do not know of the spear’s origin. I remember my father using it when I was a child. It was given to me by a family friend when I was told of my parents death.”

“Would you know this friend’s name, by any chance? I have, through ways not entirely my design, become something of a scholar for Ancient Wensharian history and old magics. I would be interested if your spear is part of either, or possibly both, of these.”

War and Pieces part 5

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